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Truth May Vary

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Hi. So, I did the prompt! @pink-paladin-lance hope you like it, tho I didn’t made it as angsty bc I craved fluffiness and well, …yeah. Hope you like it anyways!

Ps. Long Post. So yeah! No warnings? Just mean aliens, psh. 

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Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and the idea come from @pink-paladin-lance (:

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“Alright! Another win for Voltron!” Hunk shouts animatedly as he wraps an arm around Keith’s shoulder, shaking him as he cheers, “Did you guys see how Keith dodged that laser beam when one of the Galras tried to sneak up on him? Keith, buddy, that was amazing! You totally flipped them!”

Keith laughs as he takes off his helmet and brushes Hunk’s praise off. “What? No, come on! Are you kidding? Were you even present when your Lion completely crushed that rock and saved the entire village? Because I was and it was out of this planet, man.”

“Okay, guys, but I think I speak for everyone that the best part was when we formed Voltron and we completely destroyed that Robeast because Shiro’s plan was on point!” Pidge cuts in, grinning behind her shoulder to meet their leader, “If it hadn’t been for your quick thinking, the battle would have taken a lot longer.”

Shiro chuckles from his place besides Allura and waves the compliments off with a hand. “No way. The plan was a success because your plants held the Robeast long enough for us to make a move, Pidge. You have been improving a lot since the day we found of about your Lion’s power.”

Lance watches from the sidelines as he stands besides Coran, a few feet away from the team. He smiles fondly as he hears them cheer and praise each other, their adrenaline and enthusiasm that always come from a winning battle still running through their blood.

“Wait, wait, but did you guys notice when Lance –” Keith’s sentence is suddenly cut off when the Prince of the Royal Family from the Kingdom they just saved clears his throat abruptly, catching everyone’s attention and making Keith’s proud grin to dim, replacing it with a frown.

“On behalf of my people and my Mother, I would like to express our gratitude towards the brave Paladins of Voltron who saved us today and forevermore, for it is their duty to defend and serve this Universe from the claws of evil.” The Prince says, voice high and powerful.

He stares into each of the Paladin’s eyes before they fall on Allura. “Princess Allura, please, as a thank you, allow us to escort you and the entire team to our Castle in order to present you an exquisite and well deserved banquet in your honor.”

Allura smiles and opens her mouth to respond but Lance’s voice beats her to it.

“Sure, dude!” He shouts happily, walking a few steps until he’s standing beside Allura and Shiro. “A banquet is always appreciated! I mean, Voltron really kicked some serious ass today if you know what I mean.” Lance can hear the way his team groan and chuckle at his words, too used to Lance’s cocky facade and he can feel Allura’s playful smack of her hand on his ribs.

Lance’s grin fades when the Price stares down at him unamused and something inside him drops unpleasantly.

“Blue…Paladin, of course.” The Prince says, a bore and uninterested tone on the back of his tone as he forces a rigid polite smile, “While I agree with you on the fact that Voltron surely won this battle by their own hands, I have to ask…”

He pauses, letting his words linger in the air as he takes a step towards Lance and clicks his tongue.

“Why are you on the team? I’m sure that your … talents, if you even have some, can be of much assistance back in the Castle.”

Lance’s smile falls and he hears the way someone behind him takes a sharp intake of breath but Lance doesn’t bother to turn around to found out who exactly.

“Well, I am the Blue Paladin. I have to be where the team is, of course.” Lance says, mouth twitching in what he hopes to be a smile but ends up being a grimace.

The Prince clicks his tongue once again and shakes his head as if in disappointment. “Ah, my apologies, Blue Paladin. I had just assumed that you were just filling the spot for the time being until the true Blue Paladin claimed the title.”

Lance doesn’t need to turn around to know what’s happening behind his back. He can feel the tense air that has settled on the team. He can hear the hard shallow pants from Hunk’s end as the Yellow Paladin tries to suppress the urge to lunge at the Prince. He can hear the soft faint sound of Shiro’s arm activating itself along with Keith’s bayard. He can even feel Pidge’s deathly glare that goes through him to get to their target that is the Prince.

He feels the grip of Allura’s hand on his suit tighten and the way Coran’s hand find its way until it’s resting on his shoulder.

But the Prince doesn’t. He doesn’t see, feel or sense any of what Lance does because they are not his team, they are Lance’s.

The Prince continues.

“No offense, Blue Paladin, but I had actually thought that Princess Allura here was the rightful Paladin for the Blue Lion. Having her leadership and power aside, she seems to be such a good fit for the title.”

Lance doesn’t disagree.

“Of course, I might be wrong. After all, there must be a reason why you are fighting besides Voltron itself. I speak out only because I believe your talents have been blurred by being surrounded by such powerful people and I’m merely concerned about the efficiency in future battles, thinking that your efforts may not be good enough –”

Lance can’t even come up with a response because suddenly there’s a body rushing past him and then Keith is standing there, pressing his Marmora Blade against the Prince’s neck.

“Would you like to say that again? Just to make sure I have the right motive to make you regret those words?” Keith hisses, face inches away from the Prince’s.

“Keith.” Coran calls, sharp and with a hidden warning, “Step back from the Prince, right now, Young Paladin.”

“But Coran –!”

Right now.

Keith growls but ends up taking a step back, his scowl deep in his face as he glares at the Prince from a distance.

“Prince Yult,” Allura says, voice tight and on edge as she releases Lance’s suit and takes a step forward, “While we appreciate your hospitality, you have no right to –”

“Princess Allura, if I may?” Lance cuts off, quiet but firm as he raises his chin high, staring at her evenly.

Allura stares right back, eyebrows furrowed in confusion before she nods.

“Prince Yult.” Lance addresses respectfully and waits until the royal nods at him before he continues, “I can understand your confusion about my position as a Paladin and your concern around the topic. My team’s talent and power is unmeasured and it’s not something anyone can live up to.”

“Lance…” Keith mumbles behind him but Lance continues.

“Which is why I must ask of you, not to doubt my team’s efficiency based on their one weakness that is me.”

“Lance, that’s enough.” Shiro snaps, low and dangerous but Lance doesn’t stop.

“Rest reassured, your highness.” Lance smiles, tight and forced, “That Voltron shall continue winning more battles and I will not be a liability to the team.”

“Buddy, come on, stop –”

“Now, if you excuse me, your highness.” Lance says, cutting Hunk’s plead short, “I shall take my leave. I’m sure the rest of the team would love to meet the Queen, but I sadly need to go back to the Castle and stand guard.”

Lance doesn’t wait for an answer. He turns around, ignoring the way Keith reaches out to him and how the rest of the team calls his name.

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Young Trust sketches.


Day 1: Dragon

This is a bit late, but I still wanted to get this out for the start of Azula Week 2017! (inspiration)

The Middle

Written for @spnpolybingo​. This fills the “Who is the middle spoon?” square.

Summary: Dean, Sam, and Cas change their sleeping arrangements after a scary experience. Takes place after 12 x 12.

Warning: 12 x 12 spoilers, Wincestiel, mentions of smut

Word Count: 545

A/N: This one is short, but I hope you like it! Only tagging @justanothersaltandburn and @purgatoan because I’m not sure who else wants to read the poly. XOXO

They fall asleep wherever they land in their gigantic bed.

