EXO Reaction: You’re scared of the other members

Request:  Reaction for exo when their gf is afraid of the other members please?(just found yoyr blog, im loving it ^~^)

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I think Xiumin would be respectful, of course his band members could be intimidating at first. He wouldn’t force you to hang out with them or anything or make you feel bad, he’d simply take you out for one on one time where you didn’t have to feel anxious surrounded by the other rambunctious members. 


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As soon as he found out you were scared of the other members, he’d be a little annoyed at them for making you feel that way. Nonetheless he would understand, sometimes making jokes about it to a) make the situation and them seem a little less scary and b) to make you feel better about it and reassure you it was ok.


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Kris would find it adorable that even though he was seen as the ‘cold’ and maybe even scary one, you were afraid of the other members. However, he wouldn’t try and make your fear seem invalid, he would just go with it, finding it funny and cute at the same time.


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Being the leader, Suho would try and resolve your fear as it could become a bit of a problem. He would calmly introduce you to the other members on a one to one basis, starting off with the calmer members such as Lay and then working up to the likes of Kyungsoo and Chen. Every step of the way he would be there, holding your hand and reassuring you it was ok to back out if you felt it was overwhelming.

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I think Lay would take this quite seriously, wanting you to face your fear like Suho so he could be with his members and you without you feeling frightened or uncomfortable. However, he would understand your fear and wouldn’t want you to feel bad so he’d show you videos of the boys being goofballs, having you become familiar with their personalities where you felt comfortable rather than in real life.


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Baekhyun would think you were joking at first, wondering how you could be scared of the likes of Chanyeol and Suho. It wasn’t until he saw how serious you were that he would take you in his arms, stroking your hair and telling you it was ok, you didn’t need to feel bad and that like anything, you would work through this and find a solution together.


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‘Awww my poor little baobei’ he would tease as he squished your cheeks. When he saw you weren’t joking he wouldn’t quite know how to react. He just cuddled you close, reassuring you that they were nothing to be scared of but that if you wanted, they didn’t have to spend as much time with the members.


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‘Me too!’ He’d exclaim. ‘Have you seen Kyungsoo? The dude is scary! But don’t worry Jagi, if him or anyone else comes near you… POW! POW!’ He’d joke, punching the air, making you giggle and immediately lightning the mood as he did so well.


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He’d actually be kind of happy about it, it meant you would want to spend more one on one time with him rather than in a group setting, and besides, he’d find it a little bit adorable. ‘Don’t worry Jagi, they’re not as scary so much as they are annoying but if you just want to spend time with me then that’s good too.’


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To try and help you overcome your fear of spending time with the boys, he’d send you videos while he was away of him and the boys goofing around, being cute and generally sweet so show you that maybe they weren’t as intimidating as you first thought. No matter what, Tao just wanted you to feel at ease.


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‘Oh Y/N what am I going to do with you huh?’ he’d say, wrapping his arms around you strongly as you told him about his fear. Kissing your forehead he’d whisper into your hair ‘well, they’re nothing to be afraid of, they all adore you and so I’m sure if they knew you felt like this they’d try and make you feel right at home.’


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Sehun would be so reassuring. ‘Jagi, it’s our relationship, it doesn’t even need to involve anyone else let alone the other members. If you don’t want to spend time around them yet, or ever, then that’s ok. All that matters is that you’re happy’

oh fall out boy bandom. Let me just say something:
At my boz show, the things shored at Patrick were foul and vulgar. People saying they wanna suck his dick. People saying they wanna chop his dick OFF. When I smiled at him, he smiled back and looked RELIEVED. If at every show people were shouting stuff like that at him, and doing disrespectful shit, then if somebody finally went over the line and actually dumped a damn drink on him, he had every right to be upset. He’s on stage performing for this crowd, this is his career. Would you go into someone’s office and pour a drink on a random guy in a suit? Sounds stupid right? Exactly. Be fucking respectful to bands at concerts and act like you’re not a wild ass animal.

To all of you who think Liam’s adlibs are “annoying” and “extra”:

Have you ever actually listened to him and what he does? About 65% of the singing he does on stage every night is harmonizing. As someone who’s sung alto for more than 10 years I can confirm that’s usually a lot more difficult than singing melody as not only do you need to make your own voice sound as good as possible, you always have to be aware of what other people are doing and blend in with them. Because what you’re doing is just for the benefit of helping someone else you have to do the same thing every time so you don’t mess it up for them. You can’t really have fun with harmony which make them quite boring. His only space to shine is the one he makes for himself.

Then you can add the fact that Liam could be considered the best singer in the band. This is a controversial opinion but objectively he seems to have the most overall musical ability (harmonizing, minimal vocal strain, relaxed larynx, breath control, support, register transitions, improvisation, great use of falsetto, beat boxing, decent dancing). Can any of the other boys do the things he does?

I LOVE Louis with all my heart and he is good at emoting and projecting, but from a technical stand point his voice is quite lacking. Even after five years he STILL has problems staying on pitch. Both Niall and Zayn had that too in the beginning, but it seems mostly fixed now. Niall does his share of harmonizing as well and Zayn has his glorious adlibs but neither of them do both. Harry on the other hand has little pitch problems and does a bit of everything, but I’m seriously worried about his vocal health. He keeps pushing and straining while singing to the point that he might lose his voice when he’s older. I’m not joking.

Liam? Has he ever been notably off-key? Is he ever anything less than good, if not great? The only criticism you can have about his voice is that he rarely sings in his ideal range and sometimes strains. Well, consider the fact that everyone else in the band is a tenor and therefore noticeably have a higher voices than he does (Liam’s a high (lyrical) baritone, Harry’s a low (dramatic) tenor. FIGHT ME). Whenever they all sing together, you can tell that he’s trying very hard to match the sound of the others to the point of not having much of a vocal identity of his own. Remember his X-factor audition? That’s how he should sing, with smooth depth and proper power. Not like this weak pseudo-tenor bull crap he’s got going on. 

TL;DR My point is that Liam is an immensely talented guy who’s taken the short straw in the band musically. To keep evolving vocally, make his parts his own (the ones that belonged to Zayn most of all) and, I guess, not die of boredom doing the same thing every night it seems like he mixes up things once in a while because he can. He’s just having a bit of fun. If you don’t like him and the things he does, sure, but AT LEAST GIVE HIM THE CREDIT HE FUCKING DESERVES.

Louis has put so much effort into making people take this band seriously, taking up the mantle of writing songs for them and making it all mean something

and he’s still bashed by the very people he’s reaching out to, complimenting even,

and he just laughs it off with a hashtag


and i really just respect how he always rises after people shove him down over and over again, never put down for too long, in love enough with the band and maybe himself to keep going

lets clear this up

you wanna listen to old music? do it.
you wanna listen to new music? do it.
you wanna listen to the radio? do it.
you wanna listen to screamo? do it.
you wanna listen to acoustic? do it.
you wanna listen to boybands? do it.
you wanna listen to electronic? do it.
you wanna listen to religious? do it.