rest in peace cory monteith

Dear everyone, addiction is a disease. Addiction to bulimia, addiction to the blade, addiction to hurting yourself, addiction to alchohol, addiction to drugs. It's a disease and it's not easy to stop. Cory Monteith tried his fucking hardest to beat his addiction so don't you DARE say he threw his life away. He tried his best and unfortunately, his addiction killed him. I know he was struggling, but he's at peace now. Could you at least have the decency to respect that? Rest in peace, Cory Monteith. We all love you.
What Glee Writers Should Do about Finn

I propose that they have Finn die doing some heroic deed.  Somehow in my head, I played it that he came across some gay bashing action going on at a bar, and he got killed trying to help out - or - he was saving a baby from a burning house in Lima, something - where he died being a hero.

They stage a funeral that allows the castmates, in character express how they’re really going to miss Finn (they’ll really be able to get into character, because from the looks of it, the Glee Cast were a family among themselves as well).  For example, Chris Colfer has often made reference to his castmates as “the Glee Family." 

Put a commemorative plaque up next to Mrs. Adler’s, with Finn’s face, and his very last quote on Glee:

"We’re not going to eat, sleep, or breathe until you’re blasted through Regionals and earned your rightful spot at Regionals." 

Finn was always a hero of sorts, and he aspired to be as heroic as he thought his dad to be (well before all those truths were revealed).  After that, he just wanted to redeem his father, who was still, in a sense HIS hero… In my mind, Finn’s death could only come from him doing something heroic - because that’s what he was… a hero.

… And I believe that plays excellent tribute to Cory, and the rest of the gang, and Cory’s family.
WORLD PREMIERE EXCLUSIVE! GLEE Tributes Cory Monteith With RENT's 'Seasons Of Love'

Today, BroadwayWorld is thrilled to host the world premiere exclusive first listen to the full performance of a classic song from the Pulitzer Prize-winning rock musical RENT as performed by the accomplished cast of Glee in trubute to fallen real-life Glee headliner Cory Monteith, with a spirited and soulful rendition of the iconic ‘Seasons Of Love’.

Definitely was not prepared for this


My tribute video to Cory Monteith. Enjoy. This is something I had to do.

R.I.P Mr Monteith.