Tyler, The Creator and Columbine:

In 2011, Tyler, The Creator dropped his first solo album, Goblin. In Track 2, titled ‘Yonkers’, Tyler raps:

“This the revenge of the dicks; that’s nine cocks that cock 9’s
This ain’t no V. Tech shit or Columbine
But after bowling,”

These bars reference the 9 members of Odd Future about to get their revenge but not on a large scale like V. Tech nor Columbine; “cock 9′s” making reference to cock back 9mm pistols and “but after bowling” was based on the belief Harris and Klebold attended bowling class early that morning. 

Columbine is mentioned once again in Track 3, titled ‘Radicals’. Tyler makes a loose reference regarding Harris and Klebold through the ‘fuck school’ persona evident in the song. He later went on to Tweet about the shooters being ‘radicals’. When asked about the impact ‘Radicals’ could have on young listeners, Tyler stated:

“If Columbine is reenacted or some shit, that’s gonna be on my fucking head. Yeah, it’ll be my fault, just like it was Em’s and Marilyn’s and fucking Slipknot’s and all them motherfuckers”. - Respect magazine

Prior to this, Tyler found himself in ‘hot water’ when people begin calling out this Tweet of his:

Speaking to Q Magazine, Tyler defended his Tweet saying: 

“I got into an argument because I said the Columbine [shooters] were probably really cool people. I was just saying they could have been really nice people, probably could have taken them to a game. I wasn’t saying what they did was right”.

In 2013, Tyler, The Creator dropped his highly anticipated album ‘Wolf’. Tyler made it public that track 12, ‘Pigs’, was about Harris and Klebold tweeting: 

Speaking to NME Magazine, Tyler states that he does not sympathise with the killers and is merely trying to understand their motivations. Going on to say:

"I tried to write a song from their perspective, to try and figure that out. Those kids were nerds, fucking dweebs. I’m intrigued as to how they thought, not what they did. How do regular kids become what they became?”

In saying this Tyler also Tweeted out this to his fans:

The first verse being:

“Geek, fag, stupid loser find a rope to hang // I’m not bipolar, see I’m just known by those couple names // I wanna tell my pops but shit, he’ll probably say the same // Fuck…hated by everyone, that’s the way it seems // I don’t know whats shorter, his damn temper or my self esteem // I sit in my room and I listen to tunes, I’m amused alone // Cause none of the cool kids would let me join a team // Depression’s on the stalk again // My best friend’s an inhaler because it will not let me cough // Whenever I am losing oxygen, bully hand around my neck // Cause he felt disrespected when I decided to talk again // I brought that on myself, see I should know my place // But not at lunchtime, see // I know better then to show my face around them // But the day I do it’ll be everywhere // When I share these feelings finally they gon’ fucking care”

My favourite song is music critics from publications that that traditionally turn their noses up at Taylor and dismiss her as a vapid popstar recognising that she is an all-time great songwriter and has amassed an incredible back catalogue of songs that she has written at a young age. Respect motherfucking craft when you hear it, indeed.

Ivlis: I’m tired of being an edgy and abused bitch, so I’ll do everything to changed that because obviously it’s not good for me
Ivlis: but I must do stuff, like… Keep the people who cares about me and care about them.

Ivlis: [Value myself and think that I’m cool just how I am]
 I’m cool just how I am
Ivlis: [Don’t stick my nose on stuff that doesn’t concern me]
Control yourself, Ivlis. Don’t be gossipy.

Ivlis: [Get over old traumas, life goes on.]
Ivlis: [Demand respect]
Look motherfucker, If you ever touch me buttock without permission
I ‘ L L  R O A S T  Y O U
Satanick: Mmm~ you turn me on when you pretend being dominant ^q^

Ivlis: [Accept my mistakes committed and apologize] 
Sorry, I was an idiot
Kcalb: But Eti!!
Etihw: Chill out

Ivlis: I hope that someday I’ll be happy

10 Reasons Why You Will Call Me Woman OR Why Female Is Some Whack Shit

Female refers to any species coded XX in their chromosomes capable of populating this fine earth.
Newsflash: I am not my womb.
I don’t birth babies to your benefit.
I am more than a pussy, a set of titties, thick thighs and a fat ass.
This body is not for sale and damn sure not for your consumption.

A Female could be a cow.
Or a cat.
Or a fox.
Or a fucking blue whale.
There is a word for humans of the feminine persuasion.
Please tell me why y’all niggas so set against using it?

FEMALE strips me of my humanity.
Reduces me to object fit for your labor.
But not entitled to the same inalienable rights as you
Malcolm did say the most disrespected person in America is the Black woman.
We are now coming to collect back rent from the years of you living on ours.

We don’t ever hear y’all say [insert any race other than Black here] females.
You love your Kylie Jenners, JLo’s and foreign women
But let a Black girl speak up and she too ghetto
She too loud
She too angry
Her skin too dark and hair too nappy
I guess we all mongoloids now

Because y’all never say that shit in a positive light.
I mean NEVER.
If you wanna call me bitch, I’d rather you call me bitch.
Don’t try to be politically correct now nigga!

We don’t call y’all “males”
Grammatically speaking,
That shit sound like an abomination rolling of the tongue
And I promise you I spit nothing but inferno

Female implies sex and gender are the same.
You cannot conflate a social construct to biological basis.
Obey the spectrum and stay in ya lane.

FEMALE is not inclusive to trans, intersex, non-binary or any other identity apart of the aforementioned spectrum.
I keep my cisgender privilege in check.
I suggest you do the same.