Sometimes, they’re exhausted from a hunt- or worse, injured from one- and they gingerly settle into the first available space on the mattress. Whoever is best able is the one responsible for getting all three of them undressed, Sam pulling off Cas’ tie or Dean gently working Sam’s jeans down his legs, both Sam and Cas helping Dean stretch out with bruised ribs as he cusses at them. Once the injured party is taken care of, the others just fall in where there’s room, contorting their large bodies if necessary, never sleeping like ordinary people.

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Worth The Risk {Part 14} - Final Chapter!

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risks?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13

Word Count: 2318
Warnings: none! Just some well deserved fluff ;)

Originally posted by seabasschino

“You’re lucky him and Wanda thought you two were cute.”

You froze, eyes widening as you stared at Sam in horror before letting them flicker up towards your friend.

Bucky had stopped as well, his spoon full of cereal held midair. 

Usually you ignored Sam’s unwanted comments, but this time the words slipped out of your mouth before you could even think them through.

“Fuck off, birdbrain.”

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Summary: Sam’s nightmares lead you in pursuit of a string of mysterious deaths in Michigan. You and Dean talk about what happened with Cassie and Dan.
Words: 3.1k+
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess (past Dean x Cassie, OMC x Reader)
Warnings: past infidelity, angst

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here 
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

You woke up with incessant knocking on your motel door. Your eyes opened and you squinted at the clock, seeing it was just past 3am.

Gently peeling Jessica’s arms from around you and grabbing the gun from under your mattress, you walked over to the door.

Pistol raised, you carefully opened the door to be met with-

“Don’t shoot,” Sam said, knowing that you’d be instinctively defensive. “We have to go.”

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Playboy!Namjoon Pt. 4

(Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / Pt. 3)

{Warning: smut ahead!}

You’re a sweaty mess as you open the door to him, who’s standing outside your door in Levi’s jeans and a green long sleeved shirt, a black cap and mask keeping him from being too obvious about who he is. Which isn’t all that necessary, your condo was mainly made of all kinds of celebrities who valued their privacy above everything. The security was top grade, which was why you even decided to live here.

“Hi, come on in.”  you greet him, stepping aside for him to come in. He takes off his shoes, making you smile at his Ryan socks. “Did you had a nice trip?”

“Do you know you live pretty far?” he answered instead, taking the cap and mask off as well, letting you finally see his full bare face. “How do you even manage to go to places? Do you take a cab every time? How are you not broke yet?”

You scoffed. “Of course not, I have a car. It’s that my food?”

“Yeah,” he offered you the bags, the smell making your stomach growl. “ I didn’t knew what kind of cake you liked so I bought four different ones.”

You clutched your heart dramatically, wiping an invisible tear from your face. “Kim Namjoon, are you even real? You bought me four kind of cakes?”

He smiled looking around at your apartment. The soft yellow walls adorned with different kind of plants and flowers, the pictures on the walls. He walked over to you vinyl and book collection, picking a book up and reading its title. “I like your house. I love plants.”

“Me too. I wanted to be near nature, even living in this apartment.” you explained. Then, you pointed at the tv. “Feel comfortable to roam around, watch something on netflix or whatever., there’s drinks in the fridge I need to take a shower, it’ll be quick.”

He nodded, settling himself on the couch,.making a dismissive gesture with his hand.

“Take your time, don’t worry.”

You cleaned yourself thoroughly, using you favorite body wash. With a week of rest, you were looking your best, if you could be so modest. You quickly dried your hair, putting on your comfiest pair of lounge clothes. A oversize grey shirt and black leggings. You didn’t feel the need to dress up. Namjoon would understand the need to not be all made up. Wearing makeup reminded you of your job, so you just couldn’t bother. Besides, you thought, you when Namjoon were texting so much lately you felt comfortable enough to be this casual around him.

You made your way to the living room again, leaning against the couch, watching as a moody looking guy ran around a mountain and sparkled like a disco ball with a pale girl on his back. Namjoon, realizing you were there, quickly paused the movie.

“Were you watching Twilight?”

“….maybe.” he conceded, a little unwillingly. “It’s a nice movie, okay? I enjoy the aesthetic value of it.”

“Okay. that I can understand, for a second I thought you had a vampire kink. Because I’ll be honest with you, vampires are only sexy if you’re into blood play.” You say, then paused as you scrutinized​ him again. “You’re not into blood play, right?”

He gives you a deep sigh that is as much exasperation as amusement at the same time. “Not that I’m aware of.”

“Good.” you replied, then eyeing the box of chicken and the containers of slices of cakes on your coffee table, you continued “Because you’ve just became my favorite person, I would hate to downgrade you from that position.”

He laughs, shaking his head. Humming, you sit down. changing the movie to some random cartoon. You take a bite out of your chicken, letting out a sound of pleasure when the perfect amount of crispiness reached your taste buds.

“How can you make eating chicken look hot? People are suppose to look greasy doing that, not like they got straight out of a commercial.”

You clean your lips delicately with a napkin, smiling angelically at him. “Haven’t you heard? I’m actually a angel sent from heaven. I can show you at least 5 fan videos with that theory. And besides, I’m my group visual, it’s my job to look pretty.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that theory was true.” he nodded, then stretching his long arms and legs until his back was curving away from the sofa, he yawns.

“You look really tired, Namjoon-ah.” you note, your mother hen side not letting the concerned go unnoticed from you voice. “Are you sure you shouldn’t be at home resting? “

He gives you another reassuring smile, his dimples showing faintly. “It’s okay, even if I went home I would be even more tired. I love the boys, but sometimes I just wish I could sleep without having to stop some ridiculous fight. And you didn’t invited me over to hear about my problems.”

“It’s okay if you want to talk about what’s bothering you. Just because we’re doing this- you now, this thing, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and talk.” You say, smiling brightly at him. “ And I get you. It’s hard being a leader and having more responsibilities than the rest of our members, having to take care of the group image and all that. Sometimes I worry so much about them I can’t even sleep. I don’t know how you manage to take care of 6 persons, I get exhausted just with my 3 babys.”

He chuckled in agreement.Taking the napkin from your hands, he throw it in on the coffee table, patting his lap after. “C’mere.” you oblige, straddling his hips. His hands caress the sides of your thighs lightly. He leans forward, his nose nuzzling your neck. Breathing deeply. after a second, he says “This is nice, talking. And you smell nice too.”

“I just showered, that’s why” you remind him, your voice coming out lower than before as he continues​ to run his nose along the line of your collarbones up to the point below your ear, making you shiver. Your hands come to his shoulders to keep yourself stable. You sigh with the feeling of him leaving featherlight kisses against your jaw. “Can you just please kiss me already? You’re such a tease.”

He looks up at you, his eyes darker than before. “Sure, princess.”

He kisses you softly at first, one of his hands moving from your thighs to your​ hips, pushing you down on his growing erection as the other one move to cradle your head, tilting it down as he deepens the kiss, hungrier than ever before. You moan lowly into the kiss as he ruts against you, making you feel that he is fully hard now. You start moving your hips as well, making him grunt this time. breaking the kiss to watch you as you rode his hips.

His hands move from the nape of your neck to cup your jaw, the tip of his thumb sliding across your lips, swollen and red from the kiss. You moved your head to catch it, sucking gently on him, swirling your tongue around. Namjoon gulped loudly, eyes glazed with lust.

