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Not A Fairytale, Just This

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky believes you deserve more, but all you need is right in front of you.

Warnings: Angst, fluff, angst, fluff, kissing, fluff, *mic drop* the end

Word Count: 2331

A/N: Kind of a song fic based on Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. I didn’t include lyrics because I thought it flowed better without them, but this story follows the song. I would love to know what you think :)

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He was to be living with heroes. The righteous, the worthy, the ones who had been given a second chance and redeemed themselves.

He was given a second chance and he failed. After he fell and woke up alive, Hydra broke him. He couldn’t escape. He complied. How did he deserve the third chance he was given now?

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some odd music asks
  • 1. what album do you feel best describes your mood
  • 2. if your name had to be a song title which song would it be
  • 3. what is your go to sad song when you need to cry
  • 4. what band would you want as the rest of your superhero team
  • 5. if you had to live in the world of an album which one would it be and why
  • 6. what song best describes the person you think your soulmate would be
  • 7. create a poem out of song titles
  • 8. which album art would you get tattooed
  • 9. is there a song that you feel could have been written about you
  • 10. if you could only speak in the song lyrics of one artist who would it be
  • 11. if you could have your favorite artist sing one of their songs to you which song would it be
  • 12. describe where you want to be in ten years with a song title
  • 13. which song would be the national anthem of your country if you ruled one
  • 14. what is your go to happy song when you need to feel better
  • 15. is there an album that feels like a friend to you
  • 16. what is the album that you always blast too loud
  • 17. which album do you always listen to with headphones
  • 18. what song are you unable to resist dancing to
  • 19. what song do you always have to sing along to
  • 20. what song do feel would be a beautiful painting
  • 21. what album do you wish you could unhear and discover again
  • 22. which album do you want to be the soundtrack to your life
  • 23. which band would you want to be your family
  • 24. what song do you think of in association with beauty
  • 25. what song do you think of in association with pain
  • 26. what lyrics do you feel were written especially for you
  • 27. what lyrics do you want to doodle on every piece of paper
  • 28. what music do you listen to at 3 am
  • 29. pick three albums to take with you into the afterlife
  • 30. what is music to you in one word

If there is one thing Boyang unequivocally and undeniably smokes the rest of the competition in, it’s his banquet suit and fashion game 👀🔥🔥🔥 (sources: X, X, X)


Last week he was supposed to buy gas, but instead he bought novelty cookie cutters. Now everything we eat is shaped like a dinosaur. He’s amazing.


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,136

A/N: @mrsnickclark requested a secret relationship vanilla inspired by Shawn’s (not so recent anymore) tweet about falling in love and that whole debacle. I hope this is okay, love xx


There are many reasons why Shawn and I are keeping our relationship completely hidden from the rest of the world. One of them being that his management team don’t think it’s a good time to start any drama in his fanbase because it’s in the middle of his Illuminate World Tour promotions. That leads to another reason, which I am most fearful for, which is the response from both Shawn’s fans and the rest of the media that we will surely receive - I don’t know if I can handle that yet. The last reason being that Shawn keeps saying that he doesn’t want me to get hurt but if I’m being honest, it almost hurts more having to hide it. I’d want to yell it from the top of a mountain, that I belong to Shawn and he belongs to me. I hate having to meet him places or having to go somewhere far enough away from any possible crowds. I want to act normal with him in public. I know it’s not that easy, I just wish it was.

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This Day in 1D History - May 10


  • bare legs and nip slips–because no one pregames like One Direction
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Liam sneakily (subconsciously?) name drops the next album
  • Eddie Vedder comes to check out the show!
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Sao Paulo, Brazil 


  • Louis goes out with Briana and pals in LA!


  • Harry goes out for the first time since his haircut!! 
  • Danielle and Louis do a bit of shopping in LA 
  • Niall joins Soccer Aid’s Rest of the World Team… and the banter begins!
Sunsets and Heartache

Summary: Peter tries to be a hero, but Aunt May knows that he carries the heavy weight of the world on his shoulders that make it even harder for him to breathe.

Word count: 581

A/N: (I’m assuming the fight in Spiderman: Homecoming takes place in Washington) This is my first Peter Parker one shot that took me around 5 hours to finish so feedback would be great! 

Credit to gif owner

Peter tries to be a hero, but Aunt May knows that he carries the heavy weight of the world on his shoulders that make it even harder for him to breathe, so he takes a seat on his bedroom window to get some fresh air, his legs dangling off the apartment building. The sun sets to a dark red with a tinge of pink and he gazes toward the sky, clutching the red mask into his fist and he almost wants to get rid of it. It came to a point where everything was just too much for him to handle. Even the sound of his phone ringing in his front pocket seemed to bother him, so Peter decides to ignore it.

