its weird like, part of patriarchy is that women are held to much higher standards than men (ie controlling our anger/emotions, doing more housework, being respectful in class, emotional labor etc etc) so like, i honestly think some of that makes women generally better members of society like the real problem is that men arent really held accountable to the same standards/not taught to think of other people above themselves


Ive had these characters for a while but have yet to post them. Their designs arnt final.

The top one’s name is unpronounceable to human (or other species’) speach, tho they are often called Trogon in common tongue. The owner of a rubber goods manufacturing company, Trogon has little respect for Banxers beyond labor and as an “evolutionary oddity”. Their gaudy clothing is rather…provocative by Daw standards. They find Banxer’s inability to see most colors “fascinating” and try to incorporate “invisible hues” as much as possible into their attire.

Little one is “Prawn”, a younger Daw and recently employed Human Banxer resources representative at Trogon’s most productive factory. Prawn tries to be sympathetic and understanding to the Banxer workers, but at heart just really doesnt want conflict and seems a little too eager to appease Trogon’s apathy when things get difficult.

The notion of citation is so fucking weird anyways, we take it for granted too often and when we do discuss it, it’s always in terms of this deference to “respecting the intellectual labor” of our sources. Fuck that anyways. The academy is a fetish. The communards reinforced their barricades with art expropriated from the galleries; I hope that when we’re at the barricades we just toss the Critique of Pure Reason at the cops or set up blockades with copies of What is Philosophy? we steal from the presses.

Forsaking the Stars ch. 9

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

Mabel ended up sleeping through most of the plane ride, and dreamed of a huge glowing moon, the same image she’d seen that same morning that had inspired her to paint. Odd, she rarely had repeat dreams, even something as simple as reoccurring imagery. 

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Jeanmarco Cowboy AU~ Jean, a talented teenager with an attitude problem, has annoyed his parents for the last time. They send him away from the city to the farm they own where he is to learn respect by doing manual labor for the summer. There he meets the stableboy, Marco, who loves all sorts of horses and is really good with them. They become friends… and at some point Jean finds out Marco also does work at a local rodeo show to earn extra money to buy back his family horse from the Kirschteins. 

things that are important

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a good bong

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What to Expect and How to make Labor easier: A stage-by-stage guidetr
Prelabor You may experience a few, many, or some of the following:
  • Braxton Hicks “false” contractions: These feel like the real things, but don’t last long. It’s your body getting ready, like a pre-workout stretch.
  • Nesting urges
  • irritability
  • sense of focus
  • feelings of “this is the day”… sometimes several days in a row
  • lightening of body and spirit
  • shedding of fear
  • cramp like sensations

Ways to get labor started

  • walking
  • nipple stimulation; you can use a breast pump or hands to roll, pinch, pull, both nipples at the same time possibly for an hour or more continuously
  • acuppressure (youtube: ancientcurrent and other doula channels) 
  • herbs (youtube: how to use blue and black cohosh to induce labor by Elizabeth Bachner)
  • Spicy food
First Stage Early Labor
  • mild menstrual cramps
  • pain low in the abdomen
  • low back pain
  • rush of fear or excitement
  • restlessness
  • It’s best to just ignore early labor, pretend you’re not in labor and go about your day (but do let people know you’re in labor). You can make a list of 20 things to do in early labor for both day and night time labor.