I don’t give a fuck how comfortable calling me female makes you feel.
This isn’t about you.
This is about the inherent violence laced in your language.
This is about dog whistle politics.
This is about equity and real life feminism.

Allow me to draw you to the Black Feminist Thesaurus of Where You Had Me Fucked Up
Part of speech: noun
May or may not be female.
Motherfucking Goddess.


Address me the way I demand to be addressed
Or keep your words behind those dusty ass lips, boy.

Breaking... Ch.10

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A/N: So this chapter is mostly just set up so I hope it’s interesting enough to keep you guys intriguied, next chapter is supposed to be a doozy so I decided to give y’all a break… except for you @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit this will not be chill for you!


Warnings: Slightly sexual maybe but not really, cursing, cuteness, sneak

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Breaking Conversation

Cato! As in like Rachel’s Cato? I mean not like hers as in she owns him but like this is the guy she loves! Shit I don’t know how to react! Should I be happy because they’ll be together or should I be concerned like does she know he’s here? Oh God, I have so many questions! Cato looked over at you while you were silently screaming to yourself.

“Hello Miss, forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Cato, it’s a pleasure.” He smiled at you politely. Okay, he seems nice so I don’t have to worry at all there. Well obviously he’s not mean, Rachel wouldn’t like him if he were! Oh fuck, Rachel! She’s still upstairs! She might not know he’s here yet! You rushed over to Mulligan and tried to grab the bags from him.

“Excuse me sir, please allow me to take these to your room!” I have an idea! Mulligan looked at you incredulously.

“It’s alright Miss Y/N, I can take them up myself. Besides what kind of gentleman would I be if I let a beautiful woman such as yourself carry my things?” He joked, you took the bags anyway, rather forcefully as well.

“Oh no sir, it is no trouble at all! In fact, what kind of maid would be if I didn’t perform my duties? A good question to ponder indeed!” Hamilton seemed very confused but he could by your tone and your use of the title ‘sir’ as a sign that they needed to leave.

“Come now Mulligan! We have to discuss and reminisce! Let’s grab a drink in the parlor.” Hamilton patted Hercules on the back, he chuckled in response.

“I will only reminisce if we can discuss Lady Tayah in the process!” Mulligan said with gusto. Who? Alex rubbed his forehead.

“She is a very respectable woman Herc, I still do not understand why you must bother her so much!”

“Because she pulled my heartstrings and she deserves to be remembered as such!” Hamilton sighed with a smile on his face as he grabbed Philip by the arm, all of them disappeared down the hall. You looked over at Cato who seemed very confused.

“What’s goin-“

“Shh! No time for talking! Follow me!” You turned and began to run up the stairs, Cato following behind you reluctantly. Once you got to the top you turned down the guest hall, you saw that the second door was cracked open slightly and hurriedly stood in front of it, waiting for Cato to catch up.

“What are we-“

“Shh!” You interrupted as you hit the door open the rest of the way with your hip. Just as you predicted, Rachel was pulling the sheets up on the bed. Hearing you come in she spoke up as you set the bags on the ground.

“It took you long enough! I’m already done with-“ As soon as Cato heard Rachel’s voice he ran into the room past you, dropping his bag in the process.

“Rachel!” He exclaimed, Rachel lifted her head up and her eyes went wide with shock. Tears started to well up in her eyes but a fantastic smile spread up to her cheeks.

“Cato!” They ran towards each other, their arms wrapped around each other and Cato lifted he off the ground, spinning around slowly. I’ve never seen Rachel so happy that she cried! I’ve never seen Rachel cry at all! They held onto one another like it was the end of the world.

“I’ve missed you so much my love! I hadn’t received a letter from you for some time, I was worried sick!” Cato cried as he set her back down onto the solid floor.

“I’ve missed you more! Is this what you were talking about? The surprise was this? It was rather cruel of you to not tell me; you haven’t even given me a chance to make myself look decent!” Cato shook his head at her criticism.

“Darling, what on Earth are you talking about? You’re even more beautiful than I remember!” That smooth motherfucker! Respect! You cleared your throat.

“I’ll leave you two love birds alone, don’t worry I’ll keep boys busy!” You winked as you turned around and walked out, closing the door behind you. Angie, AJ, Jamie and Johnny were all standing at the top of the stairs, staring at you.

“What’s going on TT?” Angie asked with suspicion. Shit, I don’t think anyone is supposed to know about this! How do you trick an Angelica? You walked up to her and whispered, loud enough for the others to hear though.

“I’ll tell you later… I still have some investigating to do. Once I’ve put all the pieces together I’ll tell you.” Angie looked up at you with stars in her eyes.

“Alright TT! Is there anything I can do to help?” She asked with a mischievous grin.

“Actually yes, there’s something that all of you can do! Go into the garden and look for clues, anything that might seem suspicious. Can you guys do that for me?” They all nodded excitedly, each of them responding with some cliché, reassuring phrases and ran down the stairs, disappearing into the hall leading to the dining room. And that’s how it’s done! You strode confidently down the stairs and went down the hall to the parlor. You heard a conversation happening from beyond the door.

“Speaking of beautiful women; Hamilton how on earth did you get a lady like Y/N to work for you? Rachel is just as confusing but I know at this point you’ll never tell me the truth on that one! But would you at the very least explain Y/N to me?” Hercules asked. So they’re talking about me… Well now I have to know what they say!

“She was in some trouble so we helped her…” Philip trailed off.

