responsibility and recklessness


Based on that one scene from Iron Man 2.

I can’t wait to see Tony being responsible for a reckless hero. I mean, after everything he put Pepper through, it was time for him to get a taste of his own medicine!

How Would You Feel?

Post fight and the team were all sprawled on the couch, the previous battle and exhaustion washing over them as JARVIS had put on some random tv show that was playing. Every fight, they usually were too tired to go towards their room so now here they were.

Steve and Tony were on the couch, fingers linked even though they were not pressed together. Once in a while, Steve would squeeze his hand and Tony would return the favour.

Natasha was staring blankly at the TV while gently caressing her fingers through Bruce’s hair, his head in her lap. Thor had disappeared into the kitchen with Sam for some food because battles can make norse gods really hungry apparently.

“I swear to god Barton, the next time you jump down from a god damn building, I won’t let Stark save you!” And Cue Bucky and Clint coming into the living room, a dangerous glare on Bucky’s face as Clint pulled a face at him.

“He was just below me, Buck! How should i know it was going to swerve to the right at the last minute” Clint mumbled the last part and winced when his arm hit the couch.

Bucky glared at Clint’s arm like it was responsible for every reckless thing that Clint has been doing.

“Can’t you just love your life, Barton?” Bucky sighed, taking Clint’s good arm and dragging him onto the unoccupied couch.

“Well, why should i? I have you for that” Clint grinned, following Bucky without a fight.

Natasha’s lips curved into a small smile at Clint’s statement.

“He’s got a point there, Barnes”

Bucky didn’t reply, only wordlessly took the first aid kit that Sam gave, two big bags of cheetos in the other hand.

“Ooo, gimme one!!” Clint reached out for one bag but Bucky made an indignant sound and pulled Clint’s outstretched hand and put it on his lap with a look that said ‘move and i’ll make sure you don’t have that arm’ which made Clint pout and sigh.

Sam shrugged and took a seat at the couch that Steve and Tony occupied which made Steve scootch closer to Tony, resting his head on Tony’s chest.

“Man, i am single as hell” Sam mumbled miserably, ripping one bag of cheetos with too much vigour.

“Fear not, friend sam! For my jane is not here tonight, we can be together!” Thor exclaimed as he sat next to Sam.

Sam’s eyes widened when Thor winked at him and the team burst into laughter. Instead of Bucky of course, who was still glaring at the now bandaged arm.

“Hey” Clint called out, voice soft and quiet as the volume of the tv increased.

Bucky looked up into his eyes, mouth pressed into a frown. Clint didn’t like that, he liked it better when Bucky was smiling, when his eyes were - as cliche as it sounds- sparkled with happiness and joy.

Clint’s fingers fleetingly touched the side of Bucky’s face.

“Buck, i’m fine” Clint insisted, voice earnest as his eyss locked onto Bucky’s stormy grey ones.

“You could have died, Clint” Bucky said and Clint was taken aback at the raw vulnerability in those words.

Man, Bucky really does love Clint’s life more than Clint loves his own.

He felt like he had reached another level with Bucky. Being friends with him for 2 years now has been like a never ending up and down ride with achievements unlocked and higher level.

Bucky took his hand that was resting on the side of his face. He was shocked, not realising his hand was still there and tried to ignore the motion that his tummy was doing. It was swooping down and up and all around and it was only them holding hands.

“Well, Tony and I are heading to bed.” Steve suddenly announced and was shocked back into reality.

Oh right, they weren’t alone.

Instead of letting go, Bucky held on as he brought their hands to his lap.

“Yeah, us too” Natasha stood up, giving Bucky a look that Clint could not decipher, Avenger and Shield Agent or no, no one could really decipher whatever Natasha Romanov was trying to tell you with her eyes if it wasn’t meant for you but Bucky clearly did because he shrugged at her. Bruce followed Natasha wordlessly and Clint waved to them.

Thor and Sam left two seconds after, something about milkshakes and burgers and then there were two.

Still holding hands.

“I’m sorry” Clint said suddenly and Bucky squeezed his hand, sending a jolt of electricity down his spine before letting go.

Clint frowned at the empitness he felt.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Clint” Bucky mumbled before leaving Clint alone with his thoughts and god forbid, feelings.

Bucky was still mad. Obviously. Because he handed Clint his normal morning coffee without a cute smile or a smart comment about his bird’s nest hair.

And Clint was in a bad mood because Bucky was mad at him which meant that he was playing video games with Thor and Sam without any good natured threats and complaints.

“Lovebirds still not talking?” Natasha asked as she watched Clint wordlessly play video games and Bucky talking to Steve at the other side of the room.

“Looks like it, if not they would have been squished together on the couch already” Tony shrugged, sipping his coffee.

“You know they’re not actually together right?” Bruce walked in next and Natasha leaned into him as a greeting.

“They might as well be, they’re practically married” Natasha shrugged.

Tony perked up at that, looking like he had the brightest idea ever which made Bruce shake his head immediately.

“Tony” Bruce said in warning but it was too late because Natasha was catching on because she too had a little smirk on her face.

“God help us” Bruce muttered as he left the two of them to their devices.


“So how long can you actually keep this up?” Steve had asked that evening in the middle of a spar with Bucky.

Bucky was sweating, droplets of it dripping down his face but he still wouldn’t give up. He needed the distraction anyway. His feet were sore and his arms needed a rest but he wasn’t going to give up until he won.

“It’s like you just met me Stevie” Bucky grinned, going in for another kick but missing Steve by an inch which made Steve chuckle under his breath.

“Not this, Buck. I meant with Clint”

Bucky kept quiet, going in for a punch but Steve caught his arm and twisted so Bucky was kneeling down, mouth agape as he stared up at his childhood best friend.

“Okay Stevie, you can let go now” Bucky huffed, tugging at his arm but Steve was giving him an amused smile.

“Talk to Clint” He said in that no nonsense Captain America voice.

Bucky rolled his eyes and Steve pulled at his arm a little.

“Okay okay, I’ll talk to Clint! Dear god, let me go” Bucky mumbled frustratingly.

Steve let him go as Bucky mock saluted him and left him there to regain back his energy.

“Young love ” Steve sighed, shaking his head.

“Captain, Sir would like me to tell you that you should and i quote 'get your sweaty ass down here, Rogers’ preferably now”

Steve grinned. “Speaking of love right?” he mumbled to himself as he picked himself up from the training mat to make his way down to Tony’s workshop.

Clint was testing out new arrows. Feeling that sense of satisfaction and joy every time it hit the bull’s eyes but never getting enough even if he tried different positions.

He hates fighting with Bucky. Hates it down to his core because his whole day just turns upside down and downside up and even video games and new arrows couldn’t bring his good mood back.

