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People, can you please please tag your Rebels spoilers.

I literally clicked onto tumblr to check my inbox to be met with a GIANT fucking spoiler at the top of my dash. The exact same thing happened last week, and too many weeks before. Tag your shit. It takes 2 seconds and makes fandom a better place as we all get to engage with the source material on our own terms.

Be excellent to each other, rebels.

6 Steps to Accepting Yourself

1. Accept that everybody makes mistakes. It’s part of learning, and the main way we grow.

2. Accept your body as it gives you life. Choose to love and to nourish it. Also, every single body is different and unique. So, choose to find and focus on those features you can love.

3. Accept that you can’t change what happened in the past. But that was then – and this is now – so look to the future, and let go of the past.

4. Accept that others can’t think what they like – and sometimes their opinions will be hurtful and wrong. But they don’t know your story – and their judgments may be false – so ignore what they are saying, and get on with your own life.

5. Accept that your life is your responsibility. Your thoughts, opinions, and what you say and you do. And be aware of the consequences of those, too.

6. Accept where you’re at in your journey in life. Be patient, understanding, and kind to yourself.

On this night of celebration, remember to take care of your body, for it is your temple. Without it, one would not be able to live this life. Party hard, experience laughter, but above all, take care.
The Signs Falling/Being in Love (NEW)

Aries: Appetite Loss - All you think about is him or her. Producing more dopamine, you feel little need for food or other basic necessities while floating through each day on a cloud of hope.  

Taurus: Abandon Regular Routines - You may abandon your work or your responsibilities.  Your thoughts and actions become devoted to your love interest.

Gemini: Fresh Complexion - You feel different and it shows. Others might catch you smiling or blushing for no apparent reasons.

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Grandpappy, did you see Jon's response video? what're your thoughts on what he said?

yeah, i watched it, and i think it’s just more racist garbage. he blames all the insane shit he said in destiny’s stream on just being a bad debater (as if it’s reasonable to believe that someone might just ‘slip up’ and say immigrants dilute the white genepool because of a lack of debating skills), and then, instead of apologizing for what he said, he actually doubles down on some of the most racist shit from the stream

like he literally says “people don’t want to actually have an honest conversation about race, any time you bring up an uncomfortable statistic, they freak out” (this ‘uncomfortable statistic’ jon’s talking about is his bullshit claim that rich black people commit more crime than poor white people)

so yeah, jontron is still racists, and his response video is it’s exactly the kind of heartfelt apology i’d expect from a guy who once, when politely asked by a fan not to use the r-slur, responded with “i’m sorry I forgot you were retarded



thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch said:                                                           

Can you do a Sherlock x reader fic where the reader gets kidnapped my moriarty and sends Sherlock a video showing her being tortured and he keeps on calling a Dimond instead of pet.

A/N: I actually really like this and I'm tempted to make a second part.

Warnings: description of torture and swearing.

Sherlock was pacing up and down the living room of 221B. You’d be missing for two days. You were not one to leave for more than twenty four hours without notice. Normally, before your departure, you would at least tell someone you were leaving even if it was not Sherlock. He had suspicions that Moriarty was alive so he thought that he may have been responsible for your disappearance. However, he did not like to fear the worst when it involved you. He hoped that you were on a holiday. Or something along those lines.



“So," Sherlock said putting his cup down on its saucer. "Any word from Y/N?”

“No,” John replied. “I thought that you had some information.” John was sat opposite Sherlock in 221B. John called in just to check up on Sherlock but they both knew that he really arrived to discuss you.

Sherlock sighed. “Then I guess we have to wait. I don’t like waiting.”

“Y/N is responsible enough. She can look after herself.”

“Yes.” There was a notification from Sherlock’s phone. The text read:

Check your emails. - You Know Who.

Sherlock rushed to the computer and quickly got up his emails.

“Sherlock, what’s- Is that Y/N?” John exclaimed and ran over to the computer. Sherlock had opened up a video which was attached from an unknown email.

“I guess that we have no choice but to watch,” Sherlock sighed and pressed play.



