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Glory Days Films (part 1 of 2)

monsta x react ෴ their crush gives them their scarf

@vanessaswingsoflife asked: Hi There. Can you make a reaction of monsta x when you (crush) giving him your scarf because he forgot his and its cold outside and they can smell your Parfum/scent on it?

Im p sure i made it look like they were dating the reader rip sry i tried my best buddy

⁂ shownu: “it’s pretty chilly outside, are you sure you’re going to head home like that?” your voice had a bit of a scolding tone to it as hyunwoo shrugged his coat on. he looked back at you with a warm smile. whenever you showed concern for him, his heart fluttered a little. but he wasn’t here to worry you, he did bring his scarf after all– oh, nevermind. blankly, the man touched his neck when he realized that one important article of clothing wasn’t protecting his throat. his smile was still warm as he let out an embarrassed laugh, “i forgot my scarf at home, but i’ll be fine.” he watched as you rolled your eyes at him and went to go grab one of your fluffiest scarves from the closet nearby. he began to decline the offer as you walked towards him, but stopped abruptly when you wrapped the clothing around his neck. the relaxing smell of your perfume wafted into his nose and suddenly, hyunwoo was holding onto the scarf tight. with only his smiling eyes being visible to you, he pat the top of your head, bumbling out a soft thank you.

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⁂ minhyuk: “you don’t need to do this, silly.” a laugh had escaped his lips as minhyuk watched you wrap the scarf around his neck in a neat knot. there was a frown on your face as he laughed and you punched his arm in retaliation. “it’s super cold out! what if you get sick, huh?” punching his shoulder, minhyuk pouted at you while rubbing the sore spot that you hit. a defeated sigh was all you heard from him before he pulled you into a grateful hug, his cheek pressed against the top of your head as he cooed out your name, his hand rubbing your back. “araso (understood).” he whispered in a comforting tone, petting the back of your head before pulling away with a jovial grin playing at the ends of his lips. reluctantly, you pulled away from him and led him out the door so he could head home. once you had closed the door, minhyuk skipped down the steps with a triumphant laugh, cuddling the scarf closer to his neck as he took in a deep breath when he noticed how the scent you usually smelled like stuck onto this particular piece of clothing. “ah, i’m so lucky.”

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⁂ kihyun: “it’s not my fault i forgot it,” he complained loudly as he shook his head at each scarf you offered him, “you’re the one who told me to come over quick! i thought it was an emergency, but it was just you taking the cookies out of the oven.” kihyun threw his hands in the air as he continued to whine and childishly plop onto the couch. you huffed at him in frustration which the boy kindly mocked. “i wanted you to eat the cookies i made just in case they weren’t good.” kihyun wrinkled his nose at the pout you made and turned his head so that he wouldn’t fall into your trap. crossing his arms stubbornly, he shook his head at you, “how dare you use me like that.” he grumbled under his breath, turning his head back in your direction. with a gasp, the boy snapped his fingers and pointed at the scarf you were currently holding. “i want that one.” he demands, which – no. not your favourite scarf. as you stayed motionless, he huffed and stood up to take the clothing away, happily placing it around his neck. “annyeong (goodbye)” he said teasingly before scurrying out of your house before you could respond, his nose buried deep against the fabric of your scarf. “still smells like flowers.” he says dreamily, twirling down the street.

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⁂ jooheon: “no, i will not.” stubbornly, jooheon pushed away with his feet and kept on doing so until you gave up on trying to put the ugly scarf on him. you kicked his knee (gently) as he sprawled himself out across your bed with a groan. “we don’t have to do this. i would’ve been home by now if you didn’t drag me to your room to give me a scarf.” he complained loudly, his gaze sharply directed at you in a playful glare as you stuck your tongue at him. he wasn’t one for relying on you to take care of him, but he was definitely pleased to have you worrying about him over something minor. he kept on throwing your scarves back whenever you thought it was fitting for him, but he just kept on throwing them at you– you’re pretty sure he even threw a pillow at you when you weren’t paying enough attention. you held up a scarf that you were sure he would like and with an interested noise, jooheon was sitting up and taking the fabric from you with a dimpled smile. wrapping the wool around his neck and face. when the slightly muted fragrance from your favourite perfume went through his nose, he was suddenly alert, but definitely happy. “i like this scarf,” he said, a bashful look on his face as he practically buried his face in the wool, “i think i’ll be keeping this.”

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⁂ wonho: “why have a scarf around my head when it could be your legs instead?” hoseok questioned absentmindedly, his legs kicked up in the air as he flipped through a magazine, you going through your clothing. hoseok looked over at you when you scoffed and grinned brightly when you gave him a dry smile. “still greasy as ever, aren’t you?” wrinkling your nose, hoseok laughed in amusement, rolling onto his back as he watched you with adoration in his eyes, your back facing him again. “you know i’m joking, silly. just some friendly banter.” his voice was light, his arms crossed under his head as he kept his gaze on you. “take this scarf, you piece of trash.” poking your tongue out at him, you threw an unused scarf at his face. wrinkling his nose, he looked at the piece of fabric once before throwing it off the bed. “i want your favourite scarf.” he demands childishly, his hands clasping together in a pleading way when he saw your unamused expression, “butak habnida (please - polite)”

and with that, hoseok left with your scarf nestled underneath his nose, the scent of your floral perfume pleasing him.

