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I see all your ‘Kara is jealous of Reign’ headcanons and raise you-

While Lena and Kara are just realizing that there just might be something between them, Lena meets (or reunites with?) Samantha March and they become very close very quickly. 

But when Lena gushes to Kara about her new friend and her new friend’s cool daughter (à la the lunch scene in which Lena expresses her excitement about her relationship with Rhea) Kara has a serious but unreadable look in her eyes that confuses Lena.

So their inevitable meet up puts Lena on edge, and the internet boards in response to “Friend acting weird about other friend??” that propose jealousy as the answer may make Lena excited about the possibility of Kara having feelings for her, but they also do nothing for her nerves regarding this predicament. 

So she puts their meeting off for quite a while. 

Eventually, to her surprise, Kara is the one who insists on meeting Samantha, proposing that the three of them go out to dinner for Lena’s birthday. Having already agreed to dinner with Kara that night, she can’t exactly say she’s busy. And she can’t say that she’d prefer it to just be the two of them, because that’s dangerously close to admitting her feelings for Kara. 

So she reluctantly agrees.

When the date arrives, Samantha is waiting for the at their table, and when they reach the table and Samantha stands up, Lena’s heart practically ceases beating for the few seconds Kara and Samantha look at each other, silently.

And then Kara simply puts her bag down, walks directly up to Samantha, and gives her a not as crushing as it rightfully should be hug, to both Lena and Samantha’s surprise. 

(Meanwhile, Samantha throws a “you weren’t kidding about this girl” look to Lena over Kara’s shoulders)

And as it turns out Kara is just??? so grateful??? that Lena has another close friend who gets how great she is?? 

She was kinda tentative at first, because Lena became so attached to her friendship with Samantha so quickly, but the more she heard about her, the less she was protective and the more she was just kind of calmly proud and happy for Lena.

And so they hit it off seamlessly. It’s not twenty minutes in before Kara invites Samantha to game night. 

(“Wait…Am I invited?” 

“Hahaha Lena, I had Jess slip it into your schedule weeks ago, silly.” 

“So that’s how you manage to get her away from L-Corp. I’d been wondering what I was doing wrong.” 

“Yeah, that’s part of it. But sometimes I just kinda smile at her? And she does what I want? So you could try that, too.”

“Uh… haha I’m not sure that’ll work for me.”

“Hmm? Why not?”


And so the three of them end up doing a lot of hanging out, and Samantha manages not to feel like a third wheel most of the time. And Kara’s happy to see Lena with a support system in National City that goes beyond just Kara and her friends.

So when the time comes that Samantha needs them, when Reign begins to overpower her mind and make her target Supergirl, it’s Lena and Kara who work together to bring Samantha back to herself.

Why I Don’t Use Ouija Boards

I cannot stress enough how against Ouija Boards I am. Each experience I’ve had with one has ended terribly, and this experience in particular really hit it home for me.

About eight years ago, my group of friends from high school decided to have a big ol’ get together at my friend Melissa’s* house. She lived in a neat little neighborhood in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, right up against the side of a mountain. Anyways, so we all arrive, we eat some snacks, we yuck it up. Then one friend mentioned that she had brought along a Ouija Board. So, naturally, the crew wanted to play with it. I was hesitant, but decided that it wouldn’t be so bad because my friends were just doing it for shits and grins. There wasn’t any end goal other than pure entertainment. 

Boy was I wrong.

Now, let me set this scene up a little more. Melissa’s house was situated on the same plot of land as an abandoned log cabin/house about 100 feet away. All the wires to and from the house were cut, which one of my friends has told me that she thought that was odd. Honestly, this house gave me the worst vibes from the jump. It sat oddly on the side of the road, the dark wood and stark contrast in comparison to the other houses nearby was off-putting. But there was a super ominous tone that I couldn’t shake. Well, my friends decided to take the Ouija board to the backside of the house. 

The abandoned house. Source: Google Maps. This is a really shitty screenshot, but whatever. I tried.

As we were walking through the small field of weeds, my nerves got more and more shaken. The rest of the crew skipped, laughed, shined flashlights in each other’s faces without a hint of concern, so I tried not to worry. Once we got settled on the small back porch, we began. I’m not sure who asked what questions. Actually if I remember correctly, the whole session was kinda stupid because we kept getting dumb answers from “the other side”. Something about a man from eastern Europe named Bob… I don’t know.

I began to ease my anxiety and relax a bit because I seriously thought this wasn’t going to amount to shit. In fact, I actually got pretty bored. Eventually, I announced that I needed to pee, so I was going to head back to Melissa’s house. Another friend, Olive* came along with me. As we were crossing the small field back, one of my friends had called out to Olive and I to wait. I turned around, and the site I saw sickened me.

Up at the top of the abandoned house, crawling out of the chimney, was an oddly shaped, elongated human. I don’t even know if it was human! The limbs on this creature were roughly 6 feet long, and they slinked out of the stone chimney in such a sinister, menacing, spider-like way. One limb at a time, spreading themselves down the small slopes of the roof. I froze. I couldn’t breathe. I don’t even remember my friends talking to me at that moment. I couldn’t take my eyes off the creature. It’s head turned to look at me, and it stayed still. I stayed still. 

The creature. Source: My own drawing.

