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Study Break // Jackson Wang (M)

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut/Suggestive, Comedy

Summary; Jackson persuades you to take a break from studying, but he begins to regret it soon after~

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a suggestive, smutty nature ^_^

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(Pure, unadulterated feel-good comfort stuff, because sometimes you just need it. Post-episode 94 but spoilers are minimal.)

Vex'ahlia sleeps like the dead, blissfully free of dreams or emotions until she feels familiar, clever hands working at her armor. She groans, reluctant to return to consciousness, but can’t deny the relief each time a piece of stiff, mud-caked leather is pulled from her aching skin.

So she lets Percy turn her, rolling from nearly face-down onto her side so he can reach the clasps down the front. He leans over her, bed creaking. His lips ghost across her temple and settle by her ear.

“I’ve drawn a bath for you.”

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When You’re Both On Running Man and You Beg Him to Help You as You're Being Pinned Down By an Enemy Member (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON 남준: This would become his superhero moment. When he saw you lying on your side, calling out to him pitifully, with Jimin kneeling on top of you, he would go hulk and just straight tackle an unsuspecting Jimin off you

YOONGI 윤기: You’d think he’d be the most likely to abondon you, but it’s quite the opposite. He wouldn’t hesitate to come to your rescue (nearly kicking Taehyung off you and across the room) and would keep you close to him for the rest of the challenge

HOSEOK 호석:  Would fucking throw down with Seokjin in a heartbeat. ‘Even though its war, he will not allow his lady to be subjected to such barbaric treatment

SEOKJIN 석진:  Seokjin is a peaceful soul, yes, but he would not hesitate to demolish Hoseok if he ever saw him trying to pin you down (in any context, really). You’d have some solid backup in Jin

JIMIN 지민:  As much as he loved you, he would be reluctant to go against his respectable lead- just kidding, he’d fuckin chokeslam Namjoon if he ever caught him pinning you, lets be honest here

TAEHYUNG 태형: I feel like he’d be a bit extra with it and like pretend to abandon you there, while actually sneaking up on Yoongi, (who was too busy trying to take you down to notice) and tag his ass before he even knew what was up

JUNGKOOK 정국: I feel like this brat would abandon you for real, just cause it was funny lol. But he’d prob make up for it by avenging your disqualification by absolutely destroying whoever it was that took you out

William Nylander - Book Store fun

soemthing cute with william nylander? ily!

You made your way down the rows and rows of different shapes and colors of books. You ran your finger down the spine of the books on the bottom of the shelve as you read the letters on the spines on the top shelves. The book store was quiet just like you liked it. It made it easier to look through the millions of books. 

You took a sip of you hot tea and pulled out a book from the top shelf. You began to read the back of the book as you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist. 

“Ohhh what’s this one about?” William asked as he rested his head in the nook of your neck. 

“A murder of kids, I don’t know.” You giggled as you placed it on the side by you next to you. 

“Book pile?” William asked as he placed his book down on top of the pile of books you had. 

“Maybeee.” You smiled. 

“Gees, how many is that?” He asked as he became to count through your pile of books. “20…well at least I know you won’t be bored when am on the road.” He laughed as he kissed you cheeked. 

You kept looking through the books for a couple more minutes before you looked over at William who was already looking at you with a huge smile on his face.

“What?” You asked confused as you grabbed some of your books and made your way to the checkout. 

William grabbed the rest and followed you. 

“I just love watching you look through the books. You look so at home and at peace. I love it. Plus you make the cutest faces when you look at the books.” He laughs as the lady checks you out. 

“Your total is $233.50.” The cashier said with a smile. 

Before you could pull out you money William pulled out his card and gave it to the lady. 

“Thank you.” She said taking it and sliding it. 

“WILLIAM!” You yelled as you turned around. 

“What?” He laughed at you. 

“You just spent $233.50 on books for me, really. I would have gotten that.” You said feeling bad at the money he just spent. 