Its a wonder how he survived life without Bucky before he came into his life. He groaned and took another arrow. He pulled the bow and aimed.

“Tony made you those?”

Clint missed. He turned around to watch Bucky nonchalantly walk in the training room with freshly showered hair and his t-shirt clinging to his god damn toned body.

Clint swallowed and averted his gaze.

stupidly attractive super soldier, he thought bitterly.

Bucky ran a hand through his wet hair, recently cut short because Clint commented about how his hair was getting longer again.

Clint felt his heart beat faster when Bucky came closer so he turned around to grab some more arrows.

“Clint” Bucky called but Clint was too busy adjusting his arrows to even look at Bucky.

Bucky rolled his eyes at Clint’s usual stuborness and waited for the blond to shoot the arrow before reaching out to grab at Clint’s arm.

Clint didn’t flinch from the sudden contact so that was a good sign and Bucky softened his hold, hand lingering down Clint’s until he reached his fingers.

Clint was looking at their linked fingers confusingly, eyebrows furrowed together. He pursed his lips, trying to ignore the tingling feeling he felt from his fingertips all the way to his arm where Bucky’s hold was on him.

“Steve wanted me to talk to you” Bucky said, tightening his grip on Clint’s hand.

“So talk” Clint mumbled.

Bucky chuckled, shaking his head slightly.
“I tried to think of what to say in the shower and came up with so many things
but when i saw you, i came up blank”

Clint’s lips quirked into a small smirk. “Speechless by my good looks i guess”

Instead of Bucky’s usual insult and shove, he looked into Clint’s eyes and Clint was frozen as his own eyes bored into Bucky’s.

“Definitely” Bucky nodded.

Clint’s eyes went wide as he laughed nervously.

“I- i was just kidding Buck” Clint laughed, trying to untangle his fingers but Bucky was stronger so he pulled Clint closer to him so he was pressed up against Bucky’s body. Bucky smelled like lavender soap and citrus shampoo, it was intoxicating.

Bucky usually did this, he pulled Clint close and he would hug him so tight until Clint all but melted into his embrace. But then, that was it. He would let Clint go and it left Clint confused about well, everything.

But Bucky wasn’t making a move to hug him, he was just staring into his eyes and holding him really really close. Clint was trying to figure out what he was thinking but he came up blank.

“I’m not Clint, you’re extremely good looking. And i look at you every day and i become speechless at how attractive you are. And you make me laugh with your stupid puns and somehow it makes you even more attractive that i sometimes question my own sanity” Bucky said, his breath ghosting over Clint’s face through the little gap that they have between their faces.

Clint was shocked, mouth agape and eyes wide as he took in what Bucky was saying.


“How would you feel… if i told you..” Bucky cut him off, a hand going up to rest on Clint’s cheek.

Clint gulped nervously as Bucky leaned in, lips brushing his ear and Clint closed his eyes.

“- that i loved you” Bucky’s voice was close and Clint’s heart rate picked up.

“Do you mean it” Clint whispered and Bucky pulled back to smile at his best friend, his partner before he pressed his lips with Clint’s.

Clint melted into him easily, responding to the kiss quickly as a sigh escaped him. It was slow and gentle and so unlike Bucky that it made Clint cling to him tighter, arms wrapped around Bucky’s neck. His fingers gripping Bucky’s hair when his tongue started tangling with his, exploring his mouth slowly until Clint felt his knees going weak.

He didn’t know what was real and what wasn’t because he’s been imagining this for so long it was a bit unreal.

When they pulled away, they were both flushed and their lips were swollen.

“It took a near death experience for that?” Clint asked, laughing as he buried his head in Bucky’s neck.

Bucky’s hand tightened on Clint’s waist when Clint started kissing his neck, teeth scraping the skin as he bit lightly.

“Quite a few, actually-” Bucky let a groan escape him when Clint started working on a real hicky on his neck.

Once Clint was satisfied with his hickey and Bucky was a groaning mess, gripping Clint’s hips so tight it made Clint press his hard on Bucky’s thigh, he pulled away to kiss Bucky hard.

“I love you, Bucky” Clint took the opportunity to mumble in the middle of the kiss.

Bucky smiled and Clint felt his heart bloom like god damn flowers in spring.

“Yeah, i definitely love you” He said before kissing Bucky again.


Modern childhood friends au in which:

  • sinbad is very protective over tiny reckless ja'far
  • sinbad feels way too responsible over tiny reckless ja'far
  • sinbad might or might not be scared of the also very protective rurumu

(his vision of reality may be somewhat mistaken….)

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anonymous asked:

could you please make an angsty scenario of seven and mc getting in a HUGE fight bcs he said something really really hurtful and there's like a break up scare? thank you so much!

It had been a long day.
That’s all you could think. And you blamed the fight on it, too, because honestly, it was a long day.
But it was more than just that.
You couldn’t ignore that– it was also the way he would constantly push away. He’d tell you to get out and leave. Stop bugging him. You’re such a bother, all the time. Leave him alone. Don’t annoy him. You’re odd ticks, like clicking that pen or humming, annoys the crap out of him.
He’s always come at you in fits of anger, and you would end up retreating to the bedroom where he’d come to you later, apologizing for being a jerk, telling you he didn’t want you to leave, he wouldn’t do it again. Oh God please don’t leave him.
You’d always hope that that would be the end of it, but it never was.
All of that stress built up.
And it decided to come out today.
You had only wanted to go out for a little bit, get a breather from the bunker. You thought you could slip out quietly enough not to bug Seven. His stress was bad enough recently. You didn’t want to add on to it.
So yes. You did go out, even though you know he doesn’t want you to cause he worries. But you needed some fresh air.
Surprisingly, you got fifteen minutes. Then your phone started blowing up.