0-3 cm

  • pain more in abdomen, less in back, more in lower pubic region
  • you’re still able to walk and think rationally
  • remember to stay in the moment
  • concentrate on something else
General Advice
  • Stay home as long as possible, where you are most comfortable
  • Remember the purpose of contractions, your cervix is beginning to open up. Focus on that knowledge that your body is getting ready. Relax with each wave.
  • Eat a good meal early in labor; fruits, whole wheat products, soups, yogurt etc.
  • Avoid foods high in fat or sugar
  • drink lots of water and juices. As soon as you start to feel contractions, drink a full glass of water. Eat Popsicles. You can also drink noncaffeinated soft drinks, especially if nauseous.  
  • If you haven’t broken your water yet take a warm bath. (you can put pillows in a garbage bag and cover it in a towel for ultimate comfort). Keep a comfortably hot wet towel over your belly and groin during contractions. Stay hydrated with cool water, and use a cool rag on your head.
  • If you have had your water break, take a shower. You can put a chair in the shower if there is enough room.
  • If you don’t want bathing, keep a warm wet towel over your belly and groin
  • Walk. Walking helps a LOT. Hold on to someone if you need to.
  • You should change position at least every 30-60 minutes. you can sit, lie on your side, get on your hands and knees. Use pillows to prop yourself up. Do not lay flat on your back. Before labor think of at least 5 positions you can try. Practice them before labor and make sure you have the things you need (birthing ball, pillows, chair) when at the hospital.
  • urinate every hour. If you’re having trouble urinating, make sure you’re drinking enough water, listen to running water, run poor warm water over your genitals while on the toilet, put your hands in warm water while on the toilet.
  • it’s good to massage hands, feet, shoulders, and lower back during this stage and the next.

Contractions will be between 3-10 minutes apart and are regularly spaced or getting closer together for 2 hours. Pain usually lets up completely between contractions. Once you can no longer talk well in between contractions it’s time for:

Late First Stage

3-5 cm (Active Labor)

  • more intense cramps (it’s time to use back and hip pressure, and massage)
  • It’s more difficult to make choices, it’s best to have a support team ready to answer questions for you. Make sure they know all your information as well as if you’re allergic to any medications, if you’ve had high blood pressure and if so what medications you have taken and what you’re on now as well as the last time you had a dose. Make sure your support person knows about any questions you may have about complications or health conditions that affect birth. Maybe make them a cheat sheet with all your answers and questions.
  • relax into the contractions, don’t tense up
  • your breathing will naturally get deeper
  • you may make repetitive sounds, try to come up with some positive affirmations beforehand

General Advice

  • If you want to go to the hospital or birthing center now is the time.
  • Continue with previous comfort measures and add cold compresses, pressure on the back, pelvic rocking, a birth ball, a bean bag, or lean up against someone. Try many different comfort measures different times throughout labor, as what helps may change.
  • If you’re having a lot of back pain try pelvic rocks; go onto your hands and knees, about hip width apart. Tilt your buttocks up towards the sky without arching your back, let your buttocks relax downward so your back is straight and level. Repeat
  • Communication during this stage is super important. Let the people around you know what feels good and what doesn’t.
  • You need to stay upright and walking as much as possible. alternate rest and activity as much as needed.
  • Remember you can do this. Stay in the present. Focus on each contraction as it comes. Don’t think about how long you’ve been there or how long you’ll be doing this.
Knowing when to go to Hospital or a Birth Center
  • Keep in consideration traffic, how far away the hospital/center is, weather, how settled you want to be before baby is born, and how many babies you’ve had (the first is always the longest). If you live pretty far, consider getting a hotel near the hospital or staying with a friend/relative who livesnear there.
  • Your face and possibly chest becomes a deep red
  • an increase of bloody, mucousy show. (not heavy bleeding, if this happens contact a doctor immediately)
  • Long, strong contractions with little rest in between, combined with shaking legs or arms, nausea or vomiting, or hiccups.
  • After all three of these things happen you may have a lull in labor with contractions slowing down and easing. This is the best time to go.
  • You may feel the urge to push with contractions, or pressure on your bowels during or between contractions. It’s time to go
  • Other things to take into consideration are how long you’ve been feeling contractions, how far apart and how long they were when they began, and how fast the contractions increased in intensity or regularity. If your labor seems to be going pretty fast, it may be a good idea to leave sooner rather than later.
  • Some say if you can get from your house to the car in less than 10 minutes, you are going to the hospital too early
  • Any time you feel most comfortable going. You know your needs best!
Second Stage 5-7 cm 
  • may or may not be more intense and longer contractions
  • find a flow, go inward between contractions to rest
  • anything besides breathing seems like a huge event
  • things going on around you don’t register