“I promised you something, didn’t I?” You said, sliding down from his lap and kneeling in front of him. Smiling, you inched forward until your face was pressed against his crotch. Namjoon is already fully hard, and you moth at the material of his jeans, feeling his cock twitch again the denim.

“You don’t have to.” he says, voice ragged as you begin sliding his zipper down, pulling his jeans and boxers down enough so that you can finally reach Namjoon’s hard and flushed cock. You wrap your fingers around the base, pumping it sowly, a drip of precome dripping slowly from the dark head down his shaft, making him let out a husky moan. “I don’t want you to feel pressured.”

“I want to,” You answer honestly, bringing your lips down until they’re just barely touching his head, your breath on him making Namjoon shiver in anticipation. Looking up at him through your eyelashes, you let him see the need in your own face. “I’ve been dying to do this since the first time you texted me. So just let me suck your dick and be happy, let me have this. ”

You lick his head, tasting him- salty and bittersweet, with the faint smell of whatever body lotion he uses, and when you finally suck him into your mouth, your tongue swirling around the head, his hand come to your head and you have to resist the urge to grin smugly at the sound he lets out, needy and urgent, like he too had been waiting for this since the beginning.

Without warning, you bring your mouth down until your lips are touching your fingers, and very deliberately, you gulp, feeling his grip tighten as his hips buckle up. Slowly, you bring your head up, sucking hard, your tongue flat against the side of his cock as you do so, deepthroating him until he’s trembling, letting out deep groans of pleasure.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so good at this,” the praise has you moaning as his hips move, fucking himself into your mouth. Hearing it, he looks at you, surprise lacing his features for a second. “Really? Praising kink?”

“Don’t kinkshame me.” you say, your hands replacing your mouth. “ It’s not my fault I like being recognized for being a good girl.”

Suddenly,his hand come down, holding your wrist in place and stopping your movements. “Hold up, I’m gonna cum if you keep up.” he warns, chest moving rapidly with his heavy breathing. He looks at you,  you with your lips swollen, looking utterly fucked, hair disheveled and needy eyes. “And I’m not cumming before fucking you like I’ve been wanting to all this time, baby girl.”

A shiver runs down your spine at the promise in his words and at the petname.

“We should go to my room then. My bed is perfect for that.”

He smiles, big and wolfish, like you’re his prey and he can’t wait to savor every piece of you. You take his hand. pulling him quickly towards the door that leads to your room. Closing the door behind him, he attacks your mouth again as you walk backwards​, until the back of your knees are hitting the bed and hes laying​ you down on it, hands delicately supporting you so that you don’t fall abruptly.

“Clothes.” you manage to gasp as he kisses you. “Take off. Wanna feel your skin on mine.”

He lifts your shirt over your head, groaning when he sees you’re not wearing a bra, cupping your breast with one hand. You do the same, quickly getting rid of his shirt, hands instantly roaming through his defined stomach.

“Are you going to have some schedule where you’ll have to show your belly sometime soon?”

“What? No, I don’t think so. Why?”

It becomes clear to you why when he sucks hard at the skin of your waist, bitting and leaving a red bruise in the place of his lips. He does that till he reaches your hip bones, nipping at the skin, teasingly kissing the hem of your leggings, his fingers massaging your ass as he lifts it so he can take it off, leaving you only in your black see though panties.

He just looks at you for a couple of seconds, eyes absorbing you half naked in your bed, hair sprawled around your head like a halo.

“You’re so perfect.” He finally lets out, head coming down again kissing your inner thighs. “So fucking perfect, I can’t wait to fuck you, angel. Been dreaming about this since the first time.”

You whimper at his words, lifting your hips, coaxing him to give you what you want. He complies, mouthing over your clothed sex. You let out a loud whine, telling him to just please eat you out already. Which he does, kissing your already swollen clit before he’s pressing his tongue against him, flat as he licked you languidly, seeming pleased with the way you moaned as he did so. He pressed one finger inside of you, moving it in rhythm with his tongue. He sucked hard on your bud, making you whimper as he inserted another finger inside of you. His mouth left you as he watched you trembling​ in your bed, his hand pounding in you.

“You taste so good, angel. Do you know that? You’re being so good for me, doing so well. Come for me, baby, i want to taste you as you scream.”

“Namjoon!” you moan his name, clenching around his fingers as his mouth suck at your​ pussy hard, his eyes locked with yours, watching you come undone with his mouth and fingers alone.

As you lay there, chest rising and falling as you try to catch your breath, he slides up until his eyes are level with yours again, moving the hair stuck to your face away with his fingers. You reach your head out for his mouth, kissing him hungrily when you see the tent in his jeans again. “There’s condoms in the top drawer.”

He reaches for it, kicking his jeans and boxers out at the same time. You lift yourself with your arms, watching him roll the condom down his length and your mouth water again.   

He settles himself between your legs, cradling your face between his hands again as he stares at you again.

“You’re really beautiful. Like, really really beautiful” he says hoarsely, his voice even more melodic than usual. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.”

You shiver hard in anticipation and you basically beg “Please, Joon.”  

He thrusts into you, and the stretch is so.pleasurable you both moan at the same time. He tries to give you time to get used to it, but you’ve never been known for being patient, and soon after you’re moving your hips, basically riding him for underneath. The message gets across, and then he’s pounding into you, holding one of your legs over his shoulder.

Fuck.”  you curse, biting down on your lips to avoid screaming in ecstasy as he hits your sweet spot again and again. You’re already over sensitive from your previous orgasm, and you see a new one approaching soon. “More, Joon, please. I’m almost-”

“You feel so good, angel. You take my cock so good.” he pounds harder into you, deeper, grunting into your neck. “Can you come for me again? I want to feel you coming on my cock like a good girl.”

“I’m - fuck- Namjoon!

Your vision turns white as you climax again, losing track at what you’re saying and the volume of your voice. Namjoon’s mouth finds your again, moaning your name as he too finish, you still clenching yourself around him as you milk him, you both still riding the aftershocks of your orgasms.

He leans his forehead against yours. “Fuck, that was… fuck.”

You laugh, understanding completely. Getting up,he walks to your bathroom to get rid of the condom as you just stay there unable to move, just your eyes following his naked figure. He come back with a warm damp towel, laying down next to you and cleaning all the bodily fluids that had coated you in the midst of probably the best sex of your life.

After he deems you clean enough, he pushes you your pink duvet on top of you both. You turn on your side, facing him. He has a strange looks in his face as he watches you attentively.

You trace his face with the tip of your fingers, since the outlines of his forehead, down to the slope of his nose, his full lips, his sharp jawline, his dimples, showing as he smile rather shyly at you, his hands caressing softly you waist, helping ground you again on earth.

“You’re really handsome.” you hear yourself say, just like he did before he fucked you exhausted. “Are you feeling a little less stressed? Did it help?”

He nods, cheeks flushed pink faintly. “Yes, this helped. But I’m still really tired, you were right. Maybe I should go home.”

You lift your head to look at the Totoro-shaped clock on your bedside table. “It’s past 1 am, Joon. You can stay, I don’t mind. I like cuddling, though, that’s the condition. You have to be the big spoon.”

He blinks, cheeks even more blushed. “I- yeah- I like cuddles too cuddles are cool. Are you sure it’s okay if I stay? I don’t want to intrude, It’s totally cool you if you don’t want me to, I can call a taxi in like five  secon-.”