He just grinned and pulled you in to his chest while placing a kiss on the top of your head “One of those were mine!” He giggled as he grabbed the bags and card from the cashier. 


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I can’t believe it’s been twenty years. 

I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since my 12-year-old heart was so shattered it wouldn’t stop bleeding until much, much later. Years later. 

I still can’t believe you aren’t here - to play with sweet George and Charlotte, to see your boys doing so well, to enjoy life as much as you deserved it. 

I still can’t believe you had to go the way you did. How traumatic, for all of us. The feeling could be cut in the air with a knife.

If you were around then, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve never experienced anything quite like that ever since. 

Utter disbelief, shock, helplessness. The world just made no sense anymore. I was totally, totally broken. Lost. 

It’s still unreal. It will always be. 

Rest In Peace, sweet Diana. I owe you so, so much. And I love you so, so much.

Forever in my heart. ♥

Decisions, Part 2

Thank you so so so much to everyone who liked and commented and reblogged Part 1 of this story! I’m afraid things might still be a bit painful before they get better, but rest assured, I am a writer who loves happy endings. It just might take a while to get there. 

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC

Louisa pads barefoot down the darkened hall of the palace. She likes it late at night when the castle is quiet and peaceful. She can be alone with her thoughts for a while and she’s free to just be Louisa Tennant and not Lady Louisa. There’s no posturing, no one to impress. As she walks along, her feet sinking into the plush rug, she lets her fingers trail over the tapestries hanging in the hall. This place is so beautiful, but it many ways it feels like a museum. It’s a wonderful place to visit and admire, but she’s not sure it could ever feel like a home. 

As she reaches the top of the grand staircase, Louisa stops as she spots someone near the large wooden door at the castle’s entryway. A lone figure with a large bag slung over their shoulder. Their hand is on the door handle and it’s clear they’re about to leave the castle. Just as she’s wondering who it is, they turn, as if taking one last look behind them, and she sees that it’s Drake. Gasping, Louisa calls out, “Drake!”

Sprinting down the staircase, Louisa stops just in front of Drake and breathlessly asks “Where are you going?”

“Tennant, go back upstairs,” he says quietly. He stares at the floor and won’t meet her gaze. Louisa’s stomach drops, scared of what he’s not saying. She grips his forearm, tugging gently and forcing him to turn to her. His expression is flat and he still won’t look her in the eye.

“Where are you going, Drake?” she repeats, suddenly afraid of his answer.

“I can’t stay here right now, Louisa. That’s all you need to know.”

“All I need to know? Drake, I thought we were…friends,” she says confused. “I thought we meant more to each other than this? Leaving in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye? That’s kind of a dick move,” she tries to joke, but Drake doesn’t respond at all. 

“It doesn’t matter what you thought,” Drake says as he shifts the bag on his shoulder, still refusing to look at her, “It doesn’t matter what we’ve been to each other. None of that matters now.”

“Doesn’t matter?”, Louisa whispers harshly, suddenly angry at him. His words cut into her heart like a knife. “How can you say that? And would you please look at me!”

Drake finally meets her gaze and Louisa is stunned by the lack of emotion in his face. She doesn’t understand what’s happening.

“I say it because it’s true, Tennant. It doesn’t matter anymore. Because tomorrow…” Drake takes a deep breath, “Liam is going to ask you to marry him. So that’s that.”

She stares at him, made speechless by his news.

“He’s what?” she finally manages to squeaks out.

“Yeah,” Drake says with a humorless laugh, “he’s going to ask you to be his queen. So I’m going to do the right thing and get out here. I might be back sometime, but I might not.”

Louisa searches Drake’s face, hoping to see some of the affection he’s shown her in the past, but its clear that the walls around his heart, the ones that had come down so very slowly over the last weeks, are firmly back in place. Louisa feels something akin to grief as she realizes he’s shutting her out.

“So, all of this,” she says tremulously, waving her hands in the space between them, “meant nothing to you?”

