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OUAT 6x15 (Predictions).

We all know how it’s gonna end, right?

> CS fight…(6x14)
Emma feeling abandoned…
(drink night with Snow and Regina)
Hook is back like a hero…
(Jasmine will be his major fangirl!)
Nothing happened, propose again…
Emma will say: yes and “no more secrets and blah blah”
that’s it…
the same old story….

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So I just wanted to share one of my roll 20 maps with y'all.  My other maps are on my page.  

Castle Yarei: The fortress is built on a steep mountain plateau and stands solid against the barbarians of the north. The tree just outside the fortress is a holy site to the pagans that frequently visit the south. The duke opposed the existence of the tree, calling it blasphemy against God. So in the third year of his reign, Duke Ferdinand attempted to destroy the tree, but after months of work the towering tree didn’t budge. In fact, near the end of his life he lamented trying to uproot the tree. He noted that every time he looked at the tree it seemed to get bigger; just out of spite for him. To add to his chagrin, pilgrims who come to pay respect to the ancient tree may peel its healing bark with ease. So before the duke died, he commissioned a sign to be placed near the base of the tree. It reads: “Here stands a monument to the impervious will of nature.”



female awesome meme: unfairly hated females [1/5]→ peyton sawyer

 silence only makes them stronger.

Sick to death

Of watching people bad mouth emoji spells and technopaganism. Life changes. Magic changes. It is mutable. It can be used in a plethora of ways, and just because those ways do not align with “old and ancient and moldy” things doesn’t make it wrong.

Like science, magic is ever evolving and changing. How we use it is ever evolving and changing. Just because someone’s practices aren’t filled with noxious plants and asthma attack inducing pollen carriers doesn’t make it less powerful. Why?

Because in the end, magic is about intent and will, and you have no idea the intent and will of that technopagan, that spoonie witch, that non-nature worshiping pagan. Just because their means are not yours does not mean their intent and will is weaker, and such underestimations are dangerous. Learn some respect for your fellow witches to go along with the respect you have for trees and rocks.

I wish loving myself was as easy as loving the moon that keeps me company, or the flowers swaying in the wind at my feet. I wish I could value myself the way I value others. Everybody seems so magnificent, and I am just being. I wish I could love myself as much as I love this world. I respect the trees standing strong and tall and the ocean forever moving forcefully. I could stand strong and tall. I could be powerful. Why is loving myself so difficult?
—  1:48am

lampposts, gradually illuminating our path in the gathering dusk. meandering through a smattering of trees, always respectful of the old growth forest. the trail is one we’re walked a thousand nights, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder. two pairs of manicured hands, tightly clasped. sometimes, long ago, carting a stroller and tugging leash. holding a picnic basket or soccer ball. the tiny, unsteady arm of a toddler. you love her - your light, your wife - and you always will.

Happy birthday, Henry David Thoreau!

Henry David Thoreau offers reflections and musings on the diversity of the apple in his essay from the November 1862 issue.

Wild Apples

When I go by this shrub thus late and hardy, and see its dangling fruit, I respect the tree, and I am grateful for Nature’s bounty, even though I cannot eat it. Here on this rugged and woody hill-side has grown an apple-tree, not planted by man, no relic of a former orchard, but a natural growth, like the pines and oaks. Most fruits which we prize and use depend entirely on our care. Corn and grain, potatoes, peaches, melons, etc., depend altogether on our planting; but the apple emulates man’s independence and enterprise. It is not simply carried, as I have said, but, like him, to some extent, it has migrated to this New World, and is even, here and there, making its way amid the aboriginal trees; just as the ox and dog and horse sometimes run wild and maintain themselves.

Even the sourest and crabbedest apple, growing in the most unfavorable position, suggests such thoughts as these, it is so noble a fruit.