Snuggling closer to him, you make yourself the little spoon, bringing his arm around your waist and making him go silent in the process. In this position you can’t see his face as you interrupt him, already sleepy. “Is okay, that was the best fuck of my life, I’ll even make you breakfast in the morning.”

He seemed to hesitate for a second, but then you can feel his nose nuzzle your hair. “Okay then, goodnight angel.”

Almost sleeping, you reply with a Good night Joonie. or at least you think you do, too exhausted to keep being coherent. You fall asleep with his arms around you, and the smell of his musky perfume on your sheets.

Which is okay, you manage to think before giving in to unconsciousness. Because it’s just a casual thing.


Insomniac Playlist

   Click the songs to hear them. I recommend headphones, a hot cup of tea and a book - put your phone away!

1. Sound Asleep // Blondie : This song just describes that state of mind where you’re craving sleep but it just won’t come to you. Packed with a whirling lullaby melody, a soothing, calming beat and Debbie Harry’s dreamy vocals - this song is perfect to wind down to.

2. Oblivion // Bastille : The basis of this song is about watching someone fall into oblivion and never managing to quite get there yourself. Starting with Dan’s clear, calming voice and a single piano, it escalates into a beautiful tangle of strings with mesmerizing electronic beats and heartwarming, layered high notes.

3. Pale Blue Eyes // The Velvet Underground : It may be decades old but for me, this song is my secret sleeping weapon. Consisting of a mellow bass, light riffs of acoustic-goodness and a pure voice singing some of the most beautiful words ever written - this song and it’s hypnotic nature will have you snoring in seconds.

4. Breathe // Of Verona : This song is purely about love, however the chorus can really help to soothe your breathing and chill you out. Starting out as just a silky voice and basic, haunting accompaniment, it gradually blossoms into a beautifully dramatic collision of cymbals, layered, echoing vocals and a lullaby-esque flooding of drums and piano.

5. Tempt You (Evocatio) // Nothing But Thieves : Pure slow-indie perfection about being tempted away from ‘the city’. It’s a mollifying, smooth vocal that will make your head spin paired with a gradual build-up of minimalistic guitar and electronic sounds - this is sure to send you into a deep on-the-edge-of-sleep feeling.

6. I Work Nights and You Work Days // To Kill A King : This song is written about someone who works nights and comes home to see their partner sleeping lightly. Consisting of a consoling, rich folk voice that lies softly alongside a piano laced with sections of heart-warming strings - this song will make your eyes feel heavy and your bones feel tired.

7. Hold You // Nina Nesbitt (ft. Kodaline) : A match made in lullaby heaven, this collaboration will have you drifting between dreamland and reality. A slightly raspy but somehow clear, Scottish female voice teamed up with a gentle and heart-wrenching, Irish male voice layered over the top of a folk-indie instrumental, this is a definite track for a sleep playlist.

8. The Parting Glass // Ed Sheeran : Now I’m not a massive Ed Sheeran fan, but this hidden track found at the end of Give Me Love from his first album (+) is so simple and yet so soothing that it had to be included. With the only accompaniment being Ed’s harmonized humming and the rest is his reassuring vocal, this minimalistic track is amazing as a lullaby.

9. Final Masquerade (Acoustic) // Linkin Park : The original version of this song was on The Hunting Party, an album that I only own on vinyl but the acoustic version was floating about on iTunes. A true acoustic featuring Chester’s mesmerizing vocal, contrasted with a lower male voice and packets of a woman’s voice during the beginning - this song is like a stepping stone to a chilled out mind.

10. Metal & Dust // London Grammar : Indie relaxation at it’s best, this song can be interpreted into many different messages. Filled with light and fluffy beats, some hidden strings possibly and dominated by Hannah’s velvet-coated vocals, this is fantastic.

Flashing Lights (part 2) - Benedict x reader

A/N: I’m sorry this took a while, but I had two of my wisdom teeth extracted like two days ago, so you can imagine the mess that I am right now…
I wasn’t planning on writing this second part, but a friend asked for some intense riding smut, so here I am. lol.
To @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch who sent this lovely request my way, I hope you don’t mind but I’m planning on writing that as a part three, so sit tight because it’s coming!
Also, if any of you want to be tagged in the next part, do send me an ask and I’d be glad to add you!

Word count: 2481
Warnings: smut

[Part 1] - [Part 3]

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Back to Me

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request:  Hello :) May I send you a Bucky request where you were his first love after his Winter Soldier time and now lived with him in Bucharest. Then he gets manipulated again and doesnt recognize you anymore. Sometime later you get hurt during an attack really bad and when Bucky sees you laying bleeding and unconscious on the Asphalt, it clicks in his head and he gets back to “normal” again. He stays then at your bedside, caring for you & promising to become a better Person for you :) <3 Thank you :)

Warnings: language, shitty writing that isn’t proofread, very light (?) violence (aka i cant write fight scenes so there is one but it spans about a paragraph and a half) also its like pretty long for me so

Originally posted by itsawkwardfangirl

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William Nylander - The Publicity Stunt Part Two

Originally posted by wonthetrade

Word Count: 1714

Warnings: Cursing

Prequel / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six  / Part Seven  / Part Eight/ Part Nine

Will quickly pulled me up the staircase that led to a heavy metal door. A gush of cold air hit me as the door opened. Bright lights lit up the concrete rooftop revealing a pool, accompanied by tables and lounge chairs. The lights in the pool were gradually changing colors of the rainbow. Which was reflecting off the glass railing that divided the patio from the side of the building.

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Guys, I’ve reached 100

So as a slept my follower count crept up to 100. To celebrate I wrote a little (but I actually mean quite long) thing for you. I just want to say THANK YOU so much for all your likes, reblogs and comments. I see them all and they make smile so much. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

I started writing because I needed a creative outlet. I’m a creative person by nature I couldn’t find the time or space to do big projects so I started writing in my free time just to do something. It just makes me so much happier that you all love it too.

So I hope you enjoy this Moriel piece I’ve had rattling around for a while because I essentially live in a Moriel trashcan.

The Queen and the Shadow Prince

Mor’s pillow was soft and the blanket was cosy as she tucked it in close. She was comfortable and warm and she sighed as her eyes began to close as she drifted off. And then, it started again. She allowed the blanket to swallow her groan so she didn’t wake up the male sleeping next to her. The only sound in the room was Azriel’s even breathing, he had fallen asleep almost immediately once they had gone to bed. Unfortunately for Mor sleep had been evading her for the better part of two hours because every time she was about to succumb to her exhaustion the baby would start kicking. And kicking hard.

The baby was alternating between kicking her ribs and pounding against her stomach as it rested on the bed and it was constant and hard enough that Mor couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep. She was getting frustrated, today the had pregnancy taken its toll on Mor and she just wanted to rest. All day the baby had been moving keeping her on edge, then there had been the mood swings and the off again on again appetite. Mor was spent.

Mor took a shuddering breath as tears began to prick her eyes and she rubbed her stomach in hopes of calming down the baby, all she was met with was a few good kicks against her palm. The sound she made in response was somewhere between a huffing laugh and a sob. That was enough to wake Azriel and Mor felt his arm snake around her as he pulled himself closer.