Finally, there’s a blaze of emotion in Drake’s eyes and his voice is full of heat and passion when he replies, “It meant everything, Louisa, everything. That’s why I’m leaving. Trust me, it’s better this way.”

“Better?” she says sputters in disbelief, “Better how, Drake? It’s better to doom Liam and I to a loveless marriage because you think you get to decide what’s best for everyone?”

“It’s not loveless! He loves you, Louisa, and I know you care for him.” Drake’s words are an accusation and Louisa feels her anger return in a hot flush. 

“But I don’t love him, Drake!” she explodes, “And tell me what’s worse…telling him about whatever the hell this is between us and hurting him now or me marrying him while I’m in love with his best friend?”

Drake’s jaw clenches at her words and he shifts his gaze away from her once again. Louisa honestly can’t tell if he’s even noticed that she just told him she loves him. He stays silent, staring off over her shoulder.

Recklessly, she grabs Drake’s face in her hands and pulls him into a kiss. He doesn’t react at first, standing rigid and unresponsive in front her. She grips him tighter and kisses him harder, fusing her lips to his desperately. Finally, she hears a thump as Drake’s bag hits the ground and then feels Drake’s hands come up along her back, holding her close enough to eliminate any space between them. Drake kisses her back hotly and Louisa whimpers at the intensity of his bruising kiss. She tangles her fingers in his hair as Drake’s hands move along the curves of her body. Slowly, they break apart, gasping, breathing in each other’s breaths. 

“You shouldn’t have done that. We shouldn’t have done that,” Drake pants out.

“Why not?” Louisa breathes. Her head is reeling from that kiss. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. All she wants is to kiss him again and again forever, but then Drake speaks again and he drops his hands from her body.

“I have to go, Louisa,” he says hoarsely. “I’m sorry. Liam is like a brother to me and I can’t…I won’t do this to him.”

Louisa bites her lip to keep from crying out, heartbroken by his response.

“If you can’t stay, Drake,” she whispers tearfully, “then just go.”

Louisa turns and begins walking back upstairs. She can feel Drake staring at her as if his eyes are burning into her. And with each step she takes she prays that he’ll call out to her or run after her and pull her into his arms once again, tell her he loves her too, but he doesn’t and by the time she reaches the top of the stairs she hears the castle doors close behind him. 

Hand cupped over her mouth to stifle her sobs, Louisa makes her way back to her room without looking back.

She told Drake how she feels, what she wants, and apparently Drake has decided what he wants too. Or rather, she thinks to herself, what he doesn’t want.


Listen I’m as excited as the rest of us for The Shape of Water (2017) dir. Guillermo del Toro, but there’s this vibe I’m picking up on my dash?? where people seem to be choosing sides?? Like you either gotta be kind of repulsed by his monstrous fish-like visage or personally want to make passionate aquatic love to the fishman

Can’t I just live in peace, not personally down to clown with this Abe Sapien lookalike, but very excited and happy to see our leading lady find love in his piscine embrace????????


Today is Pure Code’s birthday, our beautiful angel would’ve turned 25.
I still think about you Rise, I think about you everyday. It’s impossible to describe with words how much I miss you.
You will never be forgotten. Lavely will always love you. Thank you Rise for giving me strength everyday with your beautiful smile. Happy Birthday My Sunshine, may you rest in peace.

The fall of Lgbtloudhouse. A Story based on real events. An au of reality.

It wasn’t as bad as it seemed, for a certain young girl… at least not in their eyes…
Celeste B was a normal fangirl.
She would laugh and cry over things people called “for kids”..
Well, it was for kids! And she still was a kid, so she enjoyed the things she liked to do. Drawing, editing, watching The Loud House and obsessing over the characters.
She loved the show and it was one of her favorite things to watch.
She would make connections with them and pick out things about them that she would relate to.
“Ok, come on, Luan is gay as hell and y'all know it.” She said to no one in particular, but just thinking out loud.
She would just browse tumblr looking at some of her favorite blogs and the ones she makes friends with. They were one of the reasons she lift her head up and smiled.
Until one day.
Let’s just say to summarize it, she was mentally unstable and ill.
She took meds for it, but she still had her moments. Her weaknesses.
Her downfalls.
It turned dark.