(this gif is so cute rest in peace me)

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⁂ hyungwon: hyungwon scoffed as he rifled through your clothes, his eyes squinting at the ugly prints that hung before him. “i didn’t know you had such awful tastes,” his voice was disappointed, his hand holding up a hanger with a leopard print coat on it, “usually when you meet up with me or the others you wear something cute.” the look on his face made you want to smack him; his eyes were hooded in distaste, his mouth curled up into a teasing smirk. “i told you to get a scarf, not evaluate my wardrobe.” throwing a pillow at him, you went back to scrolling through whatever was on your phone as he laughed, still rummaging through your clothes to find one of the scarves that he was most fond of seeing around your neck. once he pulled out the scarf of yours he loved so much, you immediately whined, “not that one!” you’d say as he raised his eyebrows at you, “i’m taking it.” he says just to tease you further. he poked his tongue out at you with a grin, your mouth forming into a pout, “but it smells too much of my perfume.” with a pathetic excuse, you hit your head against the bed. “yeah,” with a scoff, hyungwon wraps your scarf around his neck, discreetly nestling his nose in the fabric, “that’s why i’m taking it. so that girls don’t try to hit on me.” and with a shrug, hyungwon skipped out of your room and your house in a split second, not giving you any time to respond or take back the scarf.

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⁂ changkyun: “ok-e-i (okay)!” with a loud clap that makes you look away from your phone, changkyun throws the scarf of yours he likes around his neck and gives you his best pose, his smile pleased as you watch him in amusement. “how do i look?” flipping his hair, he fixed his fringe and gives you a little twirl, loving how your scent wafted into his nose when he moved in a circle. “it suits me, doesn’t it?” he looks at himself through your full body mirror, his face forming an impressed expression, “as if this scarf should be mine and not yours.” he says to himself with a pleased grin, hugging your scarf to his chest with a wiggle. you rolled your eyes humorously, watching as your friend pressed the fabric to his face. “so are you gonna fight the cold with that one? it’s not very warm.” changkyun shrugged at your warning – his heart already warmed up (he thinks it might burst too) because it’s your scarf and it has your scent. he loves it so much. “your other scarves were kind of ugly.” he lies – of course they’re lovely, but they didn’t smell like you. the corners of his lips curved up to make a smile and finger guns were directed your way, “this scarf makes me look stunning.” and with a bashful wave and a playful flying kiss, changkyun left your house, a soft squeal of happiness escaping him as he skipped down the sidewalk with your scarf wrapped around his neck.

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You know what?? I hope Minho is having just the absolute best day


25 days of klaroline 2016 ♡ day four: new orleans

“caroline, i’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much i want to show it to you. maybe one day you’ll let me.


Celebrating New Who: March 23 - Favorite Character

Trouble’s just the bits-in-between! It’s all waiting out there, Jackie. And it’s brand new to me– all those planets and creatures and horizons! I haven’t seen them yet, not with these eyes. And it is gonna be… fantastic!

There’s a lot of hate in the tags today so have some fluffy content!

Imagine the paladins have a day off floating in space. Keith, Lance, hunk, and pidge are in the common area chilling and playing games wile Keith is reading a book. Then in comes shiro fresh from the showers, and sits next to Keith. It’s quite for the most part and after awhile Keith feels shiro slump on him. He looks over and he’s fast asleep (you know why). Keith just doesn’t have the heart to wake and move him.

Now imagine Lance getting jealous at Keith cause why does he get all the cuddles! And demands hunk to sit next to him and cuddle.

Now after a few hours of silence pidge looks up from her computer and laughs silently at everyone. Hunk is in a seating position spread out dead asleep with Lance draped over him. Shiro is slumped over Keith with his head on Keith’s shoulder, wile Keith’s head is on top of his also asleep with his book held loosely in his hand. So pidge, after putting her laptop away shakes her head climbs in between the two groups and lays down with her head in shiro’s lap and feet on Lances.

mechformers  asked:

Congratulations on your milestone! That is so exciting 😊 If I'm not too late to this, could we possibly get a continuation of the Uliro crave one? *insert the most wobbliest begging eyes you can picture*

(send me a number and I’ll write a micro story using the word or phrase!)

Well I’m afraid I can picture some terribly persuasive wobbling eyes. You’re jumping the queue a little bit, as I have another “crave” request coming up and I wan’t to avoid confusion as much as possible.

A follow up to this.

Shiro wakes slowly, feeling hazy and heavy and a little too warm with Ulaz’s chest resting beneath his cheek and his heartbeat thrumming in his ear. It’s quicker, than a human’s, pumping in motions of three instead of two: ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum.

“What time is it?” Shiro asks, trying to swallow back the gummy feeling in his mouth.

“You have been asleep for three vargas,” Ulaz says. He draws a clawed finger down the back of Shiro’s neck, repeats the action with a curled knuckle when Shiro shivers in response. Shiro suspects Ulaz does these things because he likes to watch him react, likes to categorize the motions that make Shiro tremble or sigh or slump bonelessly against him.

Shiro opens his eyes, blinking at the blurred image of his own hand, curled close to his face and clutching loosely at the front of Ulaz’s shirt. “Did you sleep at all?”

“No,” Ulaz says.

It’s not surprising. Shiro knows that Ulaz doesn’t need nearly as much sleep as a human. But still–

Shiro sits up, ignoring Ulaz’s displeased grumble as he turns to look at him. His bangs are in his eyes, mussed up and curling a little from being slept on while wet, and Ulaz brushes them aside before Shiro can lift his arm to do so himself.

“You haven’t just been watching me sleep the entire time, have you?”

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Do you often hang out with other members from Port Mafia?

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They make me want to punch a wall with how precious they are


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