“Ah, so you’re willing to tell me what the deal is Philip! Alexander, you could learn a thing or two from your son! I do wonder though how she could get into trouble, although I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Trouble seems to follow the most interesting of people, her beauty alone makes her stand out quite a bit.” You heard two people start coughing. Are they choking or something?! Alex was the first one of two to recover.

“Mulligan, please do not say such things without warning! She is but a child!” Hercules snorted.

“I believe you are too biased to comment on that. She is clearly not a child, she’s an adult, a smart one at that from my knowledge. Hamilton, I read your pamphlet, I am very aware of your opinion of her and your reaction is just. However,” He paused for a moment. “Philip, what are your opinions of Y/N? Is she like a sister to you?” Mulligan asked.

“W-what? Why would you ask such a question?” You could already imagine his speckled cheeks turning a bright pink. His questions were followed by a few teasing ‘oohs’. Oh Lord, Alex is ganging up on him too! For shame Alex, for shame!

“Philip thinks she’s pretty! Philip thinks she’s pretty!” Mulligan chanted. What is this? Middle school?

“It’s not just that! I mean yes, she is very beautiful but… She’s more than that! She’s smart, funny, empowered and different! I’ve never met anyone like her before! She outshines the midnight stars…” Philly… You felt your face get hot and unconsciously covered it with your hands. Why does he have to say stuff like that?!

“She is quite interesting; I cannot say I’ve ever met someone like her before as well. If you thought that Angelica was forward on her opinions than you have no idea what Titania is able to point out. She is very intelligent, more intelligent than a good majority of the cabinet members if I were to be honest. I wonder about her…” Wait… Is Alex suspicious of me?  

“I respect her agency; she can be reserved but she’s not a liar. I trust her…” Philip said softly.

“I trust her as well; I only wish for her to be more trusting of us.” Alex pointed out. They think I don’t trust them?

“Pfft! She seems like a lovely young lady! Lighten up a bit Hamilton! I’m sure Y/N knows what she’s doing.” Mulligan stated. I can’t take this anymore, I need to insert myself into the situation! You took a step back and made sure when you stepped forward they would hear it as you put on your best smile. You opened the door, one hand on your hip.

“And what honor have I been given as to be the only person everyone is talking about in a single room?” Nailed it! Mulligan smiled at you, Philip and Alex both coughed and pretended to not have been talking about you. Like father like son! Mulligan and Alex were both holding drinks in their hands.

“Hello Titania, was there something that you needed?” Alex asked. Okay, time to distract!

“Actually! I came over here to properly talk with Mr. Mulligan. I thought it would be wise to at least get to know the man apparently stealing me away!” You chuckled, for a second you thought that you saw Philip stop breathing. Hercules let out a hearty laugh.

“A good decision indeed! Please join us!” He invited you as you flashed him a winning smile. You stepped further into the room, leaving the door cracked open slightly. Just in case I need to make a quick getaway…

“I didn’t get a chance to make a good impression, please do forgive me for that. Mr. Hamilton has told me much about you.” You stepped closer to him and whispered. “If you know any embarrassing stories about him please do share them with me.”

“Titania, every time you call me Mr. Hamilton it means trouble…” Shit! My façade has been compromised! Quick, aversion, aversion!

“Oh I do apologize; would Lord Alexander be more appropriate?” You said with naiveté. Philip looked at you with slanted eyes, he was very suspicious, Alex even more so.

“You usually call me Alex, now tell me what exactly are you up to?” He crossed his arms. Well look at you, trying to be a dad and shit! You tilted your head to the side, pretending to be confused.

“Whatever are you talking about Lord Alexander? A lady should not call her employer such things, that would be very improper! Isn’t that right Master Philip?” You turned to Philip who look completely lost in what was happening. Hercules interrupted the forced conversation.

“Speaking of which, Y/N, do you own any clothes outside of your uniform?” He asked as he held his chin.

“Hm? Oh, no, I do not. In fact, this was given to me by one of the other staff.” Hercules’s eyes widened and he immediately began to rifle through his pockets. He soon fished out some kind of tape measure. Does he just carry that around with him?

“Would you mind lifting your arms up please?” You furrowed your eyebrows but reluctantly followed his instructions, raising your arms into a T position. He walked around you, moving the tape measure around your waist, your wingspan, your height were all measured. After only a good moment he stopped. “Thank you very much.” I’m very confused… Alex and Philip looked just as perplexed as you. “Ah! Shoot! I forgot my note pad in my bag! I’ll be right back; I have to write down these measurements before I forget!” Mulligan exclaimed. Fuck! Not good! Mission in danger!

“Wait! Mr. Mulligan! I can get it for you!” Oh no that sounded creepy!

“That is quite alright, I can get it myself.” What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!

“Actually! Um, your room is not ready yet! I’ll go tell Cato to bring it down for you!” You quickly ran past him, not even taking the time to make sure they weren’t following you. All I have to do is get to the room first so that nothing looks out of the ordinary! You got into the main room, ran up the steps and down the guest hall. Just as you were about to burst through the door you stopped, something caught your attention.

“I do not know Cato… This all seems very risky.”

“I know it’s sudden and you do not have to decide right now but I know how I feel about you. Please just at least say you’ll consider it!”

“Alright…I’ll consider it…”

“Thank you so much darling! I promise you won’t regret this!” Consider what? What is she so hesitant about? Ugh! Focus Y/N! You’re a woman on a mission of love! You knocked on the door.

“Cato! Mr. Mulligan would like his notebook!” Cato was soon at the door, cracking it open only a small bit, obviously to hide Rachel in case you weren’t alone. Once he realized it was only you he opened the door the rest of the way.

“The one for poems or the one for measurements?” He asked.

