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Affection ♡ Grayson {smut}

Request: ‘‘Hii can I have a Grayson imagine where you guys are engaged but he starts becoming very distant from you and doesn’t show anymore affection towards you and you get frustrated so you leave the house when he’d gone out and he goes looking for you and eventually finds you and apologizes and stuff, you can think of an ending ahha :p Thanks!!‘‘

Response: Thank you for the request, babe :) This is my first smutty imagine and I found it really hard (but also fun) to write, haha. I hope you enjoy, tho xoxo

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

‘Marry me.’ Those were the words Grayson Dolan had said to you. Today it was exactly four months ago that he had asked you to become his wife. When he went down on his knees and showed the most beautiful ring you had ever seen, tears were running down your cheeks. You couldn’t believe that the most amazing human on this entire planet wanted to spend the rest of your life with you. Of course you said yes, how could you say no? He made you the happiest person in the world.

But as the months passed by, Grayson had become more busy. At his work he got promoted, and as a result he had to overwork regularly. You tried to be happy for him, because you were saving money for a bigger house to live in together. You maybe wanted to have kids in the future. Apart from that, Grayson also had his channel to worry about. He didn’t make videos as often as he used to, but he still made videos with Ethan.  

But it was hard. You didn’t work as much as he did, and most of the time you were home alone, waiting for Gray to come home. And when he finally got home he was always very tired, so you ate dinner together and maybe watched some television. You guys didn’t even had sex the way you used to have. It was a miracle if you did it once a week. Of course you knew that sex wasn’t the most important thing in a relationship, but, it still was important.

Tonight was the fifth night in a row that Grayson was coming home later than the usual. While you were watching Netflix you waited for him. You couldn’t understand what they were saying, all you could think about was Grayson and why he had to work till late again. You decided to call him and ask if he would be home soon. You wanted to talk. This couldn’t go on any longer.

‘Hey Y/N, what is it?’ you hear Grayson say on the other side of the line. You turn off the television so that you don’t get distracted. ‘Hi, Gray. When are you coming home? I want to talk to you about something.’ It is quiet for a moment, while you hear Graysons steps and his panting voice. He was probably on his way to a meeting or something important. ‘Eh… I don’t know, to be honest. I think it will get pretty late tonight. You don’t have to stay up for me.’

You feel tears welling up and you try to swallow. ‘Okay,’ you say quietly. ‘Okay… Bye.’ Grayson says and before you can say anything he hangs up. You look at your lock screen on your phone, at a picture of you and Grayson where you both are smiling. The picture was taken last summer, on the beach in Spain. It felt like it was years go.

You look around, not knowing what to do now. You were wide awake and suddenly it felt like everything on Netflix was too boring to watch. With a deep sigh you pull the blanket you were under on back and stand up. You needed to get out of the house to get some fresh air. It felt like you were trapped inside your own house, which was a terrible feeling.

You grab your car keys and jacket and leave the house. The street is quiet and empty. The night was cold, you could see your own breath leaving your mouth. You get in your car and start driving, without a destination or idea where you were going. After about fifteen minutes you pull up in a parking lot, which was dark and empty. You had no idea how you had ended up here.

There were no people and no cars, you were all by yourself. It was very calming, and you could hear the birds singing in the trees that were standing next to the parking lot. This was the place were Grayson and you had first met each other, and also the place where you had your first kiss. So it was kind of a special parking lot, with a lot of good memories.

You get out of your car and sit down on the side walk. Just until now you noticed that you had been crying. Your whole T-shirt was wet from the tears. While you sit there and breath in the fresh air, you slowly start feeling better, but you still had an empty feeling in your stomach. Suddenly you hear your phone buzzing. It was an incoming call from Grayson. At first you consider answering it, but you don’t want him to hear that you had been crying. You decide to ignore it.

You didn’t know for how long you sat there, alone on the cold sidewalk. It could have been an hour, it could have been two. All of a sudden you see a car with bright lights turning up the parking lot. In shock you stand up and almost trip over your feet. You hope it wasn’t the police. They would ask why you were here all alone in an empty parking lot, and you didn’t have a good answer to that. The lights go off and a person steps out of the car. It takes a second to see who it was.

