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This is random so I apologize, but I wanted to thank you. I had a pretty bad experience with a therapist a few years ago and what happened made me not trust therapists and stop going. But seeing your responses and how happy you are to help other people shows that there are good, trust worthy ones who actually do care about their clients and want to help them get better. So I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you so, so much.

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Thank you. I got this response last week after a day of clients just being super mad all day (totally reasonable responses to life circumstances and that I’m safe to be mad at) and this was nice to come home to. I’m glad this tumblr helps.

I’m so sorry for your shitty experience. I’ve been there and man does it hurt. I can’t promise that every therapist cares or wants to help but I can promise that I do and I know a whole bunch of other therapists in my professional circle who feel the same. You deserve good therapy. Keeping looking until you find it if you want to be back in it. Take care of yourself <3

Being in a relationship means that you are knowingly entering into a situation where your actions will have an effect on the other person. Do yourself a favor: if you know you can’t handle the responsibility of not being the reason the person you’re with feels pain, don’t enter into a relationship.

  • Marco Diaz: *is smart*
  • Marco Diaz: *supports Star*
  • Marco Diaz: *is loyal*
  • Marco Diaz: *generally a nice guy*
  • Marco Diaz: *wants to be a bad boy but he's a good person*
  • Marco Diaz: *he puts everyone's safety first*
  • Marco Diaz: *protects Star whenever possible*
  • Marco Diaz: *is very patient and kind with Star*
  • Marco Diaz: *is a good friend*
  • Magical warrior princess Star Butterfly, heir to the throne of the Kingdom Of Mewni: *understandably has a crush on him*

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Venus in the Elements

Fire (aries, leo, sagittarius) signs need calm, gentle, mysterious love

Earth (taurus, virgo, capricorn) signs need soul-shattering, heart-wrenching love

Air (gemini, libra, aquarius) signs need unreasonable, incomprehensible love

Water (cancer, scorpio, pisces) signs need reasonable, responsible, logical love

**this is not the type of love you may want, but the kind that will help you grow as a person and stay with you for a lifetime


I didn’t mean to take it out on you… I’m sorry.


In which Frisk is a sweetheart.

This can be platonic I swear *sweats*

Just three days on, and already there is some great analysis of the No Homo Declaration to be found. I have read so many insightful, well-reasoned responses. I’ve read the for-and-against arguments, I seen people who have despaired and those who have shrugged their shoulders and carried on.

The one consistent response seems to be offence: everybody recognised that the statements were spiteful.

I don’t know what they’ll do with series four – whether we’ll see more Exasperated John still wailing that he’s not gay, if they’ll light specific scenes with rainbow prisms, or whether Mary and John are really such a Couple From Central Casting that that they dress their kid in a rabbit suit. I don’t know who will be in line to physically assault Sherlock this time (Mrs Hudson and Lestrade are the only two regulars who haven’t had a turn) or if Moriarty still isn’t dead.

I don’t have any stance on what The Moftiss and Ms Vertue said either, other than it was nasty and, that after six years of innuendo and red herrings, it’s perhaps a little late to start explaining what the program is about.

About the only firm conclusion I’ve reached is here are two privileged men having a dummy spit. “This is our story and now it has girl germs all over it. Shoo, girls! Take your excellent stories, clever videos, meticulous metas and exquisite fanarts away from our story! We’re writing this, it’s OUR story and the only involvement we require from you is that you admire it and pay money for it.”

Good luck to The Moftiss and Ms Vertue. Of course their program will be popular, and of course it will make them oodles of money. They might get Baftas too. The Times will produce some fawning pieces declaring that they’ve made history by introducing Sherrinford or presenting the Watson offspring in rabbit ears or whatever the press kits decree is a turning point in history.

The most engaging parts of Series Four, for me at least, will still be here on Tumblr. No matter how much they stamp their feet, The Moftiss and Ms Vertue can’t erase the fact that the fandom is the where Sherlock comes to life. These days Sherlock the program is, to me, a like a series of writing prompts. The best story in Series Four is yet to be written. It will show up on AO3 after BBC Sherlock, series 4, has gone to air and I can’t wait.

I know a lot of the fandom were hopeful that BBC Sherlock would be the groundbreaking series that sets Mr Holmes free. I was one of them. It is miserable to feel baited by that allusion, and miserable to feel scorned for that expectation. There is no right way to deal with The Moftiss-Vertue insult. Disregard the No Homo Declaration, accept it sadly or come and sit with me on the fence. It’s all fine.