“Uh, measurements?” Herc writes poems? Actually that isn’t surprising, never mind. He nodded, opened one of the bags by the door and grabbed a notebook out of it. You stepped to the side and he walked past you and disappeared down the stairs. Rachel was swiftly out of the room and standing in front of you.

“What was that? You already know I heard the tail end of that conversation and if it’s something important I would like to be a good friend and support you!” You explained. Rachel sighed.

“I’ll tell you later, it isn’t safe to talk until they all leave tomorrow.” Why is it so cold in here? Did Rachel open a window or something? You began to shiver, your teeth chattering. “Whoa, Y/N? Are you okay? Are you cold? God, your lips are blue!” You hugged your torso, you were freezing and your vision started to become blurry.

“So…c-cold…” your legs felt numb and gave out from underneath you. You fell to the ground and Rachel was instantly kneeling down next to you.

“Y/N! What’s wrong? Talk to me here!” At this point she looked like a blob of color and nothing else. You tried to speak but your lips wouldn’t even move. “Alexander! Philip! Eliza! Someone help! Please!” Your eyes rolled back into your skull and sights were filled with darkness.

             The light was there, bigger and brighter than ever, you didn’t even register the fact that you were already being eaten by it. The blue turned to white but the color felt like it was moving past you. It was cold, bitterly so, it quickly began to sting your exposed skin. You heard the neigh of a horse and what seemed like a thousand loud footsteps. Your voice stood out to you. “Slow down! St-“ Then your own scream, hitting and echoing throughout the space. You felt the vibrations over your whole body as a sudden shot of pain hit you on the left side of your head. You opened your eyes to see a flurry of brown spots, shifting your gaze you saw a pair of brown eyes staring down at you. There was a hand on your cheek.

“Save your strength, do not try to speak yet! You’re colder than death!” Philip said softly. Why am I on the floor? It took you a moment to notice that a blanket was wrapped around your body and that Philip was rocking you back and forth slowly.

“W-what…” You started but Philip promptly shushed you.

“I am sorry for my closeness; I know this is highly inappropriate but do not fear. Rachel is setting you up a room on this floor.” Why on earth…? Is it because it’s warmer up here? You heard Rachel’s voice coming from somewhere.

“Okay Philip, bring her in quickly!” Philip lifted you up off the ground as he stood up, he was holding you bridal style. You could tell he wanted to move quickly but he was being very careful, holding you close to make sure you wouldn’t fall over. He turned his body sideways as he carried you into a room, one of the guest rooms. He went over to the bed and laid you down on it, Rachel was on the other side, pulling another blanket over your body.

How long have I been shivering for?

Was the last thought you had before you fell back into unconsciousness.

That's More Like It
  • <p> <b>Aragorn:</b> My friends, you bow to no one.<p/><b></b> *Everyone bows to the hobbits*<p/><b>Merry:</b> *Wow this is overwhelming. I don't deserve this*<p/><b>Frodo:</b> *I tried to keep the ring. I don't deserve this*<p/><b>Sam:</b> *Mr Frodo almost died. I don't deserve this*<p/><b>Pippin:</b> *About time you all learned some motherfucking respect*<p/></p>
Dating The Power Rangers Cast

Ludi Lin: It would be epic. It would be the most fun you would ever have and be romantic as fuck but it would never work. His is mature, prolly suave, and busy and has a flight to catch and yo ass have hardly been out the country. He’ll take you to paris, wine and dine you, rock your world, then probably leave in the morning with a good excuse. He’s all cultured and philosophical and you can’t talk about anything but Tv shows he never took time out to watch cuz he’s living his life probably doubling as an international spy. You literally can’t relate to his extravagant ass. You will also never be good enough for his mom, she will treat you nice but hate your ass behind yo back cuz you not worthy and she knows.He eats the healthiest food and works out 24/7 and your snorlax ass aint gonna cut it. him: Come jog with me babe? You: Its 6:00 in the damn morning Ludi! He got big goals and aspirations so if you still licking dorito crumbs off your laptop, stay in your lane. The name is  Lin, Ludi ..Lin

RJ: Also the most fun you will have, within the country that is. He’s a simple guy though, I doubt you’ll get jet setting or rock climbing. He probably take you to a movie, a nice place to eat and maybe some laser tag. He watches all the shows you watched and can talk to you for hours about it. He is funny and the laughs will never stop unless you’re sensitive cause I can see him accidently hurting your feelings for a laugh and not getting why you’re mad. He introduces you to his whole family really early on and always taking selfies with you to post on his social media.The sex is good and he’s always eager to learn more. Big flaw is, he looks like he’s goofy and hates romantic committment, will date your ass for like five-seven years and never do anything else. He good at wasting your time, like years. You waiting for marriage, then you gonna die waiting! You: what you are we? RJ: We are farmers, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum

Dacre: LOL.LOL.LOL. Dating him will be a learning experience.I see him ruining your fucking life. I see him getting lots of texts from people tryna fuck and then him playing if off like it aint mean what you know it fucking means. “we’re just talking, chill.” is his catchphrase. I see him fucking the life outta you but having you stressed every single second of the day; wondering is he really cares for you. Beyonce’s Lemonade is your most played album. He probably flirts with everyone without noticing. He probably dont text back for days. You wanna confront him about it but that accent got you bugging. He talks to you in the most respectful, caring way, smooth motherfucker. When you go on  dates yall probably dont do nothing but eat at his place, watch netflix and fuck. He aint gonna never claim you. You lucky if you make it into an instagram photo, he always on instagram cuz he a insta-hoe. What I am saying is he’s a thot/fuckboy fusion and you aint ready for that.