Then, just as slowly as it came out, it slinked back into its hiding place in the chimney. First the legs, then the arms, and finally the head. But the head popped back up one more time and looked in my direction, almost as if it wanted me to know that it knew that I could see it. Then, I curled up in the grass to hide or something. Whatever I could do to make myself feel safe again.

I started to shake, and I even cried. Olive looked at me with concern and asked me several times if I was okay. I vaguely remember telling her to tell the rest of the group to wrap up their Ouija board adventure. They were in danger. Whether that came in the form of physical or mental harm, I wasn’t sure. But I knew they needed to get out of there. Eventually, everyone collected back into Melissa’s place. 

Can I prove that the Ouija Board is to blame for me seeing a creature slithering out of an abandoned home? No. But because these two experiences happened in close proximity to each other (same property, time, and horrible feelings), I cannot be in the presence of a Ouija Board. I see young kids play with them and it worries me to death, because I truly feel that the boards are responsible for some scary shit that walk the earth. Call it suspicion, but I’ll call it spiritual safety.

HEY bill and stan are cute

and here are some cute headcanons for y'all to think about:

- bill and stan hanging out in comfortable silence with the only background noise being the soft scratch of bill’s paintbrush against canvas and stan’s quiet reading from the torah; it becomes a weekly ritual whenever they don’t have any homework or responsibilities to just board themselves up in bill’s room after school and do their own things in each other’s presence, no words required

- stan at georgie’s funeral placing a gentle hand on bill’s shoulder while he shakes and cries and tries his best not to throw up from all the guilt and worry eating him up inside

- bill being hurt by stan’s reluctance to go into the barrens with him, but ultimately not being able to resent him because he knows stan is scared and anxious and he would never force his friends into a situation they didn’t want to be in

- stan always laughs at bill’s jokes, even the rare crude ones (which pisses richie off bc uh hello??? stan???? why do you always reject my high fives when I’M the one who made an inappropriate joke but you practically give bill a gold medal every time HE does???? Rude)

- bill asking stan about judaism because he genuinely wants to learn and understand and stan being eager to open up bc he doesn’t talk about his religious life in depth very often and it feels good to do so in bill’s safe company

- stan reading the torah alongside bill to help him with his stutter; the rhythmic tones of the prayers roll off of bill’s tongue easily (which surprises and delights stan) and when he stumbles over certain syllables stan continues on calmly reciting, which eases the tension in bill’s chest and allows him to continue

- stan and bill strengthening their friendship after defeating pennywise and stan finally feeling comfortable enough to admit that something inside him just doesn’t feel right anymore and bill doing everything in his power to help stan feel better in any way he can

- stan and bill finding confidence and support in one another and knowing without a doubt that if shit goes down they’ll always have each other (and the rest of the losers club) to back them up

My school district refuses to remove confederate symbols from my high school campus

I am a student at Robert E. Lee high school in San Antonio, Texas. When you walk into Robert E. Lee high school, the first thing you will see is a giant statue of Robert E. Lee. Imagine being an African American student and having to walk into school every day looking at a man who fought for the enslavement of your ancestors. Robert E. Lee high school is the oldest school in the North East Independent School district. The school mascot is a “volunteer” appearing in a red and gray confederate army uniform and looking a lot like Robert himself. The school colors are red and gray which are the confederate colors. The pep squad is called the “confederettes”, The JV drill team is called the “dixie drillers” and the varsity dance team is called the “rebel rousers”.  Progress this summer was made when two confederate emblems were removed from the campus. This summer, a peer of mine, Kayla Wilson, sought to get rid of all confederate symbols from my school and change the name. At first, the district wouldn’t even put the name change up for discussion. After a long battle of board meetings and a petition with over 11,000 people, the school board voted not to change anything about my school. “Dec 11, 2015 — On Monday night NEISD Board voted NOT to rename Robert E Lee H.S . Board Trustee Wheat pleaded with fellow Board members to give the students and faculty an opportunity to voice their opinion and grievances. He requested a committee made up of teachers, administrators, and community to do surveys, obtain facts, and submit alternate names. He stated"we have not done enough to make this decision". Board Trustee White gave his testimony, as a African American the name offended him, and “we should not have to constantly defend the name of our schools for someone who is so controversial”. White reiterated Robert E Lee was the general of the confederacy, and fought to continue slavery. 

Superintendent Gottardy and Board Trustees Grona, Bresnahan, Hughey, and Perkins stated they had done enough research to make this decision and felt burdened to continue any additional effort. Board Trustee Perkins mocked Trustee Wheat attempt to add the voices of the students , teachers, and PTA.

The board meeting ended with an item being place on the Agenda to look into all symbol, icons, and songs tied to the confederacy. This Agenda item will be reviewed in the spring.

Please review the video below and review the response of the Board members. Unlike other communities like , Houston, Austin, Princeton, UT and even Robert E Lee’s Washington and Lee University recommended a discussion.

San Antonio NEISD refused discussion. Board Trustees did not feel the voice of its students or faculty matter for this decision.

Please email your Board Members why community matters. Why facts are important. Please tell them ALL are children voices’ matter.”

Robert E Lee was a confederate who fought for the enslavement of black people in the United States. He fought to maintain the continued subjugation of Blacks in America’s south. My school district perpetuates a racist culture by keeping racist symbols on my campus. 

The dance team and cheerleader coach threatened to their students that if the name change was posted about on social media or talked about at school, girls would be kicked off the team immediately. 

