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So why do some fanfictions portray Nancy as kind of an airhead, or Mike being the nerd of the family, or whatever, when we SEE that she clearly, obviously cares for her grades and schoolwork???? When we see her studying, when Steve mentions that her GPA is like “3.999…” I mean, honestly. That girl is a genius and will definitely stay that way. 

I don’t know why everyone is always making Lucas out to be the one in the group that hates everyone and is only there because he’s stuck with them.  I know he’s usually the one going ‘I’m absolutely fed up with this crap’ but that boy is so full of love for his friends like??  He respected Mike’s decision to let Eleven stay in the basement even though he definitely didn’t agree with the plan.  He was fully willing to storm into another dimension with only a wrist rocket to defend himself to save Will.  He frantically biked towards danger to warn Mike, Dustin and Eleven about the bad men.  He listened to Mike’s theories and ideas and for the most part went along with his plans.  And you can’t forget the line “We stay here and keep El safe.  That’s the most important thing”

Basically Lucas loves his friends so much and to say anything different would be completely different from canon okay that is all

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What if Mike lost a bet and had to do something embarrassing in front of the entire theater gang?

Send me “What if” + a prompt and I’ll write a drabble based off of it

“I change my mind, no deal.”

“Ah c'mon!” Ash groaned, “The deal was if you lost you had to say something nice about each of us! Go on start talking!”

Mike rolled his eyes, talking a place in front of the entire theater crew and standing with his hands on his hip. His eyes lingered for a moment before landing on Rosita.

“Rosita, you’re not as fat as I say you are.” he started.

“That doesn’t count!” Ash shouted up.


“You can’t insult them at all!” said the porcupine with a sly grin.

“Ugh! Fine! Rosita, you’re kind to everyone and even though I don’t agree with it, I respect that about you!” Mike then turned to Gunter, who was siting next to her. “Pork–! Gunter, you have a style that is unique and special to you. Buster, you have a wonderful taste in music and art and I’m glad that your theater is successful!” Before Buster could say ‘thank you’, Mike was already on the next person in line. “Johnny, you don’t deserve the crap you father made you do, and I’m thankful you’re not in my shitty situation! Ash, you were right to chuck out your boyfriend, you deserve so much better! Meena-” he stopped, his finger pointed her way. Meena had both ears covering the sides of her face, looking worried at what he might say. “You have a wonderful singing voice and I hope you go far in life!”

“There! I’m done, ya happy? You got your side of the bet!” Mike then folded his arms over his chest, sort of closing himself off once more from the group. There was silence in the room, no one talked. “What? Ya got what ya wanted!”

“Aw, Mike loves us.” Ash cooed, placing her hands on her chin.

“I do not!”

ABDC Lacks Dance

I’m going to put it out there. This might sound biased, because I am a huge fan of the Kinjaz, but I’m being completely honest on my view of the show.
I feel as if the show lacks dancing. The only group I see that actually dances full on choreo is the Kinjaz. They do their intro and then they just dance. Other groups seem to focus not much on the dancing but the tricks they can do with one another. Like it’s not even breakdancing. They flip every time they have a chance and maybe whip out a prop to dance with. It’s like they would rather put on a show than actually give an intricate choreo. So why try to be a dance crew when more than half of the choreo is flipping and doing a trick?


“It’s only this time that every one of us assembles here and makes the show together. So I cherish every single day, minute and second. In the end, I am the luckiest, I feel. 

Thank you so much!” - to the audience Yuzuru Hanyu FaOI Kobe 2015
[Translation Credit: Sophie Moroi (YH International Fan Group)]

I fucking love mike so much, i love how much he cares for eleven since the start, how he treats her like an actual human being, how he stands up for her, how much he worries about her, how much he adores her, how he’s always in awe of her, how he always thinks about what she wants, how he never loses his patience with her and instead explains everything el doesn’t know, even the simplest things, and how much mike respects her.

Recognizing an abusive relationship: when the Strong Female Character™ is an abuser and her victim is male

[mentions of abuse, child abuse, addiction, human trafficking, and death][spoilers for Graceland S2 and S3]

Here’s a gif that is fairly clearly, even to people who don’t know the context, an instance of abuse:

Before being pushed, his hands are out in a sign of surrender, and he’s just standing there non-threateningly. You can also see right before he’s pushed that he’s wearing a hospital band, and he’s obviously in a lot of pain in the second half of the gif: the woman is shoving an injured man to the ground, and he’s the one that apologizes.

This gif is from the show Graceland, and the female in the gif is named Paige Arkin. She’s a DEA agent, and a classic Strong Female Character. She’s in control of herself, sexual and proud, and an incredible, capable agent. None of those things are bad; in fact, they help make Paige a more complex character, and it’s wonderful that a show about undercover agents has a character like Paige (as well as another wonderful dynamic female character, Charlie Demarco). However: in the second season, Paige is in a relationship with the male in the gif, Mike Warren.