8-10 cm (transition)

  • may or may not be more intense and longer contractions, however it usually is more intense.
  • There will be no thinking rationally, some experience out-of-body
  • your eyes will be closed, if you’ve found a comfortable position you may doze between contractions
  • oblivious to the outside world
  • you may make dramatic statements in surrender to labor
  • remember, this part of labor is short, keep this in mind.
  • have your support team with you, and doctors/nurses ready

What to do if you plateau

  • If you’re “stuck” at a certain stage, don’t worry. Your body is just trying to adjust and catch up.
  • Eat something, drink some water, and urinate. This will help.
  • Focus on the now, not later. Usually after a plateau things will go by faster, this won’t be the rest of your labor.
  • the hospital staff may want to do frequent vaginal exams to see progress, but this is unnecessary and can up anxiety. A watched pregnant person never dilates. They may also suggest pitocin, again you can ask them to wait.
  • You can try pretty much anything already suggested; bathing or showering, relaxation, massage, visualizations, change positions, get upright, walk, cry, scream, laugh, get positive feedback, ask the staff for privacy, talk through fears or insecurities, hold your partner or be held, breath, make noises, rotate your hips, talk to baby
  • Remember everyone is different, you may feel the urge to push before 10 centimeters, you may feel it way after you’ve reached 10 centimeters.
  • If you don’t feel the urge to push yet, get upright. This way gravity is doing some of the work for you. Waling, squatting, or sitting on the toilet can help. Be patient, relax, and wait for a pushing urge.
  • Urinate before pushing
  • Again, don’t lie flat. You can lie against someone, put pillows behind you, or raise the hospital bed. Find a position that feels good and works, you’ll probably want to stick with it. Sometimes it won’t be the position you thought it would be.
  • some of your rational mind returns
  • can be more rewarding and/or painful
  • many like pushing for a while on the toilet
  • If pushing hurts or there’s a burning sensation let your care provider know and stop.
  • You may want to hold your breath or continue breathing as you push, do what feels natural to you. Make sure someone is there to advocate your pushing the way you want to push.
  • If pushing is taking a while, drink something sweet to keep up your strength and change positions.
  • Have someone mop your forehead, sweating is common.
  • If you want to avoid an episiotomy, when you start pushing have a hot compress ready. Have someone hold it to your perineum. You’re also less likely to tear in upright positions. In the last months of pregnancy massage and stretch the vaginal area and do deep squats to exercise the pelvic muscles.
  • Remember, you may poop and that’s okay!
  • It helps to touch baby’s head once it’s out, that way you can feel how far you’ve come! It helps to have support people remind you that baby is almost here If you want to see baby, make sure you pack a hand mirror and let your birth team know.

Natural ways to Deal with Pain

  • massage (feather light, continue with previous massage plus rubbing temples and massaging head
  • Someone stand behind you and squeeze the tops of your hips inward during contractions
  • Pressure on your back either with fists or tennis balls, pushing into lower back during contractions or if baby is in posterior position
  • change position! You can still change position every 30 minutes until you find something that feels comfortable for you. If you have hemorrhoids, try laying on your side. If you are having a lot of back pressure or baby isn’t in the right position try going on your hands and knees.Use a birthing ball, lean forward in a chair with a back, lean against a person, wall, or furniture
  • Make noise! Avoid holding your breath for too long but if that helps you can do that. Just do what comes naturally and don’t feel embarrassed!
  • walking still helps, you may need someone to help support you
  • water methods are still helpful, especially laboring in a tub or pool.
  • heat and cold; damp cloths on face during transition, heat or alternating on lower back
  • words of encouragement
  • visualization
  • breathing exercises
  • crying
  • If you’re getting tired, spoonfuls of honey, drinks sweetened with honey, and juice can help.
  • Release your tension, you need to open up to give birth
How to handle interventions
  • If you need pitocin or other forms of oxytocin this can make contractions worse. You need special help keeping relaxed and focusing on breathing and keeping calm.
  • If you need constant fetal monitoring, more help with keeping calm and relaxed can help things get better quicker.
  • If you get an epidural, remember you’re doing just fine. You can handle this!
  • If you need a cesarean section remember you didn’t fail. All births are beautiful, and as with all things in life shit happens.