Anyways…if you have a pastel-themed blog with a title filled with happy words and you advocate for purity and social justice in a way that makes your words sound as sweet as honey, like it’s just plain fucking logic and everyone else is deranged and delusional because what they’re advocating for is ‘problematic’ or apologizing some action or whatever, I’m not gonna trust you. It doesn’t matter if I agree with your statements or you as a person isn’t actually all that bad, or if your intentions are good or whatever. I’m going to look at you and feel fear, and disgust, and anger, and helplessness. I’m either gonna crawl around on my belly in the perfect act of submission and beg for your affection and wellbeing or I’m gonna lash out at you until you prove to me you are not a threat. It doesn’t matter that you chose the most harmless colours on the rainbow, it doesn’t matter if you’re trying as hard as you can not to trigger people or sound nonconfrontational, you’re still going to trip that danger, danger, fight it, run away reflex in me because according to my past experiences, you are a fucking threat.

Like, sure, maybe you’re doing it because to you, it’s safe, or pretty, or whatever. Cool. I don’t give a fuck. Maybe you seek soft things because you were abused by someone who used what I take comfort in as a weapon. But the point is- our traumas are different. Our triggers are different. I grew up listening to lectures about how we were not supposed to hate people, because hatred was bad and wrong, and we are a family, we have to love each other, directly after events where I was shaken and screamed at for being dsfunctional for surprise flinching at being touched. I grew up being encouraged to talk by people with sweet honeyed tones and then promplty ignored, or interrupted, or belittled when I tried. I grew up listening to my mother sobbing about how she wished she was never born and never married and never had kids directly after my father told her she was selfish for wanting clothes without holes in it while us kids were still saving for collage, after my father took away her keys and cur off her friendships for 'her greater good’. I’ve had people tell me to tell them that I love them while choking me. I’ve had people kindly tell me that they would help me with anything and then proceed to slam my head against the wall for doing things as minor as not writing things the way they liked them. I’ve had people who told me they loved me and never raised a hand to me, people who held me sweetly and showered me in gifts and affection, who treated me like an angel, hurt my friends and drive everyone away without telling me because 'it was for my own benefit’ and 'they didn’t deserve me, anyways.’ I’ve had people who came to me crying about abuse over something I considered a rare blessing and told me I was wonderful and kind, and in the same conversation ignore everything I say because 'I know what’s best for you, sweet thing.’

I bolt at the sound of garage doors opening. I flinch hard enough to throw things when doors open suddenly, or when they’re slammed open. I feel fear and disgust when people ask me if I love them. I cry when I need help because I don’t want to be baby talked about how insufficient, how horrible, how messy and bad my handwriting is, and how I would be just perfect if I just gave in and did it their way, the right way, the proper way. I don’t want to deal with them getting angry at me the split second I hesitate and hit me and call me a rude, disrespectful, cold bitch for not obeying. I don’t want people to tell me in soft, stern tones that it is wrong for me to be angry when I am hurt and upset. I don’t want people to threaten to destroy everything I love if I don’t like something they want or enjoy. I don’t want to be soft, I don’t want to be sweet and gentle and kind. I want to be cutting, and cold, and rude. I want to be an angry piece of shit with a chip on his shoulder and blood on his knuckles. I want to fight, and I want to hurt people, I want to hate them so deeply my teeth hurt and rage and make them bleed, because that’s what I was never allowed to have. I was never allowed to feel wronged or hurt or hateful, because it’s bad, and we’re supposed to be kind and loveable, and if you aren’t you’re a monster and you need to be put down, because you are asking for it, you deserve it. Harsh words and profanity and dark things with angry hateful lettering, to me, is safe, because at least they aren’t lies, at least I know what I’m going to get if I interact with them.

Trauma moulds people differently. You can’t preach purity politics and act like you’re the victim and nothing other than what you say is true, because it isn’t. To you, maybe, it is, but to someone like me? You’re the fucking devil. You’re the abuser. Our traumas are different. And it is deeply fucking wrong for you to pretend like it isn’t, that you are right and everything has to be pure and sweet and unproblematic and perfect all the time, because to me? That’s my cage. That’s my poison. And sure, the dark shit that I crave may be a reflection of your trauma or whatever, but that doesn’t give you the right to take it from me. That doesn’t give you the right to call me a sick, nasty, vile person for wanting that, because you are a sick, nasty, vile person to me for all that sweetness and pretty pink pastels and perfect purity, and yet I would never take that from you. Because our traumas are different, and even though I’ll hate and fear you with every primal instinct left in me, I at least have the same basic fucking courtesy to understand that simple motherfucking concept.

You respect my boundries, and I’ll respect yours. Capishe? Capishe.

The maid :Part One

Summary : in the ZA ,Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : romance / slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife













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Lucy sat in the passengers seat of a big truck that belongs to The Saviors, while she was too busy eating biscuits like a pig.

“Woah! Girl! That’s the second biscuit bag you ate, in like what , five minutes!!”
Simon chuckled behind the wheel as he darted his eyes between you and the road ahead.

Lucy felt embarrassed, she flicked the crumbs of biscuit off her dirty bloody shirt.
“I’m sorry sir! I haven’t eaten in three days , sir!” she shyly muttered.

“Oh come on , don’t sir me! It’s Simon , the name is Simon! And don’t apologize girl, we have a plenty from where it came from!”
Simon chuckled again.