Celeste was scrolling through one day and came across something disturbing.
People were calling her out.
She looked closer, confused and worried.
“Its just a drawing, get over it!”
“Wow, I can’t believe some little kid is getting triggered over a simple drawing. Jump only drew an oc!”
“Lmao damn sjw’s crying again kys”

Celeste felt something hit her heart.
Was this really happening?
/oh.. well, it’s nothing. I’m pretty sure it’s just some trolls…/
But she’ll come soon to know that it was more than just trolls she was dealing with.

-some while later-
Celeste was doing well. Drawing random lil things here and there.
Going on tumblr was hard, but she still loved it.

“Oh.. oh my GOD!!!”
Celeste put her hand over her mouth in fear. What is this… this… thing she’s looking at?
“Did.. they… they… drew PORN of me???”
She was shaking, trying not to cry.
She needed to talk to someone about this.

Her friends. The safe squad.

She opened up her messages.

Lgbtloudhouse: Queenie! I.. I found something, it’s very very disturbing..
QB: what is it?
*lgbtloudhouse sent a link*
QB: oh my lord..
These trashies don’t know when yo stop. I can’t believe they’d stoop to such a low level. I’ll handle it.
For now, block aval0nx and report it.
Lgbtloudhouse: ok..

Celeste was sitting in her room, just trying to ignore everything.
Why would someone so such a thing to a mentally ill teenager who only wanted some peace?
She sighed, and went to bed.

-some days later-

Celeste had a huge headache.
Dealing with internet creeps was not going well for her.
She tried to ignore it, but each time she would make it feel bad about herself. She still couldn’t believe what happened. She just wanted a break, but she couldn’t.. She didn’t know why, or what was holding her back, but she knew it wasn’t good.

/time to see what’s going on again../ she thought.

“You are worse than cancer. You are incurable, never go away, and torments people for the rest of there life’s to the point where you want to kill yourself. I don’t think I need to explain why for both points.”

“Let’s see lgbtloudhouse use those insults later when she isn’t some snobby kid whos parents probably buy her everything she wants, she thinks the whole world has to bow to her just because she thinks we should. Lgbtloudhouse is just a spoiled brat. You can practically smell the friendlessness and bitch from that kid.”

“Lgbtloudhouse is a cunt.”

“She must be a real dumbass cunt if she thought she won. I will use the word strongly. Dumbass cunt.”

“Queenie is just using lgbtloudhouse. Like a tool. She doesnt care about her feelings”

“We may like fictional incest but for the love of God act better than lgbtloudhouse and safehouse!”

“New comic. Page 1/10.
Chapter one: a “Celestial” being.“


/OH MY.. GOD…/

Celeste could not believe what she was seeing. Her mind felt like it was crumbling apart trying to stay stable.

/leave. I’m gonna leave./ she thought.

Upon finding more chaos.. she decided to take a break.

Until one day.

A fellow friend of hers decided to message her to inform her on what has happened.
Something that she’d never seen before.
Let’s call this guy, "Lines”.
No shade or anything negative to Lines. But Celeste discovered something horrific that shook her to the core.
He sent her some photos in warning to her.

“There’s something I found online.. and i think you need to see this..”

“Sure, what is it?”

*Lines sent a photo*

“Do the world a favor, and do the n— jig off the nearest tree.”
One photo showed a Celeste glancing at a rope along with a Clyde dangling on a tree, dead, in the background.
Sucide baiting.
Something inside of Celeste broke.
She couldn’t feel anything anymore.


*Lines sent a photo*

This is when the worst happened.

