Just because Marinette has a healthy home life doesn’t mean she is an underdeveloped character. You’re supposed to want to be the superhero. Let kids want to be the superhero and let characters be happy.

Oh yeah, no, she doesn’t need a sad home life. Not everyone needs a sad home life as their development; but the issue is the lack of personal connection and involvement to the plot. 

There’s nothing emotionally investing her. 

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I've been diagnosed with DID before coming on Tumblr and a lot of people call me fake and it makes me feel bad

Hi anon,

Tumblr by and large has no idea what actual DID looks like or how it works. This  is especially true for individuals who enjoy harassing anyone claiming to have DID/OSDD-1; many of them don’t understand that DID has nothing to do with schizophrenia, let alone the varied ways that alters can present. Even in DID/OSDD-1 communities, bizarrely inaccurate ideas are often spread as gospel. For example, it has at times been popular to claim that non-human alters aren’t real, that having any fictional introjects whatsoever means that someone is faking, that internal worlds can’t be larger than a house, or similar. The claims cycle fairly quickly, so what gets someone attacked now won’t raise an eyebrow a month from now. Try not to let it get to you.

Take care,

Katherine of Those Interrupted

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I've been writing and deleting for now at least ten minutes because I want to tell you how much I love your writing and how happy your posts make me and how your words and texts and originality lighten my dash and my days but I can't find the right way. You know, it's frustrating. Imma just go with this: thank you and much love

Wow, this is such a sweet message! Thank you for taking the time to write this out, it really makes my day! I’m so happy that you like my stories! 

Thank you!!!! 


would you mind me asking why you don’t believe Marinette has had a plot? imo, she seems like a pretty dynamic protagonist, even if her personal life’s conflicts are less dramatic than Adrien’s.

Marinette is an amazing protagonist. She is smart, has a great caring heart for others, has potential as a leader, embraces the responsibility of being a hero, and will make mistakes and learn from those, work to improve. 

She is a very dynamic protagonist. But the issue is lack of plot. 

The plot does not define the character but can be tied to the character’s growth. Plot’s the driving force, its what makes a story move forward. It motivates the character, it’s why they get involved, it makes them struggle. 

Being personally tied to the plot comes with two options; there’s an emotional or passionate drive to get involved and stop the danger, or it’s a struggle that makes you hesitate, that you don’t want to do but have to.

Marinette has neither.  

It’s not a passionate drive for her to go stop HM, she doesn’t even go looking for him. Nor is it an emotional struggle either. When she learns who is HM, it’s not a blow to her, she’s just ready to go and reclaim the butterfly miraculous, to see this get done and move on with life. But Adrien, he’s horrified, he wants proof before he goes and confronts the villain.  

Marinette, while a good protagonist, has no personal tie to the plot. The whole thing is very impersonal to her. What she has at stake is loved ones being at risk if she’s discovered or beaten and her crush being sad; now what Adrien has at stake? Facing family, being emotionally scarred and torn about whether he can do this, fighting and facing someone he does love. 

Between the two, there’s far more weight to Adrien’s personal connection than Marinette’s, and that’s the issue. She’s along for the ride, our main lead protagonist, is very impersonal to the plot and it’s not going to be a big emotional struggle or driving force for her. 

She needs a personal connection to the plot, something that motivates her or is a struggle for her. That is what she’s lacking as a protagonist. 

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I never realized how much I love your icon. Such a soft and good boy for your icon must mean you are a good wholesome person. *nods* Definitely. Only really awesome people tend to make such wonderful pieces of artwork that convey a sense of happy and childlike wonder and joy within Magnus. Bless you.

oh my gosh this is the sweetest message i’ve gotten over my Magnus drawing ToT I am not worthy to be compared to the wholesomeness of Mango. Thank you so much Anon!!!!


well, why this is true we shouldn’t forget that plot doesn’t necessarily have to involve family secrets and stuff like that to be interesting, if Adrien and Marinette both had the same type of problem then - for me at least - the plot would be flat. Think it like this: Marinette, contrary to Adrien, enjoys her normal life, so while being a superhero is trilling she has her own dreams and being a hero will interfere with that more and more


as I see for Marinette being Ladybug is more a duty than freedom and this is the difference between our heroine and Adrien. He loves being Chat, so while being a superhero is time consuming on both parts he would pick to be a hero anytime. So while I have to agree, Marinette doesn’t have much plot in the show for now the conflict between duty and desire always has potential in my opinion.

