rest in perfect peace

Es wird einfacher. Es wird nicht weniger weh tun. Das ist nun mal so. Aber es wird einfacher, morgens aufzustehen. Es wird einfacher, sich zu erinnern. Es wird einfacher, weiterzuatmen. Es wird immer weh tun, aber es wird einfacher, damit zu leben.
—  RIP

Today we reflect on the life and legacy of a truly phenomenal woman, Dr. Maya Angelou. Although she’s most remembered as a writer and poet, Dr. Angelou began her journey as a dancer. She toured Europe in a stage production of Porgy and Bess, and also had a small role in the 1959 film version that starred Dorothy Dandridge. Dr. Angelou and Nichelle Nicolas would sit and talk about Dorothy’s delicate beauty, and how they wished that Dorothy had been a bitch & just told people to kiss her beautiful butt.

Dr. Angelou, thank you for all your knowledge and power. Thank you for always empowering women, and for doing all that you could to bring us together. We salute you and your amazing accomplishments.

Objection (Final)

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Final part of a mini series.
Themes= 🎭 😖 😊

Summary: Are you willing to object so you can have Baekhyun, or will you forever hold your peace?

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader and Mian (fictional character).
Word count: 2,053

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You stared at Mian whilst she stared at Baekhyun, the silence was uncomfortable and stifling, you could already sense the change in atmosphere and it made you feel extremely uneasy. The mood was dark and the room was cold, you were anticipating the worst.

“Baby, what are you doing here?” Baekhyun asked as he looked at Mian in shock. Your stomach was churning, to hear Baekhyun call her baby even after you had both just kissed, directly after he had just confessed his love for you, it felt almost derogatory. As though he was dragging you through mud and slandering your name. But you watched as a scenario began to unfold.

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“You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making. As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don’t expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses … I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death - if you aren’t as big a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach.”
Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. He was the perfect potions master and half-blood prince. I also loved him in Sense and Sensibility and Love Actually. “To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure”.

Richard Madden Request

Hey sweetie can you write a Richard Madden Imagine? Bc you do it so well, omg! Like Richard invited the girl to Ed Sheeran’s concert in Paris and in the evening when they returns to the hotel the girl sends him a message to ask him for help because her dress is blocked and he help her and when he unblocked her dress they realize that they are truly close and after that’s they become more hot if you know what I mean 😂

You posed in the mirror looking at yourself in the maroon cocktail dress. Richard had been filming in Paris and you have been filming off an in the French countryside but you still didn’t think he’d ask you out on another date while you were both working. Richard managed to get two tickets to Ed Sheeran’s concert in Paris and had asked you to come into the city and see the show with him as your 4th date.

You were fastening your necklace when a knock came from the door. “Coming,” you hurried to the door and opened to see a smiling Richard. “Hey,” you smiled and became genuinely more happy than you had been since the last date you had with him all those weeks ago.

“Long time no see,” he reached forward and kissed your cheek before you grabbed your jacket and purse. The tricky thing about starting to date Richard was that your schedules limited you. That’s why you hadn’t put a label on your relationship, because after each date you two went without a minimum of two weeks without seeing each other. “You look beautiful, Y/N.”

“You look pretty handsome yourself,” you said tugging on the front of his jacket.

“I’m happy you were able to come,” he told you once you got in the elevator. “I like talking with you in person a lot more than I like texting you,” he gave your hand a squeeze.


“Are you sure you didn’t tear up,” Richard laughed as he opened the hotel door for you.

“I just had something in my eye!”

“Sure,” he said going along with it in a sarcastic tone.

“Listen, his voice is beautiful and I might have gotten a little caught up in the moment.”

“I knew it,” you heard him mutter under his breath and pushed the button for your floor. Your floor and hotel room came too quick and you stood regretfully outside your door wishing the night had gone slower. “I had a great time with you tonight.”

“I had a great time with you. Thanks for inviting me to the concert.”

“Any excuse I get to see you again. Maybe next time I have a day free I’ll take a trip to the countryside,” he grinned. “Goodnight, Y/N.” You leaned in and kissed him.

“Night, Richard.” You went into your room and let a giant smile take over your face as your back pressed against the room’s door. After you recollected yourself you knelt down and took off your shoes, took off your jewelry, and reached behind you to unzip your dress. Once you managed to grab the small zipper you gave it a little tug but it didn’t budge. You furrowed your brow and tugged again, but it refused to move. After 3 minutes of trying to unzip the dress you were having no luck and sighed in defeat. “What am I supposed to do now,” you said to yourself.