Faculty members were fired for talking about it on social media as well. 

The petition didn’t make a difference. The school board meeting didn’t make a difference. Very few individuals in San Antonio, Texas want to change the school name to make African American students comfortable. 


All right, fronds, Tor has announced that starting August 22, they’ll be posting Oathbringer chapters! This is terribly exciting for people who want to read the preview chapters, but for people like me, who want to wait and savor (and liveblog) the whole book at once as opposed to piecemeal and spread out over several months, it’s kind of a source of anxiety…

I know that I’m going to be dodging spoilers for almost three months now (thanks, tor). And while I would never want to dampen people’s enjoyment of the preview novel chapters, I’m adding my request to the pile of people saying, yo please please please tag your spoilers!!! 

Aaaaand as much as I love tumblr, it can be kind of…a complicated endeavor making sure that posts end up where you want them–or don’t. So here’s a friendly review of how to make sure spoilers don’t end up where people who don’t want to see them…won’t.

  1. Read mores are your friends. That little line makes everything so, so much easier to avoid. Read mores are your friends.
  2. Wait until the fifth tag. Here’s one of tumblr’s less well-known features: only the first five tags on a post will show up in the public tag. So if the FIRST tag you put on a post is #brandon sanderson, that shit’s showing up in the #brandon sanderson tag. BUT if you put #one #two #three #four #five #brandon sanderson, (or similar “junk tags”–I tend to use // marks), then we’re all safe. It won’t end up in the tracked tag and it’ll be easier to avoid spoilers in the public, tracked tags. You still maintain organization on your personal blog, because it’s still in YOUR #brandon sanderson tag, but you won’t ruin someone else’s day by having it show up in the public tag with spoilers attached.
  3. The first five tags work the other way, too! No one wants to scream into the void and not get a response–I’m on board with that. So somewhere in your first five tags, put #oathbringer or #oathbringer spoilers or even #stormlight archive spoilers. That way, people reading the preview chapters have a place to go to interact with other people reading the preview chapters, and people who want to go into November fresh and clean and unspoiled can still check the regular SA and Bsandy tags without fearing they’ll get spoiled.
  4. Don’t put reactions in the tags. A lot of people have blacklist settings so that even if a post is blocked, the tags still show up as readable–this makes it easier to see why things were blocked, but it also runs the risk of tags like “#omg and then JASNAH did the THING and I DIED” spoiling even tiny things. Keep tags for…well, tags for a few months, and add additional screaming or reactions to the bottom of your actual post.
  5. Discord and Mibbit are your friends. The nice thing about both messaging services is that you can set up different chats and servers that are subsets of the regular ones. So make a spoiler chat separate from the regular, spoiler-free chat, and go wild.
  6. TAG EVERYTHING! Even if it’s a meme or a stupid shitpost or a vagueblog or something that doesn’t seem like it’s spoilers–TAG IT ANYWAY. If it’s even tangentially related to Oathbringer, TAG IT. Especially memes, tbh. Memes are insidious, and often innocent, but with a closer look, they reveal more than they might have intended. Tag literally everything, even if you don’t think it’s spoilers, even if you think it’s annoying. Those of us avoiding shit will thank you.
  7. KEEP tagging stuff, even after the book is released! Maybe you read the preview chapters and so you’ve got a 300-page headstart, or maybe you speed-read, or maybe you took time off from work just to read, and maybe you finish two days after the book comes out. Keep tagging spoilers. Some people read slower, or have time commitments or work keeping them away from the book, or simply read a few chapters a day to savor it, or want to read faster but can’t because they’re liveblogging it (hello, fronds!). But just because you are finished doesn’t mean everyone else is, and continuing to tag for spoilers is super necessary, even six months–or longer–out from the release date.

All right, I hope that didn’t come out as patronizing or anything. I’ve just found that an occasional reminder of the ins and outs of tumblr’s more useful systems can be super helpful, especially if it’s stuff that newer users might not have encountered yet, like the fifth-tag-rule.

ANYWAY, for everyone starting with the preview chapters, ONLY SEVEN DAYS UNTIL OATHBRINGER!!!! Those of us waiting the remaining 90 days until November 14 thank you in advance for tagging your shit. <3

….shit, 90 days? that’s closer than I thought it was…..guess, I need to get a jump on my WoR reread!!


Heres some on-the-desk doodles for Reporter!Jack and Waiter!Mark in an AU ive had brewing for about a year… either way, i really like drawing on desks… 

anonymous asked:

The only INTJ I know is my dad, but I talk about mbti with him occasionally and had him join an INTJ Facebook group. He left the group shortly after because he thought the INTJS were arrogant and thought they knew everything. Pretty ironic lol.

INTJs are not meant for group chats. They are meant for bulletin boards, podiums, and textbooks. and teamspeak for gaming

- INFP Mod
[Podfic] The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee (Series) - Chapter 1 - Sunfreckle - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

My podfic for @vintage-jehan / Madlyie’s wonderful series The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee is now complete!

If you don’t know this fic with all it’s fluffy sarcastic goodness (and it’s many heartwarming ships) you can go read it on Madlyie’s AO3: here

And if you do know it (and love it) and podfics happen to be your cup of tea, I hope you’ll give this one a try!

Huntress 2

Had a request for a continuation of the huntress story, so i put something together. It could probably keep going further if people want… so… see what you think.