‘Grayson. Who – what – How did you know I was here?’ you ask confused. Grayson walks up to you, his mouth a thin line. ‘Because this is the place where we first met. I figured you were here. Anyway, why are you here? I was worried as hell.’ When you try to say what’s been bothering you the last couple of weeks, tears are running down your cheeks again. Grayson blinks, not expecting that you would start crying. ‘Hey, don’t cry…’ He reaches out his arms and takes a step forward, but you take a step back.

‘Y/N, what’s wrong? You know you can tell me everything. We can figure it out together. We always do,’ Grayson says with a sweet voice. You let out a vibrating sigh and look up to him. His brows are frowned and he looks at you with curious eyes. ‘I feel so alone. You’re always working and working, it’s the only thing you ever do. You don’t even kiss me goodnight anymore, because I’m already asleep by then or you’re not home. I love you, but… I can’t take this any longer. I miss how we used to be,’ you say. It is quiet for a moment.

Grayson picks his words carefully. ‘Babe… I-I didn’t know that me working so much made you feel this way. I’m sorry. I really am. I will talk to my boss and ask if can work less. I-I’m just so sorry. Please stop crying, it breaks my heart.’ His voice cracks. You smile a little and wipe your tears from your face. Grayson puts a step in your direction again, and this time, you don’t take a step backwards. His strong arms close around you and you shiver, craving his body and affection.

He hugs you for a long time, while he strokes his fingers through your ear. ‘I’m so sorry. I love you so much,’ he whispers. ‘I love you too,’ you whisper. He lets you go and studies your face, making sure you had forgiven him. ‘Come home with me. I’ll make it up to you,’ he says with a soft smile. You smile back to him and nod. ‘Okay.’

The house was dark and empty, but you didn’t bother to put a light on. Grayson picks you up like you weigh nothing and you put your legs around his waist. Leaving soft kisses in your neck, he carries you up the stairs. When Grayson walks in the bedroom, he lays you carefully down on the bed with a supporting arm under your back. He strips of his shirt and you do the same with yours. ‘Let me take off your clothes,’ Grayson whispers. He pulls down your leggings, causing you to gasp when he touches your thighs. You had missed the feeling of his hands touching you. He takes off his pants, leaving him only in his boxers.

He hovers above you and slides your bra straps down your shoulders, kissing your collar bone. He takes your bra off, revealing your hard nipples. He licks his lips before he seductively closes his mouth around them and you can’t help but moan while you’re drowning in pleasure. He takes his time and kisses every part of your breasts. He then gently strokes your cheek, while he looks into your eyes with nothing but love. ‘I just can’t get over how beautiful you are. Each time you surprise me,’ he says with a rough voice. You smile and give him a passionate kiss.

After the kiss he tenderly starts sucking your neck and planting sweet kisses along your shoulders, trailing down to your chest area again. You close your eyes and dig your nails into his hair, causing him to moan. He goes further down your stomach and hungrily loops his finger through your panties. He pulls them down your legs. You shiver from the cold air that hits your now totally naked body.

Grayson spreads your legs and starts kissing and sucking your inner thighs, slowly going to the place where you needed him the most. You felt a burning heat between your legs. ‘I’m sorry for hurting you, baby,’ he whispers with a deep voice. You wanted to tell him that it was okay and that you forgave him, but before you can say anything he glides with his tongue down into your vagina. ‘So wet for me already…’ Grayson chuckles. He licks you over a few times before he closes his lips around your clit. ‘Gray…’ you cry out with a shaky voice, toes curled in anticipation. He looks at you, eyes filled with lust. He starts sucking and you can’t help but moan quietly, arching your back.

Your hands are shaking uncontrollable, trying to grab the sheets for a grip. Grayson entwines his fingers with yours and with his other hand he pins your hips down, because he knows you can’t lay still with what he’s doing to you. A deep sigh escapes from your lips while he starts to suck faster. ‘Fuck…’ You normally didn’t swear, but at times like these you weren’t in control of what you were saying. He kept going until a splash of liquid emerged from in between your legs. You bit your lip and look at him a little embarrassed. You try to get up so you could reward him, but without a warning he slowly inserts two fingers inside of you.

