rest up and get well soon!

  • Namjoon: *Accidentally drops a glass*
  • Yoongi: You know, you should work on your clumsiness before you really hurt yourself!
  • Yoongi: *Laughs before turning, tripping over the door threshold*
  • Namjoon: *Holds in laughter*
  • Yoongi: Don't you dare!

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dragon age inquisition companions reacting to the inquisitor being ill? (thank you so much!!! i love your guys reactions!!)

Cassandra: She orders them back into bed and has them lie down. She doesn’t want anyone else to get sick and wants them to rest and get better. She asks if they’d like any books to keep them occupied and hopes they get well soon. If Romanced: She hangs around his quarters, reading from a book (perhaps poetry) as her beloved coughs and sits in bed, complaining and miserable. “You will be alright,” she reassures, “just relax. I am here.”

Blackwall: He visits them in their quarters to check on them and asks how they’re feeling. He abashedly scratches the back of his neck when they reply. “Right, foolish question. Just rest up, we need you back with us.” If Romanced: He spends the whole damned time she’s sick with her, not worried in the least if he gets sick as well. She voices her concerns over it, and he just smiles wryly. “It’d hardly be the worst thing in the world, my lady. I’ve survived far worse.”

Iron Bull: If they’re out and about, he’ll haul them back to bed and tell them to rest. He has the kitchen make them something hot to clear out their lungs. At some point, he visits them and offers some of his hot cocoa. “A hot drink will clear out your lungs,” he says cheerfully, “my tamassran would always make us drink and eat hot food and it worked. Feel better soon, Boss!” If Romanced: He hangs out with them most of the day. Every ten minutes or so, he makes them drink some tea. They groan and complain, but they do it, and they feel a lot better in a surprisingly short time. When they pass out, he gently tucks them in and leaves them be.

Sera: She drops by now and then to check on them, and she winces when they cough. “Ugh, that’s bad. Sounds and looks like it. Feel better soon, we need you.” She knows they’re bored, so she’ll talk with them for awhile until they start nodding off again. If Romanced: She spends much more of her day up in her girlfriend’s room, wanting to ensure they don’t get any more ill than they already are. “I need you to be good again. Soon. Please? It’s no fun pranking without you.” She makes her eat even if she doesn’t want to and makes sure that she rests.

Varric: He drops by now and then with updates about what’s going on around the keep– wry remarks and snark– and it makes them smile. He’ll also regale them with stories about when Hawke was sick and the sort of shit they tried to pull, and it makes them laugh, and feel a little better. He also sends them some books to keep them busy.

Cole: He was the first to sound the alarm on them being sick. “Weary, lungs shaking, hot fire burning in my throat, nose stuck and still, a sticky feeling all over. You have a cold.” They wouldn’t rest after he came to them and told them he felt their pain, so he told the healer. The healer did a quick examination, agreed, and send the Herald up to rest. He visits them from time to time with whatever they need, if they run low on anything. “You should be better soon,” he says, “everyone is worried…”

Dorian: He visits them periodically and attempts to use his magic to help their symptoms. In the meanwhile, he shares gossip about other people in the Inquisition to keep them entertained. If they so much as smile, he’s happy. “Ah, and a beautiful smile comes out,” he says cheekily, “you’ll be back to normal in no time!” If Romanced: He fusses over him more than he would like to admit. He nags him a lot more to take his medicine and listens to his complaints sympathetically. He’s relieved when he can get him to sleep and rest– he wants his amatus better again as soon as possible.

Solas: He has remarkably little experience with the common cold, but he tries to help with their symptoms with a few spells. He urges them to rest and sleep as much as possible– it will let their body recover while they roam in the Fade. He does ask Josephine if she would like any assistance in the meanwhile. If Romanced: He frets over his vhenan endlessly, checking on her in waking hours repeatedly and asking her how she’s feeling. She assures him that she’ll be fine, but it does little to soothe him. He takes to visiting her in the Fade, sleeping as much as she does, and is happy to see her cold symptoms, for the most part, do not plague her there. He will dream with her as long as it takes for her to get better.

