His accent was horrible, but A+ for effort.

okay so I don’t follow enough people on here to know exactly what’s going on (other than some middle-school level ship war) but I know a lot of good people got hurt and blogs have been deleted and that’s just not fuckin’ cool so

a lovely flowery Athena to everyone who’s been attacked over it, keep holdin’ on guys, and don’t let a few bad apples ruin your fun<3


I am more convinced than ever that Mickey’s “I love you” voicemail is going to come into play again. Ian was so effected by Monica’s words. After listening to his siblings describe how he was “different” and basically what a burden he is now, I think he was especially vulnerable to someone telling him (and showing him) that they don’t see him any differently now than they ever did. Despite everything Mickey has done, I think in Ian’s current state of mind, he really needs to hear Mickey verbalize his feelings. He needs something tangible to hold onto. And I think that something is the voicemail. Ultimately, I believe that will be the key to bringing Ian back home.

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"That moment when your girlfriend is better at everything you do..." -Percy at some point...

He’s the best hype man anyone could ever ask for. 

“Did you hear about when Annabeth did this?” 

“Did you see when she did that?” 

“Do you have any clue how smart she is?” 

“She is a higher life form we should all bow to her I’ll go first” 

Happy Birthday Yongguk!

I just wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to our adorable,




camera shy and easily embarassed,


leader of BAP,

that is Bang Yongguk. 

You’re a wonderful person and an amazing leader. Thank you for taking such good care of the other members, thank you for being you, and for not being afraid to be yourself. You will always have my love and respect. The world needs more people like you. 사랑해요. Happy Birthday. I truly hope all your dreams come true.


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Let's talk about women.

Okay ladies, you want society and a man to respect you?

Cover up, show respect, and drop this “feminism” movement bullshit that is only pissing people off with your stupidity.

Women use to be amazing, we won our rights to work, earn money, we earned our rights years ago and we should be focusing on the third world countries where women actually have the problems we DONT have.

You want to sleep around, party, do drugs care free? Well okay, but the consequences that come along with it are on YOU. Not society.

“Thank you so much.”

That’s what Rollins whispered to Reigns just as he pinned him last night. Listening closely back on the recording, hearing it actually made me tear up a bit. Regardless of what I may think about Reigns, there’s no doubt the presence of the bond and brotherhood between two professional wrestlers. 

An appreciation, a respect, and a love for what you’re doing, is what makes pro wrestling what it is to every fan.

We all love Pro Wrestling, and its quotes like that between young stars like them, that remind us of that.

My thoughts on the 1x20 sneak peak.

I truly believe that it will sort it self out in the episode (or in the next two). I feel like it’s going to be about trust - in life shit happens.

I understand that Happy has serious trust issues and yes Toby has to take that into consideration (which I feel like he has done to the best of his abilities… so far) but he’s human and a naturally scattered person and just as Toby has to accept Happy’s ‘flaws’ (hate that term, but I can’t think of another word) Happy too has to put it simply basically give Toby a chance (and accepting that he will not pass all the ‘tests’).

Side note, being a doctor doesn’t make him infallible - even a genius one, every single one of the Cyclone make mistakes.  The ‘he should have known better argument’ I feel out of everyone Toby is the one that gets a lot of criticisms and never understanding,

I feel like it’s important to remember that Toby and Happy are quite similar

Toby also has trust issues, Toby also has had a shit childhood, Toby also doesn’t have any ‘relationship’ role models. all the things we ‘give’ Happy as an excuse for her reactions but never take into account when looking at Toby’s own actions. If it was the other way around and Toby got that angry with Happy, what would we all be saying?

with that said I do not believe that this was the reason he missed the date I feel like it was a cover… maybe it will come up again in the finale?

I wonder if by the end of the season they will be apart. there has been alot of discussion in the comparison of Angela and Hodgins in Bones and they too had a ‘false start’ and I just think that this might be it.

Godmodding is so not cool in rps. But also super unrealistic plots are not either. Sometimes I feel like people forget about the social hierarchy in redos, especially season 1 and 2. Also, attitudes towards characters as well. If Quinn’s the top bitch, ‘loser’ characters should fear her words and not all be standing up to her. Same goes for other characters with powerful positions. I just. It’s unfair to the player of that certain character and honestly, it’ll make them just want to abandon ship from that place.