Celeste. Her being violated, drawn pornography of her and Lincoln was showed on her phone. Uncensored.
With Lynn and Lars, loud house canon genderbents, watching and getting off in the front.

Celeste dropped her phone.
Her family was out.
She began to shake.
Tear at her skin.
Sobbing and crying hysterically, couldn’t take it anymore.
She ran to the kitchen.
Threw open the drawer.
Grabbed the biggest knife she could find.

She tearfully ran back into her room.
She turned off the lights and closed her curtains.

But grabbed a pencil and some paper and began writing.

Dear family,

Let me just explain why you are in this unfortunate situation.
As you know, I love the loud house and I began to go on a site called tumblr. I found many sweet and lovely friends on there.
Let me just give out their names because I really want my beautiful friends to thrive through this horrible time.
They are: queenbean03, fangirl20, brighteronthesunnyside, adh2d, vanillafrappelatte, transfairycosmo, loud-siblings-against-loudcest, thebigcrunchone9, asknightvaleandgravityfalls, underratedhero, phandomtrashnumerouno, spectrumbunny, skwhy, sourbetes, thecyancat, summeroverdrive, hadenohade, kirby-universe, doctorgalaxy101, wonderingaboutwander, lifeismarvelous, tamamajasper, animatedtrash4, Adrianacartoonfangirl, and many other beautiful souls and friends.
I’m so sorry this happned.
I was going through tumblr and I started to get bullied.
First it was insults, then name calling, then death and suicide threats, then drawn porn of me.
Tell Caleb (my brother, 6), Ariel (sis, 5), grandma, and the family and my friends that I love them.
I love you guys so much, but I can’t take this anymore.
Love, Celeste.

She raised the knife over herself.

“Celeste! We’re home!”
Celeste’s mother Jennifer called out. They brought home cheese pizza, which they knew she loved.
They also noticed that she hasn’t been coming out of her room lately and looked noticeably sad.
They got some pizza to make her happy again.

“Hmmm. Why are all the lights off?”

Celeste’s dad, Rich, shrugged.

“Maybe she wanted some dark.”

“Yeah, but all of them?”

“Yeah that’s weird. Caleb, go wake up your sister.”

“Okay!!!” Caleb was Celeste’s little brother. He can be a handful, but he’s still her brother. He, like his sister, has autism, adhh, ocd, and is in general very hyper but still loving.

He ran to her door and opened it.

She was laying on the floor.

Caleb ran out to tell their mom.

“Mom, Celeste is sleeping on the floor!”

Jennifer laughed. “You’re so silly Caleb. I’ll go get her.”

She walked over to her door.
And screamed.

Laying on the floor, was her daughter Celeste.

“What the???!?!

She looked closer.. and gasped.

A knife was in her head.

She then saw, this was self-inflicted.

-month later-

It was a dark and depressing day in South Carolina. Raindrops covered the graveyard like grass covering land. Despite it being summer everyone felt a chill inside their hearts.

"We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of daughter Celeste B. She was a wonderful spirit and lovely girl. But then the harsh pain of evil came over her in despair. May we all come together and this heavenly soul rest in peace. And may the world have peace in future cyberbullying to stop. And for acts of hate against this lady and other victims of cyberbullying to decrease quickly. Amen.”

It was a shame.
Love will be found in all the right places. May we come together and figure out that what you say can have a impact on someone’s life.
I am glad I never killed myself.
I am strong but weak.
Beautiful yet fragile.
Loving yet fearless.
Now what would you react if this actually happned and I did commit sucide?
Love yourself and choose your ways carefully. Love eachother and find peace.
I am strong for staying.
Don’t give up for light or life.
You are loved, my love.