10 missed calls

Where are you?
How long have you been gone
MC answer me
I need to know where you are
So help me if you dont answer

Seven, chill
Im okay
I just went outside for a bit

He calls you. “MC, how long have you been out?? You need to get back here now. Crap. It must’ve been a while. Something could’ve happened. How long was it even??”
“It was just fifteen minutes. Ill be back soon.” You hang up. You couldn’t handle another lecture right now. But you head back.
As soon as you get to the door, Seven bursts out. And so the lecture begins. “What the hell MC?? I was busy for five minutes and then you were gone.”
“It was fifteen. Fifteen minutes isn’t even that long, I just needed a break. I needed some time outside for a bit.”
“Something could’ve happened. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time for someone to come up behind you and knock you out and drag you away. You have to be more responsible. You’re so reckless MC, you cant do stuff like this!”
“It was just fifteen minutes! You were busy and I didn’t want to disturb you but just sitting there is.. Its impossible to do! I just needed some air for once!”
“From me? Is that it? You can’t handle being around me all day, so you had to get away from me for a while? Is it too much to ask for you to just sit low for a while until it’s safer?”
“That’s not even what I said!”
“Well that’s what I heard!”
“Stop twisting my words!” You say, but your words are useless. He doesn’t even notice them.
“–Apparently I’m too much for you. Maybe you should just leave if you can’t handle me. Can’t handle this. You gotta grow the f*ck up MC. Life isn’t peachy-happy all the time. And if this is too much for you, you really should just leave.” His anger flares, and it hurts.
“I don’t want to leave you! Seven I’ve been here for you this whole time!” You try to bite back tears, but you can feel them start to come.
“I mean, if I’m such a bother to you, you should go! At least then I’d have some peace and quiet!”
A tear streaks down your face, and all you can feel is hurt. Hurt and shock, and disappointment– in yourself. In a shaky voice, you ask, “is that all I am to you? Am I just a bother?” Biting your lip, you hold up a hand before he can speak and shake your head. “N-never mind, I don’t want to hear you say it. I can’t hear you say it. I’m sorry Seven. I’m sorry I’ve been such a bother.”
You open the door and walk out. And then you run, and you run as fast as you can and as far as you can until you don’t even know where you’re at, and you hide, and curl up, and you cry. Because you love Seven. And you care so much for him, so much that it hurts you to care for him and to stay with him. But he just can’t seem to accept you, to take you in and let you be there with him.
And that feeling, to love him like that, and then to be constantly torn down and argued with and told that you are a bother to him. It tears your heart.
You don’t think you could handle going through that again
But all you know right now was just how much it f*cking hurts. How every sob rattles your body and you can’t seem to catch your breath, you’re breathing so fast. And just how much you want him to be here to hold you and tell you it’s okay, that you don’t need to worry or cry, that he’s there for you, no matter what. But he isn’t here now.
All you can think about is the look on his face right before you walked out, stunned to silence, his mouth slightly opened as if he were going to say something but nothing would come out, his eyes wide and watery. His hand seemed to hang in the air like it had a purpose and lost it. His pose frozen in the moment, where frustration shifted to realization and to regret.
How could you face him again? Do you want to face him again? No. Yes. Crap. You don’t know.
It feels like an eternity of crying however. And when you finally manage to calm yourself, all you can think is It’s been a long day.
Shivering, you realize how cold it is. You must’ve been outside for a long time if you got this cold.
You get up and start to walk, trying to figure out where exactly you ran to. And you eventually wander to a small bakery. You get a small coffee to drink and sit yourself at a corner table.

It’s maybe ten minutes later when he shows up.
Your first instinct is to hide and ignore him.
But he walks right up to you. He’d obviously already seen you. “MC. You gotta come back.”
You look up at Saeran and shake your head. “I… I can’t.”
“What do you mean you can’t? Get the f*ck up and come with me.”
“Please don’t make me. I can’t face him. I can’t.” Just thinking about it makes you want to cry.
“He’s going to do some reckless sh*t if you don’t get there soon. He’s spent a f*cking hour looking for you. He won’t do anything else, he f*cking passed out. I had to drag him to the house and he woke up panicking. What the f*ck did you you two do? He said you had an argument, it must’ve been f*cking bad.”
“Everything seems to be bad with him now. I can’t do anything right for him anymore.”
“He’s caving in on himself MC. You’ve got to help. Even if you just let him know you’re okay.”

“Seven” your words come out shaky. He was lying on the couch, but the moment he hears your voice, he shoots up. “Seven, I… I can’t keep going like this. I love you, I really really do, but I… I can’t handle you constantly jabbing at me. If I’m a bother then I’ll leave. I’ll be gone. You can count on it. But… if you love me, if you want me to stay, you can’t say that.” You feel the tears come back as your lip quivers, “I love you, I love you so much, but it hurts whenever you say that. So if you really mean it, I’ll be gone, but if you love me, just… let me know.”
Just as you finish, he’s up and off of the couch and clutching you in his arms. “MC, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.” His voice is deep and raspy and you can feel his pain and worry with every breathy word. “I love you. So much. I don’t ever want to lose you. I love you and.. I don’t want to ever lose you. Please don’t ever leave me like that again. Please.”
You’re frozen in his arms for a moment, before you loosen up and hug him back. His arms are strong and tight around you, and you have the strong feeling that he’s serious this time.
Maybe this is enough of a scare for you both to know you need a change.
Maybe it’ll be enough.

But either way, you just know that being in his arms right now makes everything feel better again, and you feel so safe and protected, and it’s not perfect but you have Seven back.

It will be okay.

~Sunflower is trying to learn how to write fics

hatterchan  asked:

Iida on drugs please

Oh my shit. Okay.

Iida, being a pure boy, thinks that even the sight of the marijuana leaves is terrifying, so he’s learned all the forms of drugs in order to stay away. Recreational drugs that is…

Laughing gas Iida, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

He loses any sense of responsibility and does ridiculously reckless things. Iida picks fights with Kacchan (ending up with him being punched into the wall because he’s too loopy, but according to Bakugou, he actually got better combat-wise) and runs around the campus half naked and yelling incoherent things until Aizawa needs to deactivate his quirk because he’s running too fast. He also just randomly begins to fly up in class. (it’s obvious at this point that he can’t handle laughing gas)

Kirishima and Mineta make sure to record everything so that they can prove to Iida that he did all these random things. Once Iida’s off his high, he refuses to believe that these things have happened. He still doesn’t have full control over his body, so the have to belt him down and play the videos of his ridiculous stunts. Iida turns bright red.

Also, he overreacts with the smallest problem: ie: cavities

“Iida-kun, you had a cavity and we had to take a tooth out”


(thanks y’all)

Also, Iida and his brother taking medicine instead of drugs because they have PTSD from what happened to them

daslebenistgut  asked:

My dude, you're not lame just cause you won't drink. Trust me. One of my best friends just has no desire to drink and we think that's the best because she can be the responsible mom friend that she is and make sure none of our group does anything to stupid. So you just do you and be happy and that's all that matters. It's so much better to be responsible than reckless and stupid and I'm so proud of you for being responsible ❤️💛💚💙🖤💜

Thank you!!!!!! 

That’s all I wanted to do was be the mom friend but the wasn’t allowed apparently. I stayed up most of the night worrying about them tbh

But thank you so much! You’re amazing <33333


Trump doesn’t understand ramifications of what he’s doing – former CIA agent

That’s because Trump doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand the consequences of his reckless behavior. Being president is a big responsibility. His reckless behavior will be his downfall with the intelligence less is only the beginning. So how much more Republicans will tolerate Trump’s reckless behavior?

