OMGGG anon you’re so cute to make me laugh so hard omggg lol

you ask a eremika trash that “eremika is complete shit”?? OMG HAHAHAHA LOL

well,as a eremika trash,now that you ask me kindly,
Of course I also generously give you more and more “eremika shit I drew” ^^

BTW,where are your mother?
maybe you need to go back and please your nice mother teaching you how to respect others.

Thank you for your ask,Bored anon.^^


How I Met Your Mother [Time Travelers episode speech] AU- Bechloe

I love you. I’m always gonna love you, til the end of my days and beyond….. You’ll see.

(Part 1)— (Part 2)

Make her feel like a princess.
Show her loyalty like a queen.
Respect her like your mother.
Treat her like you’d want your daughter to be treated.
Protect her like a father.
Be her best friend.
Listen when she talks.
Motivate her.
Sex her like a pornstar.
—  Dude, she won’t go anywhere.

“Hey, be respectful of your mother’s questionable choices.” - Hank Moody, s06e07