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I am seriously thinking about to go vegan, just because to safe the rainforests and other humans and creatures on our beautiful planet and because it is healthier for your body. I know, there are a lot of discussions about veganism, but I don’t judge the ‘meateaters’, because we all have or own lifestyle and we don’t need to discuss that. Just be aware of what you are eating! Not everything is what it looks like. 

Still love all of my followers!

Soft touches


Request: Hi! Bucky x reader where Bucky has to be touching reader all the time somehow? not dirty but just holding hands or his hand resting on her knee or something because he loves how soft her skin is and he counts her freckles when he’s anxious? or after a nightmare? hehe, something with those in there! I trust you with it. thank you!!

Warnings: perhaps some swearing??

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   Bucky mindlessly reached over to (Y/N)’s hand, intertwining their fingers as he kept his eyes glued to Steve, who at the moment was trying to tell the team of Avengers about their upcoming mission. Without a word (Y/N) gently squeezes his hand, smiling softly when they noticed Bucky’s lips quirk up just a bit. 

   Bucky had a little habit of touching (Y/N) 24/7, literally 24/7. It didn’t matter if the team was in the middle of a press conference or on their way to a mission, if Bucky could even touch (Y/N) a bit he would. It could be the simple hand holding, perhaps an arm around their waist, a hand on their knee, more often than not something sweet and intimate and yet simple. 

   Bucky honestly couldn’t pinpoint why he needed to be touching (Y/N) all the time, it was almost like a physical need of his. If he couldn’t touch (Y/N) at least a bit most of the time he’d be thrown into a full blown panic attack, his heart would race, his breathing would shorten considerably, and he could barely even form a singular thought when he was like that. Thankfully (Y/N) was always there to calm Bucky down when he was like that, holding him closely until he was fine once again. 

   They had discovered this little problem when (Y/N) went on a rather rouge mission without telling Bucky. It was impromptu with Nat having only called (Y/N) in ten minutes before they were supposed to leave. (Y/N) of course accepted the mission, thinking that since Nat had described it as a rather easy mission that it would only take a couple of hours and since Bucky was on some new sleeping meds he should’ve slept through the night, oh how wrong (Y/N) was. But they didn’t know at the time that the mission would last a good few hours rather than the stated couple of hours and that Bucky’s medicine would stop working halfway through the night. So with a rather oblivious mindset (Y/N) set off, not even thinking of the consequence of their actions. 

    It only took an hour for Bucky to wake up, groggily reaching out to hold (Y/N) like he did whenever he could but when he was met with only cold sheets he jolted upright, his eyes already scanning around frantically for (Y/N) but they were nowhere in sight. Immediately his dread set in and he all but ripped the sheets from his body as he jumped up, throwing open the door to his room to look out into the hall, hoping (Y/N) had just gotten up to get a snack. But yet again Bucky was met only with the sheer dark of the tower, everyone else nestled soundly in their beds while he was up searching for a recently missing (Y/N). 

   “(Y/N)?” Bucky whispered to the dark, taking a hesitant step out into the hall. “(Y/N) are you here?” But there was no reply. Bucky gulped as he flicked the lights to his floor on, his heart damn near beating out of his chest when he found it empty. 

   Bucky’s first instinct was to panic, curl up on the floor and hyperventilate, while his other instinct was to try to figure this out logically rather than panic. Alas his first instinct one and he began to panic, his heart racing as he sunk to the floor in a puddle of worry. And there he would stay for a few hours until Steve, very concerned over the fact that Bucky hadn’t shown up for training would walk in and find his best friend nearly crying on the floor. 

   “Oh my god Bucky,”  Steve had muttered as he rushed to Bucky’s side, placing a hand on his shoulder lightly. “What happened Buck? What’s going on-” 

   “Hey Bucky, sorry I’ve been gone, Nat called me in for a mission and-” (Y/N) stoped as the door to the elevators close behind them and as their eyes land on the scene unfolding. “Oh my god,” (Y/N) rushed to the men’s side, dropping to the floor beside the two. “What happened to him?” 

