rest peacefully in jannah

We bring to you the solemn news of the martyrdom of one of the bravest and most inspirational leaders of the #FSA in #Aleppo, #Syria. The leader of the successful attack on the Infantry base just a few days ago, Yousef Jader, was killed today. He is well known for being a tolerant man who yearned to build a Syria for all Syrians, regardless of race or religion. Before his troops attacked the infan try battalion, he kept them staked outside of the base for days as wanted to ensure that all soldiers who wanted to defect could defect. He hates killing and always wants to save as many lives as he can. God bless you Yousef and may God open the Gates of Paradise for you. May he accept your martyrdom and forgive you of all your sins and replace them with good deeds. Ameeeeeen.
نسال الله تعالى ان يتقبلك من الشهداء والصالحين
Today in Homs Al Assad’s forces shot a pregnant woman and killed the mother of three children. 
79 martyrs have been documented there are six children and ten women among them.
Damascus and Damascus’s rural: 35 Martyrs. 
Dara'a: 18 Martyrs. 
Idlib: Eight martyrs.
Hama: Five martyrs.
Homs: five martyrs, there are one pregnant woman among martyrs. 
Aleppo: Four martyrs.
Dier Azzor: Four martyrs.
Photo By: Wisam Al Jazzary

#Syria: Like any mother she dreams of seeing her daughter growing up and getting married being able to play with her grandchildren like any normal mother would dream about.
But it’s her destiny to see her in a white shroud.
The brother holds his sister’s hand not believing that she had passed away, maybe she will wake up.
The mother’s tears are confused. On which child should she mourn on??
Which one to hold last before they get buried??
Child martyrs Adam and Sahar Al Hourani. Their fault was that they were safe in their house when it was hit by a missile.
Homs, Al Qusair 

الله يرحمو نيالك ياشهيدone of the #FSA Martyrs in #Darya 
mashAllah he is said Shadah before his soul comes out: 

There is no god but Allah
Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah

أحد شهداء الجيش الحر في داريا 
ماشاء لله نطق بلشهادة قبل ان تخرج روحه الطاهرة 

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله 


My cousin took these clips & never shared them. Now he is a martyr, May Allah accept him ! and they called him a “terrorist" 

please watch how soft they are towards the oppressed but lions towards the oppressors ALHAMDALLAH.