You figured you only had one option and grabbed your phone. You pressed Richard’s number and listened to the ring come from the other line. “Miss me already,” he greeted you after the second ring.

“Don’t laugh at me,” you cautioned.

“And why would I laugh at you?”

“My zipper on my dress is stuck and I need you to come unzip me pretty please.”

“I’ll be down in a second,” you could hear his cocky smile through the phone. You impatiently paced the room waiting for the knock on your door and once you heard it you sprinted to open it. As soon as he saw you he started laughing.

“I told you not to laugh,” you fought back a laugh and turned to lead him in.

“Sorry, sorry,” he raised his hands. “Turn around let’s see what the problem is.” You turned and raised your hair. “There’s a ball of string that’s wadded up in your zipper.” You shivered a you felt his hand barely touch your back as he reached in and pulled the string. “Problem solved,” he said gliding the zipper down with ease, his hand barely touching your skin.

You looked up into the mirror and saw his eyes staring at your back; the look on his face and the realization of your current situation made your breath hitch. Richard looked up and met your eyes in the mirror. You turned slowly and faced him. “Thanks.” Suddenly his lips were on yours and everything passed in a blur.


You woke up to the pleasant feeling of a pattern being drawn into the skin of your back. You took a deep breath letting yourself really wake up and felt Richard’s warm body under you. You looked up and saw his tired and happy face smiling at you. “Morning,” you smiled and moved your head to rest by his collar.

“Morning. How’d you sleep?”

“Perfect.” A peaceful silence took over the room as you two laid in each other’s arms.

“Does this mean we can make it official now,” he suddenly asked.

“You’d be alright with even if we hardly get to see each other?”

“I’d rather see you twice a month than not see you at all.” You heart panged at the tender tone in his voice.

You gave him a quick kiss before settling back on his shoulder. “Then I guess we are both off the market.”

Gally X Reader: Rescue Me

Summary: The reader is attacked by another glader, and is rescued by Gally

Warnings: Fight, getting attacked, near death

Word Count: 1005

Tag List: @mazerunnerfan17, @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @waytooinlovewithfandoms, @prob8850

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Gally was a heavy sleeper, like a really heavy sleeper. (Y/n), Gally’s girlfriend’s screams woke him up faster than anything ever had. He jumped up out of his hammock and ran towards her screams. He ran through the deadheads. Her screams got louder and louder as he ran. She screamed out his name. Gally knew that he was close. He scanned the area for any traces of her. When he saw her there was a boy on top of her punching her over and over yelling at her to shut up. Gally ran straight at them and tackled the boy off. He started to punch the boy over and over. Newt ran over with everyone else and stopped in his tracks when he saw Gally punching the boy. Newt started yelling at Gally to stop.
Gally wouldn’t stop but then Newt shouted something that made him stop.
Gally stopped punching and shot right up and ran over to (Y/n). He knelt down and hugged her. She latched onto him and was crying into his shoulder. Gally just held her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Alby and Newt had shooed everyone away and carried the boy to the pit. When (Y/n) stopped crying she let go of Gally and looked at him.
“Thank you for rescuing me Gally”
“Anything for my princess”
(Y/n) giggled. Gally smiled. He had made her smile. He picked (Y/n) up bridal style and carried her all the way back to their hammock. They sat in their hammock. Gally had his arms around (Y/n), holding her while she calmed down. After (Y/n) calmed down she moved away from Gally and looked at him. She grabbed hands and looked at them. They were blood spattered and bruised. (Y/n) picked up her water and poured it onto Gally’s hands to wash the blood off. (Y/n) rubbed the dried blood off of Gally’s hands. She looked at the bruises with concern. 
“Do they hurt?”
“Not really”
(Y/n) lifted Gally’s hands and kissed the bruises. Gally laughed and pulled (Y/n) to lay on his chest. She buried her face into his chest and closed her eyes. Gally listened to her breathing as it evened out he knew that she had fallen asleep. He closed his eyes, falling asleep almost instantly.