The following is composed of excerpts retrieved from the logs found in the remains of rescue vessel fgd-22583. Compiled, organized, and annotated for inquiry 894438hf.

Log# 44889390hjk43- fgd-22583 contacted by command and rerouted to intercept and investigate the loss of contact with research vessel rhd-777421. Eta- 3 cycles to contact target.

**-Note- transcript of reroute orders available under appendum 4, orders do not mention nature of rhd’s research, nor does it note the brief activation of rhd’s emergency beacon.**

Capt. Contact report- Rhd detected and approached. No visible signs of damage, or violence. Scans indicate hull is uncompromised, however main power appears to be offline. Minimal life support appears to be active on secondary particle decay power system. No response to hails. Boarding team assembled and shuttlecraft deployed.

*transcript from video record of commander of boarding team ‘Comdr. Tuluth’*

Tuluth- “It’s cold in here. (image shows Hatch is heavily frosted over.). Do you have that door wired up?”

Pvt hervs- “Almost Sir. It’s cumbersome in these gloves.”

(Door opens, revealing a hallway lit by emergency lighting)

The smell was what hit them first. A cloying metallic stink that their bodies reacted to instinctively with revulsion. It was the scent of danger… of messy and violent death. They reflexively shut their nose slits to the onslought. “Damn that stinks.” Hervs said, stating the obvious.

“Keep sharp. Something bad happened here.”

“Think they were attacked?”hervs whispered

“I don’t see any signs of being boarded or attacked. No weapon damage to the hull, or signs of much fighting here.” Tuluth said, moving into the hall, weapon at the ready.

The ship was eerily silent, Tuluth began shouting to try to rouse any survivors. His voice echoed flatly against the walls, and brought no responses. He keyed the com link with a clawed thumb. “There’s no sign of the crew. We’re going to go to engineering and see if we can restart main power. I don’t see anything wrong with the ship. Maybe we can pull up records.”

“Affirmative.” The captain’s voice crackled over the com.

They were just becoming more comfortable, and began walking faster through the halls. They nearly walked through the first section of old smeared blood dried against the decking before they realized what they were looking at. The sheer volume of area covered was unexpected. “With an edge of surprise and shock, Tuluth keyed the mic again. “We have blood on the floor. A lot of it. No body though.”

“Perhaps after you get power up, the next stop should be medical.” The captained responded.


They found themselves beginning to move steadily faster to the engineering section, before skidding to an abrupt and horrified halt outside the door.

“Holy Egg.” Hervs said breathlessly. “Those are bones!”. He was correct. Bones of the crew were piled haphazardly along the sides of the hallway.

Tuluth leaned down and picked up a skull. These were not simply bodies that had fallen. These bodies had been dismembered, and cast about. Scratches on the skull suddenly clicked in his mind. “These have been cannibalized.”

“What?” Hervs said looking at the bones with somehow even greater horror.

“They were eaten. Those scratches are knife marks.” He looked up at the door to engineering. “Engineering would be the warmest part of the ship, near the particle decay core. If they are still here, they are probably in there.” He gestured to the sealed door looming before them. They girded themselves and pressed forward. Tuluth keyed in the code, and the door parted, revealing what could only be described as a house of horrors. Hervs reflexively vomited on the floor before him.

The remaining bodies of the crew had been butchered. The meat must have been kept frozen elsewhere in a colder section of the ship, but here the work of separating edible from not had been done. Gore streaked panels sat before them, and a partially dismembered corpse hung from the network of conduits above them. “Egg. What madness happened here?” Hervs whispered.

“Someone must have gone insane, and murdered the others.” Tuluth responded.

“Are they still here?” His eyes were wide and searched the room.

“Could be. Keep your guard up. Lets just get tHe logs loaded and leave. Let someone else untie this mess.” Tuluth stepped carefully into the room, and quickly found the needed console. Relieved, he could see it was already active. He connected his com unit, and initiated the information transfer.

“Did you hear that?” Hervs said starting to pant with panic.

Tuluth strained his tympanic membranes, but detected nothing unexpected. “I just hear the ship thermally creaking.”

“I thought something moved.”

“Lets just hurry.”

Excerpt from Capt. log- **Upon review of the boarding party’s recommendation, the target ship has been tagged for salvage with a note of severe biocontamination from crew remains. Beacon has been affixed and activated. Recovered data regarding several weeks of intensive testing done on one of two unidentified organisms has been included with the dispatch and final report returned to command involving this incident.**

360 Centicycles after contact with the derelict craft, engineering began noting an unusual level of subsystem failures. Life support, thermal regulators, and internal illumination, all suffered a 500% increase in minor failures reported throughout the ship. Why this was not noted by engineering staff is unknown. The failure of the main communication array and location beacon is the first system failure properly logged, noted, and responded to in any recorded capacity. Ensign Yuta, was dispatched to make repairs via access shaft 67.

*Note following partial autopsy report*

Medical casualty report, 34. Ensign Yuta. Apparent cause of death is extreme electrocution and accompanying heat damage. Burns are extraordinarily severe, carbonizing approximately 85% of all tissue. Official cause of death- misadventure.

A log note in engineering was made indicating that during the second attempt to repair the array, it was observed that the death of Yuta had caused secondary damage to the array, and repairs were deemed impossible at the time. Wording used by repair crew included,”Torn to pieces” “ripped out” and “unlike any simple failure {they had} ever seen”. No other logs were made which indicated mechanical issues, prior to the cessation of main power, and any official logs.