History has been made, I think, in the fandom here on Tumblr. In all his incarnations, Sherlock Holmes fans have never had such a vibrant, intelligent place to play and talk. Female Holmes fans have never had such a unobstructed platform to make their feelings known and share their fannish produce. Women are used to being overlooked and mocked by the male author gods, but rarely have they had an easily accessible and supportive place to take their opinions and responses. We have now and surprisingly, I find myself grateful to The Moftiss and Ms Vertue for making that possible.

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Oldseph, how do you feel about josuke and okuyasu?

told ‘em not to put their life energy in any bubbles. most parental i’ve been all decade.

i take my “gumshoe isnt actually paid that horribly he’s just terrible at budgeting” headcanon very seriously and it directly feeds into the idea that gumshoe allocates more money into his missle budget then he does into his much bemoaned food budget 



Reader is best friends with Grayson and Ethan, and gets one fleeting day to meet them for the first time, during which time Grayson struggles with the fact that he is helplessly in love with her.

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Funnily enough, you had met Grayson online. You’d messaged him expecting no response, but for some reason, he did reply. And then he replied again, and again, and now you were best friends, who until today, had never met. He was on tour at the moment, and as much as you’d told him you were so excited for him, a part of you did feel heartbroken knowing that there was no way the twins would ever stop where you lived, nobody ever did. But after the international dates were released, your city had been sneakily added after the release of the list, and it would be the last stop.

You were first meeting them at their meet and greet, which meant that all your past months worth of wishful longing were coming true, and you were going to have to mask your bubbling joy and act semi-normal. The girl in front of you finished her turn, and Ethan and Grayson waved her off politely before spinning in sync to meet the next person, you. They had to play it off like you were any other fan, but it didn’t take a genius to see their dumb grins grow twice the size when they saw you. You zoomed forward, both twins opening their arms for you at the same time, the conflict startling you momentarily, but you went for Gray first. Grayson slinked his arms tightly around your waist, pushing you firmly into his rippled chest, your face buried into the crook of his bronzed neck. He smelt of fresh laundry and overpowering cologne, his breath tingling of mint.

“I wanted to say thank you in person,” you whispered faintly into his ear.

“What do you mean?” Grayson said through a clenched smile, swaying the hug left to right.

“I know you added this tour stop for me,” you smiled into his skin.

Sure, fans in your city had been thrilled to hear they were coming, but the fanbase itself certainly wasn’t booming almost nearly as much as at their other stops, it just seemed a little odd.

Grayson’s cheeks flushed faintly as he squeezed your waist, “I wanted to see you, so why not add another stop?”

You giggled and released him, “We-”

“Are you gonna talk to Grayson all day, should I just give up now?” Ethan said, his arms still weakly outstretched, his lips pouting.

You snorted and leaped into his arms, your legs coming snugly around his waist. 

“Sorry E,” you smiled.

Ethan’s pout faltered a little, “I’ll forgive you if you gimme a ki-”

You shut him up and dropped a kiss on his cheek, your eyes fluttering closed as you felt him smile under your lips.

“Forgiven,” Ethan did his ‘I’m hilarious’ grin, and plopped you back down, his eyes lifting and his smile wavering for a second.

You raised an eyebrow in confusion and turned to G, swearing for a second that you glimpsed…jealousy? Oh well, you shook it off quickly.

You took your picture and and got a hug goodbye, parting with an almost inaudible whisper, “See you soon.”


By the time the show was all packed up, you were passed out at home on your sofa from exhaustion. You heard a knock at your door, and blindly stumbled over to let two extremely hyped boys into your place. 

“Let’s get a pizzaaaa!” Grayson bounced up on the couch, his earring jumping up and down. 

“TWO PIZZAS,” Ethan yelled.

You rubbed your eyes and slapped yourself awake, “O-o-” you yawned wide, “Okay.”

“Are you tired? We can go if you want,” Grayson said, catching on to your sleepiness.

“NO!” you jumped, his words waking you right up, “This is the one time I get to see you two idiots!”

“Why thank you,” Ethan smiled.

You giggled and clawed at your face, “You’re gonna have to hook me up with some of your sugar high.”

“Buy an extra large coke with that pizza then,” Grayson winked.

Those pizzas,” Ethan corrected.

The rest of the night was a blur of stories, coca cola burps, and excessive singing to overplayed songs. Three hours after arriving, one sad piece of cheese pizza remained.

“Who wants?” you groaned out, your belly full of bubbles and pizza dough.

“Share with me,” Grayson smiled wide.

“Gray, I’m gonna explode.”

“Oh come on,” Ethan mumbled sleepily, “couples do it all the time.”

“Couples?” You laughed out loud.

