respecting my roots

What happens when you’re sketching ideas for the @supernaturalartbook on the iPad Pro but Grandma peeks over, so to engage her interest, you draw something a bit more relatable for her than an attractive white man with wings dressed in a trench coat. 
Also what happens when I try to practice coloring digitally “only lightly”. I miss my Copic Markers.

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Happy independence day, Finland.

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I wondered for a while do I wanna do this post or not but eh, why not. This country doesn’t feel Finnish to me anymore, it doesn’t feel exactly ACTUALLY independent to me anymore. But I still love this country, I love my folk, I respect my roots. I think we Finns have a certain kind of spirit to us, the kind that I hold on to tightly. Even tho’ all that doesn’t really have to do with us being independent as a country, I suppose. But I do think this day can be used to celebrate our folk and our history, culture. So there.

Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää.

Do you ever start watching an anime with no intention of reading its manga/LN but then its ending left you like ‘screw this, who the fuck can wait for the next season’ and there you go. You ended up following the manga/LN series anyway. CONGRATS.

I think it’s kind of funny how in sync with their characters Sarah and Amy are when talking about Shoot 

Sarah’s kind of like, “Well they care about each other and there’s a connection, NOW LET’S talk about all that physical stuff, because there’s gonna be non fight scene bruises ;)”

And Amy’s more, “Root and Shaw are soulmates. Shaw can do no wrong in Root’s eyes, and Root believes the strength of their bond would be enough to fight any brainwashing”  

Hahahahahahahah Root busting in on every operation to tell people that THAT MAN IS NOT [whatever undercover alias], HE’S THE ARCHITECT OF THE FUTURE

And Harold be like “please…root no…y u gotta blow my cover”


he’s the ARCHITECT

of the FUTURE

“root pls”