rest day food


I haven’t had this oatmeal since I was probably in elementary school!?!! (This definitely is an @oatsnjen approved snack solely bc of how adorable it is hehe!)

I saw it this morning in the grocery store, and maybe it’s just me being sick, but it made me all sentimental and nostalgic and I wanted it so badly so I caved and bought the box! AND I had one?!! Yesss 👌🏼
And yup, it’s as tasty as I remember!!! Definitely not substantial enough for a meal but for a little warm, pick me up snack it’s pretty fucking good!!

(Also take note, the eggs hatching ☺️☺️ aww!)

knowing hoseok is out there smiling and doing what he loves most makes me rly happy on sad days tbh


The most bland, boring, sick day intake lol 🤒

Two people asked me to post my intake even though I’m sick soooo, yeah.. you’re all forewarned if it’s boringness!

• breakfast/lunch- egg whites with vegan cheese, a 100 cal Trader Joe’s English muffin and ketchup.

• snacks- a pint of this halo top aka the best flavor in my opinion.
And then I also had a packet of this childhood fave, comfort food (dinoEGG oatmeal!!?!!!)

• dinner- two more of those English muffins with daiya cream cheese.

Another sick day, ie. me literally laying in bed ALL day. I did walk downtown and back this morning (a little over 2 miles) but that was the only form of movement all day lol!

I am thinking of having another snack later maybe while watching Criminal Minds just to get my calories up a bit more even though I was inactive today. We shall see :)

Breakfast burrito with hash browns from Pepper Market located in Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.


Dream on

For day 2 (Dream) of Kyoko x Ren week started by @fyeahkyokoren

It’s a little, uh, well it’s very interpereted. You know the song “Dream on”? Voila. I think Kyoko’s past will really affect her (hopefully) future relationship with Ren. Vice Versa. I also think that that will be our chance to see some established KyoRen in our future but whatever, I’m being over dramatic. take it how you like it. Pictures are from my trip to Hawaii, if you read my tags I warned you that this would happen ;)

I’m watching S2 Babylon 5 and Delenn is telling Sheridan that in ~traditional Minbari meals~ the guest is supposed to set a single piece of flarn aside for Valen in the place that is set aside for his return, and this is like the most incredible in-joke that NONE OF THEM KNOW ABOUT YET

Olaf Cupcake from Sunshine Seasons located in the Epcot’s Land Pavilion.

Martin’s head was filled with anxiety and confusion, finding himself standing in the far back of the church among the many who had managed to drag themselves into safety. Safety? Who had ever thought Montreal of all places would ever need to inject to safety? Swallowing, he turned to the person closest to him, a nervous chuckle leaving his lips. “What’s going on? Do you know for how long we will need to be here? Shit… I hope it’s not too serious.”

There is nothing in my way.

Not anymore. 

I do really well with a consistent, reliable schedule, and I have not really had that since March when we bought the boat. And I’ve let it get the best of me. I’ve made it an excuse. I’ve gained some weight and I’ve gotten a bit out of running shape. I feel .. puffy. And tired. And ready to change things for good.

Traveling for work is over.

Traveling every weekend for the boat is over.

I can now resume a reliable, normal schedule and I am SO HAPPY. What will my normal schedule look like? Let’s put it in writing to avoid any confusion - mostly on my end in a week when I’m feeling like throwing in the towel.

  • Sunday: Rest day (food shopping, meal prep)
  • Monday - Thursday: Gym before work
  • Friday: Weigh-in day; Gym before work
  • Saturday: Early morning run (at least 5k)
  • Everyday: track intake, stay accountable!

Weekends will involve sailing for the summer season. I want to be a confident, increasingly fit person when I’m doing the things I enjoy, like sailing. And these are the steps that will get me there. I have to commit to them. So consider this a firm commitment.