Their sexual relationship begins in the end of episode 2x02. In episode 2x05, Paige needs a cover team for an operation they’re both working on, but can’t get it. She then tells Mike to sleep with a woman who is the boss of both of them, saying that he needs to “convince her” and “do whatever he needs to do” to get Paige her cover team. When Mike tries to do this but can’t make himself, Paige reacts by going behind his back and the back of their boss and does what she wants anyway.

The case they’re both working on continues. It involves human trafficking, and Paige becomes very invested in the wellbeing of the girls—which is definitely not a bad thing. If anything, Paige’s desire to help these girls and how protective she is of them is one of the best things about the entire show. However, Paige makes a plan to rescue the girls and files a request. She gives the form to Mike and says, in complete seriousness, “File it within the hour, or I’m going to hurt you.” At this point they are no longer in a relationship. The case continues, and while Mike is undercover with the human traffickers, one of the girls is killed. Mike is shown looking at his phone about to call Paige, but stops. He instead covers up the murder and frames it so that it looks like the girl ran away, and he writes a letter to her family about how she is happy and thriving (using a letter she’d written before to mimic the handwriting). He does not tell Paige about the girl’s death because he is afraid of what she’ll do to him if she finds out. The case continues. Paige finds out about the letter (but not that Mike was the one that sent it). She continues her search for the girl she believes escaped, but suspects Mike of lying to her about it.

In the Season 2 finale, Mike is shot and, while bleeding out, confesses to Paige about the girl and the letter, saying that he believes it’s better for the family if “they believe she’s happy.” Paige responds by going to the person that shot Mike and telling that person where Mike is, using the phrase “wipe out that trash.” This person goes to Mike, who is in the hospital (in addition to being shot, his lungs collapsed during the surgery to remove the bullet, and the bullet gave him lead poisoning), and this person murders Mike by cutting off his oxygen supply. Mike is awake and fully aware of what is happening as he is killed, and the person killing him tells him that Paige was the one that gave him up and that he plans on killing all of the other agents as well.

Season 3 opens. We find out that doctors were able to resuscitate Mike. While recovering in the hospital, Mike finds out that Paige is going into a situation where she might be killed. He checks himself out of the hospital and rushes to her. When he gets there, Paige shoves him to the ground and yells at him, “Goddamnit Mike, you have to stop trying to save me!” Mike is shown on the ground in pain, and then says that he is sorry and that he forgives her. (This scene is what the gif up above is from.)

If that scene were flipped—if a male character shoved a female to the ground and yelled at her (right after being responsible for her almost-death)—people would have reacted to it a lot differently. Instead, there are generally two reactions to the Mike/Paige dynamic. One: people ship them. They think that their relationship is romantic and progressive, since Paige is the more aggressive/in-your-face/forceful one. Two: they think that Mike deserved what happened to him. They think that because he is a man and Paige is a woman, what happened with them is excusable, or even that Mike lying to her made him deserve to die. There is a fandom-wide selective ignorance, and a collective refusal to recognize that Mike saying that he forgives her is literally an abuse victim forgiving his abuser. Paige threatens him, pressures him to have sex with someone for her gain, is responsible for his death, physically abuses him, and even more later on in Season 3. We know that Mike is afraid of her; Mike is killed because of how afraid he was of what she’d do to him when she found out he’d made a mistake. He forgives her, and minimizes what she did (like saying “we all make mistakes” and protecting Paige when another agent suggests that Mike should turn Paige in for what she did)(this is a textbook example of something abuse victims do when talking about their abusers).

We find out in Graceland: Undercover, a behind the scenes/more in depth look at the characters, that Mike is a victim of child abuse. There is a concept in victimology known as revictimization, or repeat victimization [x], which is when someone who is an abuse survivor is much more likely to be a victim again later in life. This has to do with abusers being able to pick up on subtle reactions and the “victim vulnerability” that exists in victims of past abuse. (This could perhaps be associated with Mike’s overly forgiving nature, and how he is much less of an “alpha male” type than the other male characters on the show. This, and how his characterization facilitates the power imbalance between Paige and Mike, is of course something subconscious and not in any way Mike’s fault.) I’m not saying that Paige actively sought Mike out with the intention of abusing him, because that’s rarely how abusive relationships work. It’s about power, and Paige sees herself as more powerful than Mike. She purposefully and repeatedly manipulates him throughout Season 2 to get what she wants for the case, even though they’re on the same side and working toward the same goal. When he doesn’t do exactly what she wants, she lashes out at him. (And all of this isn’t even mentioning the fact that Mike is canonically neurodivergent [ADHD], and that people with mental illnesses/disorders are four times more likely to be abuse victims than people without them [x]).

We also find out a bit of backstory in Graceland: Undercover, that Paige Arkin’s brother was a substance abuser. In the rest of Season 3, Mike struggles with an addiction to painkillers as he recovers. And yet, with his addiction, Paige remains insensitive. Mike believes that while he was dead, he saw something. Paige makes fun of him for this on several occasions (example: one morning, Mike tells the other agents something that has to do with what he believes he saw. Paige says, “Okay. It’s a little too early for… all of this.” and gestures at Mike.). Even after everything she’s done, she still doesn’t treat Mike with respect: the fact that he saw anything while dead is a direct result of her actions, when she had him assassinated. At one point, Mike says that he feels so bad about what happened that he has nightmares about the girl that died during their case. Paige then flips what he said on him, saying that he’s lucky because when he wakes up he doesn’t have to see the girl, but Paige sees the girl everywhere and can’t even look at Mike without being reminded of her. She guilts him and makes sure that he knows that his presence reminds her of how she failed to help that one girl.

