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Could it just be that they want the click bait? I mean HL especially has been known to make up stories just because they know that's what the people want to hear and they've been called out on it by a lot of people (reps and celebs alike) and I'm sure they know how thirsty people are for a denial

Hollywood Life is not reliable at all. But In Touch has been setting up a very specific story for weeks.

First they reported that Louis was planning to do a DNA paternity test (a week after the People story was first published, on July 22).

Then on August 12, 3 weeks later, they wrote that Louis was awaiting the results of a paternity test.

And today, on September 2, another 3 weeks later, they start the rumor that Louis may not be the father.

A bit too strategic for a low-level tabloid, don’t you think?

It’s so funny that they stick to the 3 week cycle with these rumors.

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Hollywood life quoted in touch before the in touch article was even out... Aka everyone's already gotten the heads up and the go ahead that things are now shifting towards the baby being fake! Bye!


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Hmm so if these articles are anything to go by that means they'll be dragging this out until January for when the baby's supposed to be born? Cause it said that Brianna will take the test afterwards. Press just in time for the hiatus..

Hollywood Life and In Touch are trashy tabloids. The purpose of these articles is not to give us a definite timeline, but to serve as sort of an advance warning, a preemptive “denial” before the actual denial.

Elounor breakup rumors in the press started about 2-3 weeks before the rep confirmation. What we are reading today is only meant to plant an idea in the fans’ minds, so that everyone (not just Larries, but also hets and antis) could say “I knew it!” when the official denial is made instead of feeling like they’ve been lied to.

I don’t think they will drag it out till February, because 1D have stuff to promote right now (DMD single and the fifth album). If they wait with denial till February, it will be a huge lost opportunity to leverage the press from denial for album promo.

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Because everyone is telling you about dreams I'll tell you mine. I dreamed you released special edition God n gabe books with buttons that you press (yknow, like the kids books that you press the button with a cow when there's a cow on the page and it goes moo?) and Richard and Rob had recorded lines from the comics that you were supposed to press as you're reading it. I had a copy and thought it was neat and I played with it for a bit and then put it on the shelf. 1/2

2/2 then I started dusting, and the book started going off by itself. Bit weird, but then it started doing that weird horror movie “lots of voices talking as one” thing before descending into blood curdling screams, which is when I bolted awake in a cold sweat. It is now 03:30 am and I can’t get back to sleep.


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I'm so glad you're shutting down these assholes about age difference. It really upsets me when people defend it. I'm 22 and I dated a 35 year old when I was 19 and it really messed me up. It's not okay. There is a reason why these men go after young women. Whether it's predatory on purpose or "they just have a thing" for it, a lot of 18-23 year olds are not mature intellectually. It's legal yeah, but morally, it's not okay.

It’s funny sad how many of these messages I am getting and yet people want to gloss over it and pretend it’s not a problem. It is a problem and part of it is that young girls often don’t realise it’s a problem. 

No one is trying to be mean to young girls the way these people are implying, it’s not about hating girls for their decisions, it’s about trying to recognise that young women are often incredibly inexperienced, but they can have that confidence of youth that makes them think they can handle anything. They lack perspective in a lot of cases. 

The older man in the situation does not. He knows there is a power imbalance but he chooses to pursue it anyway. 

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Headcanon: Sapphire sometimes catches really, really unlikely and probably inaccurate futures and Ruby has to reassure her that no, she won't become a crazy cat lady because they had an argument about how long to cook burgers.


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It wasn't phrased terribly, it was just misunderstood. I mean exactly what I said, and y'all tumblr people have to jump to conclusions. I'm sorry if acknowledging the percs of being a girl in a digital age made anybody upset. But I meant exactly what I said, which is that it must be nice to run an animal blog and simultaneously receive attention for your body. I can't do that as a dude, and if I did, it wouldn't be appreciated the same.

Sorry for the misunderstanding then. But damn right I can get attention with my boobs. There’s gotta be some perk to living in a patriarchate society. I may as well take control and get that attention on my own terms. 