Vivienne: She drops by periodically with elfroot potions to ease their symptoms. It tastes foul, like very bitter cough syrup, but they ingest it at her behest. She orders the kitchen to make them tea and soup regularly, like Bull– it will make them feel better. “Feel better soon, Darling,” she says very gently as they begin to slip back into sleep when she’s about to leave, “we need you back with us.”

Leliana: She actually places someone by their quarters to make sure they don’t try to escape their room– she doesn’t want them to get more ill than they already are, and doesn’t want them to spread their disease. She has the healer bring her updates on their condition, and she doesn’t worry as long as they don’t get worse. She does drop by at least once, though, to tell them she hopes they get better soon.

Cullen: He tries his best to help Josephine with some of the work left over when he’s not too busy. He considers posting an extra guard by their door, but Leliana assures him that she has it covered. He manages to visit them at least once, and he tells them he hopes they feel better soon. If Romanced: He’s stressed, to say the least. As soon as he’s done with work, he’s off to be by her side. He drops by the kitchen and has them make a specific recipe for chicken noodle soup, the same recipe his mother made him and his siblings when they were sick. He’s willing to make it himself, or he would be, if the chefs didn’t shoo him out. When he has to get to work, he leaves only very reluctantly, pressing a kiss to her forehead before he goes.

Josephine: She can handle work while the Inquisitor is ill– she doesn’t want them out and about. A sick Inquisitor does not look good to visitors. She strictly forbids them from being disturbed about work, and takes on an increased workload just to make sure of that. When the Herald finds out, they thank her profusely, and she just smiles. “Just take care of yourself, Inquisitor. We all want you at your best.” If Romanced: She takes on the workload, and continuously asks for information about her beloved. She’s stressed and worries about them constantly, and whenever she can spare a moment, she’s off to check on them. The Inquisitor wryly tells her to relax, lest she get sick, too, and she sighs. “I don’t know that I can, my love. Not while you are ill.”

Bighit: Yoongi hurt himself at the dorm…. 

Me: well that sucks, I hope he has a good recovery, I really hope he doesn’t blame himself for this, ARMY care so much about him we really all wish for his rest and hope he gets well soon and we’ll all welcome him back with the biggest open arms…..

Bighit: are… you okay?


  • Aoi: huh? this is too painful. this sort of thing.
  • Aoi: well, nothing will come of me being sad and grieving so I’ve decided that I’m gonna continue creating the scenery that those young guys didn’t get to see. 

  • come see us anytime. it’s just a quick flight from heaven. 
just don’t show up as a cameo when we shoot videos. that would freak me out. 

  • it’s way too soon but rest well.
to an actual ROCK fellow, to my sweet kouhai.
  • Aoi: sorry for worrying you allー.
  • Note: RAVE’s guitarist Mikuru passed away yesterday after having been sick for a while.

Tanaka-sensei, thank you so much for all your hard work! For now, please rest up and take your time recovering because we also care for your health! 

~ Kuro finally tries his luck and helps Mahiru out into making a cake! 

For @kairei-chan‘s and @xpeppermin‘s Get Well Soon Message for Tanaka-sensei project! Please do have a look and share your sentiments through fanarts and messages! 

