rest n peace

Chuck Berry by Jean-Marie Périer, 1966


Gibb Gibb Gibb & Berry

Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall
Into my arms
And tremble like a flower
—  David Bowie~
Liam- The Best One Ever

Request-  8 with liam

8.  “This is the last one of this toy. You have no idea how badly I need it, and you’re cute and all, but I will still fight you for it.”

A/N- Rest in peace Carrie Fisher, who showed me as a kid that girls could be heroes too. It’s so important for girls to have strong role models, and Princess Leia was that to me. This is my little tribute to her. Enjoy guys. 

“This is awful,” Liam stated as he walked through the toy section in Walmart. “How am I supposed to find a toy for my cousin when I don’t even know what she likes?”
Mason rolled his eyes. “Just pick something. She’s ten. She won’t care.”
“Fine,” Liam said, glancing over at a sparse row of toys on the wall. “What about this?”
Mason glanced up at the action figure that Liam had just snagged from the shelf, and grinned. “Princess Leia? That’s awesome.”
“I don’t know if she likes Star Wars,” Liam told him. “But she should.”
“Plus, Leia’s a good role model,” Mason offered. “I mean, how many strong women did you see in 70s movies? And in The Force Awakens? She was a general! How awesome is that?”
Liam smiled. “Great. Let’s go.”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Liam heard a voice say behind him.
He blinked and turned around, only to find you standing there, looking very upset. “Dunbar, you did not just take the last Princess Leia toy.”
“Oh, hey, Y/n,” he said, glancing down at the toy in his hand. “Looks like we did.”
You were on the lacrosse team with Liam, but you also had a little sister that adored Star Wars. Princess Leia was her idol, and when you found out Walmart had a limited edition action figure of her, you knew you had to grab it for her as a Christmas present. Liam might have liked Star Wars, but no one loved Leia as much as your sister did, and you were determined to get that toy for her.
“Liam,” you said politely. “You have no idea how badly I need that toy.”
“Well, we needed to get something for Liam’s cousin,” Mason told you. “And we thought, what better toy than Princess Leia?”
“Look,” you told them. “My little sister worships Leia. I need that toy.”
Liam sighed. Being on the lacrosse team with you, he knew how stubborn and relentless you were. It tended to make you a good player, but it had also led to a couple yellow cards, and disciplinary action always won out over skill. That was why Liam was a little uneasy to say no to you, but he also knew you loved your sister.
He had seen her cheering for you at nearly every game, and he knew you had skipped practice a few times to be able to babysit her. You were dedicated to making her happy, and that meant a lot more than giving the toy to someone he wasn’t even sure wanted it.
“Dunbar, listen to me,” you said firmly. “You’re cute and all, but I will fight you for that toy. Both of you.”
Liam held up his hands, still holding the toy, and backed away with a laugh, “I was gonna say you could have it.”
“What?” Mason asked. “Dude! Come on, we got it first!”
He shrugged. “We don’t even know if my cousin likes Star Wars. Y/n’s sister seems pretty dedicated.”
He tossed the box to you, and you caught it with a shocked expression. “Here.”
“I…thank you,” you told him, surprise evident in your voice.
He shrugged. “It’s not a big deal.”
“Dude, I owe you one,” you told him, looking down at the action figure with a bright smile on your face.
Liam smiled. “Mind if I cash that favor in now?”
You raised your eyebrows. “Sure.”
“Can you help me find a toy for my cousin?”
You grinned. “Of course. What does she like?”
“We don’t really know,” Mason admitted.
“But she’s ten,” Liam cut in. “And, um, I think I saw her wearing a Moana shirt last month? That’s a princess, right?”
“Oh, she’s definitely a princess,” you told him with a smile. “Come on, they have tons of Moana stuff here. I’m sure you can find something she’ll love.”
You darted forward and grabbed Liam’s wrist, causing him to blush. Mason looked down and shot him a thumbs up.
“You know what?” Mason asked as Liam began to follow you. “I think I’m gonna go meet Corey.”
“Wait, but you’re my ride,” Liam protested.
“Y/n, could probably take you home. Don’t you live down the road from him?” Mason asked you.
“Yeah,” you stated with a shrug. “It’s the least I could do.”
“Oh,” Liam said, shooting Mason a grateful look. “Cool.”
Mason walked away and you nodded Liam back down the aisle. “Come on. We’re gonna make your cousin’s Christmas the best one ever.”
Liam smiled as you led him through the store, and in a moment of boldness, he slipped his hand into yours. You glanced back at him like you knew exactly what he was doing, but you simply smiled and turned back around. Liam was beginning to think that this Christmas would the best one ever for him too.