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i understand your frustrations with this season, but PLEASE tag your negative orphan black posts with #ob negativity so that people who have that tag blacklisted (like myself) can enjoy the tumblr tag without seeing the negativity. thanks! (and i don't mean this to be rude)

No. I will not.  If you weren’t rude, you would have sent me this question NOT on anon.

Anonymous messaging me that I am negative for being critical about a show I loved for two seasons.  I am not going to censor myself. I am not being excessively negative.

Critiquing a show and having an opinion isn’t negative. I am not a passive consumer, I have opinions, I share them on this blog.

I am not attacking people. I am attacking creative choices made by the writing and production people.  I will never attack an actor.

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15, 16, 81-85

15: Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

  • Behind

16: Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band?

  • I honestly don’t know. If we’re talking most frequently listened to, the top five would be The Dresden Dolls, MCR, The Decemberists, The Smiths, and Oingo Boingo, but yeah, as far as favourites go I’m not really sure.

81: What would you want to be written on your tombstone?

  • “The concept of predetermining a phrase to be written on one’s tombstone is ironic in a way because by the time it is in use the individual for whom it was written is not going to be around to appreciate it and it could very well be written as something else without that person’s knowledge with no ill effects. The simple fact is that I, the humble corpse buried, assumedly, beneath this tombstone, am dead and it is inconsequential to me whether or not my next-of-kin actually decides to abide by my wishes and decorate my tombstone with this pretentious paragraphic musing about the pointlessness of picking out what is written on one’s own tombstone. Perhaps they won’t do it (probably not a poor decision); it’ll be no skin off my nose (as my nose will be decomposing and my brain no longer be capable of thought). If you’re reading this then they obviously have, but why? Out of some peculiar respect for the desires of one who no longer exists in the present or possesses a consciousness and therefore the ability to desire? I’m certainly not getting anything out of it.
    Also, Oscar Wilde was cool.”

82: What is your favourite word?

  • Fruition

83: Give me the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word; heart.

  • – disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, having killed 292,188 women in 2009 (that’s 1 in every 4 female deaths).

84: What is a saying you say a lot?

  • “Aren’t we all” 

85: What’s the last song you listened to?

  • Aces High by Iron Maiden

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When did being critical of something you love become "negative"?? What's up with everyone just blindly being accepted what's handed to them?

No clue kinder anon.

I think they see any sort of critical thought about the media you consume as being negative.  Which, isn’t necessarily the case. I wish I had more time to write analysis of this season - because there has been so much that has been problematic.

It’s the same attitude that Clone Club always used to be this one big happy family. And that’s not true. There have always been a range of opinions and thoughts. I just think now tensions are higher, the OB social media person is purposefully playing with the tension OR hard-selling shaysima which NOT everyone is going to like. Some fans do. Some fans tolerate it as ‘for now’ and some of us, like myself are pissed.

Then you have another group who dislikes the Castor introduction altogether. And other fans that love it. And many that fall in between.

Alison’s characterization and lack of plot this season? Some people laugh and love the zany humour. Some of us go “umm… woah that’s stupid”. Others find Alison so un-Alison-like they wonder who they are watching.

I can keep going? But apparently critical thought is discouraged in the Orphan Black fandom.

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i'm sure people will still debate it, but rodriguez did mention that the part for richie was intended to be older but when they cast zane they switched it. he mentions it around 5:00 on youtube watch?v=8OrnqiE6_XE

Okay, so this is the last anon I am going to answer on this because 1) this is tiring and 2) I don’t know why it matters to so many people.

But okay, anon, this is actually the video link I referenced in my first response to the first anon and thank you for finding it because I scoured youtube looking for it in order to link it in the response! But I will repeat myself again here: this video is extraneous to the show, meaning that yeah, it’s on youtube for people to watch, but not all of the audience is going to watch it, therefore I, personally, don’t consider it canon fact, given it’s not actually material that’s in the show explicitly. And honestly, I don’t appreciate people telling me how I view it to be wrong considering I am going off what is laid out in canon as well as what I believe writing that supports my claim. If they ever retcon it in show, that’s another story, but for now, the line exists, Freddie said it, that’s good enough for me.