Somehow, he starts thinking about Y/N and how he ended things between them weeks ago. There  were times when Aunt May or even Tony would ask him how they were doing and he’d always reply with a shrug or a muttered “We’re fine” until it came to a point where they just knew that their relationship was going downhill.

Peter hears a knock on the door and sees Aunt May peaking through the small crack. “Someone’s here to see you.” She says, her lips curving upwards before leaving the room. Tony’s seated on the couch, chewing on another slice of Aunt May’s walnut and date loaf before sending him a grin.

“Peter!” Tony appeared amuse to see him again considering that it’s been awhile since the fight in Washington. “Listen kid, I don’t know what’s been going on with you lately,” he swallows. “But whatever this is, you can’t deal with it alone.” He nods toward the kitchen and that’s when Peter spots her:


He catches his breath, not knowing whether to yell at Tony for bringing her here for God knows what reason or cry because he gets to be with her again and maybe, just maybe he’d have her back in his arms by the end of the day.

“We’ll leave you two alone.”

“Hey,” Peter spoke. “How have you been?”

“Coping.” She nods, taking a seat on the stool. She’s been partying again, going out with Liz and Michelle and whoever else asks her if she’d want to hang out- desperately wanting to keep her mind off of Peter and her failing grade in chemistry.

It was silent for awhile, the tension and possibly heartache growing in the room. He decides to speak up, wanting to get things over with.

“I’m sorry.” They both say at the same time. Peter looks at her in shock.

“It was my fault, every piece of it. Why do you blame yourself?”

“I was being selfish, Peter. The world needs you. It’s what you do.”

Her selflessness makes him run his fingers through his hair. “I wasn’t enough. You deserve more than what I give you.” Y/N shakes her head, almost in disbelief. “I’m not good for you.” Peter wants her to punch him and scream and it frustrates him because she’s not angry.

“Stop beating yourself up. Please.

He realizes that she was all the strength he needed during his downfall, that he fights for her, for Aunt May, for the team and for the rest of the world.

“I don’t want to lose you again.”

And he was right. She was back in his arms with eyes closed and even breaths, every ounce of fear and worry fading away.

“I’m not going anywhere, Spiderboy.”


I was asked if I watched cap 3 and I did. It was fine, but being a non-US citizen, I feel like Steve’s reasonings were weird, and that they should have kept it US-only issue without involving the UN.

Because in what wild dreams does Steve think that we, as in the rest of the world, would have ANY trust in a team of American superpowered dudes lead by a guy wrapped up in American flag?! In superhuman people that constantly breach international borders without anyone’s consent on their untraceable private vehicles, and kill people/destroy property? What is he going to do, beat us so we agree with his agenda, maybe send a few drones?

Now imagine if it were Captain Russia thawed from the Soviet Union era, wearing a tricolor flag costume, leading a team that have the power to wipe out half of the goddamn planet. Why would people from other countries be concerned if said captain refused to obey the law, pissed on the mandates of the United Nations and fell off the grid to save his Soviet war buddy that happens to be a goddamn assassin?!

And then people who try to make themselves accountable for their actions in front of the world are the villains?


Disclaimer & Masterpost 

Summary: Kakashi can’t help the whimsical smile on his face as he watches his former students, interacting with one another as if no time has passed. This peace won’t last long, he knows. But for right now, in this tiny medical tent, they can all pretend for a little longer that everything is going to work out perfectly. [NarutoWeek2017 – Day 1 - Prompt: “Team 7”]

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Hi! Idk if you do this kinda thing but could you write about if Dan and Matt introduce Neil to the Star Wars movies bc he's never seen them before, and he gets like obsessed with them lmao

Sure thing, anon. I did this in list form. I hope that’s okay? Read more cut bc this got out of hand. Kevin also snuck his way into this a lot. Ha.