You’re shocked and your lips form an ‘o’ as you fall back onto the bed. With your eyes closed, Grayson smirks at the way your body twists and turns, the way you bite your lip and the way you shut your eyes. He loved it all. His finger sensually keeps going in and out. First gently, but slowly he starts picking up the speed. He could feel every soft curve and spot inside you when your walls clenched around his fingers. The feeling in your stomach rises with every move. You buck your hips upward, a burning desire between your legs.

‘I’m so close,’ you whisper. ‘Come for me, baby,’ Grayson growls. Suddenly, with shuddering breaths, you see stars, reaching your climax. Your legs tremble and shake, while Grayson tries to hold them down. He bites his lips at the sight of you releasing the sexual tension. You were making sounds that normally would make you blush, but you just couldn’t help it. You let out a deep sigh, feeling so incredibly in love. You lay down on your back, eyes closed with a big smile on your face.

Slowly you are in control of yourself again, and you open your eyes, seeing the most beautiful creature between your legs. ‘I love you so much,’ you say, eyes watering with admiration. Grayson puts a long, chaste kiss on your belly button. ‘I love you more.’


Requested by anon.

You never understand why your siblings make the most ridiculous choices in love.

“Why are so pompous about your lovers, Bex?” you ask your sister. “It can be clearly seen they’re the lamest people on earth. I mean Marcel was really lame centuries ago, Matt Donovan was just an ordinary human and now, Marcel again? Are you kidding me, sister?”

Rebekah rolls eyes and ignores your comment. The rest of the table looks you in curiosity.

“Oh, please,” you sigh. “Don’t get me started. You guys are not the perfect examples for us, are you? Let’s talk about Nik’s choices, shall we?”

“Gladly.” Rebekah grins. “I’ll explain his type: Lunatics.”

“And blondes.” you add. “Oh wait, there was this ginger lunatic, right? And the doppleganger. No, no, that’s Elijah’s type!”

“What?” Elijah pouts. “Why are we talking about my love interests?”

“Because they keep dying?” you want to say but behave yourself quickly. Instead, you say, “Because you fell for three doppelgangers, a vengeful witch and a werewolf girl who died and became a hybrid?”

“And Aya.” Klaus adds. “She was a vengeful bitch either.”

“Yeah,” you giggle. “Kindred spirits with Aurora.”

He gives a deep breath and Kol laughs.

“Good point sister.” he says. “I never realized-”

“Oh yes cause you are such a decent lover, right?” you interrupt him. “Come on there, brother, you only liked witches because of the power they held and after a thousand years when you finally got the magic you wanted so desperately, you fell for another witch? Shocker, really.”

As he gets his answer, everyone in the table giggles.

“Okay I cannot make fun of Freya at that moment so I wanna make a toast to our late boring brother Finn, who also loved another ginger lunatic during his entire life.”

Your sibling stucks between laughing or arguing but Klaus toasts.

“To our youngest sister who thinks her choices are better than ours. But that’s another night’s story since the list is too crowded.”

Losing Sleep Over You (James Kirk x Reader)

Originally posted by nabees2

WARNING: A super brief, super implied NSFW part that tbh is hardly NSFW but I feel obligated to warn people, anyways just in case

“I could have him kicked off the ship, you know.”

You knew that voice very well, though you’d only ever heard it over the intercom. It was surprisingly different in person. The soft echo it usually held was stripped away, making it warmer and more crisp. As if you were talking to a close friend, rather than your captain.

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Can you do a fic of Leon version of interfering with life and death saving MC like you did with Scorpio please. Thanks :)

Leon was delighted when he heard about your pregnancy. He was so tactful toward you and takes great care of you. However, the happiness last for a short while. Leon basically ignores his duties and rush to save you from the fire which breakout in a shopping mall, upon hearing your lifespan is near. With that, he broke the heaven rule and alters the human lifespan. Both of you were immediately brought forward to the King and the rest of the gods from departments are there as well.

“She must die and we can’t alter her lifespan as per our rules” The king said calmly.

“But she is pregnant with my child. I can’t allow that to happen.” Leon shouted and ready to evolve his power to save you.

“You jolly well know that if you release your power now, both she and your unborn child will not survive as well.” The king reminded him.

Leon grips his fist tight and the next thing you know, he kneels on his knees. Everyone gasp at the sight and can’t believe how an arrogant lion gives up his ego for you. You wanted to run toward him but Karno and Hue hold on to you. You sobbed and beg him to get him up but that turn into deaf ears for him.