Haikyuu Characters When They Have a Cold

Kagehina: When Kageyama gets sick he just denies it no matter how pale his face gets, or how painful his coughs sound, and finally Hinata has to draw the line and drag his ass home for rest. Kags gives in after Hinata refused to hit his serves during practice, and they go back to his house where Hinata forces Kags to rest and get better and Kags tries to fight him even though he’s pretty much delusional at this point, but Hinata manages to calm him down with a glass of warm milk.
Daisuga: Daichi tries to hide his cold, but Suga has the supernatural ability to sense when his friends are feeling unwell, so he shows up at Daichi’s house unannounced with homemade chicken noodle soup and plenty of snugly blankets. He also brings a get well soon card from the team that he forced everyone to sign and he constantly checks his forehead, which is really just an excuse to touch Daichi’s face.
Asanoya: When Noya gets super run down he begs Asahi to take care of him. Asahi on the other hand is overly cautious of germs, but still wants to help his friend. He shows up with double face masks and is constantly reapplying hand sanitizer after any contact he has with Noya, who’s a completely gross mess. He doesn’t realize just how much of a germaphobe Asahi is until he tries to kiss him and Asahi screams, jumps up, and trips backwards over a chair staring at him from the ground with big puppy dog eyes.
Tsukiyama: Yamaguchi somehow manages to look like a delicate angel even when sick and Tsukki is in awe of him. Every time Yams sneezes a baby kitten is born, and Tsukki needs to turn away from him to hide his blush, although he says it’s because he doesn’t want to catch his cold. But this clearly isn’t the problem because when Yamaguchi falls asleep Tsukki plants a teeny kiss on his forehead before tucking him in.
Iwaoi: Oikawa texts Iwa nonstop about his cold desperately trying to get him to come and take care of him, without directly asking. Iwa finally gives in after all the complaining and reluctantly arrives at his place, purely for moral support. Oikawa lights up when Iwa comes over and he already has his favorite space movies picked out, and the popcorn is made. Iwa is so done with him already, but he stays anyways and wraps his arms around his sick boyfriend while they snuggle and watch dumb movies. But Iwa spends more time watching Oikawa, who he thinks looks adorable when he’s sick with his sleepy eyes and flushed cheeks, even though he’d never admit it to his face.
Matsuhana: Makki’s colds are 10x worse than any other persons, but somehow he still manages to crack jokes about it so people don’t completely avoid him. Mattsun doesn’t even care than he’s sick, and he still hangs all over him as usual. They’re so gross that they start making out, completely ignoring the fact that Makki is a disgusting mess. Mattsun spends the night and, of course, wakes up even sicker than Makki. But they both agree it was worth it.
Kyouhaba: Kyoutani refuses to accept that he’s sick even though his sneezes shake the whole house. He only lets Yahaba take care of him after he promises the reason for him coming over is to hang out, and NOT to take care of him. But he still snuggles up to his chest under mountains of blankets until his drowsiness pulls him under. And Yahaba is overheating under all the layers but he’s just enjoying Kyoutani’s temporary vulnerability so he puts up with the sweltering heat.
Levyaku: When Lev is feeling unwell, it’s Yaku’s job to take care of him or else he will probably die on his own the poor thing. He lays 2 blankets over the string bean so he’s completely tucked in from the neck all the way down. Lev also talks in his sleep when he’s sick, and Yaku finds it very entertaining to listen to because it’s always very nonsensical. Sometimes Yaku laughs a little too loud and has to cover his mouth so he doesn’t wake the sleeping giant.
Kuroken: When Kenma’s sick, it’s not much different from when he’s well. Him and Kuroo still hang out and play video games, but Kuroo insists that he play lying down so he gets tired and falls asleep. Kenma lies across his lap and falls asleep in the middle of a game between the two, and while Kuroo has to pause at first to admire how adorable the sleeping kitten on his lap is, he then decides to resume the game and win against sleeping Kenma because honestly he’s kind of an asshole.
Bokuaka: When Bokuto’s feeling run down, it affects his mood worse than his body. He gets super sad and whiny and Akaashi is the only one willing to deal with him in this state. He makes sure he takes his medicine and he lies with him and runs his fingers through his hair, which Bokuto loves, and he hums to him until he drifts into sleep. The scene would be very peaceful if not for Bokuto’s loud snoring that starts up when he’s deep in sleep, but Akaashi thinks it’s really cute.

negotiations and commands

@bleachitwhite and I were talking about supercorp, Krypto, and then supercorp and Krypto. bleach is too nice and let me use some ideas, so this happened.


She’s come to expect certain things from her life.

