Dear Team Felton,

most fo you will know that the last days weren’t the funniest on Twitter, since Tom was very upset about hacked Emails and stolen Facebook Pics.

Unfortunately we can’t do much against the Email hacking, and I actually think it was something general, as MY Email was hacked as well and I saw many other people complaining. I think Tom took it a wee bit too personal…

We don’t want Tom to feel unsafe on the internet. It isn’t the greatest to have private pics being spread, it might even lead Tom to the conclusion it would be better to quit Social Media and only use his Twitter for professional uses.
And the worst: It might even lead to personal issues or anything else we really don’t want to happen.

There isn’t much we can do against hackers unfortunately, BUT we can do something against “fans” (they aren’t real fans actually) who take private pictures showing Tom and/or Jade from personal Facebooks and publish them on the net. And to make people refuse to repost/reblog this people’s stuff!

This issue isn’t something new. For several years now there are photos going around that were never meant for public. Me and a few people tried it alone for a long time, writing those people, trying to make them understand that it isn’t okay what they are doing.
But it didn’t help much. Most of them love the attention they get and this was why I always hesitated to make a big deal about it.

But now we finally think it is time to get the Team Felton all together and DO something to make ALL FANS #RespectTomsPrivacy!

I can’t stand seeing Tom so upset and we ALL want his smile back, don’t we?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us! Even if you can only spend a few minutes a day on this, DO IT! If we all work together we can move somthing!

I think it is really sad that some people seem to actively boycott this project or ignore the cause and thought behind it. Some even start discussions about something that should be normal for a true fan. NOT posting private pictures, no matter where you found them. To #RespectTomsPrivacy!

Then you see “anonymous” people writing to “private Pics posting blogs” about things they have no idea of, just trying to discredit the people actively trying to make this fandom finally care.

No idea why they even dare to call themselves fans. Because they can’t be.

Of course there is a lot of jealousy and competition in each fandom…but this shouldn’t be done on Tom or his girlfriend’s costs. But that’s what these people doing because they only care for their own opinion and their own wishes.

That’s just sad, nothing else.