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Name: arianna!

Nickname: tsu; ari; aria; 

Gender: she/her

Star sign: capricorn!

Height: 1.71 m

Sexuality: missing since i was like 10 (would really like to know tho) probably something on the gray spectrum tho.

Hogwarts house: slytherin but with a pinch of hufflepuff ♥

Favorite animal: dogs; parrots; foxes

Average hours of sleep: 5; 6 when I get lucky (NOT stressed at all!!!!!)

Current time: 3.45am

Cats or dogs? dogs cause i feel this kind of visceral love for them i can’t begin to explain but i adore both so much! ♥

Blankets you sleep with: zero in the summer, it gets radioactive around here, two in the winter months (my beloved duvet ♥)

Dream trip: i really don’t like travelling that much? my fellow european countries for sure tho.

Dream job: books translator but in a world where that’s a stable and decent job lmao

When I made my blog: around 2011 i think, gosh i fear what i could find in the depths of my archive!

Why I joined: /gandalf voice/ i have no memory of this place reason; i was a damn fool prob

Followers: 1213 on here, my main; 1712; 511; 2891 on my sides!

Reason for my url: I would die for Luke Skywalker and the v is just fancy ♥

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Ahhhh I'm sorry I know you said to try and keep this about the OOO cast but I love Shinnosuke so much I gotta ask what his quirk is (you dont have to draw a response a simple text one will suffice, sorry for the inconvenience)

I was thinking he kinda had wheel feet like basically permanent heelies. his quirk would be called “burning rubber”.


As I check tumblr after being away from it all weekend it feels like issue of Concrete as been made clear. However, it’s personally important to me that I express my apologies as I am the one who responsible for the text written next to her.

I do not associate illiteracy with people of color. That’s just not where my mind goes. Had Concrete been under consideration for an episode, she, like all of the ideas for SU, would have been scrutinized carefully to prevent any careless mistakes like this. It’s a constant consideration to champion love and acceptance in all the episodes we make. But saying this now is meaningless to anyone who was hurt by my words. It’s too late. People make mistakes and I am currently one of those people. 

I can’t undo what I’ve done but I can offer you my sincere apology. I can let you know that I make it a point to learn from my errors even when accidental. And it is my hope that any mistakes I make in the future always end with a step forward in a positive direction. That’s how I can be better. That’s how we can be better.

Thank you,



The period between Cataclysm & Pandaria was magical because during the Valentine’s Day events you had a quest to make bracelets for all your faction leaders. And nothing will top the image of my good-for-nothing, half-ass-everything forsaken fire mage approaching this hulking mountain that is Garrosh Hellscream on the throne & lifting all but bare arm bones to present the Worst Warchief™ with this little pink beaded bracelet. Garrosh’s ACTUAL text dialogue response was, “Uh ……thanks.” I died.

“On Ice” Anti-Attachment Spell

My friend currently has sort of an unhealthy attachment to an ex. (Don’t worry, she’ll be getting an earful from me once I’ve calmed down.) It’s harmful to her as well as several other people and is very much one sided. A lot of anti-love spells are self-focused or designed to split up a couple or just straight up impractical. This is more of a spell to decrease unhealthy emotional attachment. 

Originally posted by natforprez

Need a friend to chill about their ex?


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • String
  • Red rose petal (optional)
  • Container (optional)
  • Your freezer

The intent of this spell is to essentially chill someone’s feelings for someone else. Please bear in mind that it’s designed for unhealthy attachments. Please use any love spell with caution and consent.

Write out the name of the target on a piece of paper as well as the object of their attachment. I’m using red rose petals because I have some as a way to symbolize the feelings of attraction. Tie it up with a piece of string (preferably red, pink, or yellow) and focus on your intent to essentially get rid of these unhealthy feelings of attachment. 

Either put it in a container of water and stick it in the freezer or just toss it in the freezer as is. Congrats, these feelings are now on ice! Go cleanse yourself and do a healing/cleansing spell for you or your friend. 