The following was drawn from the personal recording device of Commander Ojoft. Timestamp on the recording indicates that only 60 Centicycles had passed since power failure.

“It’s in the walls. ITS IN THE WALLS!!!” Ultge screamed, firing his rifle blindly into the ceiling and walls until all of his ammunition was spent. Ojoft covered his head, and stayed low behind the piled debris he was using for cover. “EGG! Ultge! Calm down!” Ojoft yelled, hands still over his membranes.

“Calm!?! How can we be calm!? Whatever killed everyone on that ship came here, and now it’s killing us! WE’RE DEAD ALREADY!! WE’RE ALLL DEAD!!” Ultge ran from the room screaming, disappearing down the darkened hallway before suddenly falling silent with a gurgling chirp. Ojoft stared into the darkness, barely breathing. A small round object spun back from the hallway, rolling roughly along the deck. Ultge”s head came to a stop before blinking once at him. Ojoft froze. The human strode out of the darkness, and into the room. Blood-slicked, muscular, and wide shouldered, it was slightly smaller than Ojoft himself. It was brandishing Ultge’s spent rifle like a club. It waved the rifle in the air, and called out loudly. He was watching the human, terrified, and heard the sound above him far too late. The last thing Ojoft ever saw, was the smaller human, squealing and barking a maddening pattern of titters, falling upon him from the vent it had crawled through. Its soft, yet frustratingly resilient skin stretched rather than tore as his thicker skin did. Her paws dug into him, tearing and rending him. He didn’t even have time to scream.


It is the opinion of this council, following review of the logs and reports following this incident which resulted in the loss of two fully crewed interstellar vessels, that the organisms classified as “Humans” Should be avoided at all cost. No further specimens are to be collected, and any planet found to contain them is to be blacklisted for indefinite quarantine. It has also come to the attention to the council that a full shuttlecraft is unaccounted for in the review of debris. Location of this shuttlecraft should be made a priority activity for the good of the race.

Scrabble Time - Avengers x Werewolf Reader

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?” Sam exclaimed, glancing at you as you shrugged in confusion whilst Tony, Bruce and Peter high-fived.
“What? You don’t know what a deciduous forest is?” Peter questioned in disbelief.
“Forests are forests!” Sam exclaimed.
“Apparently those types of forest drop their leaves in winter…” You replied, googling it on your phone.
“Hey no cheating!” Tony squealed, Steve and Bucky exchanged looks at that point.
“Then don’t use words most of us don’t know tin man!” Clint grumbled, sneakily adding a word to the board.
“Says you old man and the beautiful Natasha with the espionage vocabulary!” Pietro exclaimed winking at Natasha who in turn glared at him in response.
“That’s it, you’re getting supernatural vocabulary; I don’t understand 40’s language or Sokovian.” You exclaimed.
“Noooo don’t leave me on the ground!” Sam whined.
“What do you mean her leave you on the ground, you can fly birdbrain!” Bucky insulted. Sam glared in response as you added a word to the board.

“Vhat Vord did you just add Y/n?” Wanda questioned, giving you a confused look.
“B-A-N-S-H-E-E. Banshee, also known as the wailing woman, her screams can shatter glass and batter steel doors, also she hears people’s deaths.”
You explained casually. “Well aren’t they a bundle of happiness.” Natasha chuckled.
“Their screams hurt like a bit-bish. I almost passed out and I was in a different room to her.” Steve gave you a warning glare as Scott began to mess with his tiles.
“I’m adding a word! U-N-I-C-O-R-N. Unicorn!” Scott squealed in delight causing everyone else to roll their eyes.

“You know what, I’m not even going to ask how you know a banshee…” Maria commented, adding a word to the board.
“For 6 years I have lived in the supernatural world, oh, look another word, N-E-M-E-T-O-N, nemeton, a supernatural beacon, closest one to us is in California.”
You replied whilst Vision added another word to the board.
“Vision are you googling words from the Oxford dictionary?” Bruce questioned. Vision froze up for a second.
“He is… wait there’s a ‘nemeton’ in California?” Rhodey enquired.
“Yeah…didn’t everyone know that? Oh wait…non of you knew what the hell the supernatural was until last week.” You said sarcastically.
“Actually Miss S/n, I have been fully aware of the supernatural world long before you were bitten.” Fury responsed, creeping out of the shadows.
“Well obviously, I’m here because of your awareness.” You rolled your eyes, glancing at Wanda who was looking at you.
“What the heck is a talus, widow?” Sam exclaimed as Natasha added the 5 letter word to the board.
“A bone in the ankle…” Maria informed him.

“Anyway Avengers, you have a mission, so get your butts to the quinjet immediately!” Fury ordered. Everyone sprinted from the room in response, the scrabble board left untouched.
“Vho von anyway?” Pietro questioned as he was the first to be ready, sitting down in the quinjet.
“We’ll find out when we get back, get ready for the mission people!” Steve ordered as he walked onboard, everyone else trailing behind him.
“Aye aye captain!” you and sam teased causing everyone else to roll their eyes.

Fury smirked as he picked up the scrabble tiles he need “D-I-R-E-C-T-O-R…triple word count, I win.”

