In a surprising turn of events, I actually finished a piece of art and broke my summer drawing slum yay! Here’s some Steve/Bucky. And for the love of god enlarge it to see it in good quality.

…Your stomach drops and you start mentally sorting through a host of believable excuses. Yes, you’d cheated on him while he was gone, but you were *certain* that the other vampire’s scent would’ve faded from your skin and clothing by now… Stunned and unable to come up with anything fast enough, you gaze at him fearfully as he turns off the burner and sighs, his body deflating. When he finally rounds on you, his eyes are cold, his lips curling into a snarl. “*Answer me!*” he demands, losing most of his composure as he closes the distance between you and grabs you by the collar. “Did I do something wrong? Did I not *educate you* well enough?” He slaps you hard across the face when all you do is whimper in response, his eyes wild. “If physical affection and sweet words won’t garner me any loyalty…” he growls darkly, his thumb pressing into your trachea as he leans into the crook of your shoulder, fangs bared, “… Then maybe ravaging you like the filthy livestock you are will remind you who you *truly* belong to…” He grinds his burgeoning erection into your hips and pierces your neck with his fangs in the same instant, making you cry out in a mixture of pain and arousal. By the time morning rolls around, neither of you have slept and you’re sporting a myriad of new bruises, scratches, and bite marks. You’re only half-conscious and minutely aware of your aching body as Ruki eats you out, his eyes anchoring into you possessively as you squirm from the sensation of his exploratory tongue.     

This book is out to kill me. Why does Kenobi happen to good people.

(I’m pretty sure that as seriously as Obi-Wan is taking his responsibility to keep an eye on lil Luke, he’s still hoping the sun will drive him a bit crazy. Just a little. Something to take the edge off the loneliness.

I mean, really, how hard must it be to live your whole life surrounded by people who you care about and who care about you, reaching out with the Force, losing and rebuilding every time, and finally losing your dearest friend – a brother, really – and winding up in the asshole of the galaxy, with an eopie and womp rats for company? Some of Obi-Wan’s greatest moments are with people, he thrives on others to a degree, as a Jedi and as an individual. Now here there’s nothing but suns and sand.)

So, I got this lovely ask from this lovely troll blog, and I blocked them because it’s just annoying, but I took a screenshot to show you all so you can all know to avoid this person. They’re very aggressive and rude and spend their free time harassing Tony/Stevetony blogs. My advice is everyone just ignore them and perhaps they will just… fade away, but if you regularly post Tony centric content, I’d suggest preemptively blocking them!!

Edit: their sideblog is @antitonystarkhq

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Mr. Green sat behind his desk, grading some assignments. His classroom was relatively quiet, save for the whispering voices of his students. He was a young teacher, who almost always wore a sweater of some sort and was pretty laidback-depending on what he had planned for that day. Most of the time it was reading and taking History notes. The ringing of the bell brought him out of his focus, looking up to the exiting class, "Make sure to do the assignment on the board-that's why it's there."

*herman smiled as the bell ringed, he hands the assignments to his language art students. his students would jokingly ask if it was help asking the history teacher out but he would roll his eyes and response with “would you rather have an essay about it then?” *then they would keep their mouth shut but soon after he blushes deeply when the girls -who were whispering ideas how the two would date- would winks and nudge him, giggling* jeez, these kids…they’ll be the death of me…

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Hi. Is there any significance to who the other people are in Tony's AOU vision apart from the Avengers? Because I only just noticed there seem to be some other dead people in his vision (unless I'm seeing things xD) Or is it just symbolic for all the other deaths Tony holds himself responsible for, like soldiers killed by his weapons. Because they seem to be wearing tactical gear?

IT’S POSSIBLE. i was also literally just thinking this bc i’m giffing it and y’know giffing is the kind of soul-sucking process where you see everything literally frame by frame multiple times. i think the implication is that they’re SHIELD agents?? i was like to myself, fancy that, tony’s nightmare vision is detailed enough to include the deaths of civilians who died as heroes, too, trying to protect the world alongside the avengers.

and he counts all those fatalities as his responsibility as well.



Jealousy, Part 8

Arin’s feet dragged, heavy and dumb, as he trekked further into the warmth of Mark’s apartment. His blurred vision swam back and forth as he curiously trailed the modern designs and decor mounted across black and white walls. This place looked straight out of a magazine and the thought brought Arin to huff a laugh. Even Mark’s home was nicer than his, typical. Just another check on the list of things Mark had that he did not.

He stopped near the island of the kitchen and used its marbled counter-top to steady his swaying weight. Arin’s eyes blinked away the dizzying veils overcoming him as he peeked past the corners of the room. Besides the recessed bulbs of the kitchen lights, the remainder of the apartment was dark.

“Where’s Dan?” the words fled through Arin’s lips before he could stop them.

Mark neared, his response delayed.

With curious eyes, Arin followed him as he walked past the island to a counter-top bearing the weight of many different bottles of alcohol. The cap to the bottle of Fireball was loosened and from its depth poured amber liquid to quickly fill the design of a skull shot glass.

Slamming back the shot, Mark lowered the glass and filled it again.

“Why does it matter?”

Arin’s lips sealed tight.

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aw dang, your tags are so sweet and so awesome. I'm glad you liked the books so much! Wow, you are a sweetheart.

i’m yelling oh goodness. your books are really one of the best things i’ve read all year and are already out on loan as i force everyone i know to read them ahh.

<3 <3 <3

[TRANS] #TaeNy fan account

Taeyeon said thank you to us for coming all the way to Ilsan and it seems like a fan must have replied her with “Ey~”.
Suddenly Fany grabbed Taeyeon’s shoulders and while coming to the front, she said, “This kid just said thanks to you so what kind of response is ey~~~”
It was like Fany was her spokesperson kekekeke Meanwhile, the person involved just hid behind Fany while laughing shyly kekeke


Punched: Cam & Drew

“I’m okay, really, doc.” Camila said, “It was just a punch that knocked me down.” She sighed, “I just thought because I hit my head a little you might need to know that.”

The doctor shot her a look, told her to stay in the room, and left. Cam closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall, cringing slightly as her bloodied lip caught in her teeth. The door hinges creaked as it opened again, “Can I go back to my apartment, yet?” She asked without looking. When she didn’t receive a response, her green eyes opened and there was Andrew.

“Drew,’ She said in surprise, “What are you-” Before she finished the question, Cam realized what must have happened. The doctor called him. Damn it.