What’s the price that Republicans are willing to pay to keep supporting Trump?

HCs about Ghoul’s Childhood

-Ghoul didn’t grow up in the… nicest… part of Battery City. He grew up in a neighbourhood beyond the lobby, one that was still a part of the city, but suffered from a general lack of interest from city higher ups due to the extreme poverty and high crime rates. Very few people could afford to eat, and even for those who could afford to pay their bills, electricity was spotty at best. It was a neighbourhood riddled with crime and gangs, and since emergency services were unlikely to come if called, people mostly just stayed inside if they could. There were almost no people with city jobs, and very few ever ventured into the heart of the city at all, where in most neighbourhoods a significant majority of people commute downtown to work. There were BLI schools, of course, but the only time anyone really showed up is during winter, when the schools are the only buildings guaranteed to have heating. And you think overcrowding is a problem in wealthy neighbourhoods? Large families are LUCKY to get two room apartments where Ghoul grew up.    

-Ghoul actually had it pretty good, relatively speaking. His parents owned a convenience store, and they lived (illegally) in the back of it. So not only were they more likely to have electricity, but they had more money from not paying rent for the store and an apartment. They also had fairly stable access to food, since they payed distributor prices through BLI, although his mom was pretty strict about selling everything they possibly could. They had food if they needed it, but they got by on expired stuff a lot. 

-Ghoul’s father was in the military, and was killed in the desert when Ghoul was very young. His mother was used to running the store by herself, of course, but things got even harder without the guaranteed income. Ghoul spent a lot of hours working in the store, and even more hours trying to get out of it. He didn’t have that great of a relationship with his mother, to be honest.

-In fact, he really wasn’t a great kid. He had an extensive criminal record by the time he was 16, and was affiliated with gangs. He and his friends were notoriously loud, rude, and mean. He’d pickpocket or straight up mug people to finance his cigarette and weed habits, and he owed some pretty shady people money by the time he left the city. His mom kicked him out 3 months before he left the city, since his shit was starting to bring bad people to their place.

-There were a LOT  of stray dogs around his neighbourhood, and people in Battery City don’t trust dogs at all (they’re seen as a military thing). Ghoul was always hanging out around packs of them, and this, combined with his reputation, made people think he might be a bit “mentally unstable”. 

-He spent a lot of time either wandering around and getting into trouble or sitting on the back porch of the store in an effort to avoid his mom/his responsibilities. Despite his large repertoire of friends and acquaintances, he actually spent a lot of time alone. 

-access to medication is good everywhere in the city, but in neighbourhoods like Ghoul’s people tend to just be prescribed generic pills rather than ones to help specific issues. So while Ghoul WAS on medication, he had severe depression that remained largely untreated. This was (and still is) partially responsible for his reckless behaviour. 

You think Aries is Aggressive I think they are Passionate

You think Taurus is Lazy I think they are Patient

You think Gemini is Annoying I think they are Knowledgeable

You think Cancer is Sensitive I think they are Intuitive

You think Leo is a Show Off I think they are Proud

You think Virgo is Bossy I think they are Leaders

You think Libra is Indecisive I think they are Thoughtful

You think Scorpio is Mean I think they are Honest

You think Sagittarius is Careless I think they are Adventures  

You think Capricorn is Uptight I think they are Responsible

You think Aquarius is Reckless I think they are Vivacious

You think Pisces is Spacey I think they are Dreamy 

Honesty is a spectrum of annoyance

Okay, going through my old requests slowly! For @shitsumon-abound, some Zeno and Yoon bonding post-drinking contest. Talks about Jae-ha’s growth and both Dragon Warriors groups.

“Ugh!” A sudden image of Yona in men’s clothing cooing over a bunch of spirited stray cats popped into Yoon’s mind.

“I know!” Zeno grinned. “It drove me nuts. I could never stop them from fighting or from doing stupid things.”



“Are you telling me you were the sensible one of the whole group?”

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Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii. 7 syllables sure to strike fear in to any pregnant woman’s heart. I thought I’d do a little post today to summarise what toxoplasma actually is and how it affects us and the animals around us.

Toxoplasma gondii is a single celled parasite known as a protozoa. It has a complex lifecycle involving felines as its only final host. It does, however, have a vast array of ‘intermediate hosts’ thought to include virtually all warm blooded animals. It’s a very successful parasite infecting animals and humans worldwide. In France, 84% of people are thought to be infected.

Its lifecycle is as follows:

  • A cat becomes infected through consuming the raw meat of infected prey
  • The parasite infects the epithelial cells of the cat’s gut, sexually reproducing in these cells
  • Sexual reproduction produces oocysts which are shed in the cat’s faeces. The time period from consumption to shedding is around 3-10 days. Shedding only occurs for a few weeks before the cat’s immune system fights off the parasite, resulting in a persistent but non-shedding infection that can remain for life. After one infection it is highly unlikely the cat will get infected and shed again due to its raised immune response, however immunosuppression can result in subsequent shedding
  • These oocysts develop in the environment and after 1-5 days are developed enough to infect an intermediate host
  • Intermediate host ingests the oocysts through consumption of an item or fluid infected with cat faeces. Intestinal enzymes break down the oocyst wall releasing the parasite in to the gut
  • Acute asexual multiplication occurs in the intermediate host cells and the parasite is spread around the body in the blood
  • After around 2 weeks the host develops immunity but the infection enters a chronic phase as slow-growing forms of the parasite are ‘walled off’ into what is known as a cyst, protected from the immune system. These can remain infectious for months to years and can revert to the acute form if the host’s immune system becomes depressed (FIV, AIDs, canine distemper). They are often found in the brain and muscle.
  • This cyst-infected meat is consumed by the cat and the whole cycle begins again

Cats can also get infected by consuming oocysts from other cats, however they are a lot less susceptible to this than other intermediate hosts so a large number of oocysts would need to be consumed. To make it even more confusing, intermediate hosts can get infected via carnivorism/ scavenging when they consume meat infected with cysts (e.g. a human eating undercooked, infected pork). As well as this, transplacental transmission can occur in some host species during the acute phase of the infection (however this is not seen in dogs or cats). This creates a complex web of infection. The cysts are killed when meat is cooked.

Toxoplasmosis is most often asymptomatic, with flu-like symptoms possible during the acute phase. It can be fatal in immunosuppressed individuals, however this is rare. You may have heard the parasite’s name mentioned in relation to sheep. If a non-immune ewe is infected during pregnancy it can cause foetal death, reabsorption, abortion, mummified foetuses, still births and weak lambs, depending on when in pregnancy the ewe was infected. In cases of abortion, you can see tiny white spots on the placenta and foetal tissue. Diagnosis can be confirmed through stained impression smears or serological examination of the foetal fluid or blood from the ewe. Prevention in sheep includes a vaccine which primes the immune system to the parasite. Sheep are often infected from eating infected hay or concentrates, so keeping cats away from these can help reduce infection rates.