   “I don’t know, I just walked in here and I found him on the floor and then you walked in,” 

   “Shit,” (Y/N) muttered as they put a hand on Bucky’s arm, lightly shaking him. “Buck, Bucky, can you look at me?” (Y/N) whispered, hoping their soft tone would spur Bucky on enough to get him to look at them. Slowly, Bucky unfurled from himself and just as he had completely uncurled he was curling up once again, this time against (Y/N). He clung to them for dear life as he nuzzled his scruffy face into the crook of their neck, whimpering softly. 

   “Don’t do that,” Bucky had whispered between his heartbreaking little noises, “Ever again,” (Y/N) shared a look of confusion with Steve as they held Bucky tightly, one hand wrapped around his body while the other rested above his shoulders, their hand gently running through his strands of hair. 

   “What? Go on missions-” 

   “Don’t leave me…please,”

   Since that moment (Y/N) had made sure to always be Bucky’s side, or at least when it was convenient and even if it wasn’t the two would find a way to make it work. 

   It had been an unexpectedly long mission, just like the one that had started all of this touchy feely business. The Avengers had taken an undercover mission, thinking that it would only take a few hours tops but it was seeming to stretch on for quite some time, nearly a whole day to be exact. The team was tired and hungry and most definitely grouchy and on edge, including Bucky too. Not only all that but they were also sleeping out in the forest, in the open for anyone to find them, and it was cold, freezing to be exact.

    The team was all hunkered by their own respectable tree, curling in on themselves in an attempt to warm up. Bucky on the other hand was curled up beside (Y/N), smiling sleepily at them as they happily ran a hand through their hair. Without a single word Bucky lifts a hand to (Y/N)’s face, his pointer finger running along (Y/N)’s nose and cheeks softly. (Y/N) had discovered this was something Bucky did whenever he was anxious or nervous, somehow counting their freckles was always able to calm him down. 

   “You’re never going to count them all,” (Y/N) had whispered sleepily as they cracked one eye open to look at Bucky. “There’s too many,” Bucky merely smiled as he continued to mouth the number he was on, his finger gently tracing along (Y/N)’s skin as he did. 

   “I’m up to 45 right now,” He whispers, his eyes dropping with exhaustion. (Y/N) could only smile as they pressed a sleepy kiss to Bucky’s forehead, allowing their eye to close once again. 

   “Well, tell me when you reach 100,” (Y/N) muttered, allowing the feeling of Bucky’s soft touches to lull them to sleep. 

   Bucky had smile as (Y/N) finally drifted to sleep. He watched the way their chest evened out into a steady rise and fall, the way their lips parted slightly while they slept, how their breath would hit his hand when he’d drag it across their nose. He continued with his little counting game, lightly drifting his finger across (Y/N)’s skin with each freckle he counted. True to his word Bucky finished counting them all, smiling sleepily yet victoriously. 

   “100,” Bucky whispered in (Y/N)’s ear, quietly enough that it wouldn’t wake them. 

    No one even questioned the touches know, in the beginning perhaps they did. After all, it was a bit strange to see the deadliest assassin in history curled up on (Y/N)’s lap, more than content to just nuzzle and burrow against them like some cat of sorts. And while it had been a strange sight at first the Avengers were more than used to it now, in fact it was now strange if (Y/N) was seen without Bucky clinging to them in some kind of way. That’s why Steve didn’t even question it when out of the corner of his eye he saw Bucky reach over and take (Y/N)’s hand. Rather than comment on the unnecessary pda he let it happen, even smiling a bit himself when he saw the way Bucky’s lips quirked up at the small amount of contact. 

*coughs sheepishly* So this was supposed to be another Pride Month sketch…only posted about a week later than intended. But learning new things every time I play with digital painting so still a win.

BTW, what do we call this? Salaxx, Shadin, AngrySalad, BaggageDads…

Respected Tree - Steve Simons

Enticing is the serenity,
of a single tree,
enhanced within a wood,
standing as a brotherhood.
Providing shelter and sometimes food.
Its bark could be removed or chewed.

Relying on its defiance,
our tree continues its stance.
In the hope that time will heal,
for has that not long been the deal?