Liebe Mitglieder,
liebe Fans von Borussia Dortmund,

hinter uns allen liegt eine Saison, die nur schwer in Worte zu fassen und nicht in wenigen Sätzen aufzuarbeiten ist. Eine Saison, die uns sehr, sehr nahe gegangen ist. Und obwohl sie am Samstag in Berlin mit einem großartigen Triumph endete, gibt es Erklärungsbedarf. Ich wende mich deshalb auf etwas ungewöhnliche Weise mit diesem Offenen Brief direkt an Euch.

Der Verlust von Mats Hummels, Ilkay Gündogan und Henrikh Mkhitaryan; die Integration vieler junger und unglaublich talentierter Spieler; der langfristige Ausfall einiger Akteure, die als Leistungsträger und Korsettstangen dieser Mannschaft im Umbruch fest eingeplant waren: Das allein wäre Herausforderung genug gewesen. Zu Beginn der Rückrunde haben uns die Ausschreitungen beim Heimspiel gegen RB Leipzig und die folgende Südtribünen-Sperre durchgeschüttelt. Und mit dem feigen Bombenanschlag auf unsere Mannschaft haben wir vor dem Champions-League-Spiel gegen Monaco eine Erfahrung machen müssen, die die Grenzen unserer Vorstellungskraft bei Weitem überschritten hat. Das Ziel des Attentäters war, die Menschen in unserem Mannschaftsbus umzubringen. Das größte Wunder und zugleich das größte Geschenk in der Geschichte von Borussia Dortmund besteht darin, dass niemand ums Leben gekommen ist. Die Dankbarkeit dafür ist existenziell und nicht einmal im Ansatz zu vergleichen mit der Dankbarkeit für einen Titelgewinn.

Vor diesem Hintergrund ist unser sportliches Abschneiden umso bemerkenswerter. Borussia Dortmund hat sich in der Saison 2016/17 zum achten Mal in Folge für einen internationalen Wettbewerb qualifiziert – davon allein sechsmal für die Champions League. Wir haben im Saison-Endspurt mit einem Herzschlag-Finale gegen Werder Bremen Platz drei erobert. Wir sind im vierten Jahr hintereinander ins DFB-Pokalfinale eingezogen – ein einsamer Rekord. Wir haben den Pott aus Berlin mit nach Hause gebracht und Euch allen am Sonntag beim Jubelkorso präsentiert. Gemeinsam mit einer Viertelmillion Menschen am Straßenrand einen solchen Erfolg feiern zu dürfen, macht stolz, macht dankbar. Macht Gänsehaut. Danke dafür!

Dank gebührt allen im Klub, die geholfen haben, diese Grenzerfahrungen zu meistern. Dank und großer Respekt gebührt zuvorderst natürlich unseren Spielern, die an der Situation nicht zerbrochen, sondern gewachsen sind. Dieser Kader hat Historisches geleistet. Dank gebührt aber auch, das ist doch völlig klar, unserem Trainer Thomas Tuchel und seinem Team!

Dass sich die Wege von Borussia Dortmund und Thomas Tuchel dennoch trennen, stößt bei Teilen unserer Fans auf Kritik und Unverständnis. Das können wir, die Verantwortlichen in der Geschäftsführung und in den Gremien von Verein und KGaA, nachvollziehen. Der BVB hatte mit Thomas Tuchel zwei erfolgreiche Jahre, in denen die sportlichen Ziele erreicht wurden. Allerdings haben wir – Michael Zorc als Sportdirektor und ich – uns in dieser Zeit in der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Trainerteam auch aufgerieben. Es geht bei der Wahrnehmung von Führungsverantwortung, und da unterscheidet sich Borussia Dortmund letztlich keineswegs von jedem anderen Sportverein oder Unternehmen, nicht ausschließlich um das Ergebnis. Es geht immer auch um grundlegende Werte wie Vertrauen, Respekt, Team- und Kommunikationsfähigkeit, um Authentizität und Identifikation. Es geht um Verlässlichkeit und Loyalität.

Wir haben in der gegenwärtigen personellen Konstellation leider keine Grundlage mehr für eine auf Vertrauen ausgelegte und perspektivisch erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit gesehen. Deshalb haben wir uns nach intensiven Gesprächen und vielen Diskussionen letztlich zu der Maßnahme entschlossen, die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Trainerteam nicht über das Ende der Saison 2016/17 hinaus fortzusetzen. Diese gemeinsame Entscheidung wird von allen Gremien innerhalb des Vereins und der KGaA einstimmig getragen. Ich bitte um Verständnis dafür, dass wir weder heute noch in Zukunft genaue Erklärungen abgeben können und werden. Vertrauensschutz ist seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt elementarer Bestandteil unserer Führungskultur.

Mir ist wichtig, deutlich zu machen, dass es bei der Entscheidung nicht um die Frage ging, ob man ein Bier miteinander trinken oder Skat miteinander spielen kann. Wenn wir die Dinge derart banalisieren würden, wären wir verantwortungslose und schlechte Entscheider. Ich bin auch durchaus nicht der Ansicht, dass Klubverantwortliche und Trainer grundsätzlich immer dicke Freunde sein müssen. Das sehr spezielle Verhältnis, das wir, insbesondere Michael Zorc und ich, zu Jürgen Klopp hatten, war nie der Maßstab für die Zusammenarbeit mit Thomas Tuchel und wird nicht der Maßstab bei künftigen BVB-Trainern sein.