Toxoplasma is also a favourite in the press, who claim that it ‘controls our brains’ and causes abortions and deformities. Like in sheep, infection of a non-immune, pregnant mother can indeed cause deformities in her child. Does this mean we should all kill off our cats when expecting? Definitely not, and I’ll explain why.

As I stated earlier, infected cats will only shed for 2-3 weeks in their entire lifetime, unless immunologically supressed. To become infected by your cat, you would need to have never been infected before yourself (because if you have, your immune system is primed and ready to fight it off), your cat would have to be in the shedding phase and you’d have to ingest oocytes (that take 1-5 days to become infective, so changing the litter box daily can hugely reduce this risk).  If worried, a blood test to see if you’ve been previously exposed and a blood test in your cat to see if they’ve been previously exposed may put your mind at rest. Indoor cats are less likely to become infected if their only food is tinned or dried. Humans are much more likely to be exposed to the infection through handling and eating undercooked infected meat, soil infected with cat faeces and unwashed vegetables. If you’re a vet in the making and have been on a lambing placement, you may well have been asked if you’re pregnant. This is because being in contact with aborted material from sheep with toxoplasmosis is another way to contract the infection.

As for the ‘mind control’, it has been found that mice infected with toxoplasma are attracted to the smell of cat urine and a lot less frightened of cats than those without infection. This is an incredibly clever mechanism and probably one of the reasons the parasite is so wide-spread. In humans, when analysing the number of people who are involved in car accidents, it was found that a significantly high proportion were infected with toxoplasma gondii. It has been suggested that the parasite is responsible for making people more reckless and argumentative. Toxoplasma cysts in the brain could definitely be responsible for parts of your personality, however conclusions at the moment suggest that although the infection may have some effect, the brain and concept of ‘personality’ are so complex and involve so many factors that its overall influence seems negligible.  

I hope this made sense, it’s quite confusing to explain! I’ve drawn a quick diagram to try and demonstrate the different scenarios in which we could become infected. Enjoy!

Magic & Violence in “Harry Potter”

I have not written a Harry Potter meta in ages. But, as The Cursed Child hit the bookstores and Fantastic Beasts will arrive in November, there has been an awakening of sorts on my dashboard regarding the Harry Potter fandom. Long lost are the days when we were contented with reading Drarry, now we love to take apart every-single-detail and analyze it. Harry Potter is problematic, let’s all agree on that, and move on.

What I want to talk about here was partially initiated by @severussnapeisourking‘s post about Sirius murderous tendencies and @lily-mj-fae‘s response. This is in no way a direct response to any of the points they have made about either Sirius or Snape, but it does highlights some issues about the use of violence, particularly that of magical nature, and the normalization of said violence. Ok, that last bit was mine, not theirs. My opinion is that the presence of magic trivializes the acts of violence that are present in the books.    

What I want to get across is the fact that some fucked-up shit happens at Hogwarts and everyone is ok with it. Sirius’ big-fucking-ass-murder-attempt is just one more thing in the long list of cases in which, upon re-reading the books, we should go: isn’t this going a bit too far?

No one is excepted of this, whether you are a Death Eater, Order of the Phoenix or DA. Take the Weasley twins, for example (OOTP, 28):

“Malfoy just docked us all about fifty points,” said Harry furiously, as they watched several more stones fly upward from the Gryffindor hourglass. 
“Yeah, Montague tried to do us during break,” said George. 
“What do you mean, ‘tried’?” said Ron quickly. 
“He never managed to get all the words out,” said Fred, “due to the fact that we forced him headfirst into that Vanishing Cabinet on the first floor.” 
Hermione looked very shocked. “But you’ll get into terrible trouble!” 
“Not until Montague reappears, and that could take weeks, I dunno where we sent him,” said Fred coolly. “Anyway … we’ve decided we don’t care about getting into trouble anymore.” 
“Have you ever?” asked Hermione.  

(Rowling, 2003: 627)  

Even if you want to get expelled, this is effing brutal. The Order of the Phoenix (2003) has some other examples regarding this kind of behavior. Hermione’s affair with the parchment of the Dumbledore’s Army is pretty strong as well. The first issue that arises is, obviously, that Hermione never tells anybody about the jinx: 

“They can’t have done,” said Hermione in a low voice. 
“You’re so naive,” said Ron, “you think just because you’re all honorable and trustworthy —” &#145; 
“No, they can’t have done because I put a jinx on that piece of parchment we all signed,” said Hermione grimly. “Believe me, if anyone’s run off and told Umbridge, we’ll know exactly who they are and they will really regret it.”
 “What’ll happen to them?” said Ron eagerly. 
“Well, put it this way,” said Hermione, “it’ll make Eloise Midgen’s acne look like a couple of cute freckles. […]”  (Rowling, 2003: 354)

The second issue has to do with whether the dimention of Hermione’s punishment. We know that by chapter 38, Marietta Edgcombe is “wearing a balaclava” (Rowling, 2003: 865) and that, at the begging of Half-Blood Prince she “was wearing a very thick layer of makeup that did not entirely obscure the odd formation of pimples still etched across her face.” (Rowling, 2005:142). 

Why is any of this a trivialization of violence? Because our heroes accept it. Harry smirks slightly (Rowling, 2005: 142) at the sight of Marietta’s scars even though we know from Cho Chang that her mother works at the Ministry and is having a difficult time. 

This trivialization includes Sirius’ behavior and Dumbledore’s response to Sirius being a reckless, self-centered prick. Honestly, get a grip Dumbledore. It also includes the fact that Snape made the Sectumsempra Curse most likely when he was in his sixth year of Hogwarts and annotated: “For Enemies” (Rowling, 2005: 447-448). Not only that, but the fact that he’s used it so often that Lupin was able to recognize it in Deathly Hollows (2007) as his trademark: 

“He lost an ear,” said Lupin. 
“Lost an—?” repeated Hermione in a high voice. 
“Snape’s work,” said Lupin. 
“Snape?” shouted Harry, “You didn’t say—” 
“He lost his hood during the chase. Sectumsempra was always a speciality of Snape’s.” 

I believe that, in many instances, magic makes violence banal. The line between what’s considered a joke and what’s considered standard prank is often “blurred” (Merlin, I do not want to sound like Robin Thicke). Like the twins trying to make an Unbreakable Vow with Ron.