The video started of with you tied to a chair and gagged. Tears stained your cheeks and there were heavy bags under your eyes due to lack of sleep.

“Hello,” Moriarty said walking in front of the camera. “I have your precious little diamond here. Now, what to do with her…” He turned and approached you. He stroked your face before smacking you. It was impossible to hide the pain and fear from your eyes. And that bastard knew he was frightening you. Sherlock and John winced for you. They felt your pain. Moriarty proceeded to retrieve a whip. He took the gag out of your mouth.

“Don’t,” You pleaded.

“I took the gag off so they could hear you screaming,” He snapped. “Not so I could hear you talk. Fucking bitch.” He grabbed your hair and threw you to the floor. Your hands were bound so you could not fight. Moriarty never got his hands dirty and he always used someone else to do the damage but he could not miss a chance to taunt Sherlock and he knew that it would hurt more if it was him to hurt you. He brought the whip down upon your back so the crack of a whip and your cries could be heard throughout the room. Moriarty smiled with glee as he continued to inflict lashes upon your no frail body. Although you already felt destroyed, you decided to grit your teeth and bury your head into your forearms. You concentrated on not breaking down but you had to give in eventually as the pain was too immense. Your back felt like it was up in flames. Blood was draining quickly from the large wounds which had formed on your back. They would leave nasty scars.

“Stop,” Was all that managed to escape your lips.

“I said don’t fucking talk,” He snapped as his patience was wearing thin. He whipped you a final time. “I think that’s enough whipping for one day.” He knelt down beside you and took your hands into his and unbound them before snapping ever single one of your fingers. There was a loud crack as they were bent to breaking point earning an ear piercing scream from you. He then kicked you to a pulp and left you unconscious on the cold hard ground.

He laughed like a maniac before addressing the camera. “See,” He said pointing to your body. “Every diamond can be smashed into pieces.” The footage ended.



John was reduced to tears and even Sherlock was chocked up.

“Is she dead?” John asked.

“No,” The detective replied. “She was breathing. Well, for now. We need to go and find her now! This is my top priority and I am taking this very seriously.”


Whoo! 4/? of this series! Kacchako cosplay! so much fun to do. 

Soul/Maka is another OTP that’s just like…NNNGGG for me hahaha. So much canon material but it never legit set sail. Drove me nuts! Still I love their bond and even though Soul is way more “cool” and mellow than Bakugou, he definitely has his moments of no-fucks-to-give-itude. Maka is such a great protagonist, you don’t get such strong female characters in the spotlight in shonen, she’s so refreshing. 

@lucyrne  I know you love SoMA so this one’s for you! I loved your review on my fic Supernova, it totally blew me away! Thank you so much for your support and your thought-out responses and reactions to my Kacchako stuff! I read all your tags btw i love them! hahaha 

my inukag version is here

my fuugen version is here

and my zutara version is here

next up is meihem! 

IB Tips

Hey guys! Those of you who follow me know I’m a senior in the IB program at school. Over break I was reflecting on all the things I’ve learned over my years in IB classes that help me succeed and I decided to share these tips with you guys to help out any fellow IB students.


- Make a summarized study guide after each unit. This will come in handy for practice IB tests and the actual IB exam at the end of senior year. You will have a couple pages per unit to study instead of combing through all your notes from 2 years of curriculum. Trust me it’ll make studying easier

- For in class essays bring your own watch so you don’t have to keep looking at the clock

- Give yourself 10-15 minutes to outline your response to an in class essay before jumping in. This helps organize your thoughts and the essay is written in a way where the grader can understand your ideas much easier

- For classes like English and foreign languages participate in class. This is the best way to practice your speaking skills for the exam. The people who participate in class almost always do better than those who don’t.