Lucy shifted in her seat and leaned to the window, Simon has been driving for what it seemed like two hours. She was grateful she stumbled across him in the woods.
The saviors were taking a rest ,when she appeared in front of them. At first they thought she was a walker, but they knew she was human when she fell into her knees, asking in a raspy voice for water.
Lucy was a lone survivor, she’s been out there on her own for months , she lost her family members one by one ,till she got none of them by her side.
She thought about running a blade into her heart or wrist but she couldn’t do it.
All that mattered to her, was to live! At any cost!
She ,miraculously , managed to avoid murderers , rapists and cannibals. Even though, she almost got killed a couple of times by crazies or lifeless walkers.

“Here we are! ” Simon ’ s voice woke her up, she was already asleep, it was the most decent and comfortable long sleep she had in months.
Lucy rubbed her eyes and turned her head to Simon who already stepped out of the truck, she lifted her eyes to the huge well fortified building in front of her.
Her jaws dropped when she saw the the dead attached to the fence.
The size of the building and the growling chained walkers made chills run through her spine. It’s definitely not something one sees everyday.
Lucy hopped off the truck, still scanning the whole place , she followed Simon in hasty steps, he was already getting far .
“This… is the Sanctuary? ” She stuttered.
“Yeah!!! Wait to see it from the inside, unfortunately I got few things to do now but Laura will explain how things work in here!
Hey.. Laura! Get your ass over here!” Simon called for a dirty blond girl, she looked small but she seemed tough and badass. Once she got closer, Lucy noticed that her neck was tattoed and her nose was pierced .

Laura eyed Lucy up and down, while Simon went into an unknown destination.
“Hi there fresh meat! What’s your name?”
“Lucy ” She mumbled.
“Lucy! Hmm nice name! Follow me!”
She turned her back to Lucy and started walking towards one of the Sanctuary many doors, Lucy followed her .
Laura stepped inside a huge room with shelves in it.
“This is the commissary! This is where you get your things from by spending your points! ”
“Points?” Lucy looked at Laura in confusion.
“Yeah , points! It’s a system we use here , it’s like money in the old days, you work you earn money and with money you get clothes food whatever, same thing for points, get it?” Laura explained dryly as if she’s done this her whole life.
Lucy hummed and nodded .
“Ok! Since you’re new, you’ll get your first meal and clothes for free. Maria! Give me the new female comers box! Uh she’s thin as you can see!!” Laura ordered the older woman who seemed the one in charge of the commissary . Maria did as told and went back with what Laura asked for, there seemed clothes and canned food among other stuff inside the box.
Laura shoved it into your chest and blurted.
“Ok follow me!”

Lucy held the box close to her, pacing behind Laura like a lost puppy until she stopped in front of a big door.
“These are the showers, they’re only open in the mornings from 8:00 to 10:00 am! And by open I mean hot waters! ” Laura turned to Lucy and added “yeah we have hot water! And since it’s uh…” she checked her watch “4:45 pm, you’re gonna have to use cold water, lucky for you it’s summer, plus you really need to shower, you’re stinky as ass! ”

Lucy blushed at the blunt comment that Laura made, but she couldn’t complain, a day ago she thought she was gonna starve to death and today she’s in a Sanctuary with running water in it, that’s something she never thought it’d happen.
Laura continued giving Lucy a tour , in the process she showed her the cafeteria and told her that in the Sanctuary, they have one meal , in 4:00 pm. And since she was late, she told her about the food cans in the box .
Last stop was where Lucy would stay, it was a room with three beds in it , it seemed like Lucy was going to share her new room with two girls she hasn’t met yet.
“Alright, now you know where the commissary is, the showers and the cafeteria , of course your room too. Get a shower! Then get some sleep, and tomorrow we’ll talk about the rules and I’ll try to find you a job , I’ll meet you here at 8:30 am ok? Every room has a clock!“
Lucy nodded as she kept her eyes to the ground.

After having a shower and putting on her new outfit, that consisted of a shirt and Jean pants along with black and white sneakers, Lucy headed back to her room. Shower had a good impact on her, even though the water was really cold, but Lucy never had a problem with the cold, she had worse days and worse conditions. She used to wash her body in a hurry in the rivers and the lakes if she run across one, but being I’m an actual shower using an actual shampoo was a luxury she missed in those tough days.
Lucy opened the door to her mutual room where she found her two roommates.
The two girls quit talking to each other, their heads snapped in her way, glaring at her from head to toe.
Lucy felt insecure all of the sudden, she wasn’t used to strangers, not when the world was normal, and definitely not when the shit hit the fan.
“Uh hi! I’m Lucy! ” she muttered.
The two girls ignored her like she suddenly became invisible, and carried on with their chitchat.
Lucy raised her eyebrows , she figured things could get tough and ugly if she provoked these two rude ones, so she just walked towards the empty bed and sat there combing her wet dark hair with her fingers and kept her mouth shut for the rest of the evening .
She wasn’t so shocked about how people became worse than the dead ones and she always feared the living more than the dead.
Even before all this started, people were always rude and merciless. Lucy was never a people person, she was just surprised that people chose to create a community and contribute to it.

Lucy couldn’t sleep well that night, wether because of the nightmares or because she wasn’t used to sleep on a bed in a long time. But in general, she had sleeping troubles.
She sat straight on the bed, while the other two already left the room without bothering themselves to say good morning to her. Lucy waited for Laura till she heard knocking on the door.
Lucy got off the bed and opened the door , Laura threw a granola bar to her and motioned her head to follow her which she did.
“ I found you a slot in the cleaning team, you’ll clean in the infirmary, your shift starts from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, you’ll clean and mop, change the sheets and help the doctor sterilize his equipments too, the guy who used to work there is remoted to a savior!”