“I will do anything you wish if you could spare their life.” Leon begged.

“Even if were to take away your memory?” The king asked calmly.

Both of you look up in shock and you turn to look at Leon, begging him not to agree to it and he looks back at you sadly.

“Yes, I would agree if you can spare their life. ____, I am sorry.” Leon gazes at you sadly.

“Very well, the event will take place tomorrow. Both of you can spend your last night together.” The king said and left.

“Why would you agree to that?” You sobbed when both of you are alone in his room.

“I can’t let you end your life here. I need our child to see the world full of love like how you show me. Plus, I believe my sign in my eyes will eventually found you again. Believe in that forever. Promise me never forget that sign” Leon replied sadly and tears roll down his cheek, while you nod your head.

That night none of you get any sleep, as if to prevent wasting any precious times left. The next morning, the king proceeds to took away Leon’s memory and you are brought back down to earth. You never see the rest of the gods since then. 5 years passed since then and Toshiro is an active boy now. Life is not easy in the past, as being a single mother is not easy. Somehow you manage to get through with some surprise help. You believe the gods help you secretly although you never seen them anymore.

Leon is heavily involve in his duties and totally can’t recall anything at all. He realize that he is more compassion than before, but he never understand why this is so.

“Leon, we have received a difficult wish that we can’t resolve.” Karno said one night.

“I believe you are the best person to grant the wish.” Hue added.

“Oh-Ho? What is so difficult about the wish that both of you can’t even granted?” Leon asked in surprise.

“A 4 years old boy asks to meet his father but he doesn’t know who his father is.” Teorus said.

Leon is curious and decides to make a trip to earth personally. Like what the others had said, a boy is at a garden wishing to see his father. He saw some resemble on the boy but just can’t put thing into place. Out of curiosity, Leon decides to approach the boy.

“Little boy, why are you alone in the park? It is late! Don’t you scare?” Leon asked tenderly.

“I am making a wish here. My mum told me that if I look at the stars to wish, the God will grant my wish.” The boy said shyly.

“What is your name? And what wish are you making?” Leon smiled and kneels down to his eyes level.

“My name is Toshiro and I wish to see my father.” Toshiro replied sadly. “But I don’t even know how he is like.”

“Did your mum tell you anything about him?” Leon asked again, feeling tight in his chest and he not sure why.

“Oh yes, my mum always said that this sign will bring me closer to dad.” Toshiro smiled happily after thinking a while. He then took Leon’s palm and draws his sign that is in his eyes with his tiny finger.

Leon gasped at the sign and bit and pieces of memory slowly piece into picture. He recalled about the king erasing his memory and slowly remembers you, the wonderful times both of you spent together. Is the boy in front of him, his son? He can feel himself tremble when he think about it. Just then, a familiar voice was heard from behind him.

“Toshiro, it is time to go home.” You called up to Toshiro.

Leon gets up and turns around to see you walking over. You are surprise to see him and not sure how to react. You are not sure if you should reach out to him after all you know that he can’t remember you anymore. However, you can’t stop crying upon seeing him after all you really miss him so much.

Leon walks over to you slowly and wipes your tears with his fingers. “I had said before that the only tears you are allowed is tears of happiness. Can I take it that you are happy to see me after all these years?” Leon said emotionally and embraces you in his arms.

“You remember? You really remember me.” You sobbed nonstop and wrap your hands behind his back.

“Yes, the sign that Toshiro draw on my hand help me recall everything.” Leon replied and tightens his hold on you.

“Toshiro, come over here. He is your dad who you been wishing to meet every night.” You beckoned him to come over.

Leon carries him in his arms and Toshiro throws his arms around his neck. “Dad, is it really you? My wish really comes true.” Toshiro cried.

“Yes, I am back. Sorry, I lost my memories and I can’t be by your side. However, I promise that we will stay together from now onward.” Leon smiled and pulls you over.

Leon promises that he will protect both of you from now onward and never to be separate again. For you, you are just glad that he remembers you and you hold dear to that promise that both of you make. The sign in his eyes will bring everyone back together eventually.