I don’t want to get into the discussion of “who’s better Sirius or Snape”. I think my answer would be pretty obvious. But I’d like to point out that the imbalance between the “pranks”/“punishments” and the objective implications of those actions (Marietta’s scared face, Lupin’s trauma, etc.) is a constant feature in the Wizarding World. Maybe they are so used to magic that going so out of line might not be considered a “bad” thing. I think of it as the problem with gun regulation in the USA: in many ways it is easier to see how strange -even unthinkable- the second amendment is because I do not live in a pro-gun country, I was not raised somewhere where people carry guns in the street. At the end of the day the kettle should not call the pot black. Within the narrative, some of those actions are justified (after all, Marietta is nothing but a traitor in the end) and some others are unjustified (like the Sirius and Snape encounter*), but they all exist. 


*It is significant, though, that we never get to see that scene play out; we see SWM twice, once in OOTP and once in “The Prince’s Tale” in DH, yet this scene that -at least from Snape’s point of view- should be so poignant in his relationship with James is lost.      

||At Your Service||

Aahhhhh it’s finally finished after three days of writing!! >__< I hope you like it anon! Kili is my favorite character in The Hobbit so it was definitely a fun one to write. <3

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Story: KilixReader
Words: 3024
Type: Fluff 

I hope you like it anon~! <3

||At Your Service||

“Dammit KilI! Not again!” You groaned, running after the mischievous dwarf laughing at your struggles. “How am I suppose to do night watch if you keep stealing my sword!”

“Dunno,” Kili grinned, moving swiftly through the forest around the camp. “Maybe you should pay more attention to your surroundings so your stuff doesn’t get stolen. You are doing nightwatch after all,” Kili winked at you.

“That’s not fair!” you growled. “Last time you did night watch, you lost the ponies and nearly got us all killed by trolls!”

“Sure! Blame me, not Fili!” he crossed his arms gruffly, obviously unhappy with your response. Serves him right.

“He is more responsible than you. You’re reckless, y’know,” you grinned evilly with a chuckle, using his mother’s words against him. “Now sword,” you raised your eyebrow, holding your hand out for your weapon back, “unless you’d like me to be killed because of my lack of a weapon.”

“Noooooo,” he heaved a heavy sigh and gave the sword back to you. “Please though,” he lowered his tone, his eyes locking with yours. “Be careful. I don’t like that Thorin is putting you on guard so by Mahal please be careful.”

You rolled your eyes, making sure to keep your composure in front of the darling prince. You didn ‘t know why he was so worried over a simple night watch. You had done it plenty times before, and Thorin would not have trusted you with this task if you were not fit to defend the camp and yourself. Your eyes glided by his glimmer of worry and concern. You had no knowledge of the dwarf’s thoughts or desires, nor the argument he previously had with his Uncle over your safety. He was still uneasy that you had accompanied them, wishing you would have instead stayed in the Iron Hills with his mother.

But you were not one to allow action to pass you by, and protecting yourself was something you had grown accustomed to in the presence of this playful dwarf. Lately, it was this dwarf that had been causing your thoughts more trouble than usual, his voice, his words, his actions parading in your head enough to make you nearly blush in front of the young price.

“Kili, I’m always careful,” you shook your head, smiling lightly at his worry.  “I have to go or Thorin will be mad. Get some rest,” you whispered, your lips tempting to divulge other choice words while he stood before you.

Kili bowed to you and smiled, whispering, “Of course dear,” before he left for the cave where the company was residing.

You paid no mind to his actions, but your heart said otherwise, wanting those very words to be directed for you and only you. You had grown to know the young dwarf prince since you were both children. Though human, your family had helped the dwarves fight in their war but none survived besides you. His family took you in and raised you. Over the years, he became more than a friend to you. If only he felt the way you did. It would make the relentless flirting more bearable.

You sighed, taking your seat before the fire, the stones and leaves of the forest floor digging into your hands. You paid no mind, enjoying the dance of the flames in their orange and red hues. It gave you comfort and peace, something you severely lacked traveling with the company. Lately, your thoughts had been quite jumbled with visions of desires for the younger dwarven prince flashing through your head as the flames ate the wood.

You tossed another branch into the fire in an effort to keep it alive. Thorin had warned against it, not wanting to attract more attention to the camp than necessary. You were, however, freezing and if you were made to keep watch, then you preferred to not be an icicle. Thus, that argument was won.

Even with the blazing flames, your skin crept with goosebumps, feeling the cool breeze wave over your tiny body. If you closed your eyes, you could almost feel Kili’s arms snaking around you, his chapped lips grazing your cheek, his callused fingers rubbing against your arm to keep you warm. Your heartbeat thumped against your chest as the drums did during big celebrations in the Iron Hills. It was relentless, the torture your mind brought you through. Would the yearning never end? 

Your fingers fumbled with the braids Kili and Fili had given you before you embarked on this journey, a promise that they would keep you safe. Dis had nearly placed an axe to both of her sons if they did not return with you. You chuckled to yourself, your eyes flooding with visions of you and Kili roaming around the fields back home. Would you three even make it back alive?

Your eyes stung lightly with the ash blown in the wind as you tried to focus on the blurry twinkles of starlight in the night sky. You wouldn’t allow yourself the privilege of tears. This was a much needed journey for the company. As wary as you were about the cause, you knew how much it meant to the dwarves to take back their homeland. At least you were here with them, your odd family that you had grown to love so much. 

You rubbed your eyes, attempting to remove the ash from your eyes when your ears stopped you from your menial task. Every movement in your body stopped. The sound of crunching leaves lurked behind you, barely above a whisper. Your fingers curled around the hilt of your sword, the other hand grasping your matching dagger.

Careful footsteps crept behind you. You were quick to stand up, turning around with your blades pointed at the victim. “Who’s there?” you asked, your voice wanting to mimic the tremble that reigned in your heart, but your body stood still. Your eyes narrowed, trying desperately to identify the victim in the dark, the flames only elevating the silhouette of the person. “Who’s there?” you repeated, your tone darkening as the night with the lack of an answer.

“It’s…it’s just me,” came the weak shaking tone.

“Bilbo?” you peered with the fire lighting the hobbit’s face a little more. “Bilbo!” You sighed in relief, setting your weapons down. “What are you doing sneaking up on a lady during any type of duty!” You shook your head, happy that it was only him instead of another murderous creature who had a taste for dwarf, hobbit, and human flesh.

“I….I only thought you would enjoy some company and dinner,” he said softly, shaking from the experience. You nodded in understanding. It was to be expected. The poor hobbit was only just getting use to running from being killed.