“Mor,” Azriel said, his voice still heavy from sleep, “you alright?”

“Yeah Az, I’m fine,” she gave his hand that had come to rest on her a reassuring pat. “Go back to sleep.”

Azriel had been so busy these last few days, he had been in and out of meeting with Rhys and taken do doing some of Mor’s work as well. He was exhausted and Mor wanted him to sleep.

“You’re lying Morrigan,” Azriel whispered into her ear. Mor hadn’t realised how close he had gotten and almost jumped at the sound. “What is it?”

Mor swallowed, willing some strength into her voice, “Its just…” Her voice cracked and Azriel was immediately propped up next to her so he could see her face, his eyes scanning every inch of her. “The baby won’t sleep Az.”

Mor was crying now, she couldn’t help it. She was so tired and her resolve was dissipating by the second. As her tears began to fall, Azriel wiped them away with a soft gentleness that he so rarely showed to anyone but Mor. Then we he lent down and kissed her cheek and smoothed back her hair, each action calming her. Azriel continued to smooth her hair while the other hand moved soothing up and down her side. Mor began to relax and closed her eyes.

Then they sprung open as Mor received a particularly sharp jab to the ribs.

Mor didn’t hold back her groan this time and she heard Azriel chuckle. She sent him a searing look from where he hovered above her and any amusement was wiped from his face in an instant.

“Sorry,” he said as he pecked a quick kiss to her cheek. “Get as comfortable as you can.”

So Mor did. She rearranged her pillows, fluffed out the blanket and snuggled a little into Azriel. Azriel was sitting up a little more now and he had one of his wings stretched out over them. Once Mor was where she wanted to be Azriel placed a hand on her stomach.

“Now, I’m going to tell you a story,” Azriel said.

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Swept Away, Part 1

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Characters: Dean Winchester (23 years old, so preseason 1), Reader. (future x reader) mentions of John, Sam and Reader’s family.

Warnings: ANGST, Dean’s self worth problems, severe injury, canon level violence. Mention of medications for pain and anxiety. Also, abuse of John Winchester’s parenting skills. This part is PG-13 but will be at least R in future parts. (Also credit to whoever made the gif, its not mine. I found it on Google.)

Summary: John sends Dean to the mountains of Agness, Oregon alone to track a possible werewolf. What he finds turns out to be a little more than he can handle. Dean is left wondering if his father set him up to fail.

A/N: So, this was written for @mamaredd123‘s Angst Appreciation Day Challenge, Shred All the Hearts. My prompt was to use the song ‘Listen to Your Heart’ by Roxette and to rip peoples hearts out. I hope I deliver on this request. I’m late as hell and I deeply apologize. This is only the first part, but there is plenty of angst here to enjoy.

I know there’s something in the wake of your smile.
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.
You’ve built a love but that love falls apart.
Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.

It was a sunny, warm day in Agness, Oregon, and you couldn’t get a Roxette song out of your head. You had no idea why it was stuck on replay, but it wasn’t unusual for your brain to taunt you in this way. Wisps of thin clouds that look like they’ve been painted on a bright blue sky float by on a cool breeze. A promise that the temperature will drop nearly thirty degrees when the sun goes down due to the proximity of the mountains. You like the feeling of freedom that the place gives you, but you could do without the dramatic drops in temperature.

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performance unit when you’re on your period

requested by anon “hi, can I request a scenario as to how the performance unit would react when you’re on your period? I saw the hip hop unit version and it’s so cute !! thank you :)”

this is honestly SO LATE i’m sorry!


  • y’all would have planned a swimming/beach date in advance but u’re bleeding
  • so u texted him the day before and u know he’s gonna be disappointed so u kept apologising
  • but he’s like “why’re u so sorry abt it?? it’s not like u can control this kind of things”
  • and on the day where y’all were supposed to meet he surprised u w food
  • ((if u’re into sweet stuff he’ll also get lots of them))
  • u peppering him w kisses on his cheek but he’s like “i think i deserve better”
  • he puckers his lips w his eyes closed trying to get u to kiss him
  • but u’re all playful and use the back of ur hand to replace ur lips
  • he’ll start whining but follow u closely like a lost puppy
  • “can’t u just kiss me once?” w those puppy eyes
  • clingy jun
  • he’ll try to tickle u but u’re like “STOP IT JUN DON’T FORGET I’M BLEEDING”
  • then he throws his hands in the air in defeat
  • but he still has those puppy eyes and sad face
  • ahh so cute omg
  • after lunch the both of u would just be hanging around the couch watching shows
  • and u’d return him the surprise by sneaking a kiss on his lips
  • he’s caught of guard like ??!!?
  • blushing jun


  • u bring food over while he’s having dance practice
  • and during lunch he’s stuffing food into his mouth like a hamster
  • (as usual but u weren’t complaining)
  • u don’t have much appetite and u feel bloated so u’re just watching him eat
  • “why aren’t u eating?”
  • and after finding out u’re having ur period hoshi’s like “why did u come?? u should be resting at home”
  • u’ll be reassuring him that u’re fine but he’ll feel bad bc he’s the reason why u’re out
  • “soonyoung, i really am fine, hurry eat”
  • he’ll gobble down his food rly fast just to spend more time w u
  • that includes holding u in his embrace
  • telling u about absolutely anything
  • u love listening and watching him talk (esp abt things he like) bc u can see passion in his eyes
  • and how he’d get rly hyped
  • u have nowhere to go after lunch and he asked if u could stay and watch him
  • in which u agreed bc why not
  • he’ll leave slightly early bc he doesn’t want u waiting for long
  • esp when u’re bleeding
  • he’ll spoil u w ur fav food and wtv u wanna do


  • u wouldn’t have told him in the first place
  • but he notices that u keep going to the toilet so he asks
  • when u tell him about it he prob wouldn’t react much but he’ll become quite clingy??
  • and he may baby u subtly
  • like he wouldn’t even know this change of behaviour until u point it out
  • “why’re u extra nice today?”
  • and he’s like “i’m nice every day??”
  • imagine having a puppy w him
  • when y’all are just hanging out and playing the puppy gets excited and tries to jump all around u
  • precious minghao will fluster and try to hold on to the puppy
  • “don’t disturb mommy, she’s sick”
  • “i’m not sick, minghao”
  • “it’s ok the puppy won’t understand that”
  • and u’re judging him so hard
  • movie time
  • u’ll be more touchy than usual
  • like leaning ur head on his shoulder, playing w with his hands, or clinging onto his arm like a koala
  • he secretly likes it and thinks u’re the cutest whenever u do that


  • i keep picturing him as an innocent child just bc he’s the maknae but that boy is alr 19
  • extra caring
  • wouldn’t say no to what u want
  • “u don’t have to say yes to everything u know, it’s not like my heart is bleeding”
  • and he just smiles and goes along w everything u say just bc
  • ice cream dates like the usual
  • until he realises u shouldn’t be eating cold stuff
  • “its ok i’m alright”
  • “are u sure”
  • and he watches w concern while u eat
  • u have to question why he keeps doing that and he says in case u get a tummy ache
  • “tummy ache LOL u mean cramps”
  • and when ur cramps start working up he’s all guilty
  • “omg i shouldn’t have brought u to eat it’s my fault that u’re hurting”
  • honestly u want to just hug the shit outta him bc he’s so cute and innocent???
  • “its not ur fault chan, it happens, STOP BLAMING URSELF”
  • and maybe u have to kiss him to shut him up

*shuffles in*
Tumblr, take this piece off my hands. This, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when you want to write something angsty but have no clue what to write. Happy reading this sloppy piece of Valka and Astrid bonding, sprinkled with fluffy Hiccstrid. Also had a hard time with title, so ignore that please.
*shuffles out*

Forget Me Not

It had been so long since I’d been in the Great Hall. It had… changed so much.

