Why are people like this? Why do they always have to drag other people down? Wtf? I love J hope with my whole heart.. and love the other members with my whole heart! They’re one band.. you can’t hate one of them.. if you hate one of them you can’t be in the army. Don’t leave anyone of BTS out. We love you Hoseok!❤#welovejhope #wemissjhope # werespectjhope


they believed in their own music before they knew if anyone else did. I have nothing but respect for this band.

EXO Reaction: You’re scared of the other members

Request:  Reaction for exo when their gf is afraid of the other members please?(just found yoyr blog, im loving it ^~^)

A/N: Thank you so much @xxwolfpackxx I hope you enjoy this! xx


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I think Xiumin would be respectful, of course his band members could be intimidating at first. He wouldn’t force you to hang out with them or anything or make you feel bad, he’d simply take you out for one on one time where you didn’t have to feel anxious surrounded by the other rambunctious members. 


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As soon as he found out you were scared of the other members, he’d be a little annoyed at them for making you feel that way. Nonetheless he would understand, sometimes making jokes about it to a) make the situation and them seem a little less scary and b) to make you feel better about it and reassure you it was ok.


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Kris would find it adorable that even though he was seen as the ‘cold’ and maybe even scary one, you were afraid of the other members. However, he wouldn’t try and make your fear seem invalid, he would just go with it, finding it funny and cute at the same time.


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Being the leader, Suho would try and resolve your fear as it could become a bit of a problem. He would calmly introduce you to the other members on a one to one basis, starting off with the calmer members such as Lay and then working up to the likes of Kyungsoo and Chen. Every step of the way he would be there, holding your hand and reassuring you it was ok to back out if you felt it was overwhelming.

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I think Lay would take this quite seriously, wanting you to face your fear like Suho so he could be with his members and you without you feeling frightened or uncomfortable. However, he would understand your fear and wouldn’t want you to feel bad so he’d show you videos of the boys being goofballs, having you become familiar with their personalities where you felt comfortable rather than in real life.


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Baekhyun would think you were joking at first, wondering how you could be scared of the likes of Chanyeol and Suho. It wasn’t until he saw how serious you were that he would take you in his arms, stroking your hair and telling you it was ok, you didn’t need to feel bad and that like anything, you would work through this and find a solution together.


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‘Awww my poor little baobei’ he would tease as he squished your cheeks. When he saw you weren’t joking he wouldn’t quite know how to react. He just cuddled you close, reassuring you that they were nothing to be scared of but that if you wanted, they didn’t have to spend as much time with the members.


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‘Me too!’ He’d exclaim. ‘Have you seen Kyungsoo? The dude is scary! But don’t worry Jagi, if him or anyone else comes near you… POW! POW!’ He’d joke, punching the air, making you giggle and immediately lightning the mood as he did so well.


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He’d actually be kind of happy about it, it meant you would want to spend more one on one time with him rather than in a group setting, and besides, he’d find it a little bit adorable. ‘Don’t worry Jagi, they’re not as scary so much as they are annoying but if you just want to spend time with me then that’s good too.’


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To try and help you overcome your fear of spending time with the boys, he’d send you videos while he was away of him and the boys goofing around, being cute and generally sweet so show you that maybe they weren’t as intimidating as you first thought. No matter what, Tao just wanted you to feel at ease.


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‘Oh Y/N what am I going to do with you huh?’ he’d say, wrapping his arms around you strongly as you told him about his fear. Kissing your forehead he’d whisper into your hair ‘well, they’re nothing to be afraid of, they all adore you and so I’m sure if they knew you felt like this they’d try and make you feel right at home.’


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Sehun would be so reassuring. ‘Jagi, it’s our relationship, it doesn’t even need to involve anyone else let alone the other members. If you don’t want to spend time around them yet, or ever, then that’s ok. All that matters is that you’re happy’

15 really good “male bands” nobody actually listens to + 1 song pt.1

1. 24k - Hey You

2. A.cian - Ouch 

3. AlphaBAT - Tantara 

4. Boys Republic - Video Games 

5. C-Clown - Let’s Love

6. Cross Gene - Billion Dolla

7. HALO - While You’re Sleeping 

8. Legend - I Wanna Know 

9. Lucky J - Can You Hear Me 

10. My Name - Just Tell Me 

11. N.flying - Awesome 

12. Speed - What U 

13. TimeZ - Awaken (Chinese Version)

14. Topp Dogg - Arario

15. UNIQ - Celebrate

tbh I think there are more good bands that need more respect and deserve more love, all of them are really talented that’s why there will be more parts and I know Lucky J is not a male band since there is Jessi too don’t judge they still deserve love