I know this probably sounds entitled as shit, so let me explain. I’m not used to being told my looks are an advantage. I was always the ugly, scrawny, visually disfigured kid. I’m 26 and can still count the amount of people who have told me they consider me attractive IRL on one hand. So it’s not like being a girl is a guarantee for positive attention. 

And I’m sorry you’re not getting the attention you’re looking for. I get many messages from people who are down and I do my best to say something nice every time. Maybe next time when you feel unhappy, don’t blame it on whoever you think has it better. You can always come here and tell me you’re having a shit day. I won’t even know it’s you since you’re anonymous anyways. Just take a cute opossum photo and see if that feels better.

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Just wanted to say that we don't need to send hate to antis or het girls. I mean, i can understand why they think the way they think. They have been blinded during years by all the bullshit thrown to this fandom. When the time comes, they'll be the firsts to feel angry to have been fooled, and the realization of it will be difficult to face. If today's new events already open eyes to some of them, then welcome :) Don't worry, we know :) Love is all ! <3

I don’t see anyone sending hate. 

But you can bet that when babygate gets wrapped up I am going to gloat to the moon and back from the comfort of my own blog. The antis were fucking nasty to us during this mess and I am going to take a moment to relish the fact that we were right. :)

Not so much during the CO because that’s not what that’s about, that’s about supporting Harry and Louis, and I’m going to be too happy for them to brag, and I don’t want to do that anyway, but for babygate? Hellll yessss.

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Do you know of any fics where Bucky finds Steve first in modern times, where Bucky knows who he is (possibly escaping HYDRA on his own or through means not involving Steve)? Or fics where Bucky knows who he is when Steve finds him? Thank you!

Sure Thing! I hope these fit what you were looking for!

The Blind Leading

Steve is specifically told not to fraternize with the independently contracted Winter Soldier.

But Hey, You’re All Right

‘This is not my fault,’ Tony lies. 'It was supposed to be a joke! Christ.’

'Thanks to your joke,’ says Coulson, 'we now have a code three-four-delta, with the variable being a Russian immigrant. We’re checking his background right now, but it might take a while. Meanwhile, I suggest you civilian-proof the Tower. If any SHIELD intelligence is compromised, I will hurt you.’

Yes, this is the story where the Winter Soldier is a Russian mail-order bride. Everything goes about as well as you’d expect.

The Days We Were Whole

Steve wakes up off the ice. Then the Winter Soldier breaks into his house and takes him on a road trip.

They see a little of 21st-century America and a lot of each other, and maybe they each learn something new.


Three years before they find Captain America, SHIELD wakes the Winter Soldier and restores his memories of being Bucky Barnes.

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What does your url mean?

its meaning isn’t terribly deep. it’s harder to figure out
than to actually understand. take your device and do
like the owl, or, since you’re likely not an owl, turn your device
instead of your head, then try reading it again. if it still doesn’t
work for you, let me know ^u^

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you rock that flannel! Parton my joke, but Honestly you've got such a personality in that picture that you probably could rock a frybo costume just as easilly! Anyway, hope your having a good day.


I would probably be the best mascot omfg, one time during an opening ceremony for my softball league, my team had a carne asada booth and we were selling tacos and we had to go advertise them to the crowd somehow

so I showed up in a taco costume that I wore for halloween, this one right here

and started going up to people danceing like in those movies where theres this one guy who tries to hit on the person but their dancing really aweful? Well I did that holding my sign and saying ‘TACOS OVER THERE, 5 FOR $3 AWW YEA’

We made about $800 I think for our team hell yeah

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It really weirds me out that you post "pinup" pictures (old-timey boner fuel, so quaint) on the same blog where you sometimes post pictures of your kids.

Eh, I post the things that I find interesting. I maintain a personal level of what I feel comfortable as SFW on this blog (vs roundedcurves ) but if it’s not your thing then there’s a lot of tag blocking scripts and add ons out there that you could use to block #pinup or other tags. 

Or you could unfollow, whatever works for you.