“Ahh, heh, sorry. It’s a reflex,” you chuckled sheepishly. “Please,” you motioned to the ground next to your weapons, “have a seat with me.”

The hobbit nodded, shuffling aside the leaves in order for him to have some place to sit that wouldn’t completely dirty his clothes. “I must admit that you did startle me, but your reflexes are quite honed,” Bilbo smiled kindly.

“Yours would be too if you grew up with Fili and Kili,” you smiled at the hobbit, leaning back on your arms as you stared at the night sky above. You rather liked the hobbit. He was good company and had his merits, besides the inability to fight, something that would be perfected during the travels she was sure.

“I suppose to. They did leave me alone with those trolls,” he laughed heartily.

“They tend to do that,” you laughed, pulling your knees closer to your body to keep yourself warm from the wind. The fire helped some, but it wasn’t enough since it had to be kept at a low flame to avoid attracting attention per Thorin’s orders. Bilbo noticed your shivering state, perking up to remove his cloak.

“Here you go Miss,” he smiled warmly, draping it over your shoulders. “No need for the lovely lady keeping us safe to freeze out here.”

“Ummm, thank you,” you blinked, looking at him in an odd manner. You were rather unsure of what else you could say to his gesture. Yes, the dwarves were kind to you and accepted you as family, but being accepted as their family meant you were placed in the middle of all their boisterous activities and treated as one of the dwarves. That unfortunately also meant that chivalry was not always shown towards you as one would expect. Certainly not with the company of thirteen of them placed together in the same place.

“Won’t you be cold as well?” you finally managed, pulling the cloak closer around your body.

“I assure you, I’ll be fine. My mother always taught me to be gentle and polite to women, no matter what race they were,” Bilbo smiled, helping you feed another branch into the flames. “Besides, I rather like the fire. It reminds me of home.”

“Yes, it is quite peaceful out here,” you bit your lip and smiled, feeling much more at ease. “It’s a nice change compared to our usual adventures as of late,” you giggled, allowing your body room to stretch a bit.

“Ahh yes,” Bilbo nodded. “It must be nice to accompany your friends. I know Fili and Kili enjoy having someone else travelling along with them.”

You couldn’t help but blush at the mention of Kili’s name, your fingers twirling around one another nervously. “I…I honestly have no idea what you mean, dear hobbit.”

“Ohhh, but I think you do, dear friend,” Bilbo grinned. “I may be quiet, but I am quite observant. I see the looks you two share regardless of whether you think you’re cleverly hiding it!”

“W-what? You do not! There are no looks!” you exclaimed, perhaps a bit too much. You grumbled at the hobbit’s clever ways, absentmindedly playing with the beads Kili had braided into your hair so long ago before you immediately stopped your action. Curse that adorable dwarf for squirming himself into every part of your life! If you could not have him out of your thoughts, the least he could have done was stay away from your hair. Your frustrations were interrupted by the realization that seconds had passed by without you uttering a single word to Bilbo.

“Aahhhh, there it is!” Bilbo laughed triumphantly. “The early blush of a girl in love,” he smirked. “I must say, it is a lovely thing to see after traveling with so many dirty dwarves for days. The pink on your face suits you quite well. In fact, I think you look rather pretty with a blush.”

“I….umm…thank you,” you stuttered, turning away from the fire so as to not alert Bilbo of the truth in his words. 

“No need to thank me, my dear,” Bilbo kindly. “I only speak the truth. He would be mad to not fall for a lady such as you. Though…” the hobbit shifted himself closer to you and pulled his draped cloak closer to your body to clasp it shut.

If only it was Kili who thought that about you. You sighed, your mind flooding back to your dear prince. Perhaps there was a chance with your young prince, but you doubted he would give you the chance. They had always treated you as family, and you feared that would be where your place would stay for the remainder of your time with them. It wasn’t until you felt Bilbo’s arms around you that you were aware of how close the hobbit truly was to you at the moment. One move and your dinner would have spilt into the fire, a deed you drastically did not want to occur.

“W-what,” you gulped, “what are you doing?”

“You’ll see, dear friend,” Bilbo winked as he pulled himself back into his usual seat, adjusting your dinner accordingly. “You really should eat though. You haven’t had a proper meal yet.”

“I suppose you’re right,” you narrowed your eyes at the hobbit. You had already learned much from him. With his observation skills and his twisting of words, she had no doubt that Gandalf had chosen him for the pure use of those abilities. “I am rather starved,” you said slowly, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as the hobbit smiled, puffing his pipe contently.

You only managed a few small bites of the stew before you heard a loud noise crashing behind you. You stood up quickly, startled as you reached out for your weapon to face your unwillingly victim before your eyes widened at who that victim, lying flat on his face from the stumble he presumably took actually was.

“Kili?!” you let out a sigh, thankful that they weren’t being attacked but annoyed that he had interrupted your meal. You groaned, pulling him up before you slapped his arm. “What the hell are you doing sneaking on me like that?! I could have killed you!”

“Ha! As if,” he scoffed, dusting the dirt off his clothes before turning his attention towards you. “I could have asked you the same thing!”

“What do you mean?” you groaned, using your sleeve to clean the dirt off his adorable face. “I’m keeping watch as Thorin commanded me too. You do remember who Thorin is right? Your uncle? The…”

“Rightful king of Erebor, yeah yeah,” Kili finished, rolling his eyes. You both had heard his uncle’s speech one too many times when preparing for this journey. He straightened up, his eyes as angry as the flames burned. “I do believe my uncle commanded you keep watch. Not keep that hobbit company!”

Bilbo merely looked up with a small smile, turning back to the fire as he listened to your argument. It was rather enjoyable for him to watch, his eyes twinkling as Gandalf’s usually were.

“That hobbit! That hobbit is my friend who brought me food!” you growled along with your stomach. “Which is more than you had done!”

“How was I to bring you food if I was suppose to be taking care of the ponies!”

“You’re always taking care of the ponies Kili! It’s your job!” You ran your hands through your hair, clearly frustrated. You had no idea what ponies had to do with your conversation. Actually, you had no idea what anything he said had to do with your current situation in general. “And this,” you said tightly through pressed lips, your fingers trembling from the anger, “is what Thorin had assigned for me to do for the company, to keep you safe! Why is that so hard for you to grasp!”

“Because you shouldn’t be keeping me safe!”

You were about to say something until you heard his words pausing your actions. You saw his eyes, and it broke you. His normal playful eyes, sparkling as the sun touched the waters, were casted over. “Kee…” you murmured softly, your hand instinctively reaching out for his.

“I’m suppose to be watching the camp,” he muttered, unable to face your eyes. “I should be bringing you food. I should be protecting you, not that damned hobbit.”