Paying for themes

I’ve seen theme makers that charge for customizations or commissions get rude messages about it, so I added the question about premium themes on my survey to see how people would respond. Most of it was positive, but I got some passive aggressive responses on there too. I won’t call out the specific comments, but I still want to make some things clear.

Theme making is work. It takes effort, time, and skill. Honestly what most theme makers on here are doing is underselling their work. I used to feel bad for charging more than $20 for my custom themes until my professor was genuinely shocked that I was charging that low and encouraged me to at least double my prices.

It’s not just theme makers, either. Creators of all kinds are taken advantage of on here. I see artists charging around $10 for a full drawing, or writers getting yelled at for even wanting money for their hard work.

We’re all pressured to make things for free, or we undersell ourselves in fear of not getting paid at all. We get yelled at for not taking the time to do every request we get, and even more so for asking for money for those requests.

I completely understand not having enough money to pay for a theme, which is why I enjoy making free content to share with everyone. I’m not forcing anyone to pay for something I make. But as an artist, I’m still allowed to want money for my work. 

We don’t owe anyone free content. We do it because we want to share it, not because others are entitled to our time and work.

@ parents of lgbt+ kids

Having homophobic and/or transphobic parents can actually destroy someone on the inside. It is a soul destroying feeling when those closest to you, the people you grew up with or still are growing up with, won’t accept who you are, or even disown you for simply being who you are.

When I came out as a lesbian my mum didn’t even look at me for a month, let alone talk to me. She told me that lesbians disgust her and she didn’t want a gay daughter. My dad kept telling me repeatedly that I was confused, telling me it was a choice and calling me “dyke” in the process. My grandmother told me I was going to hell, I was damaged, unnatural, dirty, sinful, and still calls it an “unsettling phase”.

Every individual experience is different, but because of the clear message I got off my dad when I was 9 years old and he told me “never come home and tell me you’re gay” I buried my sexuality for years, dated boys, kissed boys, would have gone a lot further with them if I had ever been in a position to do so, sometimes even hoped to end up in that position because I was so desperate to be “normal” even though the thought of doing anything with a boy disgusted me, which in turn filled me with even more self hatred, didn’t tell anyone when I was harassed online by a man twice my age when I was only 13 because I thought it was the least I deserved after having such “unnatural” thoughts. I grew to have so much internalised homophobia due to the fear I had of being gay because my dad had said that to me when I was only 9 years of age. I faked crush after crush on boys, staring at their Facebook profiles willing myself to feel something, anything, yet looking at a random girl in the street and feeling a fire burn inside me, yet still not accepting it, burying it and blocking it out.

I blocked it out as best as possible, talking about boys and acting as straight as possible, especially around my friends, until I was almost 16, when I saw a lesbian couple kiss on BBC television on at 8pm programme, and in that moment, I knew that was what I wanted, I knew that I couldn’t spend my life being something I’m just not, pretending every day of my life. I knew in that moment that I was gay, I knew that I wanted a girlfriend, I knew that I wanted a wife, and for the first time the idea of marriage seemed appealing, and I felt at peace and like I truly knew myself.

So a couple of months later, I told my friends, which took more courage than I knew I had. After that went well, I felt confident enough to tell my parents, encouraged by the good experience of coming out to my friends.

I was a mess when I told my mum. Although I felt confident enough to do it, I was still terrified and shaking and it was the most nerve racking moment of my life. I didn’t mean for it to happen how it did, and I could have told her in a better way, but in that moment I felt I had to, it was the right time for me. After I told her, I went to my room where I sent her a text, which I’m not going to quote entirely because it’s too personal, but it explained everything, I told her the journey of discovering my sexuality, I told her I loved her, I explained my fears, my feelings, my experiences, everything. In response I received a text saying: “I can’t pretend I’m happy about this. I’m not at all, but I love you regardless.” Although I had wanted a proper conversation, I accepted that she was shocked and took the text as acceptance of me. However, later that day, I went downstairs and saw her for the first time since I told her. She was crying and wouldn’t look at me. When I went downstairs, she went upstairs. I tried not to be upset, understanding her shock and giving her time. After a week of not spending more than a minute in a room with her, and not having her look at me once, I decided to try again, so I said to her “we need to talk about this” but she walked away from me. I tried texting so she wouldn’t have to directly talk, but she ignored everything I sent her.

