other people: im glad dipper and candy didnt actually get together in canon and instead were both able to move on and stay friends

me: i respect that, however, i suck, and also i have an au and i can do whatever i want

Janet Mock Inspires CeCe McDonald

“Janet, you know how much I love you. I look up to you as a big sister. And this book really, in my eyes, made me see myself as not just the one who went through my experience alone. Every time I would read a page in your book, it would be like a black and white scene of a movie in my head of my life, of something that you experienced that I’ve experienced in some way. It’s really hard for me to express myself to people when it comes to experiences that I had whether it be good or bad. And for you to have written a book about that is really a blessing. It’s like…this is like the ten commandments for us right now. Like literally. It speaks truth. And with truth comes freedom.” - CeCe McDonald

Part of what Cece McDonald said to Janet Mock in regards to her important, exquisitely written, groundbreaking book about being a trans woman of colour, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More. Quote is from The Barnard Center For Research on Women annual salon that featured several panelists.

When the signs are hinting for you to stop talking
  • ARIES:short responses and limited eye contact, maybe even reduced to a grunt or animalistic sound
  • TAURUS:looking around maybe not even responding, most likely to just ignore them until they fade away
  • GEMINI:trying to change the subject and wishing for someone more entertaining to come along
  • CANCER:probably the most blatant, can literally just cut you off and not care
  • LEO:if you've been talking about yourself for too long, they're not going to keep listening, you should know
  • VIRGO:maybe the nicest about it, they'll try and listen for as long as they wish to torture themselves, but don't count on them to look entertained
  • LIBRA:tries to wait for a small pause and then changes the subject or sees a new person and calls them, v smooth, v sneaky
  • SCORPIO:cannot even contain the sarcasm and disinterest in their eyes
  • SAGITTARIUS:they're usually actually interested in what everyone has to say, but they will respond with complete honesty of their opinion so watch out
  • CAPRICORN:will listen and maybe make faces, but can't wait to tell someone what dumb thing you just said
  • AQUARIUS:they know who they don't like to hear speak, they might just pretend you're not even there, real cold
  • PISCES:will try v hard to look interested but can't help but looking interested in absolutely anything else going on, if you're not getting full attention, you're barely getting any

How dangerous can circumstances become?


1.08 / 6.03

tbh i think one of the reasons why we’re a good fandom is because of KH itself. like it teaches to be proud of being apart of something bigger, that friends are really important, and idk there’s just good role models in the game. and we learn from it, so we don’t like fight or get really cocky and stuff