- Always do practice problems from the IB textbooks (especially math) because there will be extremely similar questions on your test and the IB exam

- For history and science classes create a list of essential terms and define them for yourself. These will help you recall info during a test. (In my school our history department would decide our essential terms and we would find the date definitions context and significance of these terms. This really helps for essays)

- Read and reread the material for your English class. Once for the general plot and another time for actual analysis. It’s too hard to do both at once

- For paper 2’s in English memorize a few scenes from each novel that you deem important and then integrate those into your essay. There is no way you’re going to remember every scene in two entire novels. (While you’re at it, memorize a few key quotes form each novel it will show you have a deeper understanding of the texts and boost your score)


- Make sure you choose an Extended Essay topic that you enjoy. You’re never going to want to write 3,000 plus words on a subject that you have no interest in. There are some subjects that seem easier to write on but it will be just as hard to write on those subjects if you don’t pick a topic you’re passionate about

- Don’t pick an Extended Essay Topic that you haven’t taken as an IB class. Chances are you won’t know how to write a formal paper in this subject and this can lose you major points.

- DO NOT write the entire thing in one day. It’s not possible and you will end up with a terrible grade.

- Talk to your supervisor multiple times. Email them over the summer while you work on it or even skype them. It’s their job you’re not bothering them. They are there to help you.

- Don’t pick a supervisor who has never taught an IB class before. They will not know how to help you write at an IB level and in the way that IB wants you to structure an EE.


- If you take TOK after school always bring extra food or set up a system with your class to bring food because I guarantee you will be hungry if you stay after for the extra hour and a half

- Participate!!! You can’t get graded if you don’t talk in a seminar based class like TOK. It doesn’t matter what you say, just talk. I promise you that it will make a difference and you will start to improve if you keep doing it .

- Don’t worry, everyone is just as lost as you are. TOK is extremely confusing, complicated, and mind boggling. It’s philosophy, it’s supposed to be like that. Enjoy it because there’s not
other class that will make you question your entire existence.


- Make sure you buy/borrow the sources early because they might not come in time if you don’t

- When doing research, read the abstract first (fully don’t skim). T his will give you a good idea as to what the source is arguing and you can decide if it’ll be beneficial to you before trying to skim through 200 plus pages of work

- Don’t try and write it all in one day you need to do an adequate amount of research to get a good grade and it will be obvious to your teacher if you haven’t done enough research

- Your teachers often times have a lot of sources you can use for your paper. Ask them what they have on your topic before you go out to buy your own sources

So that’s all the tips I’ve accumulated so far! I hope this helps any current and future IB students. Good luck!!

If you are going to live the kind of life God designed for you to live, you will have to understand that you will not be loved by all; never go through hard times, or that you are somehow immune to trouble. 

Bad things will happen to you. To believe you are immune to problems is neither realistic nor biblical. 

You will have trouble. That is a guarantee no matter how godly you are. You will go through trials, sometimes often. 

The key is for you to overcome such situations by your response. 

That is why Jesus gave us many thoughts about how we should respond to others. 

Love those that hate you.

Pray for those who use you.

Forgive those who hurt you.

Care for those who do not care for you.

Are you responding to the problems in your life with faith, or with complaining? 

Are you believing God, or focusing on what others are saying and doing? Are you reacting with anger and hurt, or responding with joy and an expectation of God’s help? 

You are tested by your reaction much more than by what happens to you. Your reaction is the only thing you control.

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i once heard that caps are the Christ sign, and i saw your pisces anon response saying it's the Jesus sign, thoughts?

The only reason anyone would say Capricorn is the Christ sign is because Christmas is in Capricorn season, which is honestly stupid to me because the real birthday of Jesus (according to many theologians/historians) is in Pisces season. Capricorn shares nothing with Jesus, in my opinion; not even the primary defining quality, which is martyrdom. Capricorns are martyrs for themselves; Pisces are martyrs for all.

Basic meaning behind the planets
  • Sun: Vitality, a sense of individualism, outward-showing personality
  • Moon: Emotional responses, self-image
  • Mercury: Communication and how you convey your thoughts
  • Venus: Interest in emotions, values, how you exchange and share with those you care about
  • Mars: Desire for action, physical energy, also associated with sexual desires and what turns you on mentally
  • Jupiter: How you handle yourself in tough situations, your sense of purpose, are you optimistic/pessimistic cheap/generous etc.
  • Saturn: Responsibilities, commitment, self-control, how are you when you're serious, how you apply yourself, fear and how you handle it
  • Uranus: Self-discovery, internal awakening, how you will become independent, what you will do to make an impact
  • Neptune: Dreams, idealism, connection to our spirit, your subconscious
  • Pluto: Self-empowerment, mutation, transformation of self, power, control, the cycle of death and rebirth "out with the old, in with the new"

“Dude I’m telling you she is so fucking cute.”
You heard a group of guys laughing at a lunch table near you. You don’t have alot of friends in this lunch wave so you were sorta by yourself.