“Savior?! I heard Mr Umm Simon said something about the saviors but I wasn’t completely following! ” Lucy uttered as she took a mouthful of the granola bar.

Laura turned to her and giggled.
“Yeah , I’m a savior by the way, our job is to bring the civilization back to earth and save the weak! Like yourself! ”
Laura paced across a corridor where her bootsteps loudly echoed , till she arrived to a white door, she pushed it open and called.
“Doc! Doctor Carson! ”
A white tall man came out of another room , firm look on his face.
“Hi Laura how can I help you?” He dryly asked.
“This is Lucy, she’s replacing John !”
“Oh I thought you’re hiring Melissa!” He exclaimed.
“No she’s helping in the kitchen! ”
Laura then placed a hand on Lucy ’ s shoulder and said.
“Like I said you’ll start at 9 and finish up at 3 pm, me or any other savior will check on you, and once you get your job done well give you 30 points everyday. Save 10 for your meal, do whatever you want with the rest, ok now get to work!”
Laura took few steps forward then she stopped.
“Shit I almost forgot!!! This place has a leader, Negan! He’s your leader now!“

Lucy placed her palm on her mouth and giggled.
“Negan??? What an odd funny name!!”
“Don’t let him catch you mocking his name little girl!” Laura hissed in warning

And don’t forget to kneel when you see him!”
Lucy ’ s eyes widened, she saw and heard a lot of shit but this definitely was the strange shit she had ever heard!
“Uh.. what?”
“You heard me!!! Just kneel, don’t ask questions, I’m not the one who makes the rules! Just be respectful! He’s one tough motherfucker! He won’t hesitate to kill you if you looked at him the wrong way!!!” Laura hissed, while Lucy felt her chest clenching at the thought that she’s now under the mercy of a crazed leader.
“Um , how do I know him!”
“Oh ,believe me you’ll know when you see him!” Laura threw her head back laughing when she noticed how nervous Lucy became then she left.
Lucy turned to Dr Carson and gave him a faint smile which he ignored and went back to wherever he came from.
“What a welcoming jolly guy!” She said under her breath as she started looking for the closet where her cleaning tools were waiting, she wasn’t so thrilled to clean but she wasn’t the kind of people who eat and sit without doing anything or contributing plus it wasn’t like she had much of a choice.
Lucy finally managed to find the closet , she found a bucket, broom , dustpan, mop , cleaning cloth and a pair of reusable gloves inside. She took them all out and got to work, she always hated cleaning her own house but it wasn’t rocket science, and she needed the job to earn points.
Lucy spent the whole time mopping and cleaning, the guy who was working before her wasn’t doing a good job, so she made sure to do hers perfectly so she can impress Laura.
She placed all the tools back to the closet when it was almost 3 pm, she wiped the beads of sweat that formed on her forehead and headed to the bathroom to wash her hands and face.
She heard male voices coming from the other room, what they were saying wasn’t so clear, but she didn’t care. She only gasped when she saw muddy boot prints on the floor. Lucy got mad, after all the effort she made to make the floor crystal clean, some asshole ruined her good work.
Lucy knew that it wasn’t Dr Carson who did this, he walked past her while she was cleaning and he hadn’t mud on his shoes.

“Hey who’s the prick who walked in with mud in his shoes??!” Lucy yelled as she entered the examination room, where a tall guy clad in leather jacket and gray pants with slick hair and bearded charming face was sitting on the exam table, and Dr Carson was kneeling in front of him checking on his leg.
Lucy noticed his muddy boots.
“Aha! That was you!” She pointed at the tall guy before adding “you walked in with your dirty boots, guess what happened, you ruined the floor, I spent a half day mopping it!”
“Hey listen..” Dr Carson interfered to prevent Lucy from saying things she would regret.
But the tall guy gestured to him to stop talking.
“Oh, I’m sorry doll, but I was in fucking pain, and last thing I noticed was your well mopped floor!” He said in a husky smug voice with a large grin tugged on his lips.
“You should apologize asshole!” Lucy hated how he was so calm while she was boiling from the inside.
“ oh ma bad!!! I apologize, doll!” He was getting more amused as he knew that she completely ignored who he is.
“Apology accepted!!”
Lucy turned to leave and clean the floor again, but his raspy voice stopped her.
“The name is Negan by the way not asshole! ” Negan licked his lips and smirked.
Lucy froze for a while in her action of pacing, then she slowly turned back to Negan, her eyes widened and she bit hard on her lip.
Dr Carson rolled his eyes and shook his head at the realization that she knew who she was talking to.
“I… I’m …uh…so- sorry sir! I .. was.. didn’t mean to..!” She stuttered as she swallowed hard.
Negan chuckled and waved his hand.
“It’s ok ! No fucking harm done!!! You seem new in here!”
She nodded playing with her hands.

“Aren’t ya forgetting something doll?? I’m sure they taught you the rules by now!”
Lucy lifted her blue beautiful eyes to meet his trying to understand what he meant, then it just hit her like a lightning, she remembered the kneeling part, and she immediately fell on one knee.
Negan chuckled again at this sight, she definitely made his day while he had a pain in his leg.

“What’s your name doll?”
“Um.. Lucille but everyone called me Lucy!”
Negan’s smirk faded a little, his eyes twinkled and his lip twitched a bit as her name rolled off his tongue.
“Lucy! Lucy! That’s one interesting beautiful fucking name!!!”

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Now that craig is around again can we ask him questions too

CLYDE: Hey, Craig!

