This is as far back as I could find – he was closer to 4 than 2 but that’s my mom memory for you ;D I’m pretty sure we made that green lemonade for St. Patrick’s day. The middle was when he loved volcanoes & painted them all of the time. I need to go dust off our old computer & find out how to retrieve all of those earlier pictures before it stops working for good. Sounds like a good project for my try-to-take-it-easy sick day.

Trouble Maker | Shin Ho Seok | One-Shot

wonho (monstax) + you (reader)
word count: 7,309
warnings: um yeah so this is a stepbrother!au but technically the parents aint married yet so its more a future stepbrother shitstorm if that makes it any better for your moral compass lol heads up for a tiny bit of underage drinking but mainly car sex and fingering and oral and some blunt dirty talk but i know some of yall are like me and that definitely floats our boats hehe
a/n: chatting with my friend and she told me about her dream jon snow was gonna be her stepbrother and they rage fucked each other because they were so bitter about it and i thought wow what a fantastic idea can i write that and she gave me her blessing lol so here we go thanks darling

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EXO as Boyfriends Headcanons


  • Loves giving you flowers
  • He just thinks they are a super cheerful thing an you always light up when he gives them to you so he gets you flowers at least like 2 times a month
  • A lot of your dates are in parks
  • He likes laying and cuddling with you in the sunshine
  • He also loves seeing all the dogs, and seeing you pet dogs
  • The first thing he does when he gets home is kiss you
  • If you dance, you two dance together ALL THE TIME
  • If you don’t dance thats ok he likes to teach you
  • Dancing usually turns into make out time
  • And that also soon escalates… ;)
  • Would at some point want to get a dog with you
  • Lots of cuddles and sleepy mornings
  • Tries to watch rom coms with you but falls asleep
  • You cook he cleans up


  • Not super into PDA
  • But loves cuddles behind closed doors
  • Likes watching movies with you
  • Loves when hes acting and you come onto set to surprise him
  • Loves cooking for you
  • Lowkey does everything for you
  • When he gets home from tour, the first thing is like he hugs you for a good 4 minutes
  • When you play with his lips, pretends to hate it but actually loves it
  • Really likes to play with your hair
  • If you’re ever gone for something, he may use your body wash
  • Loves singing with you and loves singing for you


  • Loves buying you things
  • “Suho it’s not my birthday or anything”
  • “It’s just a small present love. I saw it and thought of you”
  • “Babe, its a gold necklace.”
  • “Yeah, small!!”
  • Very affectionate and cuddly
  • Likes when you sit in his lap around the boys so they don’t fuck with you
  • Really likes to show you off
  • Like he loves to take you to award shows and have you on his arm
  • Likes seeing you dressed up
  • Secretly gets jealous super easily
  • Loves when you “mother” EXO
  • Likes watching comedy’s with you cause he likes seeing you laugh
  • You two def have like, matching sweatpants
  • You make really bad jokes together and all of EXO groans


  • Loves taking you to the dog park
  • Takes a ton of pictures with you hugging or cuddling his dogs
  • Loves when you cook
  • Really likes going on night drives with you
  • He loves that you love his laugh
  • Also you make him feel much better about his skin tone
  • Like he gets a lot of crap for his skin tone but the fact that you love it makes him so happy
  • If you don’t dance he would teach you how to dance
  • If you do dance, oh boy
  • You two would spend so much time dancing
  • And it would like 80% of the time lead to sex
  • He loves teasing the rest of EXO about the fact that he has a gf
  • Really really loves those mornings where you two don’t have to do anything and just spend the day in bed with each other
  • Loves taking you on dinner dates in like little mom and pop dinner places that are quiet


  • Really likes helping you pick out your outfits
  • Loves watching you play with vivi
  • He once told you he thought he loved you more than vi and you actually fainted
  • Laughs at you a lot when you make mistakes but will then hug you and kiss your forehead
  • Likes matching fashion
  • So like you have the same beanie
  • He lets you paint his nails when you’re bored
  • But only if he likes the color
  • Likes taking you on adventures
  • Which is basically like, walks in weird places late at night
  • Sassing competitions
  • “Stop being so whiny”
  • “I’ll stop when you stop being annoying”
  • “I think you’re mistaking m for you again”
  • You know neither of you mean it, its just fun
  • The rest of EXO is so confused by this
  • Likes posting super aesthetic pictures of you on insta


  • A relationship with him is so chill
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Both of you being super cute together
  • Both being very good at aeygo and using it to your advantage
  • Suckering Suho into ordering pizza with puffy cheeks
  • You two will sometimes play pranks on members then blame it on the Beagle Line
  • No one has realized it’s you two yet. They suspect nothing
  • Taking bets on the members behavior
  • “Who do you think is gonna trip first”
  • “Baek”
  • “20?”
  • “Sure” Thud “Pay up”
  • Treats you like a princess
  • Brings you back trinkets from travels
  • Likes when you somehow style his clothes into your everyday outfits
  • Got you a necklace with an ‘X’ on it


  • So many pranks
  • You often find yourselves pranking each other during prank wars
  • You and Chen vs, Chan and Baek
  • Chanyeol basically living at your house
  • He also knows like, everything about yours and baek’s relationship
  • “So Y/N I heard you wore that bla…”
  • You throw a pillow at him
  • You two go on like lots of walks together
  • He also really likes taking you to playgrounds at night and playing on them
  • Laughs a lot when you try to learn EXO dances
  • Likes singing with you and having singing battles
  • Lots of playful cuddles and tickle fights
  • Blanket forts and movie nights which result in popcorn everywhere and Baek cleaning it up
  • Likes to do your make up
  • You make breakfast on weekends to wake him up
  • “Baek, I have bacon”
  • He comes running out of your room
  • Likes to play with your hands when you two are sitting together


  • He loves going to pet stores with you for dates
  • He loves spooning you
  • You have at least 6 matching snapbacks
  • Insists he has to be your ultimate bias and won’t accept if its anyone else
  • Likes to have rap battles and when you beat him he just completely ignores that fact
  • “I won!!”
  • “Actually bab-….”
  • “Stop being such a sore loser jagiya”
  • Surprisingly good at cooking
  • Sucks at baking though
  • You tried to back together once….
  • There is still cake batter on the ceiling
  • Whines when you say another member is a good singer or rapper
  • Baekhyun is always over
  • You once walked in on Baek and Chan spooning
  • You took a picture and sent it to all of EXO and made it CHanyeol’s screensaver
  • When he annoys you, you give him the silence treatment and he automatically does anything he can to make it better
  • Fucks with you by putting everything on the top shelves
  • Tells you to bring him snacks at practices a lot
  • Won’t let you get out of bed in the mornings


  • Half of your texts are memes
  • Likes to take cute pictures of you when you aren’t paying attention
  • Tickles you a lot
  • He once put baby powder in your blow dryer
  • The next morning he woke up on his mattress in the middle of a lake
  • He earned his lesson about taking pranks too far
  • You two are really good at pranking the rest of the Beagle Line
  • He tries to play pranks on Suho but you foil them
  • “Ahhhhhh Why’d you ruin it!!??”
  • “Because you need to respect your mother!!”
  • Impresses you with his high notes
  • Also does them to annoy you
  • Usually wakes you up on weekends by bouncing on the bed
  • At least until you offer up more cuddles
  • Then he lays back down
  • Likes to make you breakfast in bed
  • Loves coffee shop dates or like poetry slam dates
  • Tried to write you poetry once but it got naughty real quick
  • It turned into a haiku about your boobs
  • You still have it

Please request!! Thanks for reading kittens!! <3

Mother Knows Best, LMM/Reader

Prompt: The Oscars’ luncheon breeds a new relationship for Lin.