It didn’t really bother you, you just catched up on homework so you wouldn’t have to do it later or draw. You usually watched how people interacted with eachother. You don’t mean to creep but you loved seeing how different responses could be depending on the person.

You snapped out of your thought process when you heard your name. You started paying attention to the two boys. One being your crush, Dylan and another who you assumed his friend.

“Yea dude. I find her really perfect.”
“I don’t know dude. Some people aren’t too fond of her.” The friend gave a small laugh and sorta nudged Dylan’s ribcage.
“Yea you say that like we are accepted into the Columbine hall of fame.”

You were now completely turned towards them. No longer being discreet. You were just sitting there shocked that Dylan might actually like you back.

Dylan finally noticed you looking his way and quickly withdrew himself. He turned his face away and grew red in the cheeks. You were about to turn around and forget the “Dylan might like me” thought when his friend got up and made his way too your table. You could see how physically stressed Dylan became.

“Y/n right?”
He stuck out his hand waiting for you shake it with you complied with.
He grabbed the chair next to you and sat down not wasting any time to get comfortable. He was alot more confident then Dylan.

“Sooo do you like anyone?”

You looked down at your hands. You were too afraid to say who you were into counting the fact Dylan was the guy’s friend.

“Because I know someone who is into you”

You looked back at him eyeing his face. Trying to see if he was holding in a smile or was lying. Something to see if he was just messing around. But his face was genuine. He signalled Dylan to come over and your heart nearly fell out when Dylan came over to the table sheeply.

“You know Dylan right?”

You nodded in response, nervous at the whole situation.

“Well he wants to ask you on a date but is scared you will reject. So will you go on a date with this guy and make him shut up about you”

He chuckled a bit as Dylan glared at him with his hand resting on the hand of his neck. All you could do was smile and blush like crazy.

“Sure. I would love too.”

Both boys looked at you stunned. Brooks finally chuckled and got up from his seat. He gestured Dylan to take his seat before walking off.

“I’ll let you guys take about your undying love”

He threw his hand on his forehead and made a dramatic exit. You giggled at this and started fidgeting with your hands now that you were alone with Dylan.

“Does…uh… 8 work for you…”

You looked up at him so see him smiling like a little kid who just received candy and couldn’t help but feel warm inside.

You know my methods, Watson.

Welcome to @astudyincanon, an online book club dedicated to a queer reading of Holmesian canon and other ACD works!

We have been absolutely blown away by the response to our initial post announcing our existence!  We got a few asks about how things will work for the book club so we thought it would be good to create a master post with suggestions on how to interact!

You can contribute to the discussion in numerous ways:

  • Post to your own Tumblr blog and tag us in the post with @astudyincanon or #astudyincanonbookclub and we’ll reblog it into the main conversation.
  • Submit to the book club at and we will post it to the blog for discussion.
  • Send an ask at and we will post it to the blog for discussion.
  • And, of course, you can reblog other people’s posts to add your own thoughts and responses.

Hosting this book club on tumblr allows you to express your feelings about the books however you choose!

  • Write a review
  • Submit an ask for discussion
  • Highlight a favorite quote
  • Submit fan art, gifs, cosplays, videos, songs

Most importantly…HAVE FUN!  

It’s all up to you! Our team will be checking our tag, answering your asks, and posting your submissions throughout the week!

Thanks for being part of this. Feedback is always welcome and signal boosts are appreciated!  We can’t wait to see what you think!


You smelled it right when you stepped into the house behind Sam and Dean, making your nose wrinkle and your heart drop. “Sulfur.”