고은비 - Go EunBi
November 23, 1992 - September 3, 2014
3 years since and i miss you more everyday. i love you so so much. i hope you’re enjoying it in heaven with your best friend. rest in paradise, angel.
🎶just for today, i cry. i wish you happiness forever, goodbye. it’s okay to think of me and smile sometimes. i’m fine thank you, thank you.🎶

Ladies and gentlemen, in a shocking turn of events, a legend bid us an untimely farewell. Let it be known that he died doing what he loved. Rest in peace Chris Cornell. You will be remembered.


One of the many reasons I’m ashamed to call myself ARMY anymore people have no fucking respect yes I get that you’re fucking happy about Yoongi’s mixtape finally dropping so am I but be a fucking decent human being and show respect to someone that lost their life how dare you say she fucking deserved to die how fucking dare call her a slut how dare you say she’s not important how dare you not have any fucking respect she was taken way to early from people that loved her and the least you could show some fucking respect her fans fucking miss her her family fucking misses her people just want to show her love because it is her fucking day because she was born on this fucking day Yoongi just happen to drop his mixtape on her birthday do not be a fucking asshole and disrespect her fans because you would be just has upset if we were to lose one of the Bangtan members

To the Ladies Code fans I want to apologize for the shitty people please know that we are not all like that I am sorry for your lost she was beautiful human being and she will never be forgotten may she rest in peace again I’m sorry for the disrespectful people that are trying to ruin her day

Imagine This #5

Imagine Adrien sitting in the waiting room of the hospital.

Imagine Adrien keeping his head lowered.

Imagine Adrien’s fists clenched on his knees.

Imagine Adrien’s eyes tightly shut.

Imagine Adrien waiting for the news.

Imagine Adrien not believing what just happened.

Imagine Adrien not understanding why Ladybug took the hit for him.

Imagine Adrien not understanding why he was so dense.

Imagine Adrien thinking he should have known that Marinette was Ladybug all along.

Imagine Adrien letting a few tears slip.

Imagine Adrien opening his eyes as someone taps his shoulder.

Imagine Adrien looking hopeful, hoping that Marinette will live, because he loves her.

Imagine Adrien’s face crumbling as the nurse tells him that Marinette doesn’t have long.

Imagine Adrien being led to Marinette’s hospital room, feeling numb inside.

Imagine Adrien first noticing the nose nubbins, then noticing the red that’s seeping through her hospital gown, right where her stomach is.

Imagine Adrien looking at Marinette like she is his world, because she is; his green eyes glossy due to tears.

Imagine Adrien walking over to Marinette’s hospital bed.

Imagine Marinette staring at Adrien like he is her world, because he is; her blue eyes glossy as well.

Imagine Adrien sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, facing Marinette, careful not to move the bed too much.

Imagine Adrien taking Marinette’s right hand and kissing it, holding it to his lips, not letting go.

Imagine Adrien’s tears falling down his face, landing on Marinette’s hand.

Imagine Marinette moving her thumb against his face, trying to wipe away his tears.

Imagine Adrien smiling weakly, trying not to fully break down, trying to stay strong for Marinette.

Imagine Marinette smiling, and letting out a little laugh.

Imagine Adrien smiling back, more tears falling down his face.

Imagine Marinette leaning in to kiss Adrien.

Imagine Adrien leaning in to kiss Marinette.

Imagine their lips touching, a gentle, tender but passionate kiss that lasts for what seems like eternity, but not long enough.

Imagine Marinette leaning back and coughing.

Imagine Adrien trying not to sob, holding Marinette’s hand tighter.

Imagine Adrien hugging Marinette once she stops coughing, clinging to her, wanting to stay with her forever, wanting to stay like this forever, hugging his true love.

Imagine Marinette whispering, “I love you, Adrien. You silly kitty.”

Imagine Adrien nodding, closing his eyes as more tears slip, and whispering, “I love you too, Marinette. My Lady.”

Imagine Adrien feeling Marinette nodding her head on his shoulder.

Imagine Marinette suddenly going limp in Adrien’s arms.

Imagine the dreadful monotone beeping sound that fills the room.

Imagine Adrien’s breath hitching as he chokes on a sob.