Letters from Lex? Once a week at most if she’s lucky.

(It’s generous to call the mass of threats letters, but it’s easier that way. To act like she gets well wishes from her brother instead of attacks against her.

To act like he’s still the Lex who took her in when no one else would even though now, he’s anything but.)

She’s expecting her mother’s to join the pile soon.

(She could just shred them with the rest of her mail, but there’s something particularly soothing about watching them go up in flames.

Sometimes she thinks that’s the only ending for Luthors.)

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Falling in Love

Group/Member: BTS/Hoseok

Words: 810

Genre: smut, fluff

Summary: Y/N goes to tell Hoseok something, but ends up doing something else

Request: 6th part of series

A/N: Only Jimin left after this. I have no excuse for the way this turned out. It just happened. I’ll have Jimin’s up soon. Hope you enjoy!!! ~Admin Unnie

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Jin Yoongi Namjoon Jimin Taehyung Jungkook

It’s 10:00. Finally, I can go home, and take a relaxing bath, and go to- “Y/N!” What now? I turn to see my boss, the head stylist, waving me over, so I head over. “What can I help you with, unnie?”

“Will you please go to the practice room and tell Hoseok to go home and get some rest? We need him to be well-rested for tomorrow.” I nod, and head back the way I came from.

So much for an early night. Everyone knows how hard it is to get Hoseok out of the practice room.

I finally get there, and slowly open the door, only to see him, sweating, looking absolutely gorgeous taking a swig from his water bottle.

“Oh, y/n, can I help you?” He asks while smiling, as I stand frozen, unable to say anything at the sight of him. He waves his hand in front of my face. “Y/N? Is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

“You’re hot.” I blurt out, and immediately regret it as I see his shocked look. “I don’t mean hot, like attractive, which you are…” his shocked look changes into something else that I can’t place. “I meant hot, like, you’re sweating, so obviously you feel hot, and I’m rambling, which is probably making it worst, so I’ll just-“ Next thing I know, he’s kissing me.

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Got7 Reaction to - You Falling Asleep On Them


Requests are open!

Mark/Jaebum/Jackson- they would all be the same okay. Like everyone thinks JB is a bad boy (and he is but hear me out he would be the same) you guys would be in the living room watching movies or something and be snuggled up together and you would slowly start falling asleep and they would point it out and you’d be like ‘no no i’m fine im not tired’ but really you are. So as the movie keeps going to just get closer and soon you are curled right into them and you eyes are closing as your head rests on their shoulder and when they turn to say something they see that your eyes are closed and your mouth is parted slightly and well look at that they were right and you’re asleep and they would just wrap their arm tighter around your waist to bring you closer and cover you with a blanket cause they don’t want to wake you up cause they secretly love to watch you sleep.

Jinyoung- Imagine this. You two are sprawled out on his bed reading books and you have your head in his lap and his fingers gently run through your hair while you read when he looks down to find that oh hey you aren’t reading anymore cause you fell asleep and he would just smile that cute smile of his to himself and continue to run his fingers through your hair and watch you sleep with your book still open before continuing to read his book and just let you sleep cause you look so peaceful.

Youngjae- you guys would be up late and he would be playing video games while you watched cause you secretly love watching his face while he plays and you would slowly get closer and closer to him until you had your head on his shoulder and your eyes would start to close and he’d pause his game to look at you and smile that cute crinkly eye smile and then turn the game off so he could pick you up and take you to bed and curl up right next to you awwww how cute is youngjae guys.

BamBam- LIttle shit okay hear me out you would fall asleep with your head on his lap while he watches tv or messes around on his computer and he wouldn’t even be surprised cause you do this all the time and you don’t know it but he has dozens of pictures of you sleeping on his that he likes to look at when he misses you awww.

Yugyeom- he would be so surprised cause ‘wow she’s asleep on me a girl’s never done that before mark-hyung what do i do. Should i move her. I don’t really want to she looks so peaceful is it okay to stay like this?’ and the older boys would be like aww look out our baby and one of them (probably jackson let’s be honest) would take a picture but you guys are just too freaking CUTE.

