All too often in discussions I hear stuff like, “Games are art. These games prove it” and the games are this artsy sort of thing that is a rehash of what other people are doing (BS:I, TLoU, Spec Ops), or dull and without any interaction (Journey, Limbo, Passage, Heavy Rain).

It’s almost like nobody believes games themselves are art, just the things these particular games get wrapped up in, like fancy plots or “deep” meanings.

All games are art, and it’s their gameplay that is artistic, not the visuals, sound, or plot.

Respect Gameplay.

spoopy-skeletoons asked:

I'm sure you're not meaning to do this, but your pictures kinda make it seem like you're taking a big dump on the other games people praise for being artsy. I agree that gameplay should be as important as graphics or story, but I think you're making these other games out to be pretentious and shallow. I think plot, graphics, and gameplay can coexist beautifully. Just look at Red Dead Redemption, Portal, and Fallout.

I’m just tired of these games that don’t have particularly good gameplay backing them getting brought up as if they’re paragons of the medium. They’re not particularly good as games, but they get praise for delivering a non-gameplay experience, which is shifting the focus away from the gameplay, the heart of a game.

I’d prefer it if people understood that things like Devil May Cry, Warcraft, Castlevania, or King of Fighters are artistic as well in their own right (all games are art, not just the ones I like), not just because they have art assets like the sprites or 3d models, or music or cutscenes, but because the rules of gameplay themselves are a form of expression for the creator.

Gameplay is the heart and soul of a game and ideally games should always have good gameplay instead of sacrificing it for some story, “Deeper meaning", or visual aesthetic. And I’m absolutely tired of seeing games like that, ones that don’t take any advantage of their medium, brought up as if they’re the ones that should prove games are art. All games do, and well constructed ones especially so.