  • Before giving birth, ask the doctor what positions you’d be allowed to give birth in. Be sure your birthing partner is able to advocate for your position
  • The slower baby descends from vagina, the more time your tissues have to stretch. Your caregiver may ask you to stop pushing and breath through contractions to prevent tearing. 
  • You may feel burning as baby comes out of the vagina. Remember, it is quick. You can count the seconds to help you past this.
  • Once the head is out, you may need one or three more pushes, or it may come all sliding out. If shoulders get stuck you may need to change position. There may be another tiny twinge of burning
  • Make sure someone knows what you want done with the placenta, and also if you want prophylactic pitocin to help the uterus retract and prevent postpartum hemorrhage (immediate breast feeding can help do this as well)
Immediately Postpartum
  • You may have had an idea of what you wanted during the postpartum period. It’s okay if that has changed.
  • Let those around you know what you need; food, drink, sleep, to hold baby, or alone time
  • remember, all of your feelings are valid.
  • Within the first hour is the best time to begin breastfeeding.
  • Remember, some aspects of cleaning the baby can be done while you’re holding them. Other tests can be delayed until later. Remember to have your team ask for this beforehand.
  • As far as vaccinations go, Hepatitis B is the only one recommended for right after birth. All others can wait till later.
  • If you need to recover for whatever reason, make sure someone is there to hold and take care of baby for you. Don’t feel guilty if this is the case, you have to take care of you before you can take care of others.
  • If baby needs anything done, like poop removed from the nose and mouth, or other obstructions removed so baby can breath, have your birth team watch what’s going on and give you a play-by-play of what is happening. You and your team can talk to baby, sing to baby, and ask to have baby returned as soon as possible.
  • If baby has to go to the NICU it’s helpful to have one support person go with baby and one to stay with parent while placenta is delivered or whatever else has to occur. You may be able to take pictures for later.
  • Eat when you need to, birthing can leave you very hungry and tired! Don’t feel like you have to socialize, sleep while you can.
Later Postpartum
  • Write down your birth story!
  • Talk to people about what happened and what you feel
  • Get someone to take care of the house for you, you should be resting and bonding with baby!
  • remember your experiences and emotions are valid and deserve to be respected.
  • It’s okay to be afraid. 
  • Take your time to bask in the afterglow, don’t just go right back to life if you can help it.
  • think carefully about who you want with you during this time.
  • The fourth day post-partum can be hard, reach out to others if you need to. Don’t be afraid to cry.
Soi Fon’s notes (while babysitting child Urahara)

As requested by anon. :)

Sure, technically Soi Fon is much younger than Urahara. But what if we pretended that Urahara was a tiny child while Soi Fon was a teenager? Naturally, Yoruichi would ask Soi Fon to babysit baby Urahara. And naturally Soi Fon would take careful notes. What would those look like?

–Yoruichi-sama has asked me to babysit the tiny evil child Kisuke. I am happy to do so.

Now I will have proof of what a terrible child he is. I will take careful, careful notes.

–Hour 1. Baby Kisuke is sleeping. What a lazy and directionless child.

–Hour 2. Baby Kisuke is still sleeping. His laziness goes far beyond what I expected. When I was his age, I was already training. He does nothing but sleep.

–Hour 3. Still sleeping, and probably dreaming of sleeping, so ingrained is this child’s lazy nature. I cannot believe that Yoruichi-sama thinks this child is “cute.”

–Hour 4. The child has woken up. Finally. 

–Now the child is playing with blocks. Well, I say “playing.” Mostly he is picking up each piece, looking at it, and then tossing it away.