Words: 2,450 (Good LORD)

Author’s Note: I’ve been looking for some smaller things to write as I gear up for the write-a-thon, and Lin was tweeting about the Oscars’ Luncheon. Got a bit of an inspiration. (Y/M/N) = Your Mother’s Name. I know that some people don’t have mothers but this prompt required a parental figure. Feel free to change it to anyone you want!

Warnings: General lack of knowledge as to what happens at an Oscar Luncheon.

Askbox | Masterlist

“I’ve never even heard of this.” You sigh into your phone, your publicist trying to maintain an even and calm tone with you. “I mean, yeah, any day I get to stand in the same room as Meryl Streep you can count me in.”

“Amazing! I’ll get in touch with your stylist-” You allowed the eccentric woman to go off about a list of her duties as you boarded your subway, weaving through bodies to find an empty spot next to the handrail.

“Nothing too insane. This is a luncheon, I’m not meeting the queen.”

“This is the Oscars, Y/N! No one will be in a sweatshirt and Levis!”

You certainly wish you could be.

The past year has been a bit of a whirlwind for you - interviews and movie offers and an Oscar nomination. Everything was still very new to you - you had never even gone on a talk show until just a few months ago. A year ago you were struggling to pay rent and scraping together money to be able to feed both you and your dog.

Then a once in a lifetime chance came your way and you jumped on it before you could blink.

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if you’re powerful enough to manage to unfurl a pair of hulk hands, in the palms you will find two slips of paper that will lead you to your respective true mother and father

The Script - Bill Skarsgård Imagine

Originally posted by bakiyimumrumdadegilsin

Authors note: So just a little explanation as to what the different fonts mean. The normal cursive, is their live conversation, and the bold cursive is the script they are reading from! Hope you enjoy it! 

“Babe would you mind coming in here for a sec”? You called out from the bed room. Hoping that your boyfriend, Bill, would hear you. Your hands shaking a little bit from the excitement you felt within, though you couldn’t let it show just yet.

“Sure, what is it? Oh and do you feel any better”? He stood in the doorway, with a smile on his face. You had been the last to wake up this morning, because you had had time to finish your script last night. Now, you thought to yourself, it is time for him to finally read it.

“No not really. Still feel like I’m gonna vomit”. You put your hand down to your stomach, as if to show him were the where the nausea came from, and then you send him a little smile. Which he returned. “Would you help me out with my script. I need one final read through of this scene. Thought maybe, since it’s about two people, that you could recite the one”?

He walked from the doorway, to the end of the bed, and sat down. With every single step he took, the floor boards, of the old house, creaked. “Alright let me see”. You stretched your hand out towards him, so that he could take one of the script pages out of your hand. Though when you did, he first kissed your hand, before taking the script. You chuckled a little. “You want me to read the character called” he looked down at the script, before opening his eyes wide. “You named him Bill after me, that’s sweet of you babe”.

“What I wouldn’t do for you huh”? But yes, this story is actually about you”! You could see the confusion on his face, but he didn’t say anything to it.

“Dearest, yes I don’t even know what to call you, or what to say to you”. He started. You had watched him as he had been speaking, and had honestly forgot that it was your turn to speak. So he turned his head up from the paper to look at you, and said “Do you want me to show any specific emotion, I mean it’s not very descriptive”.

“Just go with your gut, as the this progresses you should feel something. You started reading, “what about starting with how you feel”?

“It feels like I am waking on the skies. More so when I’ll be with you”. He suddenly looked up from the paper, with a smirk on his face. “Ahh I see, it is about two people that can’t be together”. You shook your head, and you could see on his face that he understood that he had been wrong. He then continued “I don’t want to mess this up”. He looked up from the paper once again No? Then what is it about”?

“Continue reading! You basically screamed out in excitement. Which seemed to startle him, as he jumped a little. “It get’s better!” You continued reading on. “Try and take a deep breath, don’t be nervous, it’s going to fine”

“I already love you, and I really can’t get enough of that”. He recited in an overly dramatic voice. Now was not the time to take the piss on you, and so you send him a face that said just that. He looked back at the paper laughing.

“I know”.

“What if I’m not ready”? He looked like a big question mark. Had he really no idea what was going on?

“You will probably never be ready, but it is something new”. You sat up further in bed, stretched you hand out and grabbed one of his, as you continued “and new can be very good”.

“I hope I am ready for something new”. He gave your hand a big squeeze, and then he let himself fall backwards. So that he now was laying on his back, laughing. A nervous laughter, you thought to yourself.

“Listen, it’s our precious love, and baby I’ve got you to thank. Do you want to talk to him”?

By now Bill was laughing hard, from the top of his lounges. “Yes, can I”? Hello, it’s your father here”. Then he suddenly drew in a big breath and stopped laughing, stopped saying anything. You even thought he had stopped breathing for a second. “You’re pregnant” he whispered. There was a very long pause, whilst he had an expression on his face that, you couldn’t quite figure out. He mumbled on. “If you can hear me, know that I love you. Everybody is gonna love you, everyone will be watching you, I can already see it before me. I promise, pinky swear, that I will make the world safe for you. I’ll always love my days with you, I already do, and I will right up until the day arrives”.

“That was very beautiful Bill”. You read aloud. Though it had been said in the script, you really meant it. The happiness on his face, looked very beautiful on him. And you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. At least he didn’t see it because he was staring at the paper he still had in his hands.

“I’m not done yet, listen mister, you might be left with my face, but you’ll get your mothers hair”. And listen carefully now, I, no we, will put our futures into you. So remember to respect your mother”. He had added that last part himself, and though your body language didn’t show, it really meant a lot to you that he had said it.

“And your father” you added. Bill looked up at you. Still smiling. Then he sat back up next to you, wrapping his strong arm around you.

He kissed your cheek softly, and said “You know that I really love you, and the baby, and I don’t need no script to tell you that”. You smiled at each other, and then you started laughing.

They find Steve in Sarah’s room. They’d expected that though. Steve always went to Sarah with his problems. They don’t expect to find them sitting in silence though, Steve staring at his clasped hands, Sarah resting back on a pile of pillows with her eyes closed. Tony and Bucky whisper to each other for a few minutes before Tony nods sharply. Bucky sighs and rolls his eyes but steps to the side so he can’t be seen from the doorway. Tony lowers himself to the ground and pushes the door open.

Steve turns his head slowly, then squawks when he sees Tony crawling into the room. “Tony!” “You fucking asshole,” Tony growls, glaring up at him. Steve stands up, takes a step toward him, then shrinks backward. Tony tries to tell himself that doesn’t hurt as much as it does. Steve didn’t know what he was doing. He just woke up one morning to find his mates all fucked out and covered in bruises from head to toe. “I asked you not to go!” “Not everything is about what you want, Tony,” Steve snaps, and hates himself for it when Tony’s eyes go wide with hurt. He jerks his head away, hands gripping into fists and relaxing again and again. “Please leave. I don’t want to see you right now.”

