ressurection of jesus

God hears every beat of our hearts. He knows the desires and thoughts that flows in our mind. He cares. While we are asking and looking for answer in our prayer, God our Father in heaven is doing greater things behind the scene. We only need to learn How to hear His voice, be sensitive to His Spirit, trust His timing and obey. God is too good and wonderful to abandon us. The cross and ressurection of His Son Jesus is the ultimate reason for us to believe that we’re not fighting alone… He is in our side… He is livin’ inside of us… He is our Abba Father ❤

Alright Jane the Virgin Fandom, LISTEN UP

I believe that this hiatus is all about JTV fans having FAITH. Here is why:

Jane the Virgin is a show based in Catholic morals, and as we all know, the writers love a bit of religious allegory. Think the ‘flood’ episode etc. Now here is the real clincher. I believe that Michael’s name is seriously symbolic. Cordero means Lamb in Spanish. Know who else was the ‘lamb’? Jesus, the Lamb of God. Now let’s go all Jane and make some lists:

Jesus Christ:
1) Called the Lamb of God.
2) Was loved by the Virgin Mary
3) Made the ultimate sacrifice and died to take away the SINS OF THE WORLD

Michael Cordero:
1) Surname means Lamb
2) Was loved by the Virgin Mother Jane
3) Sacrificed himself in the quest to fight and take down SIN Rostro. Literally, he died to take away SIN from the world

Are we starting to see the magic? We already know that JTV loves a good play on words with names, think of Rose and Sin Rosetro. However, I had been saving the best and most important symbollic connection until last. Jesus Christ ROSE FROM THE DEAD.

KABAM. Here we have proof that Michael Cordero is going to live, somehow. In order for the allegory to be complete he must return. And here’s where we come in. Jesus’ apostles had to spread the word of his return, they had to have FAITH in his resserection. And we, as a mourning fanbase on hiatus must act like the early church. We must have unswerving Faith in the ressurection of Michael (aka Jesus) Cordero.


Drops mic.

Stumbles off stage.