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Hey, I know you mean well and all, but it's startling to read "You didn't respoect your body/why should i?" from a group whose side i'm on. I'm just saying pick better words, because we rape victims get used a lot by pro-murderers, and here you are, literally spitting out what a rapist would say. I'm very disappointed that this didn't occur to you as not just insensitive, but harmful.

I do apologize for my poor choice of words. When I said that, it was meant to bring attention to the disrespect women give themselves by their own choices. Of course, I respect them, and I feel deeply sorry for rape victims. Many friends of mine have shared their abuse stories with me and it takes all I have not to cry. I’m still learning, not only about abortion and the stances on each side but how to communicate with others (I may explain this in a later post). Thank you for your concern, I’ll try to be more careful next time.