• Growing up in my house the party line was always “Respect your mother because she gave you life and respect your father because he pays for it”. I’m not saying my upbringing was old school but it was definitely mafia movie worthy. 
  • Having emotional and intellectual depth doesn’t mean always crying and talking. It sometimes just means silently understanding. At least that’s my party line when I forget to speak to anyone for three days.
  • When people say “work smarter not harder” it annoys me. People will always want maximum returns with minimal effort. The thing is, if you work both smarter and harder every aspect of life increases tenfold.

Cliche: Earth Day is Everyday. Truth: Earth Day is Everyday. Remember to Respect Your Mother🌎 Happy Earth Day!!

My mother is a bigot rightwing extremist. Her and my father split up a few years ago and she remarried and lives in Tennessee with some inbred redneck farmer. I don’t speak to her anymore. I don’t speak to my entire racist xenophobic family anymore. I can’t respect them when they have no respect for others who aren’t straight white Christians. So happy mother’s day to those who have wonderful, loving, open-minded mothers. For those who don’t speak to their mothers or lost their mother, I am sorry they’re no longer around or accept you for you who are. For those who still have a mother, and isn’t too horrible of a human being, be grateful.