Dean grunts in response, confirming what you thought. He kneels next to the body, lifting the white sheet and looking under. Quickly, he closes his eyes and looks away, dropping the sheet. “A creative demon, too, considering Mrs. Tucker’s face is gone.”

You sigh, crossing your arms and looking at the pictures above the fireplace. “So what now? This is the third demon attack in Ohio this month. There has to be a pattern.”

“Not necessarily,” Sam replies. “We could summon Crowley; see what’s going on down there.”

You’re about to respond when red and blue lights flash into the living room and people swarm in, guns raised. “FBI, you’re under arrest for trespassing at a crime scene!”

Your eyes widen. JJ.

Closing your eyes, you raise your arms above your head, hoping she won’t recognize you. You’re in so much trouble.

You look up to see your Grandpa come into the room, and you’re quick to look back down, ashamed. “Sam and Dean?” you ask.

“Being interrogated,” he replies, sitting across from you at the interrogation table. “Dean’s being his usual self and Sam is polite, as always.” He pauses, leaning forward with his elbows on the table. “Hotch is letting me interrogate you without anyone listening. You want to tell me why you were trespassing at a crime scene?”

You look up into his eyes, your (e/c) ones burning fiercely into his brown ones. “You know why.”

He doesn’t respond, and now you lean forward. “Listen, I’m glad you got out, Papa, I really am, but we need your help. You have to get us out or kill this thing yourself.”

“What is it?” He asks.

“A demon,” you whisper, and he rubs his temples tiredly. “Maybe multiple demons. There was sulfur at every crime scene, and you had to know from the beginning that these people weren’t being killed by people.”

“I knew,” he says, before looking at you with disappointed eyes. “I was just hoping some Hunters would come get the job done.”

You wince. “Sorry.”

He shakes his head. “So, we have some demons. What can-”

That’s when the lights go out.

Your grandpa closed his eyes. “Please let that be a power failure.”

The scream that comes next doesn’t keep his hopes up.

You curse. “Papa, you have to uncuff me. Then go get Sam and Dean. Where’s the Impala?”

He uncuffs you and you rub your wrists as you run to the door. “It’s parked on the South side of the station. Why?”

“If we’re gonna fight demons, we’ll need some supplies,” you say, peering out into the dark hall. “Cover me?”

He nods, and you slowly inch the door open. You see nothing out in the hall, so the two of you stick close to the wall, your grandpa with his gun out. Everything’s silent, and pitch black, and you keep your hand on the wall so as to know when you need to turn.

Your hand falls in a doorway, and you go to step in when the emergency lights flicker on and someone inside the room attacks you, pushing you against the opposite wall of the hallway. Gasping, you scrabble at the hand around your throat, but not attacking back because you recognize your attacker. “Dean, it’s me,” you croak.

His hand loosens as he recognizes you. “Sorry, (y/n). Just had to make sure.”

He steps away and puts a hand on your waist to help steady you as you rub your neck. You see JJ behind Dean. She must have been interrogating him, but you save that conversation for later and ask Dean, “What’s going on?”

“Probably the usual ‘kill the Winchesters’ party,” Dean replies. “Where’s Sam?”

You look at Papa and he shrugs. “I think Morgan was interrogating Sam in one of the offices,” JJ says, stepping forward.

Nodding, you turn back to Dean. “Grandpa and I are gonna run out to the car and get what we need. I’ll-”

He stops you. “Wait, Grandpa?”

“Yeah,” you mumble, already walking away. “I’ll explain that one later. Find Sam.”

“I really, really, really want to feel good. Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Everything other than that is irrelevant. I am going to focus upon that which feels good.” As you begin to let feeling good be your dominant quest, everything in your environment begins to take shape to that - because your environment is coming in response to your thoughts.
—  Abraham-Hicks

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Hi! I read your fanfics and visited your AU Blog. Suffice to say, you are incredibly hard working when in comes to storytelling and worldbuilding. So as I am curious, how long had you developed the worldbuild and story for the fanfics/AU, and how did you balance said worldbuilding with research in your daily schedule?

ah! thank you for reading!! :D

this answer got long, so i’m putting it under a cut! <3

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