ressurect the sun

{Requested by anon :3}

You were quietly sitting in your room. Always you picked to sit right in the middle of your bed, it was always the perfect spot where you could clearly look out your window. The sun was shining brightly, the sky was a very soft blue. The sun may have been bright outside, but inside of you, was nothing but pure darkness and depression. Not a single speck of light inside of you. There was no room for it. You sighed as you saw girls your age walking happily together, laughing and sharing secrets. You wished you could do that, but there was no way you can, not with the way sadness you were feeling. You havent been able to understand why you felt so much pain in your heart. You didnt even feel like you had a whole heart like everyone else, you felt like you had pieces of it.

The only thing that managed to put at least a slight smile on your face was the music of your fav band Black Veil Brides. Your favorite song was “Lost It All.” It was a song that you kept playing over and over until you were a bit tired from listening to it.
You pressed play on your phone and the beautifully written lyrics filled up your ears. “Who can save me now?…” those words echoed inside of your head day and night. You felt like nobody could save you, nobody could make you happy, not even yourself. You felt like you had absolutely no hope.
Even when you tried to talk to your mother and father about what you are feeling, trying to pour your heart out to them, it never worked. They never really listend to you, to them it was just a phase you were going through. A phase that has been going on for years.
Suddenly the amazing song was interrupted by a phone call from your best friend Jasmine. You sighed of frustration, you honestly did not feel like talking to anybody at the moment.
“Hello?” You dully greeted.
“Hey (Y/N).”
“Hi Jasmine, whats up?”
“Nothing, just wanted to tell you the greatest news ever!!” She yelled excited.
You rolled your eyes, “What is it?”
“I got us tickets to go see Black Veil Brides!! Front row baby!!” She shouted. Your eyes widend, you even felt yourself running out of breath. There was complete silence for a moment, the only sound that was heard was the pouding of your heart in your chest.
“Are you…fucking…kidding me?..” you finally asked breaking the silence.
“Oh thank God I thought you died for a moment there!”
“I think I did…how the hell did you get tickets?!”
Jasmine giggled, “Does it matter how I got them (Y/N)? The important thing is you and I get to go!! Come on be happy for once in your life!”
You laughed a little. “I am, trust me.” You assured her. “Awesome, see you tomorrow.” Were her last words before hanging up.

The next night, for the first time in a while, you felt joy in your heart, a sense of happiness filled you up inside.
“Finally…” you whispered as you looked at yourself in the mirror making sure everything was on point.
You had never been to a BVB concert before in your life, and now the day you dreamed of was finally here.
An hour later you and Jasmine had arrived at the concert. Just like she had promised, the two of you were in the front row.
Fans all around you screaming for them shouting, “BVB!! BVB!! BVB!!” this whole moment felt like a dream to you. A beautiful dream. You felt your heart skip beats when everyone started screaming their heads up. You turn your head back to the stage and out came your five favorite men. You didnt even scream because you were left speechless.

“Oh my gosh…” you whispered breathless. They began the show with the song “Fallen Angels.” Which was also one of your favorites. After that was, Perfect Weapon, Ressurect The Sun, New Year’s day, In The End, Set The World on Fire and many more. You were having the time of your life. And your best friend was very happy to finally see a smile on your face.
Then came that moment, that beautiful moment when they began to sing your favorite song of all.
“I ruled the world, with these hands I shook the heavens to the ground…” Andy’s beautiful voice sang. You felt the tears running down your soft face when you heard the words…
“Then I lost it all, dead and broken my, back’s against the wall, cut me open Im, just trying to breathe, just trying to figure it out, because I built these walls to watch them crumble down I said, then I lost it all…and who can save me now?…”
It was official, you were blubbering like a baby. Crying worse than a five year old. As they were singing the second verse Andy happend to notice you and your waterfall of tears. He bent down and sang closer to you, he extended his hand and without hesitation you grabbed it.

The entire time he was singing he caressed it and he even pulled you closer. This was all very unreal to you.
Even more unreal when he pulled you up stage. As the guys were playing their instruments Andy took a break from singing and pulled you close, “Whats wrong sweetheart? Why are you crying?” He asked in your ear over the loud music wiping away your tears with this thumbs. You went closer to his hear and explained everything you have been feeling lately.
It really touched his heart and broke it at the same time. He gave you a very tight hug and rubbed your back as he spoke to you, “You are important honey, you are very important thats why you are alive up to this day, you are beautiful and perfect, there is aboslutely nothing wrong with you okay?” He tells you. You nodded and hugged him for a really long time.
Andy held the microphone close to his mouth once more.
“Alright everybody listen up, I just wanted to tell every single person that is here tonight, that we love you and dont ever think for one second that you are not important, that you are nothing! Because let me tell you something! You are perfect! And no matter how many people tell you otherwise! Absolutely nobody and I mean NOBODY can change that fact!!” Everyone cheered and clapped at his amazing words.

He turned to the guys and motioned them over away from their instruments. “Now I want everyone here to do me a favor! I want everybody to grab each other’s hands and tell the person next to you that they are perfect in every way! We are going to sing the bridge to this song all together!! Lets do it!”
Everyone did as they were told. You were hugged by the rest of the guys and they each told you how perfect you are. You held Ashley’s and Jake’s hands and everyone in the audience swayed side to side and Andy sang,
“I believe! That we all fall down sometimes!!”
You were now crying tears of joy and had a huge smile across your lovely face. This was surely a night you would never forget, and now you could honestly say…
That you are happy, and this beautiful band saved you in every way possible.

(Too adorable, love this request :3)


Andy talks about “Resurrect The Sun” and devoting yourself to life goals, dreams and aspirations. Find out some of the hardships Black Veil Brides faced in their early days.