As a seedling long ago,
this tree, its future it didn’t know,
quite how wide or tall it would grow?
Or of the creatures it would come to know.
Here it has lived with the brotherhood,
becoming a respected member of the wood.

Attack The Forest

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 574

Summary: Maybe this time you could take it easy on this typical, “normal” mission. Maybe, if it weren’t for a blaster whose owner rhymes with Bassian.

Prompt: “I can hear you perfectly fine without you screaming in my ear.” for Cassian and Reader

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Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s note: titled based on the classique filme “attack the block”. though this fic isnt inspired by the movie, after finishing writing this, i thot “this reminds me of that one scene where moses runs w/ the alien on his backpack from those things”. no aliens here; just banthas. also, the two of you pull a luke skywalker

Your first instinct is to run.

The ground begins to rumble and you catch a glimpse of horror on Cassian’s face. You don’t have time to tell him but you both just know what to do.

Run for your useless little lives.

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A Collection of Superstitions

***Please note some of these directly contradict one another, as is the way of folklore and superstition.***

Denotes or causes good luck…

  • Getting pooped on by a bird.
  • Finding a horseshoe.
  • Finding a four-leaf clover.
  • Treading in cowpat.
  • Wearing clothes inside-out, but you can’t change it until you would normally remove the item, or the good luck is nullified.
  • Finding a cricket in the house.
  • Meeting a black cat, especially one you know. (Only path-crossing black cats cause bad luck.)
  • Touching wood, especially to protect good fortune that has been mentioned from being ruined. For example, touching wood whilst/after saying “The whole family is healthy,” or “If he gets the job”. 
  • Nailing a horseshoe above the door, though the points must face up or the luck will “run out”. 
  • Seeing three butterflies together.
  • Seeing a ladybird. The richer the red and greater number of spots, the better the luck.
  • Carrying an acorn.
  • Wearing clothes back-to-front.
  • Meeting a herd of cows on the road.
  • Pictures of elephants that face the door. 
  • Leaving an open pair of scissors beneath a pillow (please be careful).
  • Seeing a hearse.
  • Catching falling autumn leaves.
  • Meeting a chimney sweep by chance.
  • Saying “white rabbit” 3 times as your first words of the month.
  • An itchy right eye.
  • Keeping clover in the house.
  • Breaking a glass or dish.
  • A frog entering the house.
  • Lifting your feet whilst driving over railway lines.
  • Sneezing at the same time as someone else.
  • Wearing new clothes on Easter.
  • A black cat walking towards you. 
  • “Find a penny that lays heads up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”
  • Using a new broom to sweep into the house before you do anything else with it, will also sweep luck in. 
  • If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, the whole year will be lucky.

Denotes or causes bad luck…

  • Friday the 13th.
  • A black cat crossing your path.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors.
  • Rocking an empty rocking chair.
  • Peacock feathers indoors.
  • Walking under a ladder. Reversing back through it undoes the bad luck. 
  • Empty bottles on the table.
  • Putting new shoes on the table.
  • Spilling salt. Throw a pinch over the left shoulder to dispel this bad luck.
  • Breaking a mirror gets seven years. To dispel it bury the pieces outside, or run them under a stream.
  • An itchy left eye. 
  • Killing a ladybird.
  • A single jackdaw perching on a house.
  • Seeing a hearse, hold your collar until you see a 4 legged animal to undo the bad luck.
  • Entering a building left foot first.
  • A black cat walking away from you. 
  • Passing someone on the stairs.
  • Starting a task on a Friday you can’t finish by the end of the week. 
  • Getting out of bed on a different side than the one you got in on will make you unlucky until you return to bed the next evening. 
  • Lighting three cigarettes with the same match.
  • If you have been given a container of food (plate, tub etc) it must not be returned home without some new food in it.
  • Patching clothes whilst wearing them.
  • If you borrow salt, it should be paid back with sugar, or bad luck will follow you. 
  • Bees should always be told before they are moved, not doing so may cause bad luck. 
  • New money containers, like wallets or purses, that are given as gifts should always have a little money in when they’re given. A penny is traditional. Not doing so would give both giver and recipient bad luck. 