  • So, it all starts when Matt gets really sick. His nose is congested and he has a sore throat and he’s been confined to his room bc he’s contagious and Kevin is like you can’t play exy like that so poor matt is kind of just stuck in his room for a few days (top concerns in kevin’s world: get better fast & don’t get the rest of team sick)
  • Neil stops by with Andrew to see how Matt’s doing.
  • Matt takes full advantage of his voice change and as soon as they walk into the room he raises his hand to both Neil and Andrew and in his best Darth Vader impression(which is not very good but he tries) says, “Luke, I am your father.”
  • Neil is confused. “Who’s Luke?? Is Matt okay? Dan we should call Abby, I think he’s hallucinating.”
  • Dan and Matt just look at each other.  Andrew wastes no time in correcting Matt that it’s actually, “No, I am your father. If you’re going to quote something at least do it right.”
  • Dan focuses on Neil and asks if he has ever seen Star Wars and Neil just says no?
  • Cue Dan and Matt in absolute shock at the audacity. They strike a deal with Neil to at least watch the original trilogy. (They persuade him that it will be a good bonding time with the new foxes. He’s reluctant bc movies don’t bring people together but okay.)
  • Neil is not expecting much and is dreading it because this time he can spend playing exy or alone time with Andrew.
  • It turns out Kevin has never watched Star Wars either but at least he’s heard of it. He gets dragged into it(he strikes a deal with the foxes to get them to practice raven drills for three weeks. one for each film.)
  • Neil finds himself rooting for luke.This  farm boy who has been thrust into a whole mess? Luke, who’s aunt and uncle die and he had nothing left in Tattooine so he goes off with obi-wan? And this decision changes his life forever?

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Ok so wait just one second

Remember how in the very very very beginning of taz when Taako said:

“Was the seventh item love all along? Ok just a heads up guys the seventh relic is love!”

And remember Griffo’s words in the first episode of The Stolen Century:

“You have bonds, which are sort of a measurement of your interpersonal relationships with the rest of the team and the people in the worlds you visit throughout the game.”

And: “The interpersonal connections that we share are a type of bond, too. Emotion. Sympathy. You could call this a love boat, if you wanted to be extremely reductive. Bonds are what propel and power this ship, and it’s what’s going to allow us to go to places we’ve never even dreamed of.”

So all I’m saying is that… it was love the whole time.
This m a n made the ship into a love powered machine.
Justin McElroy looks like you were correct.

Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions w your avenger boo pt 1

Bucky: Having family in Maine was a blessing, since all you and Bucky wanted to do was take a vacation during the holidays. Your aunt and uncle loved having you stay in their beach house, and despite the cold temperatures, the beach was still an amazing sight in the Northeast. The puppy that you and Bucky had adopted over the summer was enjoying the snow on the ground, and you watched him run around while Bucky threw a toy for him to chase. It was an every year thing with Bucky, where he would promise no gifts and then manage to pull out something on Christmas morning that blew you away. The previous year was when he proposed during the breakfast on Christmas morning. So you always feel bad for not getting him anything, until he reminds you that you’re the greatest gift ever given to him.

Steve: There were very few things that Steve could truly say that he loved out loud, and two of those things were you, and being home at his apartment in Brooklyn. So when the Holidays finally rolled around, and you were able to leave the compound to just go home and relax with him, it was like Steve’s greatest dream finally coming true. The first few days of your holiday vacation were spent just lounging around in his apartment and lots of cuddling, amongst other activities. But then Steve starts to plan little day trips, like seeing the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center, going to see the Rockettes, and fancy dinners throughout the city. It was always an adventure, but the both of you settled finally on Christmas day, just enjoying one another’s presence.

Peter: That boy sure loves his Aunt May, so during the Holidays you always make sure to plan a trip for her to come see him. With how much the Avengers had been needed in the past year, he moved into the compound officially, and never had any time to go back to the city. So Christmas morning, May got to the compound nice and early and started making breakfast for everyone. The whole team was more than happy to see her beautiful face in the kitchen, and Peter was ecstatic when he finally awoke from his slumber. She had even brought little gifts for everyone to have, one being a gorgeous necklace for you. Christmas night was full of old stories from May, and even Thor threw in a few from his time on Asgard. Within those 24 hours everyone decided that it would be an every year tradition for May to come to the compound, from there on out.

Thor: Since he wasn’t from this planet, Christmas was a foreign concept to him. But after a few years of being around the Avengers during the Holiday time, he finally came to realize that it was a time for being with your loved ones, and giving amazing gifts. So every other year Thor takes you to Asgard to be with his family, and then the latter was being at the Avenger’s compound where Thor became the designated Santa for the Avenger’s kids. Some years you didn’t know whether he truly understood what Santa was, but it was still so entertaining to see the kids screaming and giggling as the attempted to climb up his arms and legs. At the end of the Christmas day when it was just the two of you in your shared bedroom, Thor always gives you the best possible present that anyone could want, his love.

