Next out for the Critical Role series, Keyleth of the air Ashari! This was actually the first one I began working on back in June, but uh, had one of those pesky “I can do better than this” moments in regards to the scope of the background. So those supporting me through Patreon have one very… interesting walkthrough and process gif to look forward to.

Cinnamon Rolls [TOG]

Look like they could kill you, are actually cinnamon rolls : Chaol, Abraxos, Sam

Look like a cinnamon roll, are actually cinnamon rolls : Sorcha, Elide, Nehemia, RESS THE GUARD 

Look like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you : Lysandra, Dorian

Look like they could kill you, could actually kill you : Rowan, Lorcan, Aedion, Manon, Asterin, Maeve

Could kill herself by eating too many cinnamon rolls : Aelin


A small photoshoot i made today with my Animal Crossing Amiibos.  

K.K. is making and acoustic live outdoor show.

Resse is amazed by the small yellow flowers.

Blathers found a cozy tree to sleep during the day.

Resetti shows up in the flower garden to check up if i was saving the photos properly.

Celest loves the plants with the same color of her feathers.

Tom Nook is looking in a empty lot for future businesses, of course.


The Blacklist

The Director (No 24)/

   The Director (No 24) Conclusion