[TRANS] 161215 Luda's fancafe letter

Hello~ It’s Luda.

It’s been a while. Have you been well? A new year is right in front of our eyes. Since it has got to cold lately you are going out dressed up warmly, right? Flu is spreading so be careful! All the members were going to get an injection but we forgot. We just realised it a moment ago. We have to do it soon! The last promotions were crazy. We had rest, got a good sleep and did some rearragments. We are working hard preparing for the comeback!! Have you seen the teaser photo? Are you looking forward to it??? Honestly, I am looking forward. I was so nervous while preparing!! I want to meet all of you!! Since I told you a lot of news, you wouldn’t forget me??

Since I came back in order for you not to forget me here is homework for you:

1. Get flu shot

2. Look at Luda’s photo once a day

3. Listen to “Secret” and speculate about the next album

TRANS © FY!COSMICGIRLS | Take out with full credits.

i see a lot of fic/headcanons where fake ah crew geoff sort of opens his penthouse to the crew like, sure, stay here if you want, we’re all family, mi casa es su casa

but i also just immensely love the idea of, instead of that, the crew just relentlessly integrates themselves into his life whether he likes it or not

like one night they’re at the penthouse celebrating a heist well done and everybody’s grumbling about having to drive home late and most of them are drunk and geoff sighs like, well, okay, i’ve got some guest rooms

but then a couple weeks later michael shows up out of the blue to watch it’s always sunny and pushes past geoff into the penthouse as soon as the door is opened and geoff is like, um.

and then a week after that jack lets herself into his place (when??? did she get a key????) because according to her she has damn well earned a long, restful bath this week and your bathtub is the size of most family-sized jacuzzis so move the fuck over and let me use my new bath bomb, and geoff is like, um????

and then later he notices that there are like forty-seven cans of red bull in his fridge from gavin and geoff is all hold on a second here—

and then finally one morning he stumbles into his kitchen, exhausted and probably hungover, only for fucking ryan to hand him a mug of coffee, and he mumbles thanks automatically and then it’s like that one avengers post and geoff goes “HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY HOUSE?”

“ray let me in.” (”’sup,” says ray from the living room.)


“dude, i’ve been living here for the past week and a half.”

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“Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.” and then also "I saw that! You just checked me out!" with matt peake please but it doesn't have to be him anyone else you feel like writing is awesome too

i haven’t watched funhaus in like 12 years so I guess I better get onto that soon! Thank you <3

Another slight adjustment here, another adjustment there.

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  • Aries: Seems to be chill at first, but after about five minutes they start to throw a fit and bang on the door to try and get out.
  • Taurus: Just stands in a corner causally waiting until maintenance fixes the elevator.
  • Gemini: Caused the elevator to get stuck because they pressed a thousand buttons and is rolled up in a ball laughing maniacally.
  • Cancer: Attempts calm down everyone that is panicking about being stuck in the elevator. Soon after they give up and start panic as well.
  • Leo: Attempts to force the door open and get everyone out of the elevator so some news outlet can make them a local celebrity.
  • Virgo: Stands in a corner looking at everyone with the most bitchy resting bitch face in the world.
  • Libra: Flirting with a random plant, or maybe that's a human, no nose knows.
  • Scorpio: Probably is just sitting in a corner listening to music while checking Tumblr, hoping they get out as soon as possible.
  • Sagittarius: They eat pringles while watching everyone else go slowly insane and enjoys every second of it.
  • Capricorn: Calls a whole bunch of family members to tell them they are stuck in a elevator and might never come out. Hangs up each phone call suddenly with a soft "I love you".
  • Aquarius: Starts a conversation with the people they are stuck with, and constantly tells funny jokes that ALMOST make being stuck in an elevator worth while.
  • Pisces: Gets out their phone to take a video of this to share it with their future children and great grandchildren.

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