“Maybe I’m not here to see you,” Tony says. “Maybe I’m here to see my mother-in-law. Maybe I want her advice, omega-to-omega.” “Lord in Heaven why did you see fit to let me live through this,” Sarah whispers to herself. “I am old and tired, Lord. Take me into your eternally loving and gracious arms.” “Ma,” Steve gasps, outraged. Sarah finally opens her eyes to roll them at him. “Steven. I am seventy-seven years old. I’m too old for this.” She sighs and turns her head to glare at the ceiling. “Why can’t you boys ever get into trouble where someone’s clearly in the wrong?” “Me,” Steve says immediately. “Ma. I’m the one in the wrong here.” “You were drugged!” Tony shouts, frustrated.

Steve takes a deep breath to bite back his frustration, swallow back his words. He wants to leave but he’d have to walk past Tony to do it and—and he was here first, this is one of his safe places, sitting with his mother. Why can’t Tony just leave him alone? “Steven, I have some words for you to consider,” Sarah says gently, and Steve stiffens. He considers walking out past Tony anyway. “SIT DOWN,” Sarah orders sharply, and Steve drops back into his seat immediately because he’s upset but he’s not stupid. Sarah sighs. Her boys, honestly.

“What happened was awful,” she begins gently, heart breaking a little when her son’s face falls and he looks down in the deepest shame. “And you’re right; it was awful because your mates didn’t really have a choice. But Steve… have you even stopped to consider how else it might have been awful for your husbands?” Steve frowns, confused, but too afraid to look up. He doesn’t want to know how else it could be awful. He feels bad enough for forcing himself on them.

Steve jumps when a hand closes around his and jerks his eyes up to meet Tony’s, fighting the urge to snatch his hand back. Tony looks up at him with sad eyes and lays his head on Steve’s thigh. “Steve. We were so afraid. The person that the Commandoes brought home wasn’t you. And you—you were in your Rage so long, Steve. You wouldn’t eat. You’d barely drink. I was so afraid you’d die and those would be your last memories of us, of Bucky having you locked up in the guard house and me not coming to see you.” “You should have let me die,” Steve answers simply.

Sarah turns her head to glare at him. “Steven!” “You should have locked me away and thrown the key in the lake,” Steve insists, and Tony’s bottom lip trembles as he tries not to cry. It doesn’t work.  “How can you say that to me, Steve? You know how much I love you, why would you—why would you say that to me?” “I had one goal,” Steve hisses. “One goal for my entire life and that was to keep from becoming one of the people who hurt you. I already mucked that up once and it was a miracle that you forgave me. But then I did this to you and you’re trying to sweep it under the rug again. Just because you were in heat and that made it enjoyable doesn’t make it okay. And I—I hurt Bucky. Bucky didn’t want to be there at all and I could have fucking killed him but neither of you seem to care about that.”

Tony’s mouth works soundlessly before he finally manages, “Of course we care, Steve. But we know we can’t heal without you. Not the right way.” “Maybe you should,” Steve answers. “Maybe you should heal without me. It could be the right way in time.” Tony scowls. “It would never be the right way without you. You and Bucky were in love and together long before I was dropped into your lives. You think he’s going to forget that? You think I’m going to be able to fill the hole you’ll leave? I’m flattered that you think that much of me, Steven, but please be realistic. I’m an omega. Bucky will always have an instinct to protect me. He doesn’t have that with you. You’re equal partners. You’ve been partners since before I was even alive.”

Tony suddenly turns to scowl at Sarah angrily. “Why does your son have to be so noble? He can’t even listen to reason when he thinks he’s done something wrong.” Sarah sighs and spreads her hands helplessly. “I couldn’t tell you, Anthony. His father was certainly never that noble. He was never sorry after her hit me.” “Hit you?” Tony repeats quietly, confused, then whips back around to look up at Steve in horror. It makes so much more sense now. Steve and Sarah never talk about his father except in passing, and Steve has never raised a hand to him, never even raised his voice unless he honestly thought he was protecting Tony. He asked permission for everything he did to Tony, even checked in the middle to see if it was okay. He was trying so hard not to be his father.

“Steve,” Tony says, voice breaking, and reaches up to cup his cheeks. “Darling, you’ve never hurt me. This was just—I know if you’d been in control you would have never hurt me or Bucky. You’re not capable of it.” “Are you going to say I’m a gentle soul?” Steve scoffs, lifting his hands to grab Tony’s wrists, then thinks better of it when he remembers the bruises and just places his hands on top of Tony’s. “No one would ever mistake you for a gentle soul,” Tony answers seriously. “But you are a just one. A fair one. And you adore me.” Steve frowns, opens his mouth, shuts it again because he can’t really argue; he does adore Tony.

“You adore me, and you love your children, and you deeply respect your mother,” Tony continues. “And you love your alpha husband. You’re not physically capable of hurting us if you can help it, Steven. You would tear your own heart out before you let that happen.” Steve’s breath hitches, and he opens his mouth to argue, but Tony looks up at him with sad eyes and adds, “I know that because you’re doing it right now.” A sob leaves Steve’s open mouth instead of words, and he crumples, clutching Tony to him so he can cry into chest. Tony strokes his hair and tries to make soothing noises but Steve’s pretty sure he won’t be soothed ever again.

Steve jumps when he feels another pair of hands squeezing his shoulders and looks up, sniffling. “Bucky.” “Hi,” Bucky says softly, then leans down to press his forehead against Steve’s neck. “I can’t do this without you, Steve. These two weeks without you have just… just been so hard.” Steve reaches up to tentatively grab Bucky’s hand, and Bucky grips back tightly. “I guess that answers that question,” Steve mumbles. “What question, honey?” Bucky asks gently. “Whether Tony crawled all the way from our room to this one just to spite me.” “He was gonna try before I picked him up and carried him,” Bucky explains, and Steve sighs tiredly. “Hey!” Tony exclaims, blushing a little. “How else was I going to get here?!” “You called me an ass and told me to put you down because you could get here yourself and you only let me carry you because I said it would save you time,” Bucky deadpans. Tony flushes darker when Steve lifts his head to stare at him in disbelief.

“My boys,” Sarah sighs fondly. “Please don’t ever change.”

The Family is Alright Chapter 1

Series: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou / Ochako Uraraka (Kacchako)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Bakugou’s parents were more than surprised when he told them he started dating a girl. Actually, they were shocked. And much to his annoyance, both asked to meet the girlfriend.

Uraraka’s parents were both glad that she found someone. Despite being embarrassed, it didn’t stop her parents from constantly calling and texting her asking when they were going to meet him.

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“Is anyone home?” Caroline called as she strode into the Salvatore School. 

“Yes!” Several voices shouted back and she rolled her eyes, she was still getting used to having students around.  

“Anyone who is related to me or my boyfriend by blood?”



With a smile, she hurried quickly to the bedroom she now shared with Klaus after he and his family had rather abruptly relocated back to Mystic Falls. 