CLYDE: People still wanna ask you stuff isn’t that cool?

CRAIG: You’re still doing that thing?

CRAIG: I thought you stopped after we left or something.

CLYDE: I’m a very committed man, Craig.

CLYDE: No amount of being grounded– and wrongfully accused, for that matter– will ever stop me from my dreams.

CRAIG: And your dream is… to run a shitty ask blog?


CLYDE: Craig.

CRAIG: What.

CLYDE: Don’t. Be. A. Dick.

CLYDE: My blog is like my wife, and the asks are my children, you fuck.

CRAIG: Uh huh.

CLYDE: Now treat my children with some god damned respect, motherfucker.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard review

It has been good to be an action movie fan in recent years. Between the improving quality of superhero movies and films like John Wick, we’re being spoiled to a degree not seen since the late 80s and early 90s. And in the middle of all this is where this movie comes in, a buddy film about Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson playing humorous caricatures of their typical character archetypes (deadpan, snarky action hero and hardcore badass who constantly says “Motherfucker,” respectively). And let me tell you: I am so glad I procrastinated on this review, because this movie has gone from being a sad tale of a great movie released at the wrong time flopping to a sleeper hit that has made back double its budget and is doing well internationally. Goddamn I am so happy about that, because this is one of the best action-comedies released in recent years (well, non-superhero ones anyway). It’s nice to see a good action film like this again after the massive glut of superhero movies that dominate the genre as of late… and it’s even funnier because most of the major actors in the film are veterans of superhero works. But enough of that, let’s get into the actual review to see what exactly makes this so great.

Here’s the story: Michael Bryce is a disgraced bodyguard who fucked up protecting one of his clients, costing him his job and leading him to believe his girlfriend sold out his client so she could climb the Interpol ladder, which lead to him driving her away. Two years after his life went to shit, she calls him up with a task: protect Darius Kincaid, a world-renowned hitman who is set to testify against the psychotic dictator Dukhovich. Of course, you can’t just testify against a dictator in front of international court and expect it to be easy, and Dukhovich has sent plenty of his goons out to make sure Kincaid doesn’t get to say anything. Can Bryce get him safely to the International Court of Justice so he can put an end to the oppression of Dukhovich’s people? More importantly, c an he get his dignity back after two years of pissing in bottles in his car?

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whenever someone makes flippant comments about how Thomas is an ass and how they hope he dies off the show, I want to grab them by their shirt and press my forehead against theirs and whisper in the most menacing voice I can muster:
“Thomas Barrow is a survivor in a world that wants to persecute him for being who he is and he uses any means necessary to advance himself even if it means hurting people who he owes absolutely nothing to and who are complicit in a social system that wants to keep him from ever pursuing happiness. So you are going to shut the hell up and respect him, you motherfucker." 


Peter stood in front of his open closet doors, staring down at a nondescript, white cardboard box shoved into a back corner on the floor. He’d seen it a million times before. It was tied up with twine, scribbled on with red crayon. Peter had seen Wade toss it in nonchalantly when he’d moved in. He had hung up his suit with care next to Peter’s, had gently placed his trunk of weapons next to Peter’s dresser, had nurturingly positioned a headless teddy bear on their bedside table.

But not this box. This box he’d thrown into the closet without a second glance, and that, that was how Peter knew it was important.

But it had been weeks. Weeks, and weeks since Wade had made Peter’s home his own, and he had never once mentioned or touched the box. And Peter was curious. Of course he was. Peter was one curious motherfucker.

He respected Wade’s privacy. And he respected Wade’s things. But. He. Was. Curious.

With nimble fingers Peter dragged the box across the floor, out of the closet and into the middle of the room. He took a deep breath. He really, really shouldn’t look through Wade’s things. Really. But honestly, what could be worse than the mercenary thing? And Wade had stopped that, so it was probably fine.

Before his rational mind could stay his hand, Peter pulled the twine from the box and ripped off the lid. He heard, distantly, the lid hit the wall, but his eye was inexorably drawn to the contents of the box. Peter could only see one thing, and it was impossibly smooth, golden silk.

“What the–?” Peter started as he pulled at the cloth. His fingers were gentle as he drew the delicate fabric up and up until the form unrolled and Peter saw that what he was holding so softly in his hands was a gorgeous dress. The shoulder straps were incredibly thin, and the golden silk draped across the bodice and down into the body of the dress with a jeweled broach at the hip that created a waterfall effect down the left side. Attached to the shoulder straps was a cape made of tulle with sequins dotting the fabric that glittered in the dim light of Peter’s bedroom.

“Baby boy!” Wade screeched from the front doorway, and Peter heard him slam the doors closed and stomp across the apartment. “You will not be-lieve the fucking thing Weasel said to me today. Listen to this, Petey-Pie, he called me up—” Wade’s voice cut off as he stepped through the bedroom doorway and saw Peter there, holding up his dress. He opened his mouth, croaked, cleared his throat, and tried again. “Babe, I can explain. I promise, it's—” he gulped, “It’s nothing, just ignore—”

“Wade,” Peter said slowly, cutting his boyfriend off. “You never told me you had such a beautiful gown hidden away.” Peter ran a reverential hand down the bodice. “Will you dress up for me?”

There was a clatter as Wade dropped all his weapons and advanced on Peter with a single-mindedness that made Peter’s mouth go dry. He whipped off his mask and placed a tender kiss on the corner of Peter’s mouth.

“Oh baby, if you want me to play dress-up for you, all you’ve got to do is ask.”

For the @deadpoolweekly prompt: Dress-Up. I–I want this dress