Ward off evil or bad luck by…

  • Crossing fingers.
  • Spinning seven times in a circle, clockwise.
  • Touching wood, as above. 
  • Spitting three times over your shoulder. Some people just say “spit-spit-spit”.

To get a wish…

  • Blow out all birthday candles with the first attempted breath.
  • Hold your breath all the way through a tunnel.
  • Catch a clock at 11:11.
  • Kiss a necklace clasp that has fallen round to the front before moving it back to its proper place.
  • See a chimney sweep, but you must have met by chance. Arranged encounters are cheating!
  • Make it in a bed that has never been slept in. 
  • Two people wrap their little fingers around opposite ends of a wishbone. Each should silently wish, and pull it apart; whoever gets the larger piece should get their wish. 
  • Swallow a whole chicken heart.
  • The first robin you see in spring can be wished on, but you must finish the wish before the robin flies away. 
  • Burn onions whilst you wish.
  • Do it on a shooting star: “Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.”
  • Sneeze, but only once!

Death and The Dead

  • Crows carry the souls of the dead. If one perches near you, take the chance to say goodbye to someone who came before. 
  • Out of respect, hold your breath if you are passing through a graveyard.

Health and Wellness.

  • Don’t turn a new loaf upside down after cutting the first slice, someone in the house will fall ill. 
  • “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 
  • Carrying an acorn will ensure longevity. 
  • If you are interrupted making the bed, all sleeps between those sheets will be restless. 
  • “If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” 
  • Cross yourself if an ambulance passes you, saying ‘God between harm and me and mine’ to protect yourselves and your family.

Dreams and Nightmares

  • A horseshoe in the bedroom keeps away nightmare.
  • If one has a realistic dream, it will come true if mentioned before breakfast. Use this as you will. 
  • Share a pillow with a dog and you will have the same dreams.

Marriage and Romance

  • If you start making a bedspread or quilt, you will not find a successful romantic relationship until it is finished. 
  • Having your feet sept with a broom will prevent you from ever marrying.
  • Sewing a swans feather into a husbands pillow ensures fidelity.
  • A single woman who sits with the corner of the table pointing at her will never marry.
  • A bride who goes to the altar with salt in their pocket will always be happy. 
  • If you don’t sweep the house properly, you will have a bald husband.

Friends and Conversations

  • Don’t say goodbye to a friend on a bridge, or you will not see each other again. 
  • Running into a spider’s web means you’ll meet a new friend.
  • Crossing knives or spilt pepper causes arguments.
  • “Stir with a knife, stir up strife.”
  • If walking as a pair, splitting to walk around opposite sides of a pole will cause an argument, unless you both say “bread and butter” afterwards.
  • If your ear itches or burns, it means someone is talking about you.
  • Biting your tongue when eating means you’ve recently lied.
  • If a knife is given as a gift, it will sever the relationship between giver and recipient. To prevent this, the knife can be bought with any small coin. You can even give the person the money to give back to you!

Money and Material Things

  • Itchy right palms predicts coming money, whereas itching on the left palm suggests you’ll lose some. 
  • Ants building a nest near your door means financial security is in our future. 
  • Seeing a spider spinning a web means you will get new clothes soon. 
  • A bee landing on the hand fortells coming money. 
  • Several jackdaws landing on a house means money is coming. 
  • A small spider dropping onto you means your finances will improve.
  • Keeping black-eyed peas and change in your pocket on New Years Day will mean all your needs will be met during the coming year. 
  • Wearing clothes inside out means you will get beaten up, it’s viewed as easiest to let a friend lightly hit you to see the prediction as met. However, if the friend who swats you is younger than you, they must then pull on your shirt or skirt 3 times, or you will never marry.

House and Home

  • Bringing an old broom to a new home will bring any strife and all limitations of the old home with you. Always throw them out and buy a new one. 
  • Growing ivy on a house or placing salt on the doorstep prevents evil from entering it. 
  • If you break a glass or dish, you will inevitably break a second by the end of the day. It’s often seen as best to break something small or unimportant to fulfil the superstition.