Because for some reason ashley is the only one to get hate for being ‘racist’, let me show you a list of other characters who showed racist qualities

Garrus- quarians, krogan, humans

Joker-quarians, turians, krogan, asari

Wrex- humans, turians

Saren- humans 

Anderson- turians 

the entire alliance is stated as to ‘not liking shepard’s alien crew’, a large amount of side conversations and dialogue as you pass by in the citadel is extremely anti-human, so please tell me more how Ashley is the ‘worst character’ for being ‘racist’ when she forms the same bonds and gets over the same ignorant behavior the rest of the cast also have to. Please, defend your character hate by hiding behind one shittily written line on the citadel while Garrus rips into Tali for being a quarian and saying Wrex deserves the genophage. Laugh at all the things Joker says while ignoring any racist side comment he makes. 

If Ashley is a horrible character for having to get through ignorance, then so is the rest of the ME1 cast. 


@ teenagers: please don’t ship real people. You can ship all the fictional characters you want but real people are off limits. They’re humans like the rest of us and it is rude to ignore their actual relationships in life on favor of something that honestly isn’t there.

@ Adults: You are grown ass people you know this is horrible why do you still do it. They’re fucking humans and you have no right to be saying who they belong with. Why do I have to call you out too?

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okay but like i need a fic where like youre just having a shirtless movie night w buck and youre watching shitty dramas and bucky couldnt care less about it because all he can think about is you and how perfect you look

Title: Movie Night

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Characters: Bucky, Reader, the Avengers

Words: +1k

Warnings: fluff, flirting, swearing?

A/N: I seriously loved this request so much! I hope I did it justice for you!

Originally posted by natpekis

“Well, I’m beat.” Steve sighed, standing and setting his empty beer bottle on a coaster, “’Night, everyone.” There was a hum of ‘good nights’ before everyone turned back to their private conversations.

It was nearing midnight and it’d been a long day for the team, you were surprised everyone hadn’t went to bed sooner. The mission you were sent on ended up being a total bust. Immediately after you arrived you were ambushed which quickly set off the Bruce who fled into the surrounding woods. One team member short, the rest of you continued to battle your unexpected threat, who seemed to be multiplying. The mission felt like it had been going on for days when they, who you presumed were Hydra agents, retreated from the scene, leaving you all exhausted and confused. So, after coaxing a an angry Hulk back into Bruce, you all boarded the Quinjet and headed back here, where you took advantage of Tony’s finest liquor.

With Steve gone, only you and Bucky were left on the love seat, Nat and Sam across from you, and Clint, along with Tony, rested by the bar. Wanda, Vision, and Bruce had long since retired. The conversations in the room continued, but you stayed silent, too tired to make conversation any longer. 

You hummed, sleepily and rested your head against Bucky’s metal arm, making him look down at you. He chuckled, “Sleepy there, kiddo?” 

Your nose scrunched up at his choice of words, “I’m not a kid, Buck. I am a grown woman- I’ve killed people for heaven sake.” You shot back, “But, yes. If you must know, I am sleepy.” 

He continued to grin, “Well, you showed me, doll.” 

Ignoring his sarcasm, you murmured, “I know I did.” You snuggled into his side further, lifting his arm to wrap around your waist.

Bucky squirmed, “If you’re not a kid, then I’m not a human pillow, okay?” 

“Aw, c’mon, Buck! Please?” You pouted, “You’re warm.”

He, of course, relented, encircling you with his warm embrace. He always gave into you, always, even if it was ridiculous. Since meeting you his first day apart of the team and outside of recovery, he’d grown to have a soft spot for you, one he didn’t believe he could ever have after his time as the Winter Soldier. You were kind to him, but didn’t treat him like he was broken, like Steve was known to do from time to time, and you soon became his closest confidant. 

You felt him lean in close to your ear, “Hey, you want to get out of here, doll?” He mock flirted, “I can make it worth your while.” 

You smirked, looking at him through your lashes as you whispered in a sultry tone, “What’d you have in mind, soldier?” You swore you felt him shiver. 

Bucky leaned in closer taking a small glance at your lips. You could smell the alcohol on his breath, “Movie night.” He leaned back, to observe your, hopefully, impressed expression at his idea. 

You snorted, but quickly became serious as you asked him, “Will there be popcorn?” 

“And pj’s.” Bucky added with a ‘serious’ expression. 