Noch eines möchte ich versichern: Seit ich in verantwortlichen Positionen für Borussia Dortmund tätig bin, habe ich das Wohl des BVB immer über alles andere gestellt. Das gilt gleichermaßen für Michael Zorc, für Thomas Treß und für unseren Präsidenten Dr. Reinhard Rauball sowie für die Mitglieder unserer Gremien. Borussia Dortmund hat aus den Fehlern, die 2004/05 um ein Haar zur Insolvenz geführt hätten, gelernt. Wir alle analysieren unser Handeln selbstkritisch, niemand nimmt sich wichtiger als den Verein, niemand stellt persönliche Eitelkeiten über die Interessen von Borussia Dortmund.

Mit bedingungsloser Unterstützung habt Ihr, liebe Mitglieder und Fans von Borussia Dortmund, uns in den vergangenen Monaten durch schwierige Phasen getragen. Dafür noch einmal herzlichen Dank. Ich möchte Euch abschließend bitten, Michael Zorc und mir sowie allen anderen verantwortlich handelnden Personen bei Borussia Dortmund auch weiterhin volles Vertrauen zu schenken – so, wie es in den zurückliegenden Jahren stets der Fall war.

Euer Aki Watzke


Zumindest das hätte er sich doch bitte schenken können

Dear members,
dear fans of Borussia Dortmund,

we’ve just finished a season which is difficult to describe in words and can’t be reviewed in a few sentences. A season that has affected us very, very deeply. And while it culminated in a great triumph in Berlin on Saturday, there are some things that need explaining. I’ve therefore taken the rather unusual measure of addressing you directly in an open letter.

The loss of Mats Hummels, Ilkay Gündogan and Henrikh Mkhitaryan; the integration of many young and incredibly talented players; the long-term absence of several players, who as key performers and experienced hands were a key part of our plans at this time of upheaval: these challenges alone would’ve been enough this season. The clashes at the home game with RB Leipzig soon after the winter break and the ensuing closure of the South Stand shook us. And with the cowardly bomb attack on our team, we were subjected to an experience in the run-up to the Champions League match against Monaco that went far beyond anything we could’ve imagined. The attacker’s aim was to kill the people on board our Team Bus. The greatest miracle and, simultaneously, the greatest gift in the history of Borussia Dortmund was the fact that nobody lost their lives that day. Our gratefulness for that is existential and isn’t something we can even begin to compare with the gratefulness we feel upon winning a title.

In light of these events, our sporting performance is all the more remarkable. The 2016/17 season saw Borussia Dortmund qualify for a European competition for the eighth successive year (six of those have been for the Champions League). At the end of the campaign we secured third spot in the Bundesliga with an exhilarating win over Werder Bremen. We reached the DFB Cup final for the fourth year in a row – in itself a record. We brought the Cup home from Berlin and presented it to you all at our victory parade on Sunday. Being able to celebrate such a success with a quarter of a million people lining the streets makes us proud and thankful. It gives us goosebumps. We would like to thank you for that!
Thanks go to everyone at the club who helped us to get through these testing times. Of course, thanks and great respect go above all to our players, who emerged from this situation stronger rather than being crushed by it. This squad has made history. But, and this goes without saying, thanks also go to our coach Thomas Tuchel and his team!

The fact that Borussia Dortmund and Thomas Tuchel are nonetheless parting company has provoked criticism and a lack of understanding from some sections of our fan base. We, the people responsible for the board of management, the club committees and the KGaA, can understand this. With Thomas Tuchel at the helm, BVB enjoyed two successful years in which our sporting objectives were achieved. However, we – Sporting Director Michael Zorc and myself – also did not always see eye to eye with the coaching staff during this period of collaboration. When it comes to leadership responsibilities, it is not the result alone that matters – and in that respect, Borussia Dortmund is ultimately no different to any other sports club or business. What also matters are fundamental values such as trust, respect, the ability to communicate and work as a team, authenticity and identification. Qualities such as reliability and loyalty.

Unfortunately, we no longer believed the current coaching arrangement offered us a foundation for a successful future collaboration based on trust. That is why, following intensive talks and numerous discussions, we ultimately decided the best measure would be not to extend the cooperation with the coaching staff beyond the end of the 2016/17 season. This joint decision is unanimously supported by all committees within the club and the KGaA. I would like to ask you to understand that we cannot and will not provide any precise explanations either at this stage or in the future. The protection of trust has been a key component of the leadership culture in the more than a decade that I have been here.
For me, it is important to make it clear that this decision was not made on the basis of whether two people could enjoy a beer together or have a game of cards. If we were to trivialise matters in such a way, we would be irresponsible and poor decision-makers. I am also not of the opinion that leadership personnel at a club and a coach always need to be the best of friends. The very special relationship that we, particularly Michael Zorc and I, enjoyed with Jürgen Klopp was never the benchmark by which we judged our collaboration with Thomas Tuchel and it will never be the benchmark for any future BVB coaches.

I would like to ensure one more thing: since I have been working in positions of responsibility at Borussia Dortmund, I have always placed the well-being of BVB over everything else. The same applies for Michael Zorc, Thomas Treß and our President Dr. Reinhard Rauball, as well as the members of our committees. Borussia Dortmund has learned from the failures that took the club to within an inch of bankruptcy in 2004/05. We all analyse our actions self-critically, nobody believes they are more important than the club and nobody puts personal vanities above the interests of Borussia Dortmund.