Throughout the month, nothing changed, I was constantly ignored by her, and when she told my dad without consulting me, he just told me I was confused, and shouted at me for upsetting everyone, telling me I was messing up my GCSEs because of my confusion and immature phase, when the only thing endangering my grades was their prejudice and discrimination against their own daughter. As the month progressed, with still no change in either of them, I felt more and more worthless, my internalised homophobia reared its head once more, more prominent than ever, and I considered all sorts of things that I don’t even want to go into, I even looked at conversion therapy at one point because I felt like such a failure and a disappointment to my family, and my grandmother was the worst, calling me damaged and an unnatural sinner constantly.

The day my mum spoke to me again I was so shocked I could barely reply. She acted as though the last month hadn’t even happened, and went on like that for a week, blocking out what had happened, never once mentioning it, evidently hoping that it had all gone away or that her ignoring me had made me bury it again so it couldn’t tarnish our family and I could just live an unhappy life. At the end of that week, I mentioned it. I said “it’s not a phase” and she still wouldn’t talk, which is when I started to show my anger. This is when she told me that lesbians disgust her, spewing the typical hate about hell and morality and sin. Not being able to take it anymore, I locked myself in the bathroom, sat in the bathtub and properly cried for the first time in months. All my emotions came flooding out, and I would say that day was the saddest and most hopeless I’d ever felt. I felt utterly rejected, outcast, like I could never belong, like a disappointment, and a failure as a daughter, as a person.

During an argument with my dad, he called me a dyke, declaring I was damaged and that something had obviously gone drastically wrong during my development to “turn me”.

Those few months I felt so sad, lonely, isolated, rejected, hopeless and crushed. The two most important people in my life practically disowned me, and it took all the fight and courage I had to keep going, to keep pushing on, and I’m glad I did, because I love myself and have never been prouder of who I am, and things are better now, not completely, but they’re better, even though I can’t talk openly, even though I still feel insecure, even though I still tense up every time I so much as approach the subject around my parents, things are better.

All this occurred before and during my GCSE exams, when I should have been studying. My results are due at the end of this month, and I’ve accepted that I’m not going to have done very well, and I tell myself that it’s through no fault of my own. Through everything that was happening, I still found time to study. I tried my hardest but when the people closest to you seem to hate you for being you, it’s kind of hard to concentrate and focus on anything other than the constant throbbing ache inside when you know your parents, the people who made you, the people who raised you, the people who always told you they loved you, don’t accept you.

So parents of LGBTQA+ children and teenagers, please please accept your child. If you weren’t prepared for the possibility of your child not being straight and/or cis, then you shouldn’t have had a child. Simple as that. Your child’s sexuality and gender are just as natural as they hair colour and eye colour. Please, please, please love your children, accept them, support them. Everything I went through could have been avoided had my parents done so. And the scary thing is I was lucky. Some people are thrown out, completely disowned, attacked, some people are even killed. I count myself lucky, and that’s sad. It’s sad that I count myself lucky for being unaccepted by my parents, because some people could tell stories that would make you sick about their coming out, that would make your skin crawl, but this is my story, and I’m sharing it in the hope that it will help young LGBTQA+ individuals, but also in the hope that it will help parents. Please love your children. Accept them. Support them. Tell them you love them. Make them feel accepted. Make them feel supported. Because you could lose them. Far too many young people take their own lives because their parents don’t accept them, simply because of who they want to love.

Love is love, and love is the most important thing.

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