Imagine Adrien leaning back to see that Marinette’s eyes are still open.

Imagine Adrien gently lying her down, his shoulders shaking from holding back his sobs.

Imagine Adrien closing Marinette’s eyes, his fingers gently lingering on her eye lids.

Imagine Adrien kissing Marinette’s cheek one final time.

Imagine Adrien kissing Marinette’s lips one final time.

Imagine Adrien’s breath catching, his tears a waterfall as they fall onto Marinette’s cheeks.

Imagine Adrien stroking Marinette’s face while whispering, “Rest in peace, Marinette. I can assure you that Paris will be safe, My Lady. I love you.”

Hockey Coach

Requested: could you do one where you are the ice hockey coach of aaliyah and at one parctise you meet shawn?



You’ve loved hockey for as long as you can remember. Now that you’re eighteen and attending university, you aren’t playing in a league like you used to, but you couldn’t walk away from hockey completely. That’s why you found yourself volunteering to coach a thirteen and under girls team. The girls are all sweethearts, although some days are more difficult than others. Coaching girls has taught you so much, even though you were their age only five years ago, you feel like you’re so different now, but they definitely remind you of yourself at that age. Thirteen is a hard age so you have to definitely be sensitive when you’re dealing with them.

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Rest in peace, our Everlasting Friends…

These two beautiful girls, Kwon Rise and Go Eunbi of Ladies’ Code, passed away from a car accident this week. These two girls were also one of us, they were both ELFs.

It broke my heart and I cried when I heard that Eunbi passed away, and my heart broke again and I cried again when I read about Rise yesterday. Because I really believed Rise would have a miracle like Kyuhyun and survive. Super Junior was also really devastated at the news because of memories of the car accident they went through. And also probably because the girls were ELFs as well. Ryeowook and Siwon followed Rise after the car accident, having hope in her and that she would wake up. Unfortunately she never did. But I really hope that somehow, she would be able to know that they followed her on Twitter. And that both of them would know that Super Junior went to see their wakes. And that Super Junior and ELFs all really hoped for miracles to them. 

I was really sad when I heard about the news but I hope Rise, along with Eunbi, are in a better place now. At least they are not suffering anymore and they brought joy and happiness to their fans and many people. Even though I wasn’t their fan, it still made me really sad that these two girls, 21 and 23, had their future ceased from them so unexpectedly. Heechul wrote about the car accident on Instagram, saying “One thing I do want to say is that you should always wear your seatbelt.” I hope that if there’s anything that you would remember whenever you’re driving or sitting in a car, is that to always wear your seatbelt and drive safely. No matter how much in a rush you are in, remember that it’s better to be late than to never be able to arrive.

As Leeteuk said today on Instagram, “I pray that everyone will be healthy and happy.. I pray that everyone will spend each day meaningfully.. People who you want to see, and miss.. Or people that you want to contact and meet, but you hesitate because of this and that reason.. There isn’t enough time even just to love.. I hope you love a lot, and love..!!” Cherish each and every day you have with your friends and family. You never know when it’ll be your last. I was just watching these girls performing last week on a music show when I was waiting for Super Junior’s comeback stage.. never did I know it would be their last stage.

So remember to always wear your seat belts, drive safely, and let’s just take a moment to remember these girls that are one of us and to remember them once in a while. 

Rest in peace, beautiful girls and our everlasting friends. ♥

anonymous asked:

May she rest in peace perry ✨ i think she was lucky to have you in her life and I believe there is no doubt that she knew how much u loved her. In Turkey we say "may god take her/him to his heaven" so I believe your grandmother is in heaven knowing that you loved her. 🌸

Thank you so much Anon. I greatly appreciate that.

My grandmother was a very cool lady. I’m just lucky I got to have her in my life. I always made sure to tell her I love her whenever we said goodbye. I believe she knew, even if I wasn’t able to tell her again.

Thank you again, Anon.