Paige Arkin is written to be a very complex person with very strong morals, and her black and white morals define her. To Paige, you are either completely innocent or completely evil, and if you do something that removes you from the innocent side, the side she sees herself on, you are worthy of death. Most of the time, this makes Paige a great agent. However, there are times, such as most of her interactions with Mike, where this trait is not so great.

In the beginning of Season 3, she sees herself on the side of evil. She feels (briefly) guilty about what she did to Mike, and that’s why she puts herself in a situation where she could’ve been killed. But, as Mike slips further into his addiction, she forgets. Mike forgives her (and apologizes for what they both believe he did wrong; she believes this because of her black and white morals, and he believes this because, as previously stated, he is forgiving his abuser), and she forgives herself and goes right back to being her normal self again.

The existence of a character like Paige is not a negative thing: real life women are complex and not all good. Awful women exist. Female abusers exist. The line is drawn, though, when viewers do not recognize that this character is not a completely good person and instead idolize her or think what she’s doing to Mike is feminist—because hurray for a woman hurting a man, that’ll show him—or romantic—because whatever it is Pike shippers believe.

Basically what I’m trying to say is: Paige Arkin is a great character. Mike Warren is a great character. The two of them together, not great. Paige is a complex, realistic character and a blessing to television in that capacity, but she is not by any means a perfect person or a role model, and that is okay.


“Let me just say what you’re doing is very brave. I’m proud to know you.”

“You make it sound like goodbye.”

Recent Allegations

Recently, some very strange allegations have been leveled at me. I didn’t want my very first post on tumblr to be in self-defense, but due to the number of misunderstandings occurring, I feel that it is necessary to type out a response to the claims that are being made about me.

The first allegation is that I hold “Stern hatred for the Skullgirls developers.” This isn’t true. In 2013 I became acquainted with Mike Z, the lead programmer of Skullgirls. Over the course of several months, we spoke in the Skullgirls IRC chatroom about game design and the game industry. From what I remember, our discussions were civil and respectable. Eventually, we had a really big argument about something. Looking back, I’m not proud of how I handled it. Fortunately, we later spoke with one another through private messages and resolved our differences. The end result was that I felt motivated to become a better game developer, and that’s what I choose to focus on when retelling the story. I still love Skullgirls, and I hold a lot of respect for Mike Z, Alex Ahad, and Mariel Cartwright.

The second allegation is that I am a “child solicitor” and “sex offender”. These accusations are almost too silly to dignify with a response, but I’ll respond nonetheless. About 6 years ago, I knew a young woman who did a lot of inappropriate things in order to get people to pay attention to her. One of the things she did was to send nude pictures of herself to lots of people. I was one of the people who she sent nude pictures to. Months later, I learned that she was actually too young to be doing that sort of thing. I deleted her pictures immediately, of course. To be perfectly clear; the pictures were unsolicited; I don’t go around asking kids to send me nude pics.

The third allegation is that I treat my volunteers badly and don’t want to credit them. This is another statement that is so far from reality that it doesn’t seem to warrant a response, but I may as well reply to it. I am extremely grateful and appreciative towards every volunteer who generously lends me their time, and I attempt to let them know how thankful I am for their assistance at every opportunity. However, not every volunteer produces satisfactory work. Sometimes, I have to let someone know that their contribution is too low-quality to meet my standards. Most volunteers are able to accept criticism with grace and maturity, but others are indignant, and react by becoming vindictive and attempting to slander and defame me. If someone can’t handle the fact that their work needs improvement and chooses to childishly lash out on tumblr, they need to grow up before they consider becoming part of a team.

As for the matter of giving credit to volunteers: The game is extremely early into development; it’s practically in its infancy right now. It is extremely likely that any one of the assets included within the game’s debug sandbox will not make it into the final game, or even into the official demo. This is the nature of game development; assets are created, re-imagined, re-envisioned, replaced, and tossed away all the time. There is no guarantee that any asset a volunteer makes for me will be included in the final game. Most volunteers understand this innately. Extremely few volunteers have taken this news poorly; the majority are mature enough to understand the nature of game development, and understand that their work may not meet my standards, or may eventually be replaced.

I can tell you from my experience in the game industry that the credits screen is one of the very last screens that is made for the game. It is illogical to start working on it when the game is only around 5% complete. When the official demo is released, I will credit every volunteer whose assets are included within the game. Until the official demo is released, there is no guarantee that any asset made for the game will actually be used in the final product, and thus it is far too early to consider including credits at this point in time.

Hopefully, this post will prevent others from spreading misinformation about me and Yandere Simulator. Thank you for taking the time to read it.