They’d never properly explained what had happened in New Orleans but the French Quarter had been leveled and there was now a geyser in the Mississippi so Caroline didn’t really want to ask. 

Klaus had moved in once Josie, Lizzie and Hope had come around to the idea of the two of them dating and now…

There was an engagement ring hidden in his sock drawer. 

Which Caroline had totally discovered by accident and not by a thorough search after sensing they were headed in that direction. 

She slips into their bedroom and takes the ring out of the box, admiring the ring that fit her perfectly both in size and taste. 

She puts it on her finger and moves over to the mirror, caught up in catching the light on the two diamonds that she doesn’t even notice Klaus watching her. 

“Forgive me,” he teases, his hands in his pockets, “This is my first time with this sort of thing, but aren’t I supposed to plan a lavish event and get down on one knee before you start wearing that?” 

Caroline squeals and tries to hide her hand behind her back but he’s already laughing and she stomps her foot, “Seriously?! It’s not my fault you suck at hiding things!” 

“That was under eight pairs of socks, sweetheart.” 

 “Yeah,” she counters, “White tube socks that you’ve never worn, which was pretty suspicious if you ask me.” 

She then hears a drop and sees that he’s dripping water on the floor, 

“Is it raining outside?” 

He shakes his head, “No, see I thought I’d take a trip to Mystic Falls cemetery to pay my respects to your mother and ask for her blessing to propose.” 

Caroline grins, “And?” 

“She turned the bloody sprinklers on me.” 

Frowning, Caroline pulls him close and squeezes a fair bit of water from his shirt, “The cemetery doesn’t even have a sprinkler system.” 

“Which makes her disapproval all the more impressive,” he sighs, 

“Hopefully our darling daughters will take it better.”  

The Resistance

Requested by anonymous: Another peter hale smut please! 💞

Song Inspo: The Resistance by 2cellos

Warning: Young Peter’s fine self, smutty smutt smut, 18 and over please

A/N: This is really long but I figured you guys like that kind of stuff.

The chord snapped at your fingertips. You growled in discontent. This week had been the absolute worst.

Why was that?

Peter Hale, of course.

He appeared like a fallen angel to you.

His words were sweet like pure sugar before the process that turns it white.

Believe me, you were drowning in that sugary sweet bliss. It was like no matter what you did, you could never get away from him.

Paige set her cello aside to look over at you.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, my chord got messed up. Give me a second to fix it”

“Were you thinking of him again?”

“Why do you care? It’s not like we’re friends”

“You’re right, we’re not. But this is my grade on the line and I can’t have you screwing up during the exam”

Anger got the best of you. Paige was always trying to undermine you and make you feel like you weren’t good enough to do a duo with her. You kicked the music stand, the thin object being no match to your boot.

“Go suck a dick or something Paige! You don’t think I’m trying? You have no idea what I’m going through. So get off my back, Miss Perfect”

Paige didn’t retort or give you a reaction. She turned the page on her music sheet, picked up her bow, and continued playing. You furiously stuffed your cello back in the case and stomped out of the music room. All sorts of things went through your head but came to a halt once you walked out those double doors. The fresh air gave you a bliss that you desperately needed. It was rumored that you were the youngest to ever turn by the bite in werewolf history. You were only five years old.

It was a bright day and you wanted to go out and play in the sun. A butterfly caught your attention. No one saw you go into the jungle-like forest behind the house. It never occurred to your simple mind that the sun went out. All that was important was finding that darned butterfly. When you finally caught it, you accidentally squashed it when you tripped over a branch. The wing snapped and the poor thing wrangled around in your hands. Tears fled down your face and a cry belted from your chest.

By the time your father heard, a growl came from the dark corners of the forest. Your chubby legs tried to make a break for it but it was no use. The beast had pounced on your tiny figure. That was the day that you screamed so hard that your vocals actually burst. He fought off the werewolf and carried you home in his arms. It was later discovered that you experienced a vocal hemorrhage. Even with the abilities that surfaced a week after the bite, your vocals didn’t come back. Not until you grew into adolescence.

You opened your eyes and exhaled the long breath you were holding. I wished you hadn’t done that.

Peter was with some other girl, kissing her neck while she publicly palmed him through his jeans. The act was so dirty that they could’ve been suspended for their disgusting behavior. The anger that was in your chest quickly turned into bile. You did your best to hold it in. The girl opened her eyes and looked at you. From afar you could hear what she was saying.

“Isn’t that the girl you dated last time?”

Peter slowly detached from her neck and looked at you.

“World’s worst lay. I’ll never do another virgin again”

He gave you a sly smirk.

At that moment, you would give anything to be back in the forest with the wolf’s sharp teeth digging into your skin so hard that the bone cracked. Camilla warned you that heartbreak is the worst pain than any physical damage that could be done to you. You just never thought you’d understand what she meant by that.

Your legs took off before your mind could process that you were running.

The strap of the cello case fell heavy on your shoulder, serving as a small distraction.

Between the tears clouding your vision and the acid accumulating in your throat, you didn’t hear the crunching of someone’s feet behind you.

“Y/N, hold up,” a hand clutched around your arm to make you stop running.

You used all the strength in your core to push them back. When you saw who it was, your insides burned from the constant grinding of your shattered heart making your eyes flash a bright yellow.

“Don’t touch me!”

Peter took a step back and gave a cocky grin.

“Someone looks upset”

‘What the fuck is wrong with you, Peter?!“

"Not sure what you mean”

“World’s worst lay? Is that all you think of me?”

Peter chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Oh come on, Y/N, can’t you take a joke?”

“So my heart is funny to you? Why the fuck would you say something like that?!”

You shoved him back and furrowed your brows to prevent the tears from resurfacing.

Peter bit his bottom lip and sauntered close to you, grabbing your waist with his large hands.

“Because, Y/N,” he caressed your trembling lips and gave you his most lust filled gaze.

“You look so damn sexy when you’re mad”

The heartbreak couldn’t overlook his taunting measures. You slapped his hands away, resisting every urge to forgive him and move on. Peter was taken aback by your counterattack. You began to walk away when he grabbed your arm again, “Y/N, don’t act like this—”

Peter didn’t get to finish his words.

You slashed his face with your sharp claws in a fit of anger. Peter fell to the ground, groaning in pain. He looked up at you then watched as you walked away.


Days went by.

The sun looked less inviting and you had no interest in leaving your bedroom.

Ennis tried to make you happy as it was his job to take care of his wounded betas but nothing he did worked. He asked his emissary, Camilla, how he could help you.

“You can’t. This is something that she will have to do on her own”

“I’m her alpha, I have to do something”

“There are times when not even you will be able to heal your injured. Some are lucky, but it happens to everyone. She’ll have to go at this alone and you have to let her”

Ennis was distraught after what Camilla told him. He told Rowan to help you through this journey as he had his own pain when his mate was killed by a hunter. A week later and he heard the cello filling the house once more. The melody was always sad but it was music nevertheless.

The pack was downstairs having a brew when a knock fell at the front door. Everyone was so enveloped in the game on TV that they didn’t want to leave. Rowan laughed as he went to go answer the door. Once he saw Peter Hale’s face, he frowned.


