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what do you think of the marina joyce thing?

Well, I feel like we don’t know nearly enough to make up our minds about what is going on. I highly doubt she’s kidnapped or anything like some of the really out there theories have claimed. 

My best guess - based solely on what we, the public, can observe so of course I could be completely wrong - is that she’s in an abusive relationship, and addicted to some sort of drugs. It’s hard to explain the bruises on her back and the back of her arms in any other way, unless she’s like anemic or something, and her erratic behavior (the huge eyes, shaking, repeating her words like she doesn’t even remember what she said a few seconds ago) seems like someone on methamphetamine. It could even be possible that she and her boyfriend are both users. I know my brother - who wasn’t even addicted to something as strong as meth - has put up with really horrible shit from other people to get drugs, it’s not like an uncommon thing.

BUT, it’s important to remember we could all be completely wrong. We don’t know any actual details about her private life, and while I know many people just want the help, they could be spreading panic for no real reason. Maybe she’s anemic. Maybe she’s never done drugs (though with her behavior that seems to be a bit of a stretch). MAYBE this is just some big fucked up prank to get more views (I’d like to believe it isn’t because you’d have to be a genuinely horrible person to do that).

I really don’t think she’s kidnapped or anything (the police said she’s fine, and while I have little faith in them actually helping abuse victims when called to the scene of a ‘domestic/familial dispute’ because of past experiences, I’m sure they’d help a kidnapping victim, and I’m sure her family would be searching for her and contacting the media and things like that) and I hope people calm down with some of their more outlandish theories, because usually the simplest explanation is also the correct one.

If she is in an abusive relationship and finding subtle ways to ask for help, I don’t think pointing out every way she’s done that is the best course of action to take…. because unless her abuser is living under a rock, he’ll probably see all the posts too, and she might end up in a more dangerous situation. So while I’m glad people want to help her (besides the people who are just living for this drama because they’re horrible and lack human empathy), I don’t think widespread hysteria, and signal boosting everything she might have done to ask for help, is the best idea. 

And when it comes to her 6:30am meetup - idk, seems sketchy to me. Some people are saying it’s in a bad area but I can’t vouch for that as I’ve only been to London once and I don’t know what parts are good or bad. But it’d be best to exercise caution in this case and just avoid the meetup. Better safe that sorry.

I’m just sad because I’ve seen a lot of people saying this whole thing has made them scared and paranoid - but seriously you guys, I doubt some random assailant kidnapped her and is forcing her to make videos now. Worst case, the poor girl is stuck in an abusive relationship. But kidnapping is way too far-fetched and I feel like some people are just throwing the idea around because it’s somehow exciting (excuse me while I vomit) without thinking about how it will affect Marina or her fans or anyone else keeping up with the situation. 

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Just wanted to say I LOVED your Hak and Yona relationship rant. It touched on so many great points, I wish I could give you a medal. Or a baked good.

Thank you very much!! ♡ 


one of my highlights of the night was hearing the girl in front of me say “why is he like this” and responding w/ “i ask myself the same question all the time” (at The Fillmore Detroit)

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i think you secretly enjoy the daddy jokes because if you stopped responding to asks,people would forget about it. and yet you continue to fan the flames..... i'm onto you,"daddy" rev.

It’s not the worst thing I’ve been called and I know it comes from a place of caring and not malice.

Had to clear my askbox

So I tried multiple times to respond to the asks in my askbox, but every single time I went to publish them; the page would just refresh and everything I typed would be gone. So, I ended up just clearing the asks out in the hopes that it’ll fix the issue. If you sent me something, please resend it. Hopefully tumblr will get its shit together one day 😧

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A year ago my best friend told me she was going on a diet. But in that year she went from 50kg to 30kg. Thankyou for responding to my earlier ask. I showed your response to her and she now realizes that she has gone too far. Thankyou for saving her

I’m genuinely crying. This is beautiful and you’re obviously a very good friend. <3<3 I hope she’s finds happiness in her body when she’s healthy xoxo

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First off.. Happy late birthday. ;> --I'm sorry, you probably have much more serious asks to respond to but.. I'm gonna send you a few asks about my smol problem. It's fine if you don't answer; it's nothing that important 🐻

A few years ago I had a ‘friend’ and somehow she ended up completely controlling me and making me feel bad about every single thing I did.. It was hell. 

Now I feel like crap about myself and I literally need people to tell me what to do because I’m v not used to thinking for myself and i always just,,over think stuff and have the feeling that everyone hates me.. And other stuff which I’m not willing to mention. 

I don’t want to tell anyone I know about this and you seem pretty Understanding..So.. I hope you understand and I wanted to ask if this is a normal thing that happens or? 

;u; every time Im slightly upset my friends always tell me i need to stop attention seeking//being dramatic,, yikes

Anon first of all I am sorry it took me so long to respond to your anon, and second of all, what you experienced was psychological abuse by a control freak, that’s what they do. 

On the other matter, what you’re experienced definitely sounds like Dependent Personality Disorder as the result of said abuse, feeling a need to not be abandoned, unable to think for yourself, wishing to be told what to do, intense lack of relationship permanence, etc. Those are all symptoms of DPD. 

It’s not uncommon to develop personality disorders after surviving abuse, in fact it’s normal, (ptsd/cptsd/bpd/dpd, and so on) and it’s no wonder, your friends are pieces of shit and you need new friends. Hit us up in the PTSD chat, we’ll be your new friends. 

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I don't really know who else to ask, but I bit my lip a ton when it was numb (I had teeth removed) and now it hurts a lot? It's probably stupid to ask a dr blog this but you're really the only one awake. How do I get rid of/ignore the pain?

Ice packs, and Advil I guess? That’s what I do after I get my braces tightened. (At least the Advil part). Also, my favorite strategy is “nap the pain away.”

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Can we see some serious Underswap Mob? (Btw I'm in love of this au~~)




At long last!! my shop is open and new phone charms of 100+ designs came in!! to kick it off and celebrate I would like to hold a lil’ giveaway here on tumblr and twitter for my followers! 

WINNERS: 2 winners! (1 from tumblr, 1 from twitter) 

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ENDS:  August 13th! 2016 (9pm PST)

  • Winners will be contacted on Aug 13-14, and will have a 24hr window to respond. So keep those ask boxes open! C:
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PHew! So it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, but I’m so glad I finally got this many designs done! If you’ve been following awhile, you know my struggle then haha (there’s just so many.. pokemon..)