  • Knitting one of your own hairs into a project binds the recipient to you.
  • Sewing left unfinished on New Year’s will stay that way all year. 
  • An unfinished project brings bad luck to the intended recipient.  
  • When making items in pairs (like socks or gloves) the second must be started immediately after the first is finished. 
  • If you break a needle making a garment, you will live to wear the garment out. 
  • If you pause a project during the first step, like the cast-on row of knitting, you will never be able to finish it.

Messages, Travel and Visitors

  • Itches on the sole of the foot mean a journey approaches.
  • A bee, hen or rooster entering the home is a sign there’ll be a visitor. 
  • A bird flying into the house means an important message is coming.
  • To prevent an unwelcome guest from returning, immediately after they leave sweep the room, sweeping everything out of the door. 
  • Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you’ll take a trip. 

Knowledge and Tests

  • If you find a spider in your home, collect and carefully release it, you may ask it one question. Expect an answer to come in a week. 
  • If you use the same pencil to study and take the test, the pencil will remember the answers.

Fae Folk

  • Clover will protect a person from faeries. 
  • Keeping iron or silver on your person will stop you being taken by the faeries. 
  • A lone tree in the middle of a field is a faery tree. You should bow to show respect to the tree and the Folk, especially if you wish to shelter beneath it.
  • If you run anti-clockwise around a church 3 times, you will be taken by the Folk.


  • As per the children’s rhyme, magpies indicate certain things coming into the life. “One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, never to be told. Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss, Ten for a bird you must not miss.” This tune does have variations.
  • Following on from the above, there are several ways to nullify the sorrow that lone magpies predict: Salute them, doff your hat, blow a kiss, say “Hello Mr Magpie, how’s your wife?/how’s the wife and kids?”, “Hurry, run away and find your mate, Mr Magpie.”
  • Crows also have a counting rhyme, “One’s bad, Two’s luck, Three’s health, Four’s wealth, Five’s sickness, Six is death.”
  • Sneezing also indicates things; “Once for a wish, Twice for a kiss, Thrice for a letter, Four for something better.”
  • The day you find the fist flower of Spring also has meaning! “Monday means good fortune, Tuesday means greatest attempts will be successful, Wednesday means marriage, Thursday means warning of small profits, Friday means wealth, Saturday means misfortune, Sunday means excellent luck for weeks.”
  • A bee landing on the head means the person will rise to greatness. 
  • Dropping a comb whilst using it indicates future disappointment. 
  • 13 should never dine together, or the first to rise will be the first to die.

THE RED STRING (Bellamy Blake x Reader)


Summary -  According to the myth of the Red String, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another. On the ground, everything is different and the rules are non existent. In the midst of a war, this is how Bellamy Blake discovered that red string.

Words - 1.1k

masterlist // TRS masterlist

 The camp was silent. Jasper had stopped screaming - you weren’t sure if that was good or bad. Not a single sound is heard throughout the sleeping kids, all lost in their nightmares and dreams. You, however, can not copy them. 

 As you tiptoe around the tents, you see the sun beginning to rise in a pinkish-orange haze. You follow it. You want to see more of this earth, to explore everything it has to offer. You’re stuck here, so it’s time to get used to your new home even though you’d rather be back on the Ark. Chest rising with fear, you continue walking and you can hear the quiet wakening of birds singing their morning songs. 

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Introducing the other Inarizaki regulars:
Ginjima 銀島 (2nd from right) 2nd year Wing Spiker
Oomimi 大耳 (2nd from left) 3rd year Middle Blocker
Akagi 赤木 (1st from left) 3rd year Libero
Also, Ojiro is the game captain, since their team captain, Kita, doesn’t seem to be one of the regular members. 

The kanji for ‘Ginjima’ mean ‘silver’ and ‘island’ respectively. The kanji for ‘Oomimi’ mean ‘large’ and ‘ear’ respectively. The kanji for ‘Akagi’ mean ‘red’ and ‘tree’ respectively. After looking at the Inarizaki team, I was wrong about the trend of being named after rivers since it doesn’t apply to Oomimi and Ginjima. Thanks to @genjishimemeda for tipping me off that the naming trend is based on foxes, since ‘Inari’ is the god of foxes. The naming trend isn’t the most obvious for some