“Present, I need to see Y/N,” he tried to go past the front door, but Rowan blocked him. The two locked eyes with each other, a silent fight for domination.

“You gonna get out of my way or am I going to have to move you”

“I’d like to see you try”

The two growled, waiting for the chance to rip each other’s throats out.

“Whoa, what’s going on?”

Peter straightened his clothes and gave a wry smile.
Once he saw it was Peter, Ennis told Rowan to blow off some steam. He huffed and went out with another beta. Peter watched as he drove away then tried to walk in the house when Ennis laid a hand on his chest to stop him.

“Peter, out of the respect I have for your mother, I’m going to have to ask you to leave”

He let out a dark chuckle and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, come again?”

“She’s in pain”

“I just want to talk to her”



“She doesn’t want to talk to anyone, except Rowan, Camilla, and I”

“Jesus Christ, I’m not going to hurt her”

Ennis leaned in and flashed his red eyes to let Peter know how serious he was.

“You already did”

You sat on the steps and watched as the pack started to leave the house. Rowan and James have been missing for the last two nights. Ennis was starting a search party for them. He was already concerned with his pack that he brought you over to your parents’ place. They were out of town for a wedding in Estonia and Ennis wanted you to be in a safe environment.

“I have to see what happened. You be careful, alright?”

You nodded your head and watched as they pulled away.


It was almost as if the chord had never broken.

The cello was beautiful as you tried to replicate a few of the Game of Thrones theme songs (listen to this as you read). The one that you couldn’t get out of your head was the Rains of Casatamere. It was sad and it reflected how you felt inside more than any other song. It must have been hours when you got lost in the music. That’s what Ennis adored about you. He loved how deepfelt your music was. An earthquake could be happening and you wouldn’t even know it. To him, you reminded him of his dark past and how he would never revert to that kind of person again.

A knock at the door slipped your mind. You moved on to the main title theme and furrowed your brows as you closed your eyes, memorizing the cords.

As you neared the end, a bang from the front door caught your attention. You rushed out of the playroom to open the door, only to find a bloodied and bruised Peter with an arrow piercing his chest. He stumbled forward and nearly fell to the ground.

“Oh my God, what happened?!”

“Please, help me,” his voice was raspy and low.

You helped him over to lay down on the couch then ran to get some alcohol and towels.

“I have to pull the arrow out”


You reached for the arrow with both hands.

Peter tried to move your hands away, but he was too weak.

“Y/N, please don’t”

“I’ll be quick, I promise”

“Leave it”


“Stop, Y/N, no,” his begs became sobs. You could see the fear in his eyes.


“Please, don’t do this—-ah!”

Peter let a roar once you yanked out the arrow. You quickly dropped it and covered his mouth to prevent him from signaling any hunters nearby.

Smoke rose from the silver tipped arrow. Blood seeped out from his wound. You poured the alcohol over the wound, making Peter thrash around in horrendous pain.
“Shh, it’s okay. It’s going to be okay”

Peter’s breathing grew soft, his eyes felt heavy.

You quickly noticed and wrapped his wound with a sage leaf then used a gauze to seal it. His head began to nod off.

“Peter, no,” you grabbed his face with your hands.

“Don’t go to sleep, keep your eyes open, okay?”

His eyes widened then dropped, “I’m just going to—I’m tired”

“I can’t let you go to sleep, Peter, you need to heal”

Without a second thought, you dug your claws into his thigh. Peter shot his eyes open and nearly bolted from the couch. He bared his sharp teeth, his stony blue eyes shone bright, the hair grew on his face as he partially transformed.

Once you pulled your claws out, he relaxed and slowly laid back down.

“Now that you’re awake, mind telling me what happened?”

“I walked into an arrow,” he rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“What do you think happened?”

“Even after I save you, you’re still an asshole”

You got up to leave but Peter called after you.

“Save it, just do me a favor and heal so you can get the hell out of my sight”


You took a deep breath and positioned yourself just right, so you could play properly. You counted to three then began playing Rains of Castamere again. The sad somber song echoed through the house. It traveled up the walls and tethered to the corners of the rooms. Peter closed his eyes and listened to your heart’s song.

You moved your fingers in accordance with the bow. Each note had to be precise. Pretty soon, you weren’t even trying. As you approached the end, flashes of your happiness flitted by. Why couldn’t things be simple again?

You leaned against the cello and stared off into the distance.

“Why are you always playing that thing?”

You got up and placed the cello on its stand then placed the bow in a case. Peter was using the wall for support.

“Earth to Y/N, answer my question”

He hated it when people ignored him, especially when you did. You were about to kick him out before he feigned a sad look.

“Please, I want to know”

You stared at the cello and remembered the reason you started playing it. The healers and old people from other packs said you would never speak again. My father won the fight with the werewolf who bit you, turns out he was delirious and rabid from a disease that killed his whole pack. He just wanted a new family. He sought help and like the good man he was, your father helped him so in return he promised to take care of you. Ennis wasn’t always a good person but he did everything in his power to be better.

“You heard the story of how I was turned?”


“They always seem to forget the part where it took years for me to heal. That 'thing’ is what saved my life”

Peter looked at the cello and laughed.

“That’s bullshit, Y/N. You saved yourself, not a wooden toy”

That was the last straw.

You pushed past the boy who made you believe that he was more than the rumors; your fairytale in the making.

Why should you suffer from his abuse?

“Y/N, what are you doing?”

You gathered his stuff and tossed it at the front door, pointing at the tall piece of wood.

“You can’t stay here”

“Don’t be so dramatic”

“Get out”

“Alright, I see, I didn’t mean to call your toy stupid. Forgive me?”

You opened the door and crossed your arms.

“You’re serious? I can’t go out there, hunters are looking for me”

He waited for you to say something, but you stood strong by the door, not changing your position.

“Y/N, they’ll kill me. Please don’t do this, I’m not at full strength. I can barely stand”

“Leave, I don’t want you here”

“I’ll do anything”

“If you don’t leave right now, I will”

“And risk getting caught? Why would you do that?”

“Because I’d rather die than to be stuck with you!”

Peter’s facial expression softened. He looked at you for the first time tonight. In a way, he was slowly beginning to understand.

“Don’t say that”

He placed a hand on the door and moved to close it. You raised and dropped your hands while marching back to your room.

“Fine, I don’t care. Do what you want”

Peter drew strength from his core and latched his long fingers around your wrist.

“Why do you keep walking away from me? Say all you have to say now and stop acting like a drama queen”

Your eyes glowed that amber yellow upon feeling his fingers coil around your wrist. It wasn’t the touch that angered you, it was his casual abuse that made your blood boil. He continuously stomped on your heart even though you didn’t do anything.

Peter kept your scary gaze and stood his ground.

“Let. Me. Go”

“Not until you tell me what the hell is wrong with you”

“Why do you care all of a sudden? I thought I didn’t mean anything to you”

You yanked out of his grip and waited for him to say something. When he didn’t, you shook your head and walked was faint but there was no way you misheard him.

“You do”

He chuckled darkly and sniffled to hold back the tears welling up in his eyes.

“I can’t, I’m not,” he sighed and tried to collect himself.