–Child does not know how to use blocks. This is the child Yoruichi-sama referred to as “promising.”

–There is a small chance that baby Kisuke was planning to build a model replica of his house and was throwing away the blocks that didn’t fit. But still. He has terrible manners.

–And he just knocked over his own structure!! Has no respect for his own accomplishments. Probably no respect for anybody else’s either.

–He’s laughing at the fallen blocks. This child revels in destruction. That’s a red flag right there.

–Now he is trying to wear a hat that is too big for him. Child overestimates the size of his own head. Will probably grow up thinking he is *way* smarter than he actually is.

–Child is now pretending that the hat is a boat or a car and is sliding it across the floor. Does not understand the purpose of basic objects.

–Child is singing a made up song about his imaginary boat journey. He clearly wants me to suffer. Small children should not sing.

–The child asks for a snack. And goes straight for the cookies. Child does not care about his health.

–Child wants to play Monopoly. What child wants that? Probably he will grow up to run a very shady business.




–Child just declared at he “won.” He did not win. We did not even play.

–The child now wishes me to chase him around the house. I shall see if he has any physical prowess at all.

–He is very slow. His legs are very short. And he views this chase as a game. Will not stop laughing. He would not survive in the wild.

–Unless his very annoying laugh drove away the wild animals.

–Who said that children’s laughter was pleasant? Who?

–The child has gone to sleep again. Just plopped down and fell asleep. On the floor. His laziness has reasserted itself.

–In summary: this child is lazy and directionless. He finishes projects and then immediately destroys them. He does not respect labor. He does not eat well. He is very slow. And he does not know how to follow the rules. 

–I have very low expectations for this child.

Who You Should Fight: Greek Gods Edition, Part II
  • Amphitrite: I think I saw this movie. It was called The Perfect Storm, yeah?
  • Triton: Well, he has a fish tail instead of legs for starters. In water, you're boned. On land, ironically, smooth sailing.
  • Eros: This is arguably an even worse idea than fighting his mom. Try online dating, it's roughly the same thing minus the arrows (usually).
  • Psyche: How do you feel about swarms of ants?
  • Phobos & Deimos: I'm begging you, beat the shit out of these two. Arguably the only one who has it coming more is their dad. Sure, their weapons are terrifying (literally), but it's nothing several years of therapy won't fix. Strong advantage if you're already dead inside.
  • Eris: One time she didn't get invited to a wedding and in retaliation started the Trojan War. I'm not really sure what she'd do to someone who punched her. Let us know how it works out, yeah?
  • Ganymede: You could fight Ganymede. You could beat Ganymede. Make sure you get your own drinks from now on unless you like them with a shot of loogie.
  • Ariadne: Oh my god why? Why would you want to do this. Why would you even think about doing this. What kind of a kitten-punching monster are you?
  • Hypnos: Only if you are a chronic insomniac. In that case, this asshole has it coming. Absolutely fight Hypnos. He won't even wake up. You'll vent your aggressions and get away clean.
  • Morpheus: Tbh not as much of a pushover as his dad, but still probably deserves it. If you don't want to take the gamble, beat up his dad twice instead.
  • Thanatos: This is actually a fight you could win. It's happened before. Bring on the zombie apocalypse.
  • Hecate: Okay so three goddesses walk into a bar: a maid, a mother, and a crone. With them they have torches, dogs, and a procession of restless spirits. This isn't the start of a joke, this is what that fight would look like. Your call.
  • Charon: Just give him a fucking coin jfc. Your lack of respect for manual laborers disgusts me.
  • Styx: This is a goddess so badass Zeus himself wouldn't break an oath to her. Plus I mean, who doesn't like "Show Me the Way"?
  • Phlegethon: Few buckets of water and this guy is toast. Or... the opposite thereof, I guess.
  • Cocytus: This guy is so pathetic and annoying even he'd probably beat himself up.
  • Acheron: Seems fancy but really only marginally less pathetic and annoying than Cocytus. In fact you could probably take both of them out at once with a single punch.
  • Lethe: This would... wait, what was the question?
  • Mnemosyne: Oh, right. Yeah, fight Mnemosyne. Remembering stuff is bullshit.
  • Themis: She'll see it coming from a mile away.
  • Nike: Just Do It. Nah I'm totally kidding she'd paste you.
  • Nemesis: She is the personification of vengeance. Her fucking name is literally "Nemesis." The hell is wrong with you?
  • Tyche: Dude, don't burn this bridge. Don't fight Tyche. Take her to Vegas with you instead.
  • The Moirai: It is myth canon you do not fuck with the Fates. If nothing else, they are armed with a spindle, a rod, and shears. Do not fuck with the Fates.
  • The Anemoi: These guys totally deserve it as they are unilaterally little shits, but also they are air. If you could find a way to flash freeze this biz, do it and knock their brittle asses out.
  • The Muses: There are nine of them. They don't even have to be competent fighters (and lbr, at least three of them are probably fit for MMA), they could just dog-pile on you. Bring your own squad if you really need to do this.
  • Eileithyia: Never fight anyone with a name this long and hard to spell. These fuckers had to stay put in kindergarten writing it all out repeatedly while the Emmas and the Jacks were finished and playing outside. That's hardcore. They are not fucking around.
  • Asclepius: Bees. No wait that was Aristaeus. This is the guy who brings back the dead. Dead bees. Zombees.