“Let’s get out of here.” You said grabbing his hand and pulling him from the couch, sleepiness long gone, “Let’s blow this Popsicle stand, Barnes!” 

You could hear a few people snort as you pulled Bucky up the stairs and to your room. Standing outside your door, you turned to him, “I have to get my pj’s, you get yours and we’ll meet at the movie room, ‘kay?” 

“Yep!” yelled Bucky, running clumsily to his room, “I’ll be there in five- last one there has to make the popcorn!”

You scoffed, shouting back, “I like extra butter, James!” 

Shutting the door behind you, you searched the room for some cute pajamas. Sure, it was just Bucky, your best friend, but you wanted to look nice. Yeah, you reasoned, friends try to look nice for other friends all the time. Completely normal. Not wanting to waste anymore time, you slid the soft, cotton nightie on and was surprised at how snug it was. 

“Oh, well.” You muttered to yourself, grabbing a blanket before swinging open the door of your room and sprinting towards the home theater. You were going to make it there first, unlike so many times before when you’d been forced to make the popcorn. No, no more, Bucky would be making the popcorn tonight. 

You were so close, a shout of victory bubbling in your throat- until someone literally jumped in front of you and into the theater.

“Ha! Beat you again, Y/N!” Shouted Bucky, standing up from his spot on the floor where he lay sprawled out. 

But your mind wasn’t on your defeat. James Barnes stood in the door way of the theater, clad in only low-rise, grey sweats. No t-shirt, no nothing. You bit your lip, your gaze drifting up from where the faint trail of hair disappeared behind his grey sweats and to his sculpted upper body. Of course you thought he’d be well built, hell, you knew he was well built, but seeing it up close- and in those sweats- was something else entirely. And damn, just imagining what that metal arm could do only made your stomach clench tighter. Sure, he was your best friend, but you weren’t blind. Unfortunately, your ogling was interrupted. 

“See something you like, doll?” 

Your eyes snapped up to look at him, “Wha-what?” You asked, a terrible blush staining your cheeks. 

“I said; do you see something you like, doll?” You wanted to smack that smirk right off his face, that bastard, he knew exactly what you were staring at.

“Nope.” you replied, trying to hide your embarrassment with a bored look as you pushed past him into the room, “How do you want your popcorn?” You asked, busying yourself with the popcorn maker. 

“Oh, no,” he said, following you and grabbing the popcorn kernels from your grasp, “you don’t get to walk away from that one, Missy. You were totally checking me out back there.” 

You rolled your eyes, “Where is your shirt anyway?” 

“Ah, ah, don’t change the subject, Y/N.” tutted Bucky. Still not answering him, Bucky wrapped his arms around your waist as you continued to mess with the machine, “It’s alright, I mean it’s perfectly normal to get starstruck looking at this.” He said, motioning towards his body, “I am gorgeous, after all.” 

You snorted, “Bite me.” 

“Gladly.” He shot back, walking away, “I’ll pick the movie!” 

You pressed start on the popcorn machine and moved towards the mini fridge, the cold air would do you good after that, “It better be some trashy drama, I’ll regret watching!”

“Of course, darlin’, what else would I choose?” He answered. 

You didn’t answer, you simply grabbed a few Cokes and a large bowl, filling it with the hot popcorn and lathering it butter. Finishing up, you plopped yourself down next to Bucky on the large sectional as the lights dimmed and the opening credits began. 

Folding your legs underneath you, you chuckled upon seeing the movie title, it was one of the first terrible movies you and Bucky had watched together. When movie night first started you picked the oldest movies, deciding to work from oldest to newest. Eventually, when you’d watched all the classics together, you moved onto some newer stuff one of them being this movie. The description on the back of the case sounded good so you got it for movie night. It turned out that the movie was actually awful and you and Bucky spent the whole movie holding back tears at the hilarity of it. Thus, beginning your terrible movie tradition; whenever you’d have a movie night you had to play at least one trashy movie- your favorite being the trashy dramas. Excited, you quickly became absorbed in the movie. 

Bucky wasn’t so lucky. 

