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so my university has LOTS of cultural societies. on societies day i went round their stalls & i stopped at nearly every one because they were all friendly & offering food (the Indian Society gave me samosas i will never forget). as i was at the Italian Society eating tiny biscuits, i glanced over at the next stall. the Japanese Culture Society. my friend... there wasn't a single Japanese person on that council. not one. and we have hundreds of Japanese students. it was literally all just weebs.

oh…..oh no

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fam are you sayimg you never forget drapions shitty forgettable typing? why isnt it bug. why. dont shit on people who dont wanna have to refight the same trainer 50 times just to progress. some of us play for the story.

50 times? Mate if you have to battle the same trainer 50 times and not learn your lesson after the first time then maybe this game is better for you. Pokemon might be a bit too hard for you like

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What if you and kp break up or something goes wrong??

Andy: What if we don’t and it’s perfect? 

Life is about risks, mate. Taking them, living them, and learning from them. Where is the fun in knowing exactly what is to come?  

A life without risk is like a color by number picture. Monotonous fun for a while, but in the end you’re left with a picture that looks exactly like every one before it.

I’d rather end up with a picture that is a complete and utter disaster than one that was identical to my neighbors… because while there is a chance that I look back on it and think “wtf was I even thinking”… there’s also a chance, a brighter, more colorful chance, that it will end up a beautiful masterpiece that I never would have made if I had not taken the risk to try.

Either way, I made the choice to do something extraordinary, and that in itself was worth it.

I thank you for your concern, my dear, but KP and I are solid. We are so wonderfully stable with each other, that I really don’t see it becoming a problem. It may seem short sighted of me, but I refuse to sit by and let my insecurities keep me from making decisions. I refuse to not take risks, especially this one,  because while there is the chance that I will fall flat on my face…. there is also the chance that I could end up with everything I have ever wanted, and then some. 

And being given even a small chance to love KP, to be with them every morning and have the ability to reach out and touch them… well,  let’s just say no matter the outcome, they are so fucking worth it.

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okay so real talk now, who the fuck did Taylor write tiwycf about? like honestly I don't think she'd write about herself. Maybe she wrote it from like calvins point of view, but that seems weird so my only other option is Karlie. Tiwycf is about Karlie yall

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lol how dare nintendo make a game for children easier for said children. like pokemon is marketed towards 9-11 year olds mostly, and they're not gonna remember all the type matchups. fuck, i'm 19 and i can't remember them all the time. also you realize that it's definitely gonna be able to be turned on and off in settings right?

If you’re 19 years old you really need to work on your reading comprehension!

Because if you really carefully read what I put in the OP:

“ The only thing I really hate is how the moves say if they’ll be effective or super effective on the opposing pokemon. I hope you can turn that feature off, the game is pissing easy enough as it is!! “ 

That was my only gripe, that I hope that the feature can be turned off, because I personally would not use it and I found that it made the demo way too easy.

And yeah, I might not be able to remember everything about type matchups BUT FOR ME PERSONALLY, I find that part of the fun, sometimes doing a wrong move and not just blasting through battle after battle, not losing one match (which is EXACTLY what happened to me in X/Y).

So maybe next time, read what I actually wrote instead of embarrassing yourself by sending an ask like this…

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If you grew out your hair, you would look like a god.

I hope I’m not being all too touchy, and I understand how kind you all are, but Is it okay if you guys could refrain from ascribing me with divine attributes? I know it’s just a joke, but I am sorta religiously sensitive to that stuff. :’)

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Theharrynews on twitter posted the pics of the heart tattoos. It all started from there.

Oh how much I hate update accounts. 

Also, if these 2 match then i’m a flamingo. The goal of HAH tattoos is to actually fit together on both people.

the top part of Harry’s heart can never connect to that too big top part of Nathan’s heart.

Believe me I assembled enough jigsaw puzzles in my life (the 9000 pieces assembled one is still under the rug in the living room!!) to know when 2 pieces fit together.

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So I was telling my mom that i never had crushes growing up, and she said, "Yeah, me neither. My mom didn't either nor my grandmothers." And she went on with how attraction is trashy, but long story short I come from a long line of asexuals?

that’s amazing

- Alex

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Mark appears next to Charles after having a good rest. "Hey cutie...": incom-incom-incomplete

“Hello Mark, you’re looking chipper today!”

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Do you think you are going to miss your friends and family when you move, or will you think too much about KP to miss where you live now?

Andy: Of course I’m going to miss them, but this area is finished for me. There is nothing (healthy) left for me in Virginia, and the opportunities that open up when you move are endless! And honestly, i’ve wanted to move to Northern California since I was 10 years old…. having someone to share it with makes it just that much better

I am so excited to be living with KP, and the adventures we will have together.

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Yeah, i think its funny that Louis posted a selfie of the rose and dagger right before the interview of Nathan Followill came out where he talked about having matching half heart tattoos with Harry. He's reminding us who Harry is committed to: Louis

yeah, that was never a question. Guess he killed a lot of birds with that one stone. Or dagger.

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me: hmm i wonder if this one artist posted any weed beanies lately, let me just check right now me 1 hour later, still on ur blog: wtf how is this blog like the best thing in existence????

this is so sweet of you thanks!! here’s a weed beanies scribble:

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U have to be extremely obnoxiously gay to run a dude study blog...

Ok so I have some feedback on your question:

1) Yes I am gay

2) I don’t exactly know what “obnoxiously gay” means

3) Why are you here? 

4) Did I ask for your opinion?

5) Leave immediately xoxo

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I just applied to a bunch of jobs and I was wondering if you knew of any spells for luck?

Oh, I’ve GOT you.

One Two Three

Mundane advice: Call them a week after you’ve turned in your app and ask if anyone has had a chance to review your app. Works like a charm. 


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What if it's not some grand adventure? What if it's just the same there as it is where you live?

Andy: Don’t you see, that’s what makes life so exciting! The endless possibilities that lay out before you! It’s so amazing to me that I am even able to ask “What if” or “What now.”

 What if I fail? What if I succeed? What if today is my last? What If it isn’t? What do I do then?

 The world is filled with so many different outcomes and possibilities, that I could spend my whole life thinking about them…

Or, I could experience them and say “I know” instead.

I love that you are brave enough to ask “What if”, because it shows strength of character to ask the question everyone is happy enough to avoid, but trust me when I tell you that I will let you know the answer to “What if” after I give it a try.