inevitable-revoluion-deactivate  asked:

Do you think transmisogyny has a tie to capitalism, and how you'd have a trans men and women who are proletariat and oppressed not only by exploiters who are cis, but by trans who are (in contradictory nature) exploiters and exploited?

i absolutely think that transmisogyny has a tie to capitalism, as does misogyny more generally, because i conceive of both as mechanisms to extract value from labor. conversely, i do not think that transphobia, a oppression that trans people face generally, is a mechanism of exploitation at all.

i have said before on this page that i dont accept an intersectional analysis of transmisogyny. i dont view it as the intersection of misogyny with transphobia, i view it as a discrete mechanism of exploitation caused directly by misogyny.

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lgbt+ people don’t owe cishets our time, respect, compassion, emotional labor, anything. we don’t owe you a damn fucking thing.

vinylviolence  asked:

I'm a labor member, and I respect your frustration with labor. Out of interest what would you do with the issue of deaths at sea?

Late response! OK so our current refugee policy fails in 3 ways:

  1. Cruelty
  2. Transparency
  3. Cost

For starters: detention centres shouldn’t be a disincentive to escape from persecution. Unless you point a gun at someone and tell them to turn back and shoot they will keep coming so long as the people they’re fleeing from are pointing guns at their backs. Being cruel does not help this and improving conditions in detention centres won’t increase refugees because our end of the equation is not the reason why people are refugees. If you want to stop refugees you need to work on the issues in the countries they come from that are forcing them to risk their lives to get away from. How to work on that is a complicated thing that I’m not really qualified to comment on how to fix.

Cost and Transparency are also major issues with our refugee policies. We need to change from offshore to onshore processing. This will cost way less and any savings we can funnel back into being more efficient. Accept a higher intake (which is minuscule both on a global scale for refugees and for our annual overall immigration through all channels so anyone who goes “oh no there’ll be too many!” is basically hating on refugees and ignoring the maths associated with it) and try to find ways of more efficiently processing them. Being on shore will also force transparency as it makes it harder for governments (current or future) to hide what is happening.

To stop deaths at sea we need to stop turning boats back. We don’t stop deaths by turning them back we simply have them happen somewhere where we don’t have to fill out paperwork for those deaths. Humans seeking refugee is not an inconvenience. We need to work on better ways to integrate and accept refugees not better ways to stick our heads in the sand and wait for them to all die elsewhere so we don’t have to put the effort into torturing them until they no longer want to be here.