Music AUs To Consider
  • So we’re rivals in the music industry and our jerk producers think we should sing a duet together… great AU
  • I have a crush on this person who sings and plays guitar at this cafe I visit everyday and they spoke to me today AU
  • I’m the nerd at my school by day but a singer at this club by night and my classmate/rival/bully is in love with my nighttime persona AU
  • We used to date but we broke up after you went to a rival band but I still love you AU
  • Every song I sing is about you AU
  • I’m the assistant for this big time singer that millions of fans would kill for… and I fucking hate my job AU
  • Singing karaoke with this attractive stranger at the bar AU
  • Alternatively, we only ever run into each other at Karaoke Bars and I really want to know your name AU
  • This summer I had a fling with the vocal instructor at the hotel I was staying at with my family and it evolved into ____ AU
  • I play the bass and I get no respect in my band AU
  • I watch my spouse sing lullabies to our kids every night in secret AU
  • My ordinary life turned upside down ever since this popular singer/musician kissed me on live TV AU
  • My childhood friend(s) is(are) (a) popular singer(s)/musician(s) and they’re coming back for a visit to our small hometown for the first time in forever AU
  • Before I die I want to hear you sing to me one last time AU
  • We can’t sing at all but we’ve been loudly singing songs from High School Musical for the past hour together AU
  • I actually write the songs for this popular band and I want to leave because I’m tired of being extorted but they don’t want me to AU
  • I want to compose the music for this show my favorite idol will be in but they insulted my songs and after a certain incident we’re stuck in an unwanted partnership AU
  • My bully from school heard me singing but they didn’t get the chance to see my face and their trying to find me without knowing its actually me AU
  • Empire AU

Okay I just want to discuss something real quick. The band in the gif your are looking at right now is called Too Many Zooz, a group that started in the NYC subway system and still plays there sometimes but also plays at other venues now. And their bari sax player is one of the biggest badasses this world has ever seen First, he does some real kick ass dance moves all while playing. Do you realize how heavy that thing is? Bari saxes ain’t light children. Imagine how in shape he must be not only to dance with that but also consistently blow enough air (since they have a lot of tubing they need a lot of air just to get through) Also this whole time he keeps his lips just right. Doing all sorts of hella crazy moves can make keeping your lips on the mouthpiece in the proper way tricky. But no, this guy is flawless. Oh, one more thing. He uses a neck strap instead of a harness. You non sax players may or may not know, but neck straps are normally needed for proper support, but you normally wear a harness if you play bari so the weight goes to your back instead. Not this guy. I play alto, something significantly lighter, and I can still sometimes get neck aches from it. This BAMF doesn’t even flinch Leo P from Too Many Zooz everyone.

is it bad that i really love santa cruz as a band and i think their all great guys and i support them & stuff but i just reallyyy can’t get myself to enjoy their music?

Can we please take some time to really appreciate Twenty One Pilots? Their songs aren’t all about girls, sex, or drugs. Their lyrics have real meanings. Their songs usually mean something special or important to them. That’s something you don’t find in every band.


Yesterday Munky posted a pic of Evis, and some Korn fans have said lots of disrespectful things.

First of all, no one is forcing you to follow him; that’s his instagram, and he can post whatever he wants. So if you think he should stick to guitars and music, you can easily unfollow him; you can still be a fan without following him.

Someone said that that pic is disrespectful, now I really don’t understand how a pic of his wife, where the only thing you can see is her arm, her hip and her thigh, can be disrespectful. The rest of her body is covered by a blanket.

Someone said they should have some privacy and stop posting pics like that one. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s their decision. They are adults and they can share whatever they want on their social media. Again, she’s not even naked so i really don’t see where’s the problem.

But the worst thing of all is that someone said that he’s “whoring” his wife. How. Do. You. Fucking. Dare. That’s really disrespectful towards Evis and women in general. If you think that women who post naked pictures (again, she’s not even naked) are whores, then there’s something wrong with you and i’m really sorry you’re such an ignorant. Why don’t you think before writing such stupid things. Munky loves her a lot, we can all see it, so why shouldn’t he cherish his wife? I can’t believe you can’t see how much he’s in love with her, he’s just showing the world how happy he is with her.

Last thing, someone said that she wouldn’t be with him if it wasn’t for his money. They have been together for more than 10 years and they have two amazing children. They love each other a lot, and even if you think it’s not like that 1) it’s not your place to judge and 2) don’t fuckin write it in one of his post you stupid asshole.

All these people don’t deserve to be called his, or the band, fans.

Never forget that they’re humans too and some things can hurt them. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK AND THINK BEFORE YOU POST SOMETHING.

And this applies not to only Munky, but to all your favorite artists. They have families that support them, and we should be thankful that they’re still touring and making music, because every minute spent on the road is one minute not spent with their loved ones and it’s not easy for them, but they still do it. So show some respect to their families.