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Do you often hang out with other members from Port Mafia?

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25 days of klaroline 2016 ♡ day four: new orleans

“caroline, i’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much i want to show it to you. maybe one day you’ll let me.

Ransom and Holster have a good thing okay and adding March to that isn’t a bad thing because Holster thinks she is fantastic and gorgeous 

but he doesn’t really have a relationship with her yet so it just feels like he is losing Ransom time and not getting anything to replace it

cue Holster watching Sex and the City at seven on a saturday night with a couple of bottles of wine because Rans is staying with March tonight and that’s fine honestly but his bed is too empty 

he is pretty far into his planned moping schedule when there’s a knock at the door and he is far too petulant to get up for anyone because Rans never knocks and that’s the only person he wants to see right now

the door opens while he is making a pros/cons list on saying “come in” and it’s March? she just raises an eyebrow at his setup and pushes her way into his blanket fortress

Holster is so confused because she is meant to be with Ransom and if March is here than where is Ransom? is everything alright? did something bad happen?

“everything is fine Adam. Justin is fine. i just thought we needed some Adam and March time. Justin agrees.”

and okay maybe Holster’s only problem wasn’t just less Ransom and maybe he was feeling a little unwanted because March hadn’t shown much interest in him but that’s still a maybe

anyway they cuddle and bitch about Carrie and Big and drink wine and everything turns out okay

Morgana: Miss Anne, I never looked

Anne: it wasn’t that you didn’t look, it was you COULDN’T look because you transformed into the car

i like my men how i like my wine… fine

day 6 of @mysticmessimagines‘s event done !! i’m gonna be sad when it’s over tomorrow;;



seven (valentine’s special)





my precious johndaves,,

Beatrice: the fuck kind of reasoning is that??

Battler: don’t talk to me or my quadrillion theories ever again

my fp was just so. kind and sweet and loving and supportive today and they were so clingy and kept saying stuff about how i was so good to them and they didnt understand why i cared so much and how they didnt deserve me and 

ugh they made me feel so loved and happy today