That is true, not all plot needs to be tied to family, but family can be a good motivator or a good struggle. Especially if there’s a great love or personal connection. That’s actually why in a lot of media they will set up family to be against each other, sibling v sibling, parent v child, and so on. They’re either a good driving force or it’s a struggle. 

Marinette does not need the exact same set up in canon to Adrien’s, that’s the last thing I want, but I would like to see a family struggle for her plot wise since Adrien has one. And family can be a really good tie in to the plot. It doesn’t have to resolve around a want for earrings and ring, it could be tied to Guardianship, could be tied who destroyed the temple, could be tied to Fu’s mysterious friend. 

Marinette needs some personal connection to the plot, else she is just along for hte ride, that’s the issue. The idea of balancing her dream and hero work is a good character development for her, but not a solid plot development. 

Imagine getting into a petty disagreement with Loki. He makes a great point and you don’t have a good response, so the only thing that you can manage to force out of your mouth is, “Oh, yeah? Well… well…”

Loki gives you a juvenile grin, knowing he’s won. “Yes?”

“Well… Andy Biersack called and he wants his hair back!!!!”

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Gio Gio. How does pranking go in passione? I’m sure Abachio could just use moody blues and see what y’all did so it would be hard to prank him. But imagine Bruno placing random things into people’s pockets with sticky fingers.

“I’m appalled at the mere assumption we would do something as childish as pull practical jokes on eachother! Passione is a gang, not some afterschool club where we can just mess around.”


“He turned my keys into flowers.”


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Can house placements make a planet exalted or in detriment? Would Venus be in detriment in the 1st or 8th because of the those houses are associated with Aries and Scorpio?

Plants can do better in certain houses definitely.  Some struggle more so then others,  Some planets do great, some not so well.  Some are natural because the planet in the house rules two signs.  In that case there can be some good and bad (most likely why they do nuetral.  So let’s take a peak how this works using classic rulerships and the original planets that rule the houses.

Sun is friends with Moon, Mars and Jupiter.  Is its enemies with Venus and Saturn

Moon is friends with Sun and Mercury.  It has no enemies.

Mercury is friends with Sun and Venus.  It’s enemy is Moon.

Venus is friends with Mercury and Saturn.  It is enemies with Sun and Moon.

Mars is friends with Sun, Moon and Jupiter.  It is an enemy with Mercury

Jupiter is friends with Sun, Moon and Mars.  It is enemies with Mercury and Venus.

Saturn is friends with Mercury and Venus.  It is enemies with Sun, Moon and Mars.

1st house naturally ruled by Mars,  Sun, Mars, Moon and Jupiter will do well here.  Mercury won’t.

2nd house naturally ruled by Venus.  Mercury, Venus and Saturn will do good.  Sun and Moon will not.

3rd house naturally ruled by Mercury.  Sun, Mercury and Venus will be well off.  Moon will not do so well.

4th house naturally ruled by Moon.  Sun, Moon and Mercury will do well here.  Moon has no enemies so every planet should do ok.

5th house naturally ruled by Sun.  Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter will do good in this house.  Venus and Saturn not so much.

6th house naturally ruled by Mercury.   Sun, Mercury and Venus will do good. Moon will not do so well.

7th house naturally ruled by Venus.   Mercury, Venus and Saturn will do good. Sun and Moon not so much.

8th house naturally ruled by Mars.  Sun, Mars, Moon and Jupiter will do good. Mercury has it’s struggles.

9th house naturally ruled by Jupiter.  Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are good in this house.  Mercury and Venus not so well off.

10th house naturally ruled by Saturn.  Mercury, Venus and Saturn do fine here.  Sun, Moon and Mars do not.

11th house naturally ruled by Saturn.   Mercury, Venus and Saturn do fine in the house.  Sun, Moon and Mars do not.

12th house naturally ruled by Jupiter.   Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are good standing here.  Mercury and Venus do not do well.