“Oy! I’m still here!” Bilbo protested, grumbling at the words, which Kili completely ignored.

“It scares me enough that you joined us on this quest, but for you to be doing such dangerous tasks…. “ he shook his head, looking at you with pleading eyes. “It should be me keeping you warm, me holding you. No one else.”

You tried to form words, but your mouth disobeyed you as did your throat. Was…was he jealous? Of a mere hobbit? You could think of nothing to say that would suffice your thoughts. So you said nothing. You stood there, a smile slowly curling on your bashful face as your brought your hand still wrapped in his to your lips. “No one else will,” you said softly against his trembling hand.

You watched as Kili’s eyes softened at your gentle touch. He reached his hand out to touch your pale face, his forehead so close to yours. You could feel his breath against your cheek, his lips so close to yours. “By Mahal, I promised I would bring you back alive, and by Mahal, I promise that I will protect you as my only one,” he murmured to your ears. “That task is mine and mine alone.”

“Yours alone,” you nodded against him, tilting your head to give him a kiss on the cheek when he captured your lips instead. You gasped as his hands unclasped the cloak and embraced you, his lips deliciously warm and soft against yours. You closed your eyes and smiled into the kiss. He was indeed your Kili, and you were his.

After what was indeed fluid moments but felt as yearning hours, you broke apart, smiling at the dwarf who had grew to be the love of your life. You could hear Thorin in the distance calling Kili back for some form of duty. “Go. He needs you,” you smiled gently. “Don’t worry. I’ll be here.”

Kili nodded, reluctantly letting go of your hand to accompany his uncle. You bit your bottom lip, pleasantly surprised. Your body was quite warm now. Even the night chill had no effect on you.

Bilbo chuckled as he stood back up, grabbing his cloak as he went. You turned to him, crossing your arms as you peered your eyes at the clever hobbit. “What did you do?”

“Whatever do you mean, my dear?” he smiled blissfully so. “I neither said or did anything that was not truthful nor observant.”

“Mhmmm,” you raised your eyebrow at him.

“Call it an act to help a treasured friend. Now I must be going. I do believe I am needed with the company as well,” Bilbo laughed at your behavior. However, before walking away, Bilbo turned to you and grinned. “Perhaps now, Kili will not trick me into facing a multitudes of trolls either.”

You giggled, shaking your head at the clever hobbit. “Thank you, dear friend.”

With those words, he bowed deeply and winked. “At your service.”

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Ok. But imagine as Dipper gets older and older, he starts regressing. He loses his sense of responsibility and acts like an reckless teen again, and then like a preteen, and then a little kid, until one day all that people can summon up is a vaguely child-sized shape that can only say, "Where's my sister?"

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Quiet, son, you are safe with me ♡

Merle: I ain’t never needed nobody in my whole life.

Daryl: You do need somebody Merle! Yer always gettin’ inta trouble n shit. ‘N I’m tired of babysittin’ yer reckless ass.

Merle: oKAY FIRS T OF ALL *goes on long rant about how he’s Daryl’s big brother and he don’t need no babysitter and how he’s totally responsible and not at all reckless blah blah blah*

Daryl: Wasn’t it you who got himself chained to a roof and cut off his own hand when we were GOIN’ TO COME GET YOU?


Hello Friends It Is I, Your Garbage Mom Who Tells You To Be Responsible While Actually Being Very Reckless And Trash And Not Actually Your Mom

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In defense of Bruce he goes by so many pseudonyms & allias that there wasn't a need for her to learn that specific one, and even if he told her that one she would have chosen another with the same problem.

(Continuing since it wouldn’t fit) Steph’s plan was very impulsive and born from desperation to impress him. Bruce’s failure in turn that he was using her as a pawn and not a partner. Bruce is still an ass for using her but Steph was too shortsighted 

Well, I agree with the second half for the most part! 

Matches Malone is undoubtedly Bruce’s primary alias, according to both the wikis and the comics themselves. In fact, Selina questioned whether Bruce told Steph anything at all if he hadn’t told her that much. This is information that Catwoman, an occasional ally, had but Robin, his partner, didn’t.

If the plan had involved an infrequently used alias instead, then maybe it wouldn’t have mattered. However, Steph’s ignorance of Matches’ identity supported the idea that Bruce didn’t consider her a serious partner and thus didn’t give her the information that she needed to do her job. 

Hell, Steph didn’t even know who Catwoman was, which is something Selina had immediately assumed she knew as Robin. That’s a whole ‘nother level of disrespect. 

Yes, Steph was short-sighted, impulsive, desperate, etc. She fucked up royally and she admits it herself. I hold her responsible for her reckless behavior that resulted in mass tragedy. But she was also barely an adult, while Bruce is 30-40 years old depending on who you ask, and a veteran in vigilantism. I hold him to much higher standards than I do Steph, so I’m very critical of how he used her. I think he shares the blame because he enabled this to happen. He basically set her up for failure. 

Bruce also ruined Steph’s primary relationships: Tim and Cass. Steph had never been welcomed into the Batfam, but she was Tim’s girlfriend and Cass’ best friend. After being fired as Robin, she’d already mangled her relationship with Tim, and now Cass, who had gone behind Bruce’s back to train her before, was telling her to get lost. After putting her all into becoming part of the Batfam, Bruce kicked her to the curb. 

TLDR: Bruce: a) used Steph as a pawn against Tim; b) never intended to keep her as Robin (didn’t disclose essential info to her, fired her after one mistake even though Dick, Jason, and Tim had made dozens, kicked her out of the Batfam immediately after firing her); d) isolated her from two of her closest friends, Tim and Cass; e) essentially put her in a dangerous situation. 

As I like to say, Bruce backed her into a corner and she panicked. The way she responded to that panic was pretty terrible and on her, but everything leading up to that was on Bruce.

I don’t mean to absolve her of guilt, because it’s not as if she was incapable of making her own decisions, but Bruce robbed her of the ability to make informed decisions, which really pisses me off. 

Honestly, I consider this arc OOC for Batman because, while he can be emotionally obtuse, I don’t think he’d be capable of this level of cruelty and carelessness.

You are not responsible. Don’t imagine that if you let go of the sense of responsibility, you will become reckless or lazy. Your inner compass is more unerring than the conditioned ethical and moral mind. Live from the heart and you will find that there is increasing generosity, fairness and compassion in your dealings with others. You are not trying to be good, it is happening naturally, intuitively. Your field of perception and empathy has somehow expanded far beyond the personal. Only watch the busy, self-important identity who ‘takes responsibility’. This heavy sense of do-ership is the burden that must be laid down, surrendered. It is the price of admittance to the immense peace of the rich and empty moment.
—  From Conversations with Plato