Furthermore, in the video, Rodriguez is discussing the casting process for Zane and how they were looking for an older actor, but Zane fit the bill so they made adjustments, despite Zane not being the age they wanted. And yeah, he does say they switched it, but you know what, they never actually changed it within the show’s writing? If it mattered that much, the line would have been changed, it could have been easily switched, but he kept the line in. The line stayed. And then they never disputed it further on in the show, they even cast child!Richie as slightly older than child!Seth. They had every opportunity to make the adjustment if the ages mattered that much, but I think it matters more to fandom for reasons I cannot begin to understand than it does to the show’s creators.

And honestly, it bothers me that THIS is the Robert Rodriguez soundbite that everyone focuses on as canon when he has said other things that fandom has either willfully ignored or deemed “not the that important” given they provide interesting insights to the characters beyond simple facts, as well as comments that challenge common fandom character interpretations, such as:

  • He considers Freddie to be very dear to him because Freddie is the character created to be the viewpoint of the audience, specifically the Latinx audience, given his arc is to go into Mexico and find his roots
  • Giving Santanico a story arc, as well as history was one of the reasons the show was even  thought in his mind because he felt they had done her wrong in the film making her a two-dimensional villain and killing her off within five minutes of her introduction and she’s probably his favorite character–he calls Pandemonium the pilot to “the Santanico show" 
  • That the Gecko dynamic in the show is not how it normally is, as what’s happening to Richie is causing strain and Seth to exist in a role that is not normally his; he says that Richie is not himself through most of the show 
  • In addendum to that: he changed Richie from film!Richie, he says they are two completely different characters and that he intended show!Richie to be sympathetic and tortured, not fully in control of his actions given his entire world perception doesn’t make sense to him anymore, as well as vindicated when he reached the Twister and realized that he wasn’t losing his mind, but rather Santanico was messing with it
  • & many more, but that would be me transcribing his entire commentary and I don’t have the time or energy for that

But anyway, this is the last I’m going to say on the topic. Thank you.

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Do you think OB will ever respond to the negativity people feel about this season? Part of me really wants to hear their thinking, and reasoning behind this season. I mean they gave us the ask OB with Ksenia, but I feel like that was just to further shove shaysima at everyone...

Probably not. If they actually cared about setting up this storyline - they would have done it slowly, and carefully… instead of ultra-fast-rebound-sex-without-chemistry.  (I mean, did they screen test them? IT FALLS FLAT… makes me feel awkward). Of course, that could be because cophine chemistry was like striking gold (which they won’t do twice… just not gonna happen).  I think they like the idea (throw a new lady love interest for Cosima in the mix, use the Lost Girl actress… oh yeah that will shut them up…)

I don’t think Orphan Black cares about us, or continuity, or … you know having an actual plot for Alison who is, I believe, capable of more.  Ordinary people with sticks up their asses can do extrodinary things when put into the right circumstances. Also? Drug-dealing? Alison would jeopardize the safety (and retaining custody) of Gemma and Oscar? Really? 

My mom - who I got into Orphan Black and thinks shipping is stupid and ridiculous is annoyed by Shay. Also thinks Alison is way out of character. And the season is lacking.

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You don't think you're being a wee bit immature about all this? It's a ship. Some people like it some people don't. I used to like your blog but these days it's 90% ship hate about Shaysima. Why not focus on the things you like? Cophine, I'm guessing. Spreading negativity doesn't do anyone any good.

Okay anon, I can see you are very frustrated with my blog. You are always welcome to unfollow me.  I have opinions, and you of course are free to disagree with them. Or message me off anon and we can chat about this some more.

For the record? My blog is older than Orphan Black. I have 5000+ posts on various topics and subjects.  I used to really love digging in and doing analysis posts on things. I am in graduate school. My time is limited.  I have a lot of feelings.  Also, I never tag “shaysima” in my critical posts.  Because why pester people in a tag so they can obsess about their idea of what a sexy TV relationship looks like. I don’t really care what other people ship or think. (I don’t get it, but whatever).

I am very frustrated with this show. Making snarky posts and humour-loaded once is my way of coping.  Believe it or not? Shay is not my biggest concern with this season.

It’s just the easiest one to take digs at.