The Next Day
Gally woke up to see (Y/n) still safe in his arms. He wondered how (Y/n) had gotten attacked if she had fallen asleep in the hammock with him. He decided he would ask her about it later. His arms tightened around (Y/n). She started to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and started to sit up. But Gally’s hold on her prevented her from doing so. She looked up at him to see him smiling down at her.
“Morning beautiful”
“Morning captain" 
(Y/n) snuggled back into Gally. 
”(Y/n) we need to get up"
“Five more minutes”
“(Y/n) we are going to miss breakfast”
(Y/n) kissed Gally passionately before getting up.
“I think you should have taken those five minutes”
“I think we can stay a few more minutes”
“You missed your chance babe”
“Aww come on”
“Your the one who said we needed to get up, now lets go. Maybe you can have some more later”
Gally got up and they headed to get their breakfast. They sat down and started to eat. Gally didn’t know how to approach (Y/n) with his question. His facial expressions betrayed him because (Y/n) knew something was up.
“Is something wrong Gally?”
“Come on, I know there is something wrong”
“Okay… Umm… I was wondering how you got attacked if you fell asleep in my arms”
“Oh. I got up to go to the bathroom. I was trying to be careful not to wake you because you’re a busy guy that needs his rest”
“Yeah… I still caused you trouble”
“It’s not your fault”
Gally and (Y/n) sat in silence for a while. Then Alby walked up.
“(Y/n) I need you to come with me. I need to know what happened last night”
(Y/n) stood up and Gally started to follow but Alby stopped him.
“Gally you stay”
“This experience may be more uncomfortable for her to talk about if you are there”
“Gally, I’ll see you later. Okay?”
With that, (Y/n) left with Alby. They went to the map room where they would have complete privacy since Minho and Thomas were in the maze. Alby started asking questions.
“What were you doing out of bed?”
“I was going to the bathroom…”
“Oh… We decided that we would leave his fate up to you. I mean he did attack you and all. If you want we will banish him”
“I don’t think a banishment is necessary. I believe he will steer clear of me now, Gally did beat him up pretty bad”
“I think you’re right… I don’t think any of the other guys will mess with you anymore considering you have Gally to protect you”
“Yup. He is my knight in shining armor”
“I will share you’re decision with the other keepers, including Gally. I’m pretty sure he won’t like it but I think he can deal with it considering you were the one who made the decision”
“Thank you Alby”
“No problem (Y/n)”
With that Alby and (Y/n) left the map room. (Y/n) made her way back to Gally. She crept up behind him and jumped on his back. Gally jumped but knew it was (Y/n). Nobody else in the Glade would ever think of doing that to him. He turned her around and wrapped his arms around her. (Y/n) put her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest. It was a perfect peaceful moment with just the two of them. Gally knew that he was never going to let (Y/n) go. She was his whole world, the thing that kept him going. She was the only one for him.

Nanowrimo - 378 words

Sunday mornings start tabled up in an overly large pile of blankets and blankets, a warm weight pressed against his chest and dim glow of fairy lights above him. Ryan tightens his arms around the sleeping sniper and smiles tired but content. He doesn’t move for a while, more than happy to just run his fingers through rays hair as they laid there, Ray’s face buried into his shirt, almost completely hidden under the pastel comforter.

When he finally moved Ray was coming to as he checked the time, they had pretty much slept the morning away, but it was Sunday they could afford a day off.

“Mm.. what time is it?” He heard mumbled out by the half coherent man.

“Does it matter?” Ryan replied with a smile. “It’s Sunday.” He shifted to sit up with ray leaning against him, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “We’ve got the day to relax.”
“Relax? You relax?” He laughs, but he can hear the tense tone even under the sleepy mumbling and ryan feels a little guilty. He’d be the first to admit he wasn’t great at relaxing, at staying in one place for more than a day or two. But he was trying, for Ray’s sake. “We’re not driving today?” Ryan shakes his head.

“Thought we could have today off.” he replied. “You want breakfast?” Ray nods and buries himself deeper in the blankets and Ryan laughs. “Sleep rose, I’ll wake you when its done.”

It takes a while, but he’s got a nice set up in the back of the van, just enough space to cook a simple meal eggs and hash browns and set up a little pot of water for coffee. With two plates and a cup of coffee in hand he scooted back to the bed, gettin ray up to eat, enjoying the moment, shoulders pressed together, sleepy conversations, Ray practically falling asleep against him. He finally had to pull the plates away and let ray curl up, Ryan content with his cup of coffee and book in hand, reading out loud to Ray.

The rest of the day was peaceful, uneventful but perfect in its own way, naps throughout the day between hours up DS games and books until the sun went down.