#Respect Artists

I just went through my followers and deleted about 80 suspicious blogs
( i suggest that every artist do the same) -
blogs that had no avatar,
blogs that were named with some weird random number letter sequence,
and a few blogs that have been following me for awhile that have not interacted with my work.

I woke up to more blogs adding links to my work and @staff is too busy working on new tumblr dog stickers to do anything about it.
I do not want someone’s first interaction with my work to be images of my work with spammy links all underneath.
People should not have to the option to add links or strip the original posters credits. It seems like common damn sense to me.

I really appreciate all the support that I receive on tumblr from the real artist who want tumblr to make changes and are willing to take a stand by contacting @staff about this serious problem.

Stay Strong and Be Vocal. You can’t be a great artist and be a pacifist anymore. Let @staff know creators are  unhappy and that there are other options beside this site. Please Tag #RespectArtists

We can create change together.You have to speak up and work for it.
REBLOG or Post Your Own Complaints and use @staff

#artistsontumblr #photographersontumblr #poetsontumblr #sexworkers #tumblr #modelsontumblr #art  

All of us are the reason why tumblr exist and makes money.

Have some guts, take some responsibility, and DO.YOUR.PART