I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
—  Mother Teresa


That’s how the saying goes.

President Barack Obama loved his wife, his children, his country, his planet and all the loving, fearful, messed up, hopeful people living on it. 

That’s him looking at her while 20,000 people screamed and cheered in her honor.

He was a great president and person, and will be missed terribly.


How I Met Your Mother [Time Travelers episode speech] AU- Bechloe

I love you. I’m always gonna love you, til the end of my days and beyond….. You’ll see.

(Part 1)— (Part 2)

I just really REALLY love Lafayette’s letters to Washington. I mean - you can feel Lafayette fangirling so much. And his way of writing “goodbye” is just perfect:

Adieu, My Most Beloved General, Be pleased to present My Best Respects to Mrs Washington, Mrs Stuart, Your Respected Mother, all your family. Remember me to George, the Young ones, and all friends. let your Affectionate Recollecton, and fatherly Blessing often Attend Your absent, Your dearest, and Most devoted friend, and let your Heart judge What I so Warmly feel, and Cannot Sufficiently Express, that With Every Sentiment of Affection, Respect, and Gratitude I am My Great and Good General till the last throb of My Heart Your Loving friend and affet. Servt - lafayette

I would love to see Washington’s face when he was reading this

My mother was always aggressive. I grew weary of asking her for help even with simple things like homework, because if I didn’t grasp a concept within ten seconds she would start beating the shit out of me and telling me I was doing it on purpose to piss her off. Her impatience was normality and her insults were common. She told me once that I made her want to kill herself and that I shouldn’t have been born. Her temper rubbed off on me, and I’m scared I’ll treat my son the way she treated hers.
—  Posted by Anonymous

OMGGG anon you’re so cute to make me laugh so hard omggg lol

you ask a eremika trash that “eremika is complete shit”?? OMG HAHAHAHA LOL

well,as a eremika trash,now that you ask me kindly,
Of course I also generously give you more and more “eremika shit I drew” ^^

BTW,where are your mother?
maybe you need to go back and please your nice mother teaching you how to respect others.

Thank you for your ask,Bored anon.^^

Make her feel like a princess.
Show her loyalty like a queen.
Respect her like your mother.
Treat her like you’d want your daughter to be treated.
Protect her like a father.
Be her best friend.
Listen when she talks.
Motivate her.
Sex her like a pornstar.
—  Dude, she won’t go anywhere.

anonymous asked:

A mother daughter relationship goes both ways. Jenelle's all like "she should care about me", "she should listen to me", "me me me". Well, YOU should care about your mother, YOU should listen to your mother when she warns you about the random men you date, YOU should ask if she needs help taking care of YOUR kid, YOU should be concern and care about her, YOU SHOULD RESPECT YOUR MOTHER on and off camera

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼yes! She seems to still be in the mindset of a young teenager… it’s really sad! :(

Boy am I pissed!
Advice to fuck boys:
You are allowed to be attracted to whatever you look but don’t be a dipshit towards poc babes or use them only for your sexual benefit.

If she is not interested she isn’t she doesn’t owe you shit

Treat every woman with respect you give your mother unless you don’t respect her too then shame on you, you should reevaluate your life.

Don’t lie period. Lies will catch up to you small or big ones.

Be consistent if you are genuinely interested in her and not just to sleep with her. Again she doesn’t owe you shit.

If your favorite thing to watch is porn you should really chill out with your standards. Most likely it’s all sorts of fucked up and you may actually have bought into the idea of women actually having to have perfect bodies & having to be submissive to men. Porn isn’t realistic you know that. Porn can destroy your perspection of what you think sex is.

Yes I am a fat bitch I love food more than you get over it.

No I am not stuck up for knowing what I want and that not being you.

If you say degrading shit about women that reflects who you are and you don’t deserve them angels.

Poc babes deserve just as much love as white babes. Point blank period.

If you have intentions of sleeping with her be upfront don’t pretend to want to be interested in having a relationship with her!!!!

Don’t beat on woman you piece of shit.

If you eat like shit most likely your cum tastes like it too. On this topic if you expect women to swallow and give you oral be a decent person and eat well and eat that pussy too!!!


If you are fronting just to get praise from your boys reevaluate your life. If you mistreat women to get praise from your boys reevaluate your life.

If you think less of a woman for not being established and you ain’t doing shit for yourself then you don’t deserve her. She isn’t your mother she doesn’t have to care for your ass.

Ambitious and action driven women aren’t bossy they are boss bitches. If they make you feel insecure and question your masculinity then you should probably go cry yourself to asleep along with the rest of the assholes who feel some kind of way about them. Yes women can get their money and be more successful than you and look good.

What she chooses to do with her body, career, life is none of your fucking business keep it moving.

Girls who don’t want to fuck you aren’t prudes and girls who sleep with everyone but you aren’t whores/sluts you are just undesirable.

Girls with any length hair and texture are sexy point blank period

If you can’t be a gentleman we don’t want you.

If you can’t care for yourself we don’t want you either. We aren’t your mother to clean up after you. Use coconut oil and exfoliates every week. Take a fucking shower.

Be humble

Women who get plastic surgery aren’t less of woman for doing so.

Women who used to be men aren’t less of a woman either.

Women with disabilities and mental illnesses deserve love and are bomb as fuck.

If you don’t show effort espesically not consistent effort best believe she will find someone else. She ain’t waiting for you.

10/9 she loves women more than you

Don’t waste our time

It’s ok if she doesn’t want children that’s not your call.

If she gets an abortion that’s also her call.

If she wants children also her decision.