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Multimail - Responsive Email Set + MailBuild Online (Newsletters)

Multimail – Responsive Email Set + MailBuild Online (Newsletters)

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Live PreviewPurchase $19.00 KEY FEATURE Responsive Email Template set ( view demo ) +2 templates included ( add more templates ) +36 unique modules ( add more modules ) Compatible with MailBuild Builder, MailChimp and CampaignMonitor , Freshmail MailBuild Builder Access ( New Template Builder v2.0 ) Unlimited Variations Unlimited Drag & Drop modular. Duplicate & Delete modules Save your created…

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Is Responsive the End Game of Web Design?
"To my surprise, responsive design isn’t as popular on the web as I thought."

Karol K, Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog:

In fact, an interesting experiment by Guy Podjarny revealed that only around 11-12 percent of the top 100,000 websites are responsive.

And it gets worse. Among the top 100 sites, the number goes down to 10.5 percent.

The author proposes that there are two types of responsive design: ‘Intelligent responsive design’ and 'Dumb responsive design’. In a nut:

The key to intelligent responsive design is predicting what parts of the page become unimportant as the viewport gets smaller.

I’ve heard this before but I’m still not sold. I’d much rather know that I was seeing 100% of a given site regardless of platform, with the presentation suitably optimised.

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[Nulled] Steam v1.11 – Responsive Retina Review Magazine Theme

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The most advanced magazine-style wordpress theme available. Complete page builders, unique minisite system, custom awards & badges, full weighted author and user rating…


UX Crash Course: Stupid Question 24 of 30

Some questions are stupid because the answers are obvious and easy. But some questions are stupid because it’s hard to know where to start answering. Today’s is one of those:

“How do you make a design responsive?”

Just starting the Crash Course? Start here!


As a beginner, if you ask an experienced designer about making something responsive, you might be more confused after you get the answer than you were before.

Responsiveness is not that hard as a concept, but in real life you have to consider a long list of details. They move, and you will need to look up the latest resolutions of devices, and you need to make a prototype to see it in action, and there are lots of decisions about breakpoints and what you will and won’t support, and on, and on, and on.

But that’s not the answer we want.


The stupid (but true) answer:

You make the layout change as the window size changes, so it fits on any device.


The real (and also true) answer:

You design in phases.

Design your website for the smallest, crappiest phone first. “Mobile first.”

It will probably be a single column, because a phone is too small to hold much more than that (exception: Pinterest!). 

You will probably have to remove a lot of stuff or make ridiculously long pages.

Then you will feel like you are a shitty designer because your screens are so cluttered or so long. Listen to that inner voice. It is trying to help you.

Then you will remove some more, until you only have the most important features and content left.

When you finally feel like you’ve got it looking good on a phone, take that layout and copy/paste it into an iPad-size screen.

It will look stupid or half-empty, because a tablet has way more space. That’s when things start to get interesting.


Why this isn’t a stupid question:
Responsive design is an advanced way to think.

If normal, fixed web design is like shooting a target, responsive web design is like shooting a moving target.

People who know the technical details about how responsive design works will usually explain all the percentages and media queries and responsive typography details and how to load different images depending on resolution — which are interesting and useful — but that’s not what a beginner wants to know.

It’s like when your parents start telling you about how they made you:

Too much information.

You don’t need to know how to build a responsive design yet. 

You need to know how to start sketching a responsive design.


Responsive layouts are related to each other.

Think of the phone layout and the tablet layout and the desktop layout as the same layout

It changes.

You’re not designing three layouts. You’re designing one layout with three “modes”. Or five! Or 10! 

(Probably not 10, but you get the idea.)

Everything that is on the small screen also has to be on the larger screens, but you might have to move those things to make the layout work.

Ask yourself: Will anything break if the layout stretches to be a little wider or a little narrower? If something in your layout only works at the exact size you have designed for, it isn’t responsive yet.

An ideal responsive design requires the smallest changes possible to make the layout work as the window changes size.

Draw your layouts beside each other. Do they make sense as a sequence?

In the same way that monkeys evolved into apes and apes evolved into humans and humans devolved into reality television stars, your layouts need to connect to each other.

Ask yourself what it will look like when all the things switch from one layout to the next. Will it be chaos? Or just a subtle shift?

If you have to scale an image, or squeeze a text block or adjust a font size to make the headline fit on one line, no problem! That’s responsive thinking.

If your site has to switch from vertical scrolling to horizontal swiping, that might get… awkward. And developers might come to your house with torches and pitchforks.

It’s tricky. Plan a lot of extra time to make things responsive, and keep it simple, stupid.

When you have a series of layout designs that can smoothly shift from one to the other as a window changes size, you have just made your first responsive design.


Tomorrow we will answer: “Which image format delivers the best user experience?”

The Best Web Design Technique Currently Available Today

Being the most reliable advertising platform, the internet has continued to attract many business owners. As a matter of fact, almost every business owner wishes to have a website for one’s business. This is not surprising considering the fact that the internet is the most reliable platform for advertising any kind of business today. There is barely any business expert who will deny this. This realisation is what has made the internet a very popular platform for marketing any kind of business.

Choose Responsive Design for your Website to Higher SEO Results

But, you cannot do business on the internet without a business website. This is exactly what makes web design an important aspect of marketing. However, only the best web design techniques can enable you to realise the full potential of online marketing. Otherwise, your online marketing will not be a success. A perfect example of a reliable web design technique is responsive web design. This is a very reliable web design technique because of the many advantages that are associated with it.

First of all, responsive web design makes it easy for any device to gain access to web pages. The web pages are viewable on any kind of platform irrespective of its nature. For example, a single web page will be viewable on a tablet or mobile device without any issues. This attribute of responsive web design makes it a perfect partner of internet marketing. In particular, it is because marketing on the internet becomes reliable because all customers are captured irrespective of the devices that they are using. Any reliable web design company in India would rather use this technique as opposed to any other web design technique that is available today.

Have You Hired the Right Interactive Website Designs Agency Yet?

Responsive web design is also said to be more convenient to use compared to the other web design techniques that are currently in existence. Today, responsive web design is quite compatible with word press. This explains why any reliable Wordpress development company in India would use word press for the design of simple web pages and apps.

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The7.2 v2.3.2 – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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The7 is perfectly scalable, performance and SEO optimized, responsive, retina ready multipurpose WordPress theme. It will fit every site – big or small. From huge corporate portals to studio or personal sites – The7 will become a great foundation for your next project!


The Brand Shop - Responsive WooCommerce Theme (Fashion)

The Brand Shop – Responsive WooCommerce Theme (Fashion)

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The Brand is a medium and Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme for boutique, clothes store, fashion store, makeup products or similar websites that needs a functional yet outstanding online presence. It is built with Bootstrap 3.x and includes lots of awesome features. It includes Premium Visual Composer page builder, WooCommerce Currency Switcher, Mega Menu support, YITH WooCommerce Compare,…

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Arah Theme

Arah is a minimal and customizeable tumblr theme with two columns perfect for all types of content to showcase your recent work or article perfect for tumblr user or group blog. This theme include infinite scroll page, animation, social icons and many more.

Features :

  • Header or Sidebar R/L
  • 2 columns
  • Logo
  • Photo Hover Icons
  • Comments
  • Page Links
  • Many more

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