“The night you—we had sex, I knew how much it meant for you to lose your virginity to me. Look, I don’t know how to talk about mushy shit like this, but real feelings don’t go away. Believe me, I’ve tried to make them go away.  I tried pushing you away, hurting your feelings; thinking that maybe I would feel anything if you just hated me and didn’t have that sparkle in your eyes when you saw me”

The tear that he had been holding back, escaped from captivity and rolled down his cheek once you turned around to look at him.

“I realize now that I pushed too hard. Not seeing you, talking to you, or being around you makes me angry. I don’t want you to hate me, Y/N. Please forgive me”


You shook your head and the tears that were sucked dry from all the crying from before came tumbling out with no warning.

“You’re such a dick, Peter”

He furrowed his brows as he watched you run to your room. He didn’t understand. He told you how you felt. He thought that’s what you wanted.

“Y/N, wait!”

He tried to break the door down, but he heard a window open. Peter limped out the front door and saw you running into the woods towards the direction of the hunters. He widened his eyes and broke out into a sprint. His lungs burned and his wounds stung like hell but he didn’t stop or slow down in spite of the consequences. The thought of you dying scared him more than anything. He’d been denying it for so long, but he couldn’t pretend anymore.

“Y/N, stop!”

You looked back for a moment to find Peter closely behind you. That was all it took for you to not notice the tripwire in front of you. Peter yanked you back by your hips and tossed you on the ground, just as the arrow was triggered and pierced his side. He growled in immense pain and flicked out his claws. You watched in horror. He grabbed your arm and pulled you off the ground.

You wrapped his arm around your neck and supported his side while he tried to walk. The two of you hurried back to the house and locked all the windows and doors.

This time Peter let you clean the wound after giving him a bottle of Jack. He nearly passed out but you kept him awake by talking to him.

“Please, don’t go outside again”

You couldn’t help but chuckle as you wrapped his side with another sage leaf.

“Why did you run?”

You put the gauze down on the coffee table and took off your gloves. Peter slowly sat up so he could face you properly.

“I thought you were playing with me again”

He looked into your eyes for a while. Admiring every detail of your face. He leaned in and placed a peck on your lips.

“Not right now”

The next kiss was deeper, his dry lips becoming moist with your soft ones. Despite how bad he broke your heart, you knew that you could never deny his touch, no matter how much he infuriated your well-being. As you began to move with him, your breath hitched when you felt his large hands slide up your thighs, sending tingling sensations everywhere.

This caused you to moan in his mouth. He hummed in satisfaction, thinking that he would never hear your sweet sounds or feel the velvet on your tongue again.

“Help me heal”

You bit your lip at the request. You put the chair aside and climbed onto his waist. Peter winced in pain but relaxed once you kissed his neck. His hands roamed over your body as you did your best to please him. He slipped off his shirt and sighed softly when your hips rocked against his pelvis, his clothed erection against your clothed sex. You kissed a trail down his torso, licking just above his jeans. With an impatient growl, Peter unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. You laughed at how eager he was being. The first time you had sex, Peter took care of you and you treated him with a momentary handjob but you had never put your lips on it. This time, it was time to take care of him.

You pulled the monster that once scared you, out of his boxers, and watched as it slapped against his stomach. Peter gasped once he felt your warm tongue licking up his shaft and circling around the purple head. Using both hands, you guided your mouth down on his throbbing member as far as you could go then stroked him up and down and the areas you couldn’t reach. This was new to you, so you tried to relax your jaw and begin bobbing your head, twisting your hands up and down to follow an intricate rhythm.

Peter moaned and threw his head back, his eyes unable to stay open. He tried his best to not buck his hips into your mouth and scare you because he knew it was your first time.

“Not too much teeth, Y/N,” he breathed out.

“Use your tongue and take your time”

You tried to talk while he was still in your mouth. The vibrations sent tingles all over Peter’s body. He deeply moaned and rested a hand on your head.

“Oh, fuck, just like that baby, just like that…”

The sensations were unbelievable. The many girls he had sex with weren’t really into blowjobs. They would suck it for a short while then let up so he could go back to doing all the work. You, on the other hand, made him feel like he was a king by the way you took him into your mouth. Recapping something you heard once, you fondled his balls and picked up a little speed. Peter couldn’t care less about how it would look, he let you know that you were doing a good job.

“Yes, oh my God, you’re doing it so good baby, I’m gonna cum if you keep this up”

You continued to do what you were doing and looked up at Peter just in time to see his baby blues staring back at you. He grabbed your head with both hands and pulled you off him.

“I’m going to try something. If it’s too much, slap my thigh, okay?”


“Good, put my dick back in your mouth”

You grabbed his shiny, rock hard member and did as you were told. He shivered for a quick second at the feel of the warmth engulfing him again, but it wasn’t enough.

“Move your hands and put them on my thighs. Whatever you do, don’t jerk back from me, or you’ll hurt yourself, okay?”

You muffled okay sending vibrations through him. He used the two hands on his head to bob your head up and down on his cock. With each time he gradually pushed your head down until your nose was buried at the hilt and his dick was literally in your throat. Your body convulsed due to his pulsating member grazing your gag reflex. Peter was on a different planet right now. He let go, giving you time to breathe then pushed you all the way down. His cock twitched and his stomach fluttered. He had every intention of pulling out, but it felt too good. You pushed his hands out the way and moved back but you weren’t quick enough. Hot, sticky cum spewed out of the monster and traveled down your throat, giving you no choice but to swallow. When he was done, you pulled him out of your mouth and coughed, trying to get some air.

Peter came down from cloud nine feeling as horny as ever.

“Damn it, Y/N”

He felt himself healing just enough for him to yank you off your knees so you could straddle his waist. Peter smashed his mouth against yours and kissed you like he never did before. Your head swirled, and your body felt light from the powerful kiss. He didn’t care that he could taste himself on your tongue. He just had to have more of you. He couldn’t even wait for you to take off your shirt completely before tearing your bra with his claws and tossing it across the room. Peter immediately dove for a nipple and sucked on it, until you let out a cry of pleasure before moving on to the next one.

“You have no idea how bad I want to fuck you again”

His dirty talk and the blowjob made you so wet that you could feel your underwear clinging to the crotch of your panties.

“I can smell you, I wanna taste you again and again until I lose my mind”

“My bed has more room than this couch”

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Peter followed you to your room, moving carefully so he doesn’t double over and ruin the mood.

By the time he made it past your door, you had already slipped off your leggings. Your hands moved to your underwear but Peter growled.

“Don’t you dare take those off. Lay down on the bed”

You did as you were told, earning a smile from Peter. He ran his hands up your legs and gently kissed up. He pushed his way in-between your thighs and slid your underwear down using just his teeth. You whimpered in anticipation.

“I almost forgot how beautiful you are. You drive me fucking crazy, Y/N. You know that?”

He wasted no more time and dipped his head down, licking a line up your slit, and immediately attacked your needy clit. A loud moan left your lips and your fingers shot down to grip Peter’s hair. He used one finger to pump your overly wet entrance then when he felt that you were ready, he shoved a second, curving upwards to touch you G-Spot. You arched your back off the bed and tried to squirm away, but Peter used his free hand to hold you down.

