things i associate with each of the houses

gryffindor: warm summer mornings, blackened eyes, thunderous laughter, freshly cut lumber, bandaids, crackling fire, sparklers, red pens, black coffee, being grounded, being head high, hot chocolate chip cookies with ice cream on top, cotton

hufflepuff: sunflowers, soft sheets, being decieved, forgiveness where forgiveness isn’t due, light floating in through white curtains, back aches, small smiles, saying what you mean, tight hugs, bad decisions, lukewarm tea, hot breath, whistling, being content

ravenclaw: the clack of shoes on hardwood floor, highlighters, rain, broken mugs, unflinching opinions, compartmentalization of problems, raised eyebrows, nights spent alone, chalk under your fingernails, late nights with good friends, intellectual conversation, problem solving

slytherin: rolled eyes, calculated responses, anxiety over something said three years ago, whispered secrets, when it snows in the spring, playing chess, seeing an old cousin after a long time, a grandparent’s wisdom, black licorice,  the black keys on a piano, harsh exteriors, kisses on the throat,



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Pipabeth just being very competitive about everything? Stupid bets and stupid dares may be included.

this doesn’t really follow the prompt but????? yolo i’m gonna role with it


There were many things Annabeth hated. Cats, for one, were a big no-no. Also spiders. But what Annabeth hated the most was losing, especially to that annoying brunette that couldn’t seem to lose.

“Piper that’s my fucking remote!”

“Calm down, Chase. You can use this one.”

Annabeth huffed in protest, but nonetheless reached out to grab the white wii remote from Piper’s hand.

“But you always use the blue one!” Annabeth complained, flashing a pair of puppy dog eyes over at her friend. Piper’s only response was an eye role.

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Although, I must say that the 100th episode of Ponies was awesome.

My favorite parts were the Doctor’s workshop and the Changeling at the wedding.

Oh, that wacky lil’ changeling baby, it’s just there for the food.

Also, I am fully aware that this is going to be buried under all the pony related responses this afternoon.

Addendum: I forgot the other awesome scenes, where Doctor Whooves was confused about the meaning of the word “Man”, and Gummy’s internal Monologue.

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Alilth was bored and when she got bored she got annoying, as Evan found out. She kind of felt sorry for the guy, she most likely apologise once her boredom passed. But really it was his fault for leaving the door open as he picked up something for his late shift.

“Evan, I need somebody to entertain me.”

“Who let you in?” He asked her, confused about why she was in his apartment.

“The door was wide open, you are lucky it’s me who came in!” She told him, raising her hands in a mock surrender.

“I should report you to security. You can’t just walk into somebody’s apartment, baseborn.” He scolded her, grabbing his recipe book off the side.

Al rolled her eyes in response and settled herself on one of his couches, “I am security. I could just say that I heard distress.”

“Why would they believe you over me? You do realise I technically have a higher position on the ship than you.” He told her, waiting for her to stand up so he could escort her our of his apartment.

Standing up she walked in front of him and told him, “You may be head chef, but don’t forget that I am a motherfucking princess.”

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you really agree with that taylor swift post? it's not about swift herself, the problem is that many artists who aren't as big as she is really suffer from people who steal their stuff, and as she is famous enough to be heard she tries to stop the exploitation of those people (I mean she donates money to tons of charity organisations, charges nothing for meet-and-greets and gives money to her fans. come on.)

I’m assuming this is about that post I reblogged about her a few days ago. I don’t understand what you’re trying to do with this message…I just don’t care for her.

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45 cal as well hehe x

You took another swing of the wine bottle in front of you before handing it to Calum and laughing when the red liquid spilled out of his mouth, causing Calum’s eyes to widen as he tried to prevent it from staining the couch. You giggled as you wiped the wine from his face, pressing a soft kiss to his plump lips that tasted of alcohol. You repositioned yourself so that you were laying on top of his stomach, his hand absentmindedly running through your hair as you played with his fingers.

“Tell me a secret,” Calum whispered, running his thumb over your cheek bone as you giggled.

“Okay,” you breathed out, sitting up on his lap as you loosely intertwined your fingers with his. “Remember when we first met and I told you that I had a boyfriend?” Calum hummed in response, his tired eyes set on you as he waited for you to continue. “I lied. I just wanted to make you jealous because I thought you were really hot, but I didn’t think you were into me.”

“You were definitely wrong,” Calum smiled, placing kisses all over your face as you giggled again, the buzz from the alcohol making his touch feel even more electrifying as you pulled his neck towards you to kiss him. “By the way,” he whispered, his lips brushing against your ears as his hands ran up and down your sides. “I knew you didn’t actually have a boyfriend.”