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Could you do Ford in a Fantasy dimension? So he would most likely have a cloak under which to hide futuristic weapons, along with a plethora of pouches to keep the rest of his gadgets/research in? Bonus points if the cloak whooshes open in an action scene

Well…I didn’t quite give him a cloak, but he does have a cape. XD

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Mister Scamander I was just thinking , well you don't seem to be much of a drinker , but I could be wrong. Do you drink alcohol? What kind of drunk person are you?

I’m not much a drinker no, and then only very occasionally.  I’m afraid it might come as a bit of a disappointment for me to tell you that I am quite boring and quiet when intoxicated.

… not one word, @asktheseusscamander, brother dearest.

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Hi, what happened at Critics Choice Awards a year ago? I'm pretty new at the fandom

Last year, Hugh Dancy was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for his performance as Will Graham. 

During the spiel the presenters gave before announcing the award (which went to Rami Malek), they described Will and Hannibal as “besties.” 

To say fannibals were “amused” is to put it mildly. 

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sorry to bother you but how were the portayals of black characters in mass effect racist? ive only played me2 so far and i liked jacob, but maybe im just desensitized to these things bc im white?

I have a real problem with Jacob and his entire story, so I am sorry that you like him.

See Jacob’s story promotes a very racist stereotype, The Baby Daddy.

Jacob a black man, grew up without a father and has deeply seated issues because of it. 

Woe is the black man who without a father and has to do twice the amount of good to make up for that, who has to do good for both himself and his father and worse says so almost verbatim.

Now look, many people grow up without fathers, but it becomes an issue because of how his loyalty mission and later in ME3 all hinge on this one trope that is always stereotyped for black people.

In his loyalty, he goes to find his father and surprise not only is his father not dead, but he is the only leading man left. He is a rapist, a criminal, an abuser, and he stays only for a harem of women; when he could have beacon-ed home to his wife and son sooner. Basically Jacob ends up as a black man with an absent, black, criminal father. Not good.

Then, unfortunately, in Mass Effect 3 (sorry for the spoiler, but it is important) this comes back two-fold. Jacob ends up being a father himself, which again wouldn’t be inherently terrible if this wasn’t a common trope for him. Not to mention, if he was romanced by Shepard, he ends up being unfaithful and having the child anyways.

Just a LOT with Jacob was handled poorly and made him into the poster child for black men with daddy issues.

My favorite black person in Mass Effect is actually Anderson, he is promoted as a person, an Admiral, just plain badass, and a GOOD father figure for the main character Shepard. Plus Keith Motherfucking David. Wish we had more like him.

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Hey Newt, will you be my friend?

Hello!  Well I quite thought we already were- everyone seems to be friends here, don’t they?  It’s very nice.  But yes, of course.

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Wow you are really talented with drawing the Gravity Falls characters. I swore you were one of the animators, or the very least a storyboard artist for that show considering how how accurate you are drawing them.

Originally posted by lizemupher

Aww, thank you!! Man, how cool would that have been? :D That’s super nice of you to say. Hope you have a wonderful day, anon!

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Hello! I love your art so much! It's truly amazing! I'm not into Voltron, but seeing you draw that and your incredible Haikyuu drawings during your livestreams make me want to get into it~! Just a question about your FAP Challenge, if I were to partake in it, would I have to post what I draw as proof that I'm doing it, or is it optional?


Oh god, why did I do this to myself? Ahaha it cracks me up every time. 

ANYWAY, thank you so much! I’m really glad you like my art and are considering joining me for the challenge! <3 

Posting your sketch pages is entirely optional, so if you don’t want to share for whatever reason that is entirely up to you! If you do post, however - like I will be! - you can tag your posts with ‘Fill-a-Page February’ or just ‘FAP February’ so other people who are also doing the challenge can see what you’ve done!

Good luck if you do take part!
Obama issues warning to Trump: ‘I WILL step in’
President Obama issued a farewell warning to President-elect Donald Trump, saying he would jump off the political sidelines if Trump goes against certain 'core values.'

So says the president who set race relations back in America 50 years. Go on your way and don’t let the White House door hit you in the ASS on the way out!

Obama triggered a Middle East nuclear arms race plus he sold 29,000,000 guns in the USA last year. Not bad for a Nobel Peace prize winner.

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Hello Newt! When you were in NYC, what did you miss the most about home? When I visited the big city I missed a good cuppa more than anything else ✨

I quite missed people not trying to kill me, for one.  But yes, the lack of tea was also noted.  

I don’t know how many people are still online but random thought/question to you guys. For awhile now I’ve been thinking about making a youtube video or something, but I have no idea what I would do it on? What do you guys think, should it be about myself, or video games or anime? Tell me what you think or maybe even want to see???

voidmarkedfish replied to your post “So did Raishan have to like….drag Thordak’s body through the floating…”

She used one of those secret passages to the final room all the skyrim dungeons have

This is 100% what she did. She had a little bit of trouble with the eggs clipping through the floor once she put them down, but she managed to eventually get that sorted. Their collision boxes are still screwy, so they periodically threaten to vibrate out of existence, but mostly they’re sitting there okay. 

