so guysss, here is my 1973 fender competition mustang , its a rare model but cosmetically its got a shed load of wear, its been used very very heavily for 40 years, theres two cracks at the back past the neck pocket but theyre structually sound and have glue in , the nut isnt original and the trem is hardtail(dont know how but havent taken it apart) and the selector switch for the neck pickup is icky, but its a cool as hell guitar and looks like a beast ahah, (trade value £700 due to it been competition colours)

the second guitar is a J mascis squier jazzmaster that has been played and used and abused a lot (both by me and the previous owner) it has a ton of wear too but looks spot on (the pickguard is a bit crap tho been resprayed but theyre £12) it has had 3 tuners replaced as the others had bent due to the nature of the guitars use, its got a strat neck pickup (squier standard) and the original bridge pickup in it, the rhythm circuit has been removed too but thats included , the selector switch has been super glued on too as it snapped, it has white witch hat reissue knobs on it which were £30 and a staytrem 9.5 radius bridge (original parts apart from pickguard and white selector switch included) the guitar sounds ace and plays really well and it looks stellar, ( trade value ild say £300 with the parts)

these are cool as hell guitars but i have two nice jazzmasters already and i am looking to trade the pair for a Japanese Mosrite!, if you have a ****japanese mosrite******a *******japanese j mascis jazzmaster*******a ********gibson es135******* or another cool jazzmaster i.e sonic youth ones that you would want to do a straight swap for both of these for your guitar please hit me up in the inbox and also if you want more pics then obviously ill send you some , cheers in advance , UK only please btw, im in Leeds :)


Weekend DIY: Spray paint marble-effect coasters

A weekend DIY that will have your guests sipping pretty. Using our Spring Fling palette as inspiration, we settled on using green, navy and white Rust-oleum 2x glossy spray paint to transform these white tiles into coasters. 

24 hours ahead of time, we prepped the tiles with Rust-oleum 2x Primer. Using a pail sized to the project, we added about six inches of water, then the spray paint. First blue, then green, then white. Using the handle end of the paint brush, we gave the colors a few gentle swirls, then dipped the coasters just under the surface of the water (wearing gloves!). You’ll need to respray the water after each coaster. We let them dry, then sprayed with a clear coat of Rust-oleum to help seal everything in. Lovely and practical, an easy DIY. 


I seem to have started a quest to own as many instruments as possible without ever being good at playing any of them. I bought this Squier P-Bass second hand and in rather good nick, notwithstanding the missing control knobs and a few scratches in the paintwork.

It was a great bass, but I knew as soon as I bought it I’d do something stupid like dismantling it, stripping it down and respraying it. Goodbye Cherry Red, hello Nordic Blue. Several coats of primer, paint and lacquer and many a lungful of noxious particles later, that is. I ruined a perfectly good shirt to get fabric to decorate the pickguard with, but it looks better on the guitar than it ever did on me, so I’ve no regrets on that score. In conclusion, I’m satisfied. I just wish I could play it a bit better!

Ok New Project time.

I’m currently Upgrading my “Encore” strat copy. Some people are going to be asking “Why Bother??!!” well it was my first Guitar so has sentimental value to me. Guitar I played my first chords on and played my first “Gig” on. It has been taken to many a gig as a backup in case I broke a string mid set, The BBC Introducing stage at Leeds Festival to my old Open mic night I used to run.

External image
External image

So all the wiring has been ripped out (only thing staying are the Pickups) New CTS Pots and Five way Switch have already been installed. I’m currently In the process of taking of about 3mm of Poly paint off the body which is then going to be repainted with Nitrocellulose paint. 

Currently Thinking Seafoam Green but suggestions welcome.