rest in peace our beautiful butterfly

With A Side Of Company- Cisco Ramon x Reader

Prompt: The reader is sick at home and Cisco swings by to take care of her.

Words: 1185

Warnings: Reader takes pills (for her cold) 

A/N: I love writing Cisco, he is so beautiful. Happy Readings! 

Y/n’s POV

I wrap the soft blanket around myself and lay down comfortably in my couch. I placed my computer on my lap and log into my Netflix account to watch season 2 of Daredevil. I called Caitlin this morning and told her about my cold and she insisted I stayed at home till I got better.

I heard a faint knock on my door and contemplated on whether I should open it or not.

The knocking got louder and louder so I pause the episode and get up to open the door. I swung the door open ready to lecture whoever it was on how it was rude to continue knocking but my heart skipped a beat when I saw who it was.

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