Thordak’s corpse is spinning uncontrollably in the corner.

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Hey Pear! So I read this interesting post pointing out redemption/sacrifice doesn't always mean death. I think you might've seen it at some point! Anyways, I'm thinking about what to do with one of my villains. I don't want to kill him off in order for him to redeem himself. I want to keep him around so can earn redemption from my heroes...But he's done some pretty irredemable things. Do irredemable characters deserve death? Because my question is I'm not sure if he deserves a shot at redemption

“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.”
-Gandalf the Grey to Frodo Baggins in The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

This is a very multi-faceted question, so please forgive me if the answer seems disjointed.

It sounds like you’re having difficulty knowing whether your character can still be redeemed or whether their actions disqualify them from any kind of redemptive arc. Your first stop is to determine if your character is truly irredeemable. I find that very, very few people are. What is it about your character that leads you to believe they are a hopeless case? Is it the severity of their crimes or their mindset? They’re not the same; irredeemable actions do not an irredeemable character make. If you feel pulled toward a redemption arc, consider what kind of arc and how far into the arc you need to go. 

The idea of an antagonist using themselves as a shield for the main characters and somehow that selfless action erases all the terrible things they’ve done and makes it all okay has never really sat well with me. Trust is the easiest thing to lose and the hardest to build, especially when there’s bad history behind it. One action isn’t going to fix it all and redeem them; but it is the start of a journey. Redemption arcs are hard, and they deserve entire books to make them really work, in my opinion; so if this isn’t a story about this character’s change of heart, or if the change of heart doesn’t come early enough to really build off of it, you may need to just get that character on the start of something that will read to the audience like the beginning of a journey toward a very different destination than they were headed toward before.

There’s an idea I was taught in school that didn’t entirely make sense at the time I learned it, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more it’s seemed to me the best way to handle all characters: find the justified endings for characters. Not the cathartic ones, not the cliched ones, not anything more or less than what a character has earned. The scale that weighs their actions, speech, and changes of heart, however, is not our own nor that of the cultures’ laws, but an impartial judge comprised of the world your story is set in and the story’s ethics. What I mean is, what’s the right way that your world and your message would go about dealing with someone like your character? Think about the punishments of other characters who have done wrong–the ones in the world’s myths and legends, actual criminals, good people who did bad things, and other figures who were punished–and think about how severe those actions were in the eyes of that world (not ours). What makes sense for your world to do with this character who’s done these things? (And I don’t mean, if they were handed over to law enforcement, what would the law say. The law is not usually going to deal out justice.)

Consider that there are plenty of ways that living can be both torture for the irredeemable and penance for those looking to change. It was common in the medieval period for sinners to go on difficult pilgrimages to atone for their crimes. Some of those crimes were as simple as saying something mean that the speaker felt badly for saying; some were things the law said were inappropriate such as stealing; but some where things that were cosmically unacceptable, things perhaps the person never told anyone else but the world seems to be so aware of that it acts against the person, forcing them into an involuntary journey. The journey your character takes–in an effort to redeem themselves–could consist of a lot of things, and it doesn’t have to be a long trip somewhere. It could be giving up their beloved career and devoting themselves to some other kind of work; or rebuilding something they destroyed; or anything else that shows they’re trying to put the past behind them and become someone else, someone better.

In short, if you don’t want to kill your character because you don’t think it’s right for the story, don’t. Find another way for your villain to be defeated and metaphorically ride off into the sunset. Maybe they escape, maybe their equipment is stripped from them, maybe their claws are clipped, maybe they’re saddled with a very kind-hearted apprentice whose cheerfulness is bound to rub off on them, who knows. There are a thousand ways for your character to find the right ending for them, the one that the world you’re writing in says is right and just for what they’ve done and who they are becoming. The closer you stay to the internal logic of the world you’re building (not ours), the less likely your audience will feel like it’s out of place. Spend some time with this character and this world and think about what’s justified through their lens rather than the lens of laws we live with here in our world. Good luck! -Pear

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Hi, I want to make an art blog myself. The problem is that I'm deleting my old blog for other reasons, and I'm unsure whether I should use my art blog as my personal one as well. Where can I make the balance in between reblogs, and my own content?

I have two blogs, my main one which is this account and an art blog which I mainly use for archiving art.

I would recommend that you have 2 blogs, one main (for reblogging other stuff) and one art blog specifically, for your own art.

The reason is because if you’re trying to look for your own art through your main, you will have a difficult time finding it buried in a mass of reblogs even if you put it under a specific tag.