Grayson laughed awkwardly, shoving his fist into Ethan’s belly, “You’re so funny,” he growled.

You plopped down beside Grayson, stretching your legs out onto the couch and resting your head into his ‘Post Show Comfy Sweatpants.’

Grayson looked down at you, his startled expression molding into a satisfied little smile, his brown eyes crinkling.

Grayson lowered the piece of the pizza down into your open mouth, and you quickly swallowed a piece of it, clutching at your stomach in protest.

“Sooo cute,” Ethan mocked before promptly passing out.

“He’s right, you are cute,” you giggled up at Grayson.

“Not as cute as you,” Grayson mumbled affectionately, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear and drawing a pattern across you skin with his thumb.

Well, that was new.

You blinked up at Grayson, struggling to keep your eyes open.

“Gray?” you said.


“I’m so beyond happy to have seen you today. I’m so beyond happy that you exist. I love you so much,” you breathed, your eyelids drooping.

Grayson closed his eyes, his teeth grinding together lightly, his hand coming down to rest on your cheek.

“Y/N?” he struggled.

“Yeah?” you managed.

“I love you.”

He said it weakly, barely forcing the words out his lips, and you held onto those three sweet words as you sunk down into your slumber, not realizing the intention behind them.

The next morning

You knew you were too late as soon as you awoke.

The boys were leaving first thing in the morning, and you had slept right through their departure. The only trace of them ever having come was a note.

“You drool when you sleep. Also I’ll miss you, I guess”

- Ethan

Grayson hadn’t written anything, that kind of hurt.

You grabbed your phone, quickly dialing Grayson, who didn’t pick up, so you tried Ethan instead.

“Hey, sleeping beauty,” he said.

You laughed sadly, annoyed at yourself for wanting to cry.

“Hi Ethan, where are you?” you laughed softly.

“In a cab,” he said, “We didn’t want to wake you up,”

“I miss you already,” you smiled sadly, wiping away a small teardrop.

“We miss you too.”

“I don’t think Grayson does,” you mumbled bitterly.

Ethan coughed uncomfortably, taking a second to respond. “I think he misses you a lot, actually.”

You heard Grayson snap something, to which Ethan hissed, “Well maybe if you weren’t such a cowar-”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Only if you cut the bullshit and tell her-”

“I don’t have to do sh-”

The line went dead.

Your mouth hung open and you dropped the phone down carelessly, sinking down onto the floor and starting to cry. Crystal droplets trickled down your cheeks as you sobbed into your knees without caring even a little bit. You couldn’t comprehend why Grayson had just turned against you with no cause.

You don’t know how long you stayed like that, but you ended up sinking into a restless silence, which was abrupted who knows when, by a quick knock at the door. You brought yourself up, confused as you dawdled over to the door. You pulled it open, your eyed red and cheeks stained.

“Y/N,” Grayson started.

You stared at him, unable to piece together a response, so you started to close the door on him.

“Please, Y/N,” he begged his large hand forcing the door open.

“I don’t feel like hearing your shitty excuse as to why you pretended to be my friend.”

Grayson swallowed, your words sinking in, and he looked beyond hurt.

He pushed the door open, and before you could say anything, he grabbed your waist roughly and pulled you straight into his warm chest. You wanted to protest, but god, it felt good in his arms.

“Why didn’t you say goodbye?” you wept into the soft fabric of his tee.

“Because saying goodbye hurts,” he whispered, his eyes moist as  he nuzzled into your hair. “It hurts so much,” his voice broke, “and it was easier to let go this way.”

“Tell me why,” you begged, ungluing yourself from his body and blinking up at him through your bleary vision.

Grayson shook his head and laughed pathetically, swiping up your tears with his thumb, “Don’t you get it? I already told you why.”

You shook your head in confusion.

“I love you, Y/N, I told myself it was nothing, that I didn’t come here just for you, but who am I kidding? I love you so damn much and I was stupid to think for even a second that by seeing you, these feelings would go away. Being with you yesterday just made me it worse, looking into your eyes and knowing that you don’t feel how I feel. You think I won’t miss you?! No..I’m going to miss you so much that I couldn’t even say goodbye. And it’s been destroying me piece by piece, because every fibre of my being just wants to hold you like this forever, and I love you so much, and it hurts, Y/N.” 

Your heart froze in your chest, and you momentarily forgot how to breathe.

“I just, needed you to know, I’m sorry,” Grayson sighed, letting you go.

“Gray-” you stuttered.

“I have a plane to catch,” he turned.

“Grayson,” you commanded, but he ignored you.