While you were transfixed on the screen, his eyes kept wandering over to you. He tried- had he tried, to focus on the film, laugh at the right parts, but watching you was so much better. The way you threw your head back laughing when something ridiculous happened on screen, or even better when you’d giggle and grasp at his arm, not evening caring that it was his metal one, wanting him to enjoy what was happening just as much as you were. Completely and utterly perfect- that was the only way he could describe you, but truly no words could do you justice. The curve of your lips, the way your eyes sparkled, how you carried yourself were all too mesmerizing, all too breath taking to him. It was astonishing to him how beautiful someone could be in the most mundane moments. Butter lacing the corners of your lips, hair wild, and in that nightie. His heart almost stopped at seeing you in that

Fortunately and unfortunately, your beauty didn’t stop there, it bled into your personality as well. You were not only the most accepting and open person he knew, but you were also the most genuine. You never held back, you were a great agent and a great friend, and in his eyes, no one would be able to replace you. You were simply too unique- irreplaceable.

“Buck? Hello? Do you want to watch Finding Nemo or Pretty in Pink?” 

Bucky blinked, the movie had ended and he didn’t even notice. Shaking the thoughts of you from his head, his fond smile still in place, he replied, “Do you even know me? Finding Nemo, of course!”

When you got up to search for the movie he allowed his mind to slip back to his previous thoughts. No, he wouldn’t tell you how he felt now, it wasn’t the right time yet. 

He pulled you closer when you sat down beside him, wrapping the blanket around you both snugly, causing you to blush. He smirked at you, but said nothing; yes, he’d definitely tell you soon.

Part Two

To my followers

If you use Tumblr as an escape from stresses in your life, it’s understandable that you would not necessarily like to run into this Ferguson issue.

It’s understandable. It’s harsh, cruel, and unappealing.

If blacklists are necessary for you to be able to mentally endure, that is also understandable.

But you should also understand that some people (such as myself) face this reality and are unable to escape from it. Our voices need to be heard, and if you can endure, please listen.

This is an issue of basic human rights.
Don’t just ignore this.

Immediately following a reblog I had made in relation to Ferguson, I had lost three followers.

I’m not upset because I lost them. I’m upset because that means these people are so unwilling to hear anything involving Ferguson that they would rather immediately unfollow a person.

I’m actually very disappointed and am shaking my head at those people.

To the rest of my followers:
Please endure as we all are trying to get through this issue, keep yourselves healthy both mentally and physically, keep your eyes open, and #staywoke

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I'm generally concerned with your well being, you seem to be obsessing over justin beiber, other wise known as a pot smoking dickhead who tells everyone he loves them, even though half of his fans are 9 year old girls. I'm generally wondering if your alright, do you need some help? Because listening to music about guys wanting you to shake that booty is not going to make you feel better, please do me a quick favour and listen to Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Then answer me.

I’m wondering if you’ve lost your fucking mind??? This is a NEWS SITE about Justin Bieber, keeping up with his whereabouts and public sightings. We don’t judge him for the things that the does in his private life, as they don’t directly affect us.

I OWN Welcome to the Black Parade. I own All of MCR’s albums and I love their music just like I love Justin. However- MCR’s music is about freedom and doing whatever the fuck you like, what makes you happy and not conforming to someone else’s idea of what they think you should be doing. So you probably picked the wrong band to try to shame me, and this news site with. 

Justin is allowed to like, love, dislike, or associate with whoever the fuck he seems fit to deal with. No one is making you listen to his music, or to troll the blogs who do and who support him. If you don’t like it, move the fuck around. I’m wondering if YOU are okay, a very obviously lost and confused little girl who is taking her lack of purpose in the world out on the rest of us for doing something we like to do, something that makes us happy. We do more than “shake that booty” (something I’m sure you’re not even capable of doing if you tried, because you’re wrapped so tightly in your wanna-be emo blanket that you can’t think or behave like a civil human being to others).

With that being said, please direct your ignorant comments to someone else’s inbox. It will not be tolerated here.

Also it’s 2014- I know damn well you know how to spell Bieber.

Now sit.


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Have you seen the video of Namjoon saying V and J-Hope are "too black" and he "couldn't see them because they were too black"? Please don't defend him, he obviously did wrong. I just wanted you to know since he's your bias.