Natasha: Everything about Christmas with her is perfect, and surprisingly she’s the one who books everything for your trip to her condo in Russia. For a couple years she even had Bucky and Steve come stay with the two of you to celebrate Christmas. It seems as if her love for you during the Holiday season is more vibrant than ever, even her hair looks a brighter red than usual. Nat being in her home country and getting to see her cousins just really brings out a lovely side of her that you knew was there, but rare to find since she keeps up a hard facade for the rest of the world, unless she was around you or the team. So, as much as you’re freezing in Moscow every year, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world than Nat’s arms every Christmas.

Clint: The holidays are either a breeze, or a whole entire function with Clint. Most years, all he wanted to do was just be home with you and the kids, and have a beer as he watched the kids open presents on Christmas morning. You enjoyed cooking a huge breakfast for everyone, and seeing the kids play with their new toys. Also, Clint is the king of Amazon Prime, so he had some of the best gifts for you and the kids. But then came the other years, when he invited all of his brothers to your farm in Maine. Clint didn’t see how rowdy they truly were, and how much cleaning had to occur over their five day stay. No matter who was at your house, or who wasn’t, you were just happy to be able to be home and have the loves of your life there with you.

T’Challa: Although he is very courteous at all times, during the holidays especially, he just already has everything he ever needs. So needless to say, it’s hard for you to find him a good gift. So once when the two of you finally have your week off from Avengers work, and King and Queen duties, it’s spent loving on each other. Sure, some of the time is spent shopping to see if there’s anything you could possibly get him, but it’s damn near impossible. So come Christmas morning, the both of you are always wrapped up in satin sheets, not even bothering to go see what’s under the tree. All you need is right in front of you, with his arms wrapped around you and lips on your forehead.

@mcu why do we get this downright gross forced romantic plot between wanda and the talking microwave instead of exploring wanda’s grief for pietro, wanda learning to harness her powers, wanda’s feelings over the loss of her home country, wanda and how she interacts with tony and the rest of the team, wanda overthrowing the whole world and becoming the queen 

Written on phone, kinda short, hope it’s ok though


“Got it!” You yelled, leaping high into the air. Mid leap, far too late you registered that you were moving too fast at a bad angle and you were going to land hard.
You caught Cap’s shield, carelessly thrown to the side by the enemy and managed to fling it back still in the air. The mission mattered most, you reminded yourself as you fell, trying to right your angle - failing miserably.
Your yelp of pain strangled out as you gasped in shock, slumping to the ground and clutching your leg. From the opposite end of the city block, you were vaguely aware of the rest of the team taking down the threat, but mostly your world was focused around the excruciating pain radiating from your leg.
Nausea welled in your stomach, rising to your throat as you grasped at your leg, struggling with your breath.
“Excellent save there, darling.” Loki murmured as he strolled over to you. His eyes widened as he noticed your skin had paled considerably, body shaking as you stared at your leg in shock.
“Darling?” Loki asked, terror soaking his voice as he knelt down to look at you.
“I’m, I’m ok.” You gasped through grit teeth. “I’m sure it’s nothing.” You fell silent, trying to stop yourself from heaving all over.
“What’s wrong, what can I do to help?” Loki had his arms stretched out, looking for any place to touch you but terrified to exacerbate the obvious pain. His hand touched your leg gently and you groaned, arching back as your nails dug into the palms of your hand.
“I take it that hurts.” Loki muttered, quickly pulling his hand away.
“No kidding!” You gasped, moaning softly as tears pricked at your eyes.
Taking one of your hands in his, Loki moved your leg, slowly trying to stretch it out as you cried out again.
“Shit Loki! Stop!”
“I fear it’s broken.”
“Oh that’s just what I need.”
Steve walked over, hearing your cries, “everything alright?”
Loki glanced back at him, “I fear my beloved has broken her leg.”
Despite the pain, you felt yourself blush at the sweet name.
Steve looked around, “this is practically a war zone, we need to get her out of here.”
Loki nodded, “I fear the pain moving her but it’s the only way to get her medical treatment,” he swallowed glancing back at you. “My healing powers aren’t the best at mending bones.”
You cried out softly as Loki shifted his hands under you, lifting you easily into the air and holding you to his chest. Your vision wavered, the pain of moving your broken leg sending a fresh wave of nausea through you. Each step Loki took, though gentle and mindful of your injury, still sent a pang up your leg with each jolt. You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your face and tried to focus on his heady scent mixed with the leather armour.
“We’ll have you mended in no time.” Loki murmured softly.
You tried to nod but thought better of it and simply hummed.
“While you heal, I’ll make sure to take care of you, I always care for my love.”
You smiled, “I love you too Loki, thanks.”
“Of course.”

things I will never recover from 6x10:

- Jake being so stupid Olivia can’t deal with reality anymore

- speaking of Jake : Olake so unique and meant to be that Olivia pretends she doesn’t even know him! she clearly considers him an awkward mistake (just like dating Leo would’ve been) not even worthy of being Fitz’s best man (I lolled)  

- Olivia distancing herself from the toxic people around her at the moment (Jake, Mellie, Rowan); she finally admits that her friendship with Mellie is not genuine but just a way to “get into the room” #Melliviabs 

- it will be fun they said, it won’t be realistic they said…! but then this happened Olivia feeling guilty for the loss but she knows Fitz would never blame her in any reality :’) + Olivia so heartbroken she left Fitz an e.mail but two months later here he was at her door declaring his love  :’) how was that not realistic ?? He’s perfect and she knows it :’)

- AU Olivia not being afraid of following her heart :’) the way she jumps into his arms and laughs putting her head backwards and the way he spins her around; and she puts him towards her :) that scene is where I died for the first time 

- the wedding (second cause of death)!!!! OMG! I don’t even know where to begin I have so much feels ! her hair, her dress, the way they look at each other while making their vows, their unfading smiles, him lifting his wife up, he just had to :); her dad leaving and she didn’t even notice! she just lets him go; I thought she just needed to forgive him and move on but she clearly needs to cut all ties with him RN! 

- the fighting : yes because of course a wedding is not a magic solution; Olivia is aware that she has engagement issues but she doesn’t use alcohol and sex to cope; The parallel to 509 was a way to show that now she knows that she’s beeb self sabotaging 

- she finally realized that being president is not Fitz’s dream; she is!! Being normal can be a legit and honorable wish; another thing proving this point was the fact that she managed to make something huge and create a name for herself (the bill) without any help from the WH; there are other forms of power and success and you don’t have to be a lose your soul 

- divorce papers; I was so worried! before the episode I convinced myself that if they were to get married in this ep it would only be a way to show us that they just don’t work and the more we got into it the more it felt like this and I was starting to plan a riot… But then he came back home and said stuff like “she “I have work to do but I still want you if you still have me” (and I died again); that’s why when she handed him the envelop I almost fainted; but then the look on his face and her finally compromising and fighting for them :’) the way she smiles and he shakes his head like “I can’t believe I just got Poped” then she reached out for him and can’t get that smile off her face and put her hand on his chest and they kissed and i’m crying again because now I know they’re endgame in every reality :’) 

- Fitz being the one telling her what she needs to hear in order to understand what she really wants and grow :’):’)’:)’:)’:)

- back to reality! she wakes up! I mean no she IS awake! SHE’S BEEN AWAKE THE ENTIRE TIME! SHE’S BEEN THINKING OF LOBE IN THE OVAL OFFICE BECAUSE LOVE IS THE REAL POWER !!; I JUST CAN’T *cryingemojisarenotenough*

- then she raced to him with a huge smile on her face while the Light is still playing ! I swear I thought she was going to kiss him^^ 

- “I’m in” (I’m dead); oh Olivia the way you look at him!! you’re clearly not just referring to Cyrus here.. you know it, we know it but you broke his heart so many times that he doesn’t :( so please tell him rn! (even tho I’m not sure I’ll survive another round of pure and raw Olitz magic :’)

- the gang being back together : Olivia, Fitz and Cyrus; with Olitz working as a team against the rest of the world :’) 

Check this,
grand prix final, first major competition of the year:
Yuzuru: 301.47
Shoma: 285.07
16.4 points difference

World team trophy, last competition of the year
Shoma: 302.02
Yuzuru: 284.00
18.02 points difference.

They are both amazing and dedicated skaters, I’m not trying to trash Yuzuru, I just thought that it was interesting how they very nearly swapped scores by the end. Both had beautiful and inspiring skates at WTT I am very excited for then to have a well deserved rest.

TF2 X Overwatch Headcannons

Tracer’s old Next door Neighbor

Soldier #75

Mei’s homosexual brother (The family doesn’t talk about him much)

Was classmates with Torbjörn Lindholm while studying abroad for his 10th PhD

Zarya’s favorite uncle.

A twice removed relative of Junkrat, and also his drinking buddy before the Australia incident.

Mercy was his apprentice while studying modern nano-medicine.  Her staff pays homage to his accomplishments and teachings.

Widowmaker’s first fling before being married to Gérard Lacroix. He taught her the basics of hunting with a rifle, but in the end the breakup was nasty.

No known relationships; rumor has it he regularly infiltrates Talon to keeps eyes on the rest of the world.