“Peter, I don’t think—I’m going to—oh my God”

He moved away from your clit to watch your face while he brought you to a toe-curling orgasm. The shape of your mouth and the face you made him want to cum along with you. Peter waited for you to come down but you twitched as you reached the second orgasm. Peter was done torturing himself. He removed his hands and moved up your body so he could kiss your lips. His cock throbbed and ached to feel your walls again. He was going to push his way inside, but you placed a hand on his chest to stop him.

“What’s wrong?”

“This isn’t about me, Peter”

“I don’t care, I want you to feel good”

“I will. Just let me take care of you”

His eyes held a tenderness that you only saw the night he asked if you really wanted it. He was like a little boy and his face was pink from how hard he blushed when you said yes. Peter rolled over and let you straddle him. He hated to admit it, but you were right; his body loosened up once his back hit the soft surface. His eyes never left you as you straddled his waist, grabbed his rock-hard member and positioned it perfectly.

“Take it slow, okay?”

“Why? Can’t handle the speed?”

Peter smiled.

“No, I know I can”

You dropped down, sighing as the head pressed against your folds and burrowed past your fleshy walls. Peter moaned and grabbed your thighs to hold you steady. You shuddered once you sat all the way down on his cock. Getting past the adjustment period, you lifted yourself up and sank down at a steady pace. Peter winced when you slapped your hands and gripped his sides, but he felt better once you picked up the pace.

“Damn, look at good your pussy is swallowing my dick. You’re doing great, Y/N. Fuck!”

He threw his head back when you slammed down so hard that felt his balls twitch. You moaned along with him, keeping this rigorous rhythm. Peter sat up and held your back so you could gain some stamina. He sucked and bite all over your neck, leaving marks that wouldn’t be there the next morning. You leaned down just in time for him to capture your lips in for a long, liquid kiss that rushed lust through your pussy, making you hungry for more of him.

Peter wrestled with his need to pound you into the soft bed like you were a piece of meat and having his way with you. Instead, he enjoyed this wild ride of ecstasy, here with you.

“I can’t wait, Peter. I want you to cum with me”

Your walls tightened around him and he tried so hard to make it last. He flipped you over and rolled his hips into yours. You moaned and dug into his back, careful not to let your claws do the digging for you.

“Just a little longer, I know you can do it,” he breathed out.

Peter interlocked his fingers with yours so he could do long, deep strokes. He filled you up in a way that made you feel complete. He knew how to handle your body and tested the limitations.

This so happened to be one of them.

You clenched around him, the tightness brought him extreme pleasure.

“Alright, baby girl, you can let go”

He squeezed your hands and made immediate eye contact. His brow had sweat and you could feel his dick pulsate. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down for an ardent kiss. The two of you cried out and came down from the high that flooded your systems. His thick, hot sperm spurted inside of you and your walls shook uncontrollably.

Peter slumped his body on top of yours and stayed there for a few minutes until his weight became too heavy for you.


Peter slipped on the new shirt you had given him. He turned around and pulled you in at the waist.

“Do I have to go now? There’s no school today”

You chuckled and shook your head at his pouting.

“Yes, you do. I mean, this—last night—”

“Was incredible”

“It was…”

Peter put two fingers under your chin so you could face him.

“Tell me what’s wrong”

“Us. We don’t belong together”

“How do you know that?”

“This is how it was the first time. You broke my heart and I don’t want to do that again. For you, this was just a one-time thing—”

Peter reached into his back pockets and stepped forward to clasp something around your neck. You looked down to see a gorgeous Jade necklace.

“What is this?”

“It’s an heirloom from my Grandmother. This isn’t a one-time thing. It’s like I said last night, real feelings don’t go away, and it’ll take me awhile for me to say it but, please don’t give up on me. You’re kind of the only person I like in Beacon Hills. After myself of course”

You laughed and he smiled while listening to that beautiful sound he had missed. He was done fighting the feelings that were pent up inside. Peter leaned in to give you the most heartfelt kiss he has ever given you. You responded by melting your figure against him. The kiss was so long that when you both pulled away, you were panting for breath.

“Promise me, Y/N”

“I promise Peter”

cyclophilos  asked:

Pls, can you draw lady Iran/Persia and Turkey together? I found them absolutely cute ♡

im sorry i got too excited and misread this… and drew persia, lady babylonia, and turkey instead (○´・Д・`○)

team sassanid forever

"Karma butterfly."

(Not my gif)

The actions we carry out produce their corresponding results, good or bad. And that’s what happened with Spencer when he decided to play the bad boy against you and Daryl. On you side, that same force made you both keep moving on.

Request made by shadow-hokage: Hi! ^.^ Miss me? Daryl and Reader are secretly married and no one knows so one day while they’re alone togehter, they talk about moving in together and so they so but Spencer gets angry and confronts the reader about it, threatening her. So she hides it from Daryl but soon Daryl finds out and brutally beats up Spencer and returns to the reader to comfort her and they have rough sex. ^.^

Hope you like it ^^

  • Daryl x Reader
  • Words: 2,100
  • Warning: Bad words. Smut. Sorry for the possible grammatical errors.

The sunset light crossed the curtains of the white-walled room, bathing the place with orange tones while you continued lying on the bed, your hands holding a book. Lying on his left side, the sound of your voice filled Daryl’s ears while his blue baby eyes followed the smooth movement of your lips. All the peace in the world existed in your eyes, you always as immersed in the book now as you were in the past. And even though he wasn’t interested in them, he enjoyed watching you read.

“Guys?” Carol’s soft voice cut you off as she knocked on the door, making you sit on the bed to greet her.

“Coming in.”

Carol pushed the door open, smiling sweetly at you two.

“I will go back to work.” She said, her smile so innocent but sincere. “You have the house just for you… but don’t get too playful.”

Carol closed the door before you could understand the joke, but when you finally did, you chuckled even though Daryl didn’t find it so funny. You lay down again, but his emotionless expression made you chuckled, so you leaned forward and towards him to kiss him softly before pulling away. As usual, his eyes traveled from your eyes to your lips before he leaned himself to you, his rough hand caressing your cheek as he looked for some more of you. The world disappeared when he closed his eyes, but while kissing you, the darkness behind his eyelids wasn’t bad, but pleasant.

However, his beard stopped tickling your skin when he pulled away.

“Keep readin’.” He whispered, moving his hand away from you.

“We have the house you ourselves and you want me to read? Bah.” You said with false annoyance before continue.

While you did it, Daryl looked at the necklace that disappeared under your t-shirt, the one that held the wedding ring he gave you before the apocalypse began, because your marriage was the secret you kept from the neighbors who didn’t trust in you all yet. However, your marriage was the contrast of Maggie’s and Glenn’s, because they already lived in the house next door. The jokes from the group didn’t bother him, but Daryl thought about those old days when you two lived alone, when you used to come back from work to that old apartment you two shared. It wasn’t the best life he could offer you, but your love was honest, your eyes were full of life, as if that life was the best you could have had. And the way he used to welcome you, a simple kiss that was so sweet just because he had nothing but you.

Daryl wished he had that back.

“Ya miss it?” He asked suddenly, making you look at him. “Ya miss the life we had? The old apartment we shared?”

The best moments were shown before your eyes, like the Sundays that you spent reading at him.