I know exactly what he did. It was fucked up. I know this. I’m not defending him against comments that are meant to educate. He deserves it. Though I will jump in the fire if I feel really strongly about a subject, and the blatant disgusting comments @BTS_twt were alarming. The thing that really got under my skin wasn’t people asking for apologies, or the fansnamjooncantsee tag it was the twitter spam of people editing him out of pictures of bts, saying they wish he was dead instead of eun b and rise, bringing up idols who met an untimely death? Really now. Calling BTS ot6. Straight up telling @BTS_twt that Namjoon should fucking kill himself? Some ARMYs are being downright toxic. Calling him a rat fuck and saying things that aren’t meant to educate but instead hurt, that’s wrong. Fighting his dumbass with things that are meant to cut deep is just not right. Some say they are going to throw crap at him and ignore him during TRB. If this does happen at any of the TRBs it will affect the rest of the shows and the rest of BTS. If bighit feels like one of their boys could possibly be in danger, they have the right to revoke all hi touch. Even cancel TRB if they so desire. Remember that above all else Namjoon is human before he’s an idol. These comments could hurt anyone emotionally tbh. No one on this planet can tell me they have never once fucked up and said something dumb due to ignorance. So yes I believe he deserves to be taught but not attacked. Yeah say all you want here on tumblr but please restrain yourselves on twitter, cause he will and has seen it. I do believe he should apologize especially since they are mingling with an international fandom. To us that was hurtful and he should own up to what he said. I just believe a lot of ARMYs are taking this to a level that it shouldn’t have been taken to. You should never fight with racial slurs, and you should never wish death upon someone, also to the few that have been attacking Namjoon stans, that is also not right. Namjoon stans have no control over Namjoon so please don’t send them threatening messages, my friend was literally in tears and had no idea what was happening.

That’s my take on the Namjoon situation.

As an EXO-L I’m so sick and tired of the drama that surrounds this fandom on a daily basis. It angers me seeing fellow fans sit there and degrade and disrespect the other members who are not their bias. The hate I’ve seen surrounding certain members is a disgrace, you have the nerve and audacity to represent the fandom and call yourself an EXO-L and you are posting such hate, ignorance and disrespect about members of a group you claim to love.

No one in this fandom knows what goes on between these members, they do not have to prove anything to you or anyone else for that matter, they have been together long enough to know each other inside and out and know how to deal with each other and any situation that arise. For some of you ignorant assholes to say that certain members hate each other or certain members don’t care about another is disgusting. You do not know anything about them other then what they choose to show us as IDOLS, they are no obligated to explain or tell us anything else because as fans it’s none of our business.

The hate I’ve seen from certain fans makes me wonder how people like this even exist, if you can’t support and love all members equally then please just take your drama and leave. Many times the members have said “WE ARE ONE” this fandom is far from being one right now, it’s very upsetting to see us all so divided.

We all have a bias, myself included, but I would never speak such hatred towards any of the other members because believe it or not I support EXO which means I love and support them all equally.

If you have nothing nice to say or dislike a member so much then please for the love of all things holy, keep it to yourself, it’s not fair on the members or other fans, if someone sees hate towards their bias or EXO of course they will respond.

Please also stop the hate towards Yixing, EXO are 9 members and this stupid OT8 bullshit needs to stop, don’t you think he feels bad enough having to miss schedules, being away from his members, he is promoting in China, like what he is suppose to do, being the only Chinese member in the fucking group, and now he has to rest for 2/3 months because of an injury, for some ignorant fans to wish he would stay injured or leave the group, what gives you the fucking right to be such an ass? You should be ashamed of yourself cause congrats you are a shitty human being.


Well Bob deleted his Twitter. It makes me sad but I can’t blame him. With the amount of ignorant ppl who tweet him such disrespectful things, I probably would have done the same. I’m really gonna miss seeing him interact with the cast and fans. It always made me so happy to see when he tweeted something. But this is something that can happen, in a lot of fandoms when some of the fans don’t know how to respect others. You need to realize that these ppl we look up to, these ppl we admire and love are human beings, with real emotions just like the rest of us. So please always be polite and thoughtful of others, no matter who they are, or what they look  like. Also, from his last tweet, he stated he wanted a break from social media. It could have been bc of the tweets he got or simply bc social media can be distracting from real life. Cuz surprise, social media is not the most important thing in the world. Either way he’s gone from Twitter as of right now. If and when he decides to come back, and I hope he does, please just be respectful. Always treat others the way you want to be treated. It’s honestly has simple as that.