“GRAYSON,” you snapped, grabbing him by the shoulder and forcing his back into the wall.

He blinked down at you in shock.

“You think you’re the only one who gets to talk, you jackass?” you hissed.

“Well what do you have to say to me!?” Grayson said, his jew clenched in frustration, his eyes dark.


You grabbed Grayson by his jaw and forced his lips down into yours. They were soft and full, sweet like cotton candy, and right now, they were all yours. His scent consumed you, the feeling of his lips molding against yours flaring a fiery spark in your chest. Grayson’s chest heaved heavily against yours in the heat, his hands dropping to your hips and his lips responding quickly. His nails dug into your tender skin, flipping you around and pressing your back hard into the wall as he towered over you, arching his body into your chest, his lips devouring yours. You moaned softly into his lips, sending little vibrations into Grayson’s, your hands grabbing the back of his hair and tugging him into you as you urged for more. He squeezed at your hips, his tongue entering your mouth, and you followed his lead, letting yourself explore him. Your head spun, knees weak from the taste of him that you knew you would never get enough of, and it consumed you like a drug.

Grayson detached his lips from yours, his eyes closed, his heavy breath tickling your skin.

“Y/N…” he mumbled faintly, his hands moving gently to hold your wrists, which fit easily in his grip.

“I always loved you, Grayson Dolan.”

Gray opened his eyes, scanning you over carefully.

“Maybe it took me this many I love you’s to finally get it right, and maybe ‘I love you,’ means something different to me now than before, but Grayson, I-”

Grayson silenced you with his lips, pressing them to yours for a fleeting second.

“This is all I ever wanted,” he breathed, placing his nose to yours.

“You’re all I ever wanted,” you smiled softly.

Suddenly, Grayson released you, his expression saddening.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

“In a way, this is worse.”

“Hm?” you questioned.

“In a way, saying goodbye… is even worse now,” he sighed.

You stared blankly at him, the silence ringing in your ears, your answer falling easily off your lips.

“Then don’t say goodbye.”

PSA - A Safety in Magic Warning for the New Spellcaster

This is stemming from a conversation I’ve just had with someone who was experiencing heart palpitations, dizziness and weakness from rapidly going onto a 7day fast for a bit of magic as advised by a more experienced spellcaster, who I’m sure meant no harm (but needs to be hung drawn and quartered anyway), and it is VERY important for all beginners to understand.

If something you are doing involves anything that makes you physically ill, dizzy, feint, puts you in pain, or makes your heart feel funny… Anything like that STOP! If it is not an expected, known, and reasonable response* to what you are doing STOP STOP STOP! This includes burning incense, rubbing salve on yourself, some meditation breathing techniques, fasting…

You could be having an allergic reaction, something may be mixing with medications, you may be putting yourself at serious risk.

STOP. Eat something, have some water. If your symptoms are serious - vomiting, diarrhoea, heart palpitations ect contact a medical professional. Your Gods and spirits will wait. They want you alive and well so you can do the work.

Once you’re feeling ok you can contact someone else who is more experienced than yourself and talk to them (not the initial person unless you know them well and trust them to be honest rather than bullshit and gaslight you), they may be able to offer advice on how to proceed. You may need to adjust your spell work, change the type of fast you’re on, work with a different breathing technique or herb/scent etc.

Work around the problem, do not force your way through it, you could seriously harm yourself.

Your health and safety must be put first at all times. Killing yourself does not support your witchcraft. Trust me.

This is also a good reason why you should try to keep your posts for spell help public while you’re learning and relying on forums, it stops people giving you potentially bad advice going unchecked. I know that if I had seen the advice this person was given I would have said ‘Hey, that could be dangerous, here’s some ways to make it less dangerous’ or offered a different way of approaching the working. 

And the person who gave the advice probably didn’t think that it was dangerous, it’s probably something that person has done many times before, but what is good and safe for me isn’t necessarily what is good and safe for you. The person who was experiencing the palpitations probably didn’t tell the person advising them that they were on a specific medication that I just happened to know doesn’t mix with sudden fasting, and I wouldn’t have thought to ask (most likely) if I haven’t had medication-magic mishaps before.

*normal or expected side effects are shit like feeling dizzy because you’ve spun around in circles, or light headed because you’re utilising a mind-altering substance for example. 

Being socially ostracized for supporting Trump is not an infringement of your rights, it’s a reasonable response by those of us who are disgusted, anxious, and afraid. I was recently accused by a writer of “vote shaming” – but there’s nothing wrong with being made to feel ashamed for doing something shameful.
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Don’t you just love, Staying up this late to study chemistry too?