respects women

Don’t touch my girl, don’t disrespect my girl, don’t talk down to my girl, don’t whisper about my girl, don’t critique how my girl dresses or acts, don’t flirt with my girl, don’t dance with my girl, and don’t be rude to my girl. She’s my girl for a reason, not yours.

Dear straight boys

If a girl tells you she’s gay and that she’s not interested, here are some acceptable responses:
1) I didn’t know that. Sorry to bother you!
2) Would it be okay to be your friend still?
3) That’s awesome! I hope you find a great girl for you if you haven’t already. Have a great day!

Here’s some examples of what you don’t fucking say to her (if you say this shit, you’re an asshole FYI)
1) But you haven’t been with me yet
2) I can change that
3) Give me a chance and you won’t think you’re gay anymore

Be respectful of girls. Be respectful of their sexual preferences. Be respectful of all humans. Don’t think that just because you think you’re hot that you can get your way. You’re actually just making yourself look like an even worse piece of shit.