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Every year, preparing myself for June 25th gets even harder. It’s never easy for someone to tell himself that a person he’s admired ever since his first years on this planet has passed away.
You may be wondering why the pictures I’ve chosen to post only focus on the “They Don’t Care About Us” video. Well the reason for that is quite simple: in such times of trouble, pain, chaos, fear, hopelessness and war I’d like to send out a message of freedom and positivity. Nothing in life is free; you have to claim it yourself. Raise your fists in the air and fight for your rights, for freedom, for peace, for equality… Your voice must be heard!

Important words from a black police officer speaking out on the murders of unarmed black people by cowardly police. 

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URGENT QUESTION what kinda of coffee/tea/drinks do the squad like? like, what would they order at a coffee shop? 👀👀 i need it 4 a fic :9 (also sorry if u have answered this before! i could not find it rip)

*sticks leg up*

in the event of a coffee shop au the only thing to keep in mind is that Malek just straightup gulps down black tar nothing can stop this boy. Then it’s followed by a random spike in anxiety so he has to take a lot of lemon balm tea to Calm Down.
Dallas likes boba!! It’s chewy and he likes his tea heavily infused with milk for the #calcium 
Poppy is Also an OddiTea kind of girl, her favorite would be. Wait for it. California Poppy tea. But if she’ll go for coffee she’ll probably go for iced coffee or smth..

I love you, Lord; you are my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety. I called on the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and he saved me from my enemies.
—  Psalm 18:1-3 (NLT)
Cost of Freedom (23/52)

Summary: In which two wanted criminals decide it’s a good idea to attempt a break in to Tokyo’s police headquarters. Prison!AU

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8.14 p.m

“He’s hiding something.”

Aoko crosses her arms over her stomach as they finally leave the police station behind, glancing over at Ran with stiff shoulders and a steady frown. She hasn’t said much after they’d finished watching the interviews, had only offered the smallest opinion that Kudo doesn’t seem wholly innocent, but she has been gathering information of her own.

From beside her, Ran purses her lips, adjusting her bag on her shoulder. She doesn’t comment at first, but when Aoko refuses to elaborate, she offers a short ‘who?’.

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Those who follow Christ often believe that only Christians are capable of doing good. They assert that Christianity has a monopoly of virtue. But this assertion is quite contrary to what we can observe. All of us have met pagans who are tolerant, temperate, chaste, generous and kind; and we have met pagans who reject the pleasures and honours of this world, choosing instead the way of simplicity and humility. In short we have met pagans who reflect the virtues of Christ himself. If only Christians were good, then God would not be good, because he would have denied the rest of humanity the freedom to choose goodness. The goodness we see in pagans is proof of the goodness of God. He has granted every person, regardless of race or religion, the freedom to choose good or evil.
—  Pelagius the Heretic, Letter to Demetrias

for @arhkamknights - you like star wars, and you like the batfamily, so here we go. :3

  • there’s roy harper as one of the best pilots in the resistance; adopted son of oliver queen. 
  • oliver queen is now an advisor to bruce wayne, who commands the resistance. 
  • there’s the resistance pilot jason todd, bruce wayne’s son, disappeared during combat several years ago, MIA and presumed deceased. 
  • there’s a completely totally unrelated stormtrooper designated JY-2707 who can’t remember anything before a few years ago, but never thinks to question that until JY-2704 dies and a resistance pilot is taken into custody. 
  • there’s talia al ghul, daughter of the leader of the first order; in charge of the interrogation of prisoners and reasonably strong in the force. 
  • JY-2707 makes a decision, and learns that the pilot’s name is roy. he also learns that he likes roy’s name for him - jay - right before they crash. 
  • there’s a scavenger called kori who knows she could leave jakku, but chooses not to, because her sister promised to come back for her. 
  • kori makes a decision, and tries to get jay off of jakku, but they don’t have a lot of options for transportation, and they end up in the robin
  • there’s tim drake and dick grayson, bruce wayne’s other sons, who were looking for their ship. they found it, but they also found two unexpected surprises on board in the form of jay and kori. 
  • there’s talia’s son damian al ghul, who is responsible for hunting down the escaped prisoner roy harper - or he would be, if his cloaked ship hadn’t gotten stuck in the same tractor beam grayson and drake used to retrieve the robin. he’s currently being held against his will by the traitor JY-2707, timothy drake, richard grayson, and a good-for-nothing scavenger. 
  • they find that jay knows an awful lot about the resistance’s aerial strategy and is a surprisingly good pilot, even though he worked sanitation and has never flown a ship. at least, as far as he can remember. 
  • (and tim drake, who never interacted with jason todd but saw him from afar, begins to wonder whether “presumed dead” should really be in general wayne’s file on his missing son. and dick grayson, who was on a deep undercover mission for the years that jason was around, tentatively believes tim.) 
  • dick spends a lot of time with damian. for information at first, trying to figure out what damian might know about the first order, but it becomes clear that while damian is a soldier, he’s also young. terrifyingly so. dick had assumed he was at least thirteen. damian’s nine. 
  • dick grayson follows the example of his adopted father and claims damian as his own. 
  • then there’s takodana and maz kanata, and while following kori damian picks up a metal cylinder that’s heavy for its size and sees something he didn’t expect to, that he didn’t really want to, and - he starts to wonder, because he used to wonder about the identity of his father. he used to, until he pushed it to the back of his mind in favor of the first order and being a perfect heir, but now he suspects that his father is part of the resistance and that’s…. 
  • it throws damian off-balance, and he runs and kori follows, and talia finds them both. 
  • jay’s not fast enough. tim’s not fast enough. dick’s not fast enough. roy is fast enough for tim and dick and jay, but not for damian and kori. 
  • roy guides them back to the resistance. bruce wayne’s not there, but oliver queen stares at jay for an awfully long time. 
  • turns out kori’s an alien princess with incredible power, so… oops? they should probably get her back?? 
  • good thing that damian’s accessed some records that he probably shouldn’t have and determined that bruce wayne is his father. good thing that damian wasn’t immune to stockholm syndrome when he was on the robin. good thing that damian knows a lot more about the weapons of the first order than the resistance does. 
  • good thing that damian decides to free kori and help dick, jay and tim destroy the starkiller base. never let it be said that dick grayson’s not convincing. 
  • except when they return, they find bruce wayne waiting for them. and jay doesn’t believe anything he’s saying. 
  • (he can’t. jay knows how his mind works, its limitations, and attacking the wall that hides his old memories is… not a good plan. it feels like madness lies behind that barrier. it feels like whatever happened to him is not something he wants to remember.) 
  • (talia is good at what she does, especially when it comes to tampering with memories, and jay doesn’t want to fuck over his own sanity by remembering something terrible, thank you very much.) 
  • but bruce insists, and jason yells that he’s wrong, he’s wrong, bruce needs to stay the fuck away from him - 
  • they run again, jay and kori and roy. they call their ship outlaw. 
  • roy tells them about a man named j'onn who knows minds like jay’s. roy tells them about a man named clark who wields incredible power like kori. 
  • “might as well do this together,” jay says. 
  • so they do.