It was empty for the most part, only a few Vikings wandering about in the aftermath’s of the supper meal. Hiccup had been called away on “supposedly” business, with Astrid, which made me smile at the thought. I highly doubted Hiccup was on chiefting duty. But it was good for him to get out, and I applauded Astrid (most assuredly my future-daughter-in-law) for convincing him to take the needed time off.

I paused at the large fire pit in the middle, where a low kindled fire burned and sent a glowing red light bouncing off the walls. I dragged my finger tips along the fine wood and metal, seeing it had been replaced since the many years since I’d been there. I paused when my fingers traced a digit in the metal, and I ducked down to read what the engravement read. HHHIII. Hiccup’s signature.

I grinned again, knowing for certain Hiccup had been the one to create such a large structure of use. I let my fingers rest a bit longer, imagining all the other creations I might find along the way that were made by my son. 

I paused as something caught my attention from the corner of my eye, and I turned to stare at the row of painted portraits aligned on the far back wall. I blinked, stepping forward in wonders if there would be one of… of Stoick…

Tears pricked, but I gulped hastily to try and push the pain away, before stepping forward again, slowly making my way down the line. I recognized many of the portraits from past years, and I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of something familiar.

It wasn’t until the last one that I stopped moving. I sighed and reached a hand out to let my fingertips touch the dried paint of my husband, swallowing a sob that wished to rise. My attention then turned to the boy standing next to him, doing a double take as I realized in amazement that it was indeed younger Hiccup.

“My… how he’s changed…” I whispered. “He looked just like me when I was young…”

“Took after you in more way than one.” 

I swiveled about in alarm, surprised to see Astrid stepping forward with a small smile. I tried to smile back, but found it difficult with the assault of emotions. 

“Now I know why he loved Dragons so much.” Astrid tilted her head to also look at the painting, coming to a stand still beside me. “He’s much like you…”

“He’s… he’s most definitely Haddock as well…” I murmured, “Has that stubborn streak.”

“I’d say a fair share of that also comes from the Jorgenson’s.” Astrid once again smiled softly at me, and I smiled slightly in return, “I suppose I shouldn’t blame him for his stupid stubbornness… he had it coming having two parents just as stubborn.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her deduction, knowing it to be true. I still had no idea how Stoick and I had gotten along so well- fallen in love no less- when we were both so strong in our opposite ways. It made me realize for the first time that would we had… what we had was true love.

“How is he?” I finally whispered, peering over at the young girl beside me. She sighed and gave a small shrug of her shoulders.

“He’s hurting…” Astrid whispered, hands fiddling together as she bit her lip. “I wish there was something I could do…”

“You’re already doing everything you can.” I reassured, resting a hand on her shoulder. “You’re loving him, and that’s all any of us can do…”

She blinked up at me, eyes shining with unshed tears, “I hate seeing him like this. I just want his life to… to be the life he deserves… and he deserves to have his father.”

My throat tightened, and I nodded mutely. I couldn’t help it, the tears wanted to come… but I swallowed thickly and forced the sorrow to drown in my emotions. I wanted my son’s life to be perfect… and I could’ve down that if I had only come back.

If only…

“I-I’m sorry…” Astrid stuttered regretfully. “I… I didn’t mean it like that. It’s not your fault… it’s just… cruel fate.” she sighed and looked away, arms hugging herself. “I just want to make him happy…”

I blinked, and grabbed her shoulders, turning her so she faced me. I took a deep breath, smiling through the grief, “You do, lass. Every time he sees you… his face lights up. He laughs, he’s happy. He can forget.” 

Astrid shook her head, and it was then that a tear began to slide down her cheek. She pulled away and furiously scrubbed her face with her fist, sniffing loudly as she nodded shakily.

“I wish I could do more.” She said with a shudder.

“You can’t. I can’t…” but, oh, by the gods I wish I could… “No one can. This is something that he will have to fight through on his own. We’re… we’re just his crutches to help him get there.”

Astrid remained still, and after several silent moments, she nodded and sniffed again, lifting her head to stare at the portrait on the wall. I followed her gaze, staring intently at Stoick’s face. Oh, how I wished he was here…

“I promised him I’d stop by his hut on my way home.” She finally murmured. “He wanted me to see if you could come as well- for a late supper or something…”

I snapped out of my daze, nodding automatically in reply. There was another moment of silence, before Astrid turned quietly and headed towards the doors.

I remained a moment longer, before I too turned away from the painful image of my husband… yet I couldn’t help but turn and look again at his familiar smile, arm slung over Hiccup’s slight shoulder. 

I smiled and whispered I quiet “I love you…” before turning and hurrying to the door.

I would return many times to the portrait in the future, and even when the pain lessened, I always found myself returning… many times Hiccup and I came together. Even with Stoick gone, when we were close to the things that reminded us of him… it was almost like we were a family again…

…And we never forgot him.


Dolan Twins X READER

desc: both twins have unresolved feelings for you

photo creds: pinepizzalove


Your feet slapped against the burning road as you skipped quickly down to the white sand. You took a seat on the bottom stair reaching the sand, and propped your sore feet up. They were scratched and burnt pink from running to the beach barefoot, but it was worth it. You felt the stair shift slightly on your right as somebody took a seat beside you.

“You hurting?” Grayson asked.

You dragged your eyes up to the rolling aqua waves.

“Mm, but it was worth it.”

“Pfft, just so you could beat me here?” Grayson scoffed.

“Exactly,” you smirked, looking over the pearly foam.

“You get used to it eventually,” he replied.

“Well yeah, but unlike you and Ethan, I’m not a jungle child who spent my childhood years climbing trees and, well, running on hot road,” you smiled.

“By the way, where’s E?” you remembered suddenly.

“Oh,” Grayson cleared his throat, “Uh, he’ll be here in a few.”

You sighed and drew patterns in the sand with your toes, “Kay.”

There was a small gathering on the beach that night, which meant new people and social interaction, and you only agreed to come because your two best friends, Ethan and Grayson, would accompany you. People were just starting to light the bonfire as the golden sun began to sink in the sky.

“Come on,” Grayson smiled and stood to move towards the crowd, “Let’s go.”

He brought himself up and blocked out the sun, his outstretched arm coming into view. You took his hand gratefully, and he easily lifted you straight into his arms.

You knocked against his chest from the force, “Oof.”

Grayson’s laugh rippled through his chest, and you could feel the little vibrations through his tee.

“Sorry, (Y/N),” he snorted.

You shook your head with a smile and took his hand as you made your way over to the bonfire.

The amber flames created a halo of warmth, and at once, people swarmed you and delved deep into conversation. You chatted politely, asking more questions than you answered, and holding onto Gray’s hand all the while. Your friendly conversation was interrupted abruptly when people began pulling from the bonfire and racing into the water.

