Adulting so much.
By some miracle i got free saturday. Woke up early, did yoga, went to farmer’s market, had freshly baked croissant, bought meat and veggies. Went home. cooked lunch/dinner/tomorrow’s lunch anf dinner. Also i got another 36hours long shift tomorrow so yay for me for thinking ABOUT THE FUTURE.
So cooking done, then i did some more yoga bc i am a tall person full of real anxieties.
Now i am enjoying lunch and drinking wine and its not even two oclock.
What kind of new adventure will the rest of today bring….i hope none bc i want to play Dragon age for the rest of today.
How to Approach a Design Responsively

Tito Bottitta gives one of the best overviews I’ve read on building a design responsively. He gives great insight into their team’s entire approach, from step one right to the end. Along with Trent Walton’s candid look at his own process, this piece resonated, identifying a few of the pain points I’ve come across on my own (on a much smaller scale).

Few things about Nami Hawke:
- She is a protector. She feels very resposible for her friends and family.
- She is a purple Hawke. She lives off sarcasm, and bad jokes.
- Loves cats, she has 2 cats in her mation.
- Her dog is named “Harpy”, he is probably her best friend.
- She loves Beth and Carver sooo much.
- She never had a serious relationship before Fenris.
- Whenever she gets drunk she hugs everyone and tells them she loves them.
- Back in Lothering she had a band  with Beth, like Nami would play the lute, Beth was on drums and they would sing
- She has a terrible depression after “All that remains”
- She hates both mages, and templars.
- She is a mage (im still wondering if she should be a blood mage)
- Isn’t a big fan of grey wardens
- She is a rather good person, tho only to the llittle and good people. If u are a heartless fucker she has no problem killing u
- She was always closer to Malcolm than Leandra, but she still loved both of them.
- If she could she would marry Varric tbh
- She is the palest person is Kirkwall, honestly she is a ghost
- She spends most nights in the Hanged Man, she loves to be around people

she said
“grab your guns,
lets have some fun,
share with me your pedigrees,
I have resposibilities I cannot run.

I do not wish the death,
of any living thing,
and I might be your killer but some day I shall be queen,
and put an end to slaughter,
but until then Im keen,
on staking claim to land and sea and everyfin between.”

Please pray for myself and my friend. I feel resposible for exposing him to atheistic thought through a Youtube who is well known for putting forth facts and evidence for things, but also is deeply arrogant and preaches atheism.

I need the wisdom and knowlege, as well as the guidance to speak in a way to explain that my God cannot be put in a box.

There is this prevailing ideology among atheists that “If God loves me, why doesn’t He prove himself to me on my terms?” I feel this is selfish and only reduces to God to something within human understanding.

The God I feel created me is beyond what my brain can comprehend, the Being that created light and sound, placed the planets and galaxies into motion, and brought life, logic, and beauty to the universe.

I feel foolish to stoop to the level of saying because God hasn’t exclusively shown Himself to me in the way of my choosing, that He doesn’t exist.

I want my friend to see God in the way I do, and I wish He would give me the words to express it that satisfies my friend’s logical mind.