rest in freedom

One of the most satisfying/cathartic things about black sails is the way it completely spits in the face of this idea of being a “good victim”. I’m sick of stories where lgbt characters have to be sad, saintly, pure martyrs in order to be sympathetic and palatable to audiences, as if homophobia is only awful when its directed at soft nice people. Stories that clearly exist so that straight people can sit there feeling sorry for us and be like, “those poor gays, life is so hard for them” and pat themselves on the back for being so open minded. 

Flint isn’t a saintly martyr, he’s not a “nice gay”, he’s angry and violent and complicated and shockingly awful at times, but it’s never like those things make his reasons for being that way any less significant. He gets to be sympathetic and horrifying at the same time, one doesn’t negate the other.

And I just really love the way this show deals with anger and trauma. There’s no false cheerful message that a person can just will away their rage. It’s there and you can either acknowledge it and try to understand it or you can ignore it and pretend its not there, but it is there and it will still effect you, just in ways you won’t understand. This show really helped me in a lot of ways, but one of those ways was helping me allow myself room to be angry. Not even necessarily “be angry”, but to look at and accept the anger that was already there, which actually has helped me start to be more calm and open.

And its not like the story is without kindness or optimism as well. There’s this sort of subtle, quietly compassionate core at the heart of black sails that compliments all that angry gay revenge in a way that’s incredibly beautiful and complicated. I think flints “freedom in the darkness” speech encapsulates that perfectly.

Attack on Titan: Episode 37 Screencap Redraw

In honor of all the beautiful Jearmin we received in this episode, I felt compelled to contribute! I’ll probably work on more redraws from this season as well!

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Important words from a black police officer speaking out on the murders of unarmed black people by cowardly police. 


Every year, preparing myself for June 25th gets even harder. It’s never easy for someone to tell himself that a person he’s admired ever since his first years on this planet has passed away.
You may be wondering why the pictures I’ve chosen to post only focus on the “They Don’t Care About Us” video. Well the reason for that is quite simple: in such times of trouble, pain, chaos, fear, hopelessness and war I’d like to send out a message of freedom and positivity. Nothing in life is free; you have to claim it yourself. Raise your fists in the air and fight for your rights, for freedom, for peace, for equality… Your voice must be heard!

elricmemes  asked:

URGENT QUESTION what kinda of coffee/tea/drinks do the squad like? like, what would they order at a coffee shop? 👀👀 i need it 4 a fic :9 (also sorry if u have answered this before! i could not find it rip)

*sticks leg up*

in the event of a coffee shop au the only thing to keep in mind is that Malek just straightup gulps down black tar nothing can stop this boy. Then it’s followed by a random spike in anxiety so he has to take a lot of lemon balm tea to Calm Down.
Dallas likes boba!! It’s chewy and he likes his tea heavily infused with milk for the #calcium 
Poppy is Also an OddiTea kind of girl, her favorite would be. Wait for it. California Poppy tea. But if she’ll go for coffee she’ll probably go for iced coffee or smth..

Rest in Peace, Qandeel Baloch

“Women are not your property. They do not exist to serve your misogynistic bullsh*t. What they do does not concern you & shouldn’t upset you. They are not your “honour”. How they dress or behave is absolutely none of your business. You do not own them. You do not have the right to control them, police them or murder them. Oh, and newsflash: there is no honour in killing your sister.”   (