“Why not?” you decided, flinging your clothes onto the sand and trotting towards the sparkling water in your bikini. You stuck your toe into the sea, slightly discouraged by the cold. You winced a little and started running headfirst into the freezing waves, but you’d barely taken a few steps when someone pushed you face-first into the water. You gasped and pulled yourself up, coughing up salt water, and shaking your soppy hair.

“GRAYSON DOLAN,” you spluttered, too shocked to even turn around.

You could hear him chortling delightfully from behind you.

“I. am. never. forgiving. you.”

“Noo, nooo,” Grayson winged, wrapping his arms snugly around you from behind. You tried to shake him off but his grip on you was too strong.

You blinked a few times, squinting from the sunlight, “You think you’re so funny.”

Grayson rested his cheek against yours, “Yeah actually, I do,” he grinned happily into your skin.

You wriggled and squirmed until you’d free yourself, and spun around to face Gray. His bronze skin glowed in the sun, his rippled chest covered in crystal water droplets, his smile irresistible.

“Ethan,” you stated.

“Um, wrong twin?” Grayson said, taken aback.

“No,” you smiled, “Ethan’s here!”

Grayson spun around, looking out to his brother. Ethan walked down the sand, his jaw set in annoyance. He looked at you, taking in a breath before signaling his head towards Grayson.

“Be right back,” Grayson said quietly and heading back.

You raised an eyebrow at Ethan, who flashed you a cheeky smile before promptly stripping down.

Ok, that didn’t answer any questions.

Grayson emerged from the water, and began speaking to his brother. Ethan said something while gesturing towards you, but noticing you were looking, turned away. Grayson shook his head and restlessly ran a hand through his hair. Ethan shoved Grayson and raised his voice, so you caught a few of his words.

“You know how I feel about her.”

Grayson turned to you, making eye contact, but you turned and pretended not to notice.

They went on like that for a few minutes before both joining you in the ocean.

“You guys okay?” you asked.

Ethan flanked your left side, Grayson your right, closing you between their warm bodies.

“Nothing,” Ethan sighed, “Grayson and I just seemed to have a disagreement . You see he conveniently forgot to invite me her-”

“Bro, you can stop,” Grayson warned, his voice low.

“Oookay,” Ethan flashed his brother a fake smile.

“Hey,” you said, looking between the both of them, “let’s just forget about it for now, kay?”

“Alright,” Ethan said, squeezing himself a little closer to you as he said it.

You headed towards a flat sandbar, where everyone was huddling. The group was going to have a chicken fight in the sea.

“Another pair?” Somebody asked.

“W-I’ll go” you volunteered shyly whilst tucking your stray hairs behind your ear.

“Great! Who do you want to go with!?”

“Me,” two voiced answered confidently in sync.

Grayson and Ethan stood behind you, both looking kindly upon you.

“I-I don’t want to pick,” you whispered nervously, flicking your eyes restlessly over them both.

“I’ll make it easy for you then,” E grinned cheekily and stepped forward, taking your palm gently between his.

You gave him a nod, reassured that you weren’t going in this with a stranger.

The game was simple, one person would sit on the other’s shoulders and be faced against another pair of people. The team to first knock down the opposing pair would win.

“I’ll hold you,” Ethan offered, crouching down.

You didn’t protest, since he was way stronger than you.

Ethan bent down, his sun kissed skin warm against your hands. Now you just had to…wrap your legs around his head.

“Um-okay-I’ll- just-” you gulped nervously.

Ethan’s satisfied smile flashed in the sun, but a small boost was all it took to get you up. You rested comfortably on his shoulders, reassured by his hands firmly securing you.

He gave your legs a small squeeze and blinked up at you, one eye closed from the sun, “Everything good up there?”

You gave him a little nod, “Ready.”

The countdown began.


“Hey (Y/N),” Ethan muttered, barely audibly.




“Will you come on a date with me?”


The other pair charged at you, and in the confusion you threw out your arms and gave the girl on the other boy’s shoulder a rough push. The boy supporting her wobbled dangerously before shoving Ethan, who hardly blinked at his weak attack. The blue sea and sky whirred around you in the dizzy confusion, so you didn’t remember much from there. The girl shoved you, you shoved harder. The boy shoved Ethan, Ethan shoved harder. The girl gave out a high pitched yelp as you grabbed her arms and peeled her right off the boy’s shoulders. The crash of waves erupted as two bodies hit the water.

“We did it!” Ethan chortled, his big hazel eyes crinkling as he met your gaze.

“Yes,” you whispered suddenly, in answer to his question.

Ethan tilted his head to the left in wonder, looking you over mischievously before throwing you into the water.

You crashed into the waves, the salt water refreshing as it greeted your skin. You bounced up above the waves, rubbing the water out of your eyes, your vision blurry.

“I can’t see-” you said, wiping your face.

Someone approached you, their two arms sliding gently around your waist and pulling you into their rippled chest. They smelt like the fresh ocean, their dark hair tousled, a big smile visible even through your blurry vision.

You blinked once more, “Ethan.”

Ethan smiled and pushed your wet hair affectionately from your eyes. He squeezed your hips lightly, “Yes? You’ll go on a date wi-”

“Yes,” you laughed out before he could finish.

He smiled with more joy than you had ever seen him muster before.

The last rays of sun sent pink and orange flares across his skin, the cold water lapping around your sides, the noise of the crowd drowned out. Two of Ethan’s fingers crawled under your chin, lifting your face up. He bent down against you, his head tilting, his full lips inviting you in.

“I think I’m going to leave,” somebody said, snapping you from your trance.

“Gray,” you said, blinking out of your daze.

He coughed and gave you a nod, but his eyes were only on Ethan.

“Bye,” he stated softly, before abruptly turning to leave.

“N-” wait,” you called, detaching yourself from Ethan and struggling against the waves as you tried to keep up with Grayson. He pulled ahead of you, ignoring your calls to him. Once you reached the sand, you sped up, your toes sinking in the sand as you made a grab for Grayson’s wrist.

“Grayson,” you panted, “stop.”

“You know, it’s really weird, because I just started feeling really sick to my stomach all of a sudden,” he growled at Ethan, who came in close behind you.

You turned to Ethan, a brow raised.

“Alright, you guys are keeping something from me, so, own up,” you commanded, sick of the charade.

“Grayson,” you said sternly to get his attention.

He looked down on you, his chestnut eyes softening, “It’s complicated.”

“Try me.”

Ethan grabbed your arm and pushed in front of you, holding you close behind his back.

“Actually we’re fine, so maybe you should leave,” he challenged under his breath.

“Ethan,” you hissed, shocked by his hostility. “You know what, if you guys are going to act like children around each other than it’s impossible for me to be with you both at once.”

“Fair enough,” Ethan snarled, “bye bye, Grayson.”

You dug your nails into Ethan’s skin, causing him to finally face you.

“Grayson has done nothing wrong, so drop it,” you warned.

Ethan’s nostrils flared, his eyes flicking up to his brother and back to you. “Fine, you have half an hour,” he said.

And then he was gone.

“Sorry,” Gray sighed a moment later.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.”


You knew better than to pressure someone into information that was private to them, so you left it at that. The navy sky blinked alive with stars, the wind rolling over your damp skin.

“Let’s go to the bonfire before I freeze to death,” you chattered.

You plopped down on a patch of sand in front of the fire, turning your palms near the light of the flames. Goosebumps sprang to life on your skin, a chill settling over you.