Your, dear members and fans of Borussia Dortmund, have helped the club through some difficult times in the past few months with your unconditional support. Once again, I thank you for this. I would like to finish by requesting that you continue to place your full confidence in Michael Zorc and myself, as well as all other persons in positions of responsibility at Borussia Dortmund – just as you have consistently done in recent years.

Your Aki Watzke

Pillow Talk

Member: Woozi
Word Count: 1752
Genre: Smut w/ a little angst at the beginning

(A/N: For full effect, listen to ‘ZAYN - PILLOWTALK (the living room session)’ for the slower sexy version of the song that I based this fic on)

Being married to Jihoon wasn’t necessarily the easiest thing, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t still wonderful. Yeah, the two of you had spent the majority of last night in a shouting match, throwing things and pushing each other’s buttons; but waking up with his arms wrapped tightly around you felt like heaven even still. It was the calm after the storm.

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Thought I’d share the contents of my ‘photoshoots where they stand around looking like cool dudes’ Linkin Park picture folder. I love these guys, but these still amuse me enormously. Filenames, in order:

- being deep in the desert probably.jpg
- bored children waiting for their parents to pick them up after a school trip.jpg
- we’re so cool, we’re cool dudes.jpg
- dangerous dudes, we swear we’re personally responsible for all those boarded-up windows, except brad, who wandered in here by accident.jpg
- you’re walking down an alley, these guys block your path, you think you’re going to get mugged but they just break into a synchronised dance routine.jpg

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I wish Ladybugs role as a strategist could be appreciated for what it is and not talked about only in the margins of her good luck keeping her from getting hurt  vs. Chat Noir’s bad luck seemingly putting him in the danger zone more often. It always makes it sound like that she’s only on the sidelines (not exactly true either) not getting hit because of her luck while Chat is forever the sacrificial lamb cursed by his own bad luck. These metas about their luck and how it plays out in how they fight completely strips away Ladybug’s abilities, or Marinette’s rather, making her the strategist simply because her luck puts in in the background where she can’t get hurt instead of acknowledging that she is the strategist and is able to avoid being hurt because of her own merit. 

I’m sure luck plays a certain, limited role on their circumstances and in how they fight, because who can resist the idea of magic luck influencing our heroes in different ways? It adds a whole new layer to the magic of their miraculous. But there needs to be limitations to how far these effects can go, especially if you want Ladybug and Chat Noir to have their own strengths and weakness that are uniquely their own and not under the influence of these weird, vague magic rules.

Basically,  is every time Ladybug gets herself out of a situation going to be looked at as her simply getting lucky? Is every time Chat Noir gets hit by an akuma going to be pointed out as being only because of his bad luck and not because of an inability to get out of the way? I’m afraid to suggest that he may just be less skilled when he’s on the defense, but he just may be less skilled in that area than Ladybug is. But he’s in the danger zone more often than her not just because his luck might put him there, but his skills as an offensive fighter allows him to be better suited. Just as Ladybug is better suited as the brains. Which is awesome. But all the focus on how their luck plays in how they fight takes the focus away from their actual skills. Well, Ladybug’s skills mostly, because I find people are a lot more willing to defend Chat Noir as being on the offensive more because he’s a better fighter. Not many acknowledge Ladybug’s sharp mind as more than a passing comment, usually. But if people have this idea that her luck is constantly influencing how a fight plays out for her than it’s no wonder her skills are so often underrated. 

My response on a message board to a lady who told me that because of my sexuality, I wouldn't inherit the kingdom of God:

The Bible says many, many things. Do you realize that the word “homosexuality” wasn’t even a word until 1868? The problem with all you “the Bible says” folks is that you really don’t know what the Bible says. You read the most current interpretation or translation of it, and you read it literally. You teach it to others and they teach it to others, and voila, you have a bunch of well-intentioned people that are seriously misinformed. To truly understand the passages that unaffirming Christians use to condemn gay people, one must first go back and study those verses in their original texts. Those said passages referred to male temple prostitution that was carried out in pagan worship to Molech. Some also referred to pedastery, which was sex that was between a young slave boy and his master. In all these cases, the same sex acts were in addition to the sex these men were already having with their wives and concubines. The sin was in the fact that it was against their nature to have gay sex- they were straight, married men. They simply were overcome with their insatiable appetite for lust- so much so that they had sex with young slave boys. Another sin was partaking in orgies with male temple prostitutes. These were pagan rituals, as in worshiping false gods. None of this has anything to do with loving, committed same sex relationships and I think we can all agree it was wrong. I will agree that some gay people are promiscuous, as are straight people. But gay people are also capable of having a loving, committed, monogamous relationship- just as straight people are. If you would open your heart and mind to the fact that we are all God’s creation and that He loves and cherishes us all the same, no matter how different we are, I think you would find that God will bless you for it. I don’t know why God created me this way. What I do know is that He is God, He is sovereign, and He doesn’t make mistakes. You may not be too certain of my salvation, but that’s okay, because I am. I know the author and perfector of my salvation. I am certain of my identity in Christ. Instead of condemning entire people groups to Hell, perhaps a better thing to do would be to get serious about studying the Bible in the original text and learning more about this subject. When Christians truly begin to study this topic and hear the truth, instead of simply regurgitating what they’ve always heard, that is when all this hateful, divisive nonsense will end and true Christian unity, love, and inclusion can begin.