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TONYS 2017

LETS ALL AGREE THAT EVERY SHOW NOMINATED, (AND EVEN SOME SHOWS THAT WEREN’T) ARE BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY!!!! I have seen so much hate aimed toward specific musicals/plays recently on tumblr and it is breaking my heart! Broadway is about appreciating each divine work of art! A huge controversy right now is DEH being nominated for best show! I know many people want other shows to win, but I think we should all acknowledge the beauty that each show has encased, before deliberately rioting against the nomination/winning of another.
Thank you, and goodnight!!!

Once upon a time there was a guy named Mike. Mike had a girlfriend named Lorraine. Mike and Lorraine made a good couple but after a while Mike found himself secretly falling in love with a pretty girl named Clearly. Still Mike respected Lorraine’s feelings enough not to cheat on her. Unfortunately, Lorraine suffered a tragic accident a few years later and passed away, leaving Mike alone. His friends worried about him, but they took comfort in knowing that he might have a romantic future with the girl he fell in love with long ago. In other words:

Mike can see Clearly now, Lorraine is gone.

So why do some fanfictions portray Nancy as kind of an airhead, or Mike being the nerd of the family, or whatever, when we SEE that she clearly, obviously cares for her grades and schoolwork???? When we see her studying, when Steve mentions that her GPA is like “3.999…” I mean, honestly. That girl is a genius and will definitely stay that way. 

Seeing posts about people disrespecting the DEH cast makes me so upset. Guys, they are people, please be realistic with them, Ben is not going to be okay if is fans are harassing him when he just wanted to talk and meet them. Michael Park is not going to be okay if you don’t respect his boundaries. Mike Faist is not going to be okay if you expect to meet Connor instead of him. None of the cast members are going to be okay if we keep treating them this way. Would you be okay? These are people, real people, please treat them well.

something i want to add to yesterday’s tea time

people call levi erwin’s dog, but mike knows that’s not how it is–not how it feels. when erwin has his sights on you, you are a treasure.

there’s a shared smile. erwin bends over and touches lips with levi, and erwin startles away from levi when he notices they aren’t alone. he tugs on the bottom of his uniform jacket and turns to take a bridle down from the rack. they’re both blushing, looking half their age–despite the shit they’ve done and the horrors they’ve seen.

they’re walking back to erwin’s office and mike watches as erwin instinctively goes to place his hand on the small of levi’s back. erwin’s fingers twitch in, curl into a fist, and fall back to his side. mike shakes his head.

there’s longing glances, small whispers of smiles between hints of endearment. they may look like soliders to some, but to mike they’re so fucking obvious it drives him insane.

“it’s ok.” mike says.

“hm?” erwin turns to him. there’s a clammer of steel on steel as they watch the new recruits demonstrate themselves to their commanding officers.

“you don’t need to pretend. i know.”

erwin stares at mike for a moment longer, his mouth falling ajar before nodding away his shock. “i suppose you’re the last person i could expect to hide this from.”


“i’m sorry.”

mike shrugs, puts a hand on erwin’s shoulder and squeezes it. it wasn’t easy getting here, but his commander seems more stable now than he ever had been. levi is helping the survey corps more than he may have ever imagined. “you’re a good man, erwin.”

and something changes in erwin’s face, like he’s heard something he’s never been told before. like mike had just stuck him with the point of a knife and twisted. “mike.”

“take it easy, commander. see you at dinner.”

Small DEH Stage Door PSA...

I’ve heard a couple stories of fans going completely crazy at stage door and really disrespecting and harassing the cast that comes out to see them. Stage door is supposed to be a fun place where actors and fans can meet briefly and show their appreciation for one another, but sometimes it’s turning into something not so nice.

I love DEH and it’s cast and crew so much, and I know everyone else does too, so please stay calm (ish) at stage door and respect the cast that comes out to see you! Please don’t ambush them or yell at them or be mad at them for not giving you an autograph or picture or something. They’re trying to show their appreciation for their fans, please show the same appreciation back!


Like all true Renaissance men, Patton hasn’t limited himself to just music. From his first appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1990 to his feature role in the motion picture thriller Firecracker (which was nominated for best film in the Raindance Film Festival) to his voiceover work in the video games The Darkness, Bionic Commando, Portal, Left 4 Dead; to giving the scary voices to the creatures in the Will Smith film “I Am Legend”. Patton has proven that the one constant in his career is that he’s willing to try almost anything, constantly challenging himself and those trying to follow his eclectic career.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! How are you? What would you have to do to earn the 104th and vets trust?

Mikasa: Honor your promises
Reiner: Shake hands firmly
Bertholdt: Be understanding and not judgy
Annie: Smile and try to be understanding
Eren: Speak from your heart
Armin: Be open minded
Jean: Be honest
Marco: Be friendly
Sasha: Keep secrets people told you
Connie: Be reliable
Historia: Express your feelings
Ymir: Ask how they’re doing
Levi: Be respectful
Mike: Be understanding and honest
Erwin: Display loyalty
Nanaba: Be consistent
Moblit: Be polite
Hanji: Share your thoughts, ideas and praise