“Here,” Grayson said, pulling a purple hoodie from his bag.

“Thank you,” you said gratefully, sliding the woolen fabric over your head. The sleeves dangled past your hands, the hoodie reaching your legs, you felt like you’d been stuffed into an oversized blanket. You brought your knees up to your chest and wrapped your arms around your legs, breathing in the whiffs of Grayson’s cologne.

“Better?” he asked with concern,

“Much,” you smiled and rested your head against his shoulder.

Grayson slinked an arm around you, pulling you into his bare chest while he used his free hand to grab the bag of marshmallows propped up on the sand. Only a few minutes passed, but in that time you’d quickly dozed off in his arms. You listened to the sounds of the crackling fire, excited when you smelt-

“Marshmallows,” you said, sitting up at once.

“Seriously? That’s what wakes you up?” Gray laughed at you.

“Are you gonna laugh at me or give me food?” you challenged.

“Here,” G said, handing you a burnt and gooey marshmallow on a stick.

“Thanks,” you smiled and ate it in one bite, the warmth and taste making you feel at ease.

“Missed some,” Grayson smiled down at you, quickly using his thumb to sweep at the corner of your mouth.

“Sorry,” you blushed, licking your lips over.

Gray stuck his finger in his mouth to get the marshmallow off.

“Oh, no, Grayson,” you stuck your tongue out, “ew.”

He only smirked and shrugged in response.

Grayson’s eyes flickered over your face for a second, “We have a few minutes left, walk with me?”

“Sure,” you smiled and jumped up.

Grayson and you headed down the beach until the noise of the bonfire chatter was lost to the night. His hand dangled by his side, your hand by yours, but he didn’t take it, he only let his knuckles brush lightly against yours. You felt snug in his big hoodie, safe from the cold.

“I heard what Ethan asked you today,” Grayson said out of nowhere.

“Oh,” you coughed, “Did you also catch my answer?”



This was awkward,

“Looks like my bro finally asked you.”


“Did you not know he’d been in love with you for months?”

You shook your head, your cheeks warming.

Grayson stopped walking and turned to face you, pain written across his face.

“But I’ve been in love with you longer.”

Everything stopped. Your feet. Your heart. Your breathing.

“I know it makes me a horrible person for telling you the way I feel, but I can’t lie to you anymore. And I’m not guilty for wanting what I want, because if I’m going to be guilty about anything, it’s this.”

Suddenly you were in his arms, his hand cupping your face, his lips brushing like a whisper against yours. He kissed you softly, gently, with adoration, and for a second, you kissed him back. And then he was gone, and the silence was shattered.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING,” Ethan screamed as he shoved Grayson off you.

You stood in shock, coming back to your senses.

Grayson gave his brother a shove back, “what I should’ve done a long time ago.”

Ethan’s jaw clenched, his eyes dark as he threw a punch a Grayson, who merely dodged his fist.

“I love her.”

“I loved her first.”

You couldn’t move.

Ethan grabbed his brother’s arm and pulled forward, both boy’s chest’s heaving as they glared each other down.

“You knew I was going to ask her today, so your idea was to steal her away and do it first?” Ethan snarled.

Grayson didn’t respond.

“Admit it,” Ethan hissed.

Grayson stood his ground.

“But that wasn’t enough for you, was it? So you had to kiss her,” Ethan breathed with rage.

“SHUT UP,” Grayson burst out, pushing his brother.

And in that second where there was a space between them, you jumped in the middle of the two boys.

“STOP IT,” you screamed, your eyes watering.

Ethan and Grayson ignored you, advancing on each other. You stuck your hands out, sandwiched between them as you forced them apart.

“Look what you’re doing to each other,” you sobbed, glancing from one boy to the other.

And with that you collapsed onto the ground and started crying.

There was a second of absolute stillness, and then you felt two sets of hands on your shoulders. They held you lightly before guiding you back to your feet. You wiped your eyes and took in a deep breath as you faced Ethan and Grayson. Ethan gulped nervously, his eyes sad as he swiped away a tear from your cheek. He bent over you, dropping a single fleeting kiss to your forehead.

“It’s not going to have be like this, is it?” you whispered, your voice cracking.

Ethan shook his head, meeting Grayson’s eyes and giving him a nod of understandment.

“I’m so sorry baby, but I can’t do this anymore,” he mumbled, his eyes brimming with tears, “not like this.”

He ran his palm gently down your cheek before dropping it down to his side and taking a step back. The moon set a white light over both boys, their bodies still as stone, their eyes glowing. The silence rang in your ears, the silhouette of two perfect brothers casting shadows on the ground.

“You have to chose.”


Summary: AOS Star Trek fic. Friendship between McCoy, Kirk and Reader. Helping the crew with their problems can sometimes leave you strung out. You tinker to unwind, no one knows where all the suddenly fixed PADDS keep coming from until…

Word Count: 1713

Warnings: None I think. Mentions of death but nothing too strong… I don’t even think I swore… Points for me

A/N: This is my first Star Trek Fic, so please let me know what you think! Thanks to @writingwithadinosaur for helping me out! Drea, thank you love!

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You didn’t have too many secrets from your crewmates; it was hard to keep anything secret in such a close knit group, especially since you were all stuck together on a multi-year mission in space. You didn’t even really mean to keep this a secret, it just never came up, so now, you just sorta kept it hidden by default. It wasn’t like it was embarrassing really, just not something you felt like explaining.

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our wedding day|| matt murdock

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It’s your wedding day with Matt Murdock. 

More Matt fluff, but believe me, there’s going to be angst in here somewhere. I’m glad so many of you enjoyed my first Daredevil oneshot! Once I know more about Frank Castle I will most likely be writing for him as well!

* everything with an asterisk is a flashback 

* Forgive me if the song lyrics don’t fit - it’s Turning Page by Sleeping At Last

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No Control | Chapter Fifteen


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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WARNING: Teeny tiny bit of smut (But, like, cute smut.)


Harry startles a little bit when my dad tells him to put his bag in my room. Tommy’s staying the night, since he’s had a bit too much to drink to drive back to Manchester. I rest a reassuring hand on Harry’s back to tell him it really is okay and my parents aren’t trying to test him or anything. 

We all stay up for a bit longer, chatting in our living room, slowly sipping on the rest of the wine from dinner. At around ten, Georgie heads home, giving everyone quick head kisses in farewell, including Harry. She tells me to text her in the morning to possibly make plans before heading out. The rest of us linger for only about half an hour more, everyone yawning between sentences. I’m convinced I’m still suffering a bit from jet lag, and it looks like Harry is too, so I say goodnight to my family and pull Harry with me upstairs. 

“Your parents are really okay with me sleeping in the same room as you?” he asks once I close the door behind us. I’m already searching through my drawers for something to wear to bed, since I know Harry’s going to make my bed like a heater tonight.

“Well, they already suspected we were sleeping together, and Georgie and her big mouth basically confirmed it at dinner. And we’re adults; they can’t really tell me what to do anymore. Even when I was younger, they’d let my boyfriend sleep over in my room. They don’t think it’s a big deal,” I assure with a shrug.
I finally find a tank top that would do and set it out as I pull my jumper over my head. When I look back, Harry is pulling his shirt off and folding it to place it back in his bag. 

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