“I do. Not the place but the memories we made there. We didn’t have much but I felt I had it all. You are still with me; maybe that’s why that feeling has not changed.”

You both didn’t move out alone when Deanna gave you the opportunity to just because you two were being cautious, always keeping your marriage as a secret because in that world, the bad people used love to destroy their enemies. But although nothing would be like before, starting your own home like you did once sounded good again.

“Wanna try it?”

“Try what?” You asked with innocence, thinking about the possibility of actually doing it. “Moving in together again?”

“Unless ya want to get a house for yerself.”

He scoffed, but you rolled your eyes.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you came into my house in the middle of the night.”

Daryl chuckled, the corner of his mouth curving upward as he pulled out your necklace until the golden ring appeared before your eyes.

“So… how’s your married life going?”

Spencer left the cake on the kitchen granite table, the same one his mom sent for you and Daryl. His charismatic smile was as bright as the day itself, and although you smiled in an act of kindness towards him, it was strange to you that there were still personalities as open as Spencer’s. He seemed confident, as if he didn’t fear anything, but even if seemed to be nothing to fear in Alexandria, the harsh life outside the gates made you step on the ground carefully.

But it was innocent of you to let in that wolf just because he belonged to a family of sheep.

“I must say I was a little surprise when I heard the news.” He chuckled sadly, for a second making you believe in his words. “I thought there was something between us.”

From the other side of the table, you furrowed, totally shocked for his sad but direct confession.

“I’m sure I’ve never flirted with you, Spencer, but I apologize if you thought I did it.”

You were sure you never did it, but being foolishly polite seemed better than to make a scandal of a misunderstanding.

“It hurt my feelings.” He said, walking slowly towards you. Your silence was what attracted his attention from the beginning, as well as the strength in your eyes. His body hit yours against the kitchen countertop, just as your hand touched the empty spot on your waist where your gun used to be. Spencer chuckled towards your innocence because you all had to surrender your weapons, his body making contact with yours in places you didn’t want to feel him. “I’m not happy about what you did. That’s why you have to leave him.”

Although your heart was a wild animal pounding in your chest, you held his gaze as calm as you could be. The danger that should be outside was inside of Alexandria, breathing against you, shining in the eyes of a pretty boy.

“I won’t.” You said calmly. “And out of respect for your mother I will ask you to leave before he comes back, Spencer, because if Daryl finds you here you will walk out of this house crying for help.”

Spencer looked at you through his angry eyes, his curiosity about the man whose presence made others intimidate affected him because he was afraid to face the real danger that Daryl could be.

His hand snaked through your body, stopping in your hair as he took it in a tight grip.

“I warn you, princess: leave him before something happens to him. Who knows what can happen during a run? I don’t want you to end up being a widow.”

The release of your hair didn’t make you breathe breathing, but when Spencer finally left, leaving a trail of sulfur from the hell from which he came out, your hands covered your face, trying to breathe like a person who hides a secret would.

However, it didn’t last for long.

“The fuck ya just say?”

On the other side of the open trunk, Maggie felt the heat of her body leave her. She gritted her teeth, fully exposed to Daryl’s eyes who stopped at her side to confront her while Glenn watched the scene in confusion. As she said the words: you, Spencer and threaten in the same sentence just to warn Glenn about him, Daryl’s anger rose like boiling lava in a volcano.

“Please, calm down, Daryl.” She said, not believing that he actually would. “I can explain it. Don’t make a fuss about this, please.”

“A fuss?” He grunted, those words souring his mouth. “A moron threatened ma wife and ya don’t want me to make a fuss?”

As the sweet karma that was about to punch Spencer just as Daryl’s fist would do it, Spencer walked down the street toward the car near the gates, smiling like the good boy he pretended to be. Daryl’s anger covered his eyes and painted them red as he walked towards him just to punched Spencer’s face before Glenn tried to stop him, so hard that Daryl made him fall. Daryl fell on him with all the weight of his body, freely punching the thick skin of the wolf. His strong arms pushed away who tried to pull him back, his ears covered with the word threat, his fists turning red as blood left Spencer’s face.

“Daryl, stop!” Rick pulled him hardly, giving time Spencer to breathe again. “You’re gonna kill him!”

“That’s the fucking plan!” Daryl shouted back, trying to avoid Rick’s body as he looked straight at Spencer. “I’m gonna fuckin’ kill ya, coward! Nobody messes with ma wife!”

“Hey! Listen to me.” Rick looked at him, holding his gaze seriously. Whatever Spencer did, Rick knew it must have been serious if Daryl acted like that. “Go home. I will fix this. Talk to (y/n), Daryl. If something happened you have to be with her.”

While you sat down on the couch, the silence of the world never felt as good as when you read, not caring about anything as you got lost in the words. You were so immersed in a different world really from yours, too absent to notice Daryl’s presence until the door got close. He sat down sideways, watching you looking at him with a funny, innocent and confuse expression.


His eyes looked at you with concern through his calm expression, but his inside was a complete mess because of the fear of you being in danger.

“Ya tell me.” He said. He looked for something inside your shy eyes as you looked down, watching his red knuckles as you realized what he did. “Come ‘ere, sunshine.”

He pulled you gently to his lap as he put the book aside to have a view of your face. His right hand traveled to the back of your neck, making you hold your breath when he stopped where Spencer touched. But his hand caressed that place, his rough fingers touching you gently.

“He ain’t gonna hurt ya, peach, not while I’m here.”

“But… What about you?”

His expression was calm to give you confidence, and he pulled you towards him as he leaned himself towards you, eager to feel your lips against his. Your hands got tangled in his hair as he pulled you against him.

“Ya like ma hair. Don’t ya?” He said as he lifted your black t-shirt, sliding his hands over your body, pulling you up to kiss your skin. His wet tongue inside your belly button made you moan, the fabric of your jeans doing friction on your sensitive area. “Stand up.”

Your shaking legs held you in front of him as he unbuttoned and unzipped your jeans. Daryl sat on the edge of the sofa, his hands pulling your clothes as his tongue made wonders against you, making you held his hair to steady yourself. Your body shivered when you pushed you against his mouth, growling at the sweet taste as his ears delighted with the sounds you made because of him and just for him. His most possessive side emerged as his own hands pulled his clothes out of his body, his mind clouding with the desire of holding you without anything getting in his way. He pulled you to sit on him, sinking inside you as his hands held you by the hips to take the control of your movements. His swollen member hit the right spots every time he thrust inside of you, making you gasp as he grunted because of the pleasant bliss.

Daryl felt your walls getting tight around him as he saw your breasts moving at your rhythm, his jaw clenched as he tried to hold his own orgasm. The sensation intensified with every second, making me moan louder. To get a better angle, he lifted you up to lay you down on the couch, his toned body pushing hard against you the moment he positioned himself on top on you. His hair tickled your face when he leaned toward you, kissing you hard as your hands clung to his lower back, pushing him as close to you as possible. His lips drowned out your moans when he made you cum, his hips moving against you as he experienced the same satisfying sensation that moved like waves inside both.

Daryl lay down on you fitting his body with yours, his cheek on your chest as he breathed through parted lips. Your hands caressed his hair, and there on your finger, the ring shined on the place where it really belonged.