i’d just like to politely advice the white people in this fandom to be very, very careful about speaking over the people of color in this fandom who probably know more about what this situation could be/mean than you do. listen to them first before trying to validate your own theories. especially when they’re someone of the same ethnicity and/or faith as the character(s) you’re theorizing about. 

It’s okay to miss people. Just realize that people change and what was good for you then may not be good for you now.

You’re not perfect. No one is.

But you know what? That’s perfectly fine. The fact that your hair may be naturally frizzy, or that one foot is slightly bigger than the other, is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s all of these little differences that combine together and form you into who you are.

There is no ‘perfect’ person. There is no ‘perfect’ body. There is only imperfection that exists. Thus, do not chase after this illusion of perfection, for it is impossible to ever reach.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

like how fucking hard is it to just…not say anything? if you can’t help or don’t want to help, then okay, move tf on?? making ugly ass comments about zayn literally does nothing but expose just how shitty of a person you are?? i don’t see how this is different from any celebrity who asks for fans to make donations to a charity, the only thing is this is someone closer to zayn’s family. leave him alone, stop being so horrible, learn how to shut your mouth for once. 

I don’t understand why everyone is so angry/shocked that fob released ‘electronic’ music????? Like?,,?? After abap did u literally not see that coming???? this was going to happen all along you really can’t expect them to release something like irresistible ft demi lovato and then suddenly revert to something like futct or folie

I’m so….,idek like annoyed? Mad? offended? Perturbed?
this guy I used to chat w when I lived in NYC (when i thought i was bi) just added me on snap where I post 3638 things about being a lesbian and he kEEPS ASKING ME FOR PICS ??? AND IM LIKE NAW DUDE IM GAY THNX THO !!! So he responded “ohhh no but if you’re the one sending them to me then that’s fine right?”
do straight men just not understand things? ???? Like anyTHING?????!!!!!!!!


“Yeah, life sucks, but do your best to do good anyway.”

That moment you realize that Wanda and Vision are candidates for a political marriage to reunite the Avengers...