rest of the article is bullshit but

10 Steps to Make Him Notice You

10 Steps to Make Him Notice You

Dean stared at the headline to the magazine article resting on his lap for about ten minutes before releasing a defeated sigh and turning the page.

1: Dress to Impress

“Fuck that.” Dean growled out through gritted teeth. If this guy didn’t like him in his Henley and work jeans then the guy wasn’t worth it anyway. Then after a moment Dean rolled his eyes because he realized that he was already suckered into this bullshit and trying to think of any nice clothing he had in his closet.

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I've been absent for the last couple of days. Could you do a quick recap of everything?

there were four interviews one was with siriusxm and it was a disaster they were really disrespectful on all fronts, the second was with radio disney and it was a lot better and really focused on their music, the third was with carson daly and babygate was mentioned but it was brief and the rest was great and the most recent one featured no bullshit whatsoever and was also focused solely on their music

other than the interviews the sun released a “douis is over” article which is actually solid because dan is one of simon’s minions


By May 2005, Mourinho was back chasing Steven Gerrard and the rumors of his impending departure were swirling again. “Yes, keeping Stevie is definitely a motivation for us. Maybe if we can win [in Istanbul], we can show him he can win trophies with Liverpool too.” - Xabi Alonso.

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Now I'm not a wiccan, nor do I practice witchcraft, but I've dabbled in forums and articles etc. to learn more - and, in your opinion, when you find a site that has spells that offer to 'give you the ability to fly', or 'change eye color,' what do you think of those kinds of 'witch/wiccan' sites? Do they anger you, or make you sad, or do you believe in magic that powerful? ((I ask only out of curiosity))

They’re bullshit.  This isn’t Harry Potter.  A good portion of the people who post spells promising to change someone into baby are trolls and the rest are just fantasizing.

However, that doesn’t mean that these spells are always literal.  “Flying” is often interpreted as meaning out-of-body travel or visions, usually aided with flying ointment, which should always be treated carefully because the recipes tend to involve mugwort.  “Glamours” are subtle spells designed to nudge people’s perceptions one way or another, not physically change anything.  Much of witchcraft is psychological in nature, aided by actual magic, however one wishes to define that, and in my experience is more likely to poke at probabilities so that the odds are always in your favor (getting that job, coincidentally running into a potential partner, finding your lost pet, helping someone recover from illness).

Of course, that doesn’t mean most of us haven’t memorized the spells from Hocus Pocus anyway.

- mountain hound

The timing of that Dan bullshit article makes more sense now, because all he needed was one piece of legit information to give the rest of his lies validity to many people.