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This drama about the Voltage Election is ridiculous and you all need to stop

Seriously. Everyone who is attacking people and disparaging the fandom as a whole just because some of us are disappointed by the way the Election is being run just. Stop.

If you think Voltage is running the election exactly the way they should be and have nothing you are upset about, then the best thing you can do is to participate in the election and support it. Telling people that they are being immature or ungrateful is both unkind and unhelpful. I have watched the discussion escalate from well-meaning people trying to defend Voltage up to people actually using words like “disgusted” and “disappointed” to describe fellow fans. When you’re using those words about people who merely have a different opinion than you, it’s time to take a step back and reassess your priorities. We’re allowed to disagree with one another- and with Voltage, believe it or not- without everyone falling apart and getting superiority complexes.

Holding a fandom-run election that covers all the games Voltage didn’t include in the official election is harmless fun. It’s not rude, it does not detract from or interfere with the official election in any way, and it is actually a very proactive way of dealing with disappointment instead of just whining and growing bitter. It’s also a way for people who can’t afford to vote in the official election to feel included.

Which brings me to my personal reason for not participating in the official election: I’m broke. I had planned to play, thinking I would get to use the cafe tickets I have saved up, but that turned out not to be the case. It’s back to school time for my kids so my budget is extra tight, and with no warning that this would be a pay-to-play election I had not saved up anything in my recreation budget. I’m a little disappointed to miss out, but not bitter, because it’s just the way life goes sometimes and it is only a game. Other people are having to think hard about whether the election is worth their money too- and it’s not a “boycott” to decide not to spend money on the event because it is not what you hoped it would be, or because your favorite character is not included. It’s a responsible financial decision.

So if you’re playing in the Voltage General Election, I hope you’re having fun. I mean that without a hint of sarcasm; I want everyone to enjoy themselves. Meanwhile I shall be enjoying myself in other ways and hoping everyone can suck it up and stop being jerks to each other.


What happens when the money runs out?

“All I can say is I can relate to people now who are struggling financially, struggling to pay the mortgage, struggling to fill the car up with petrol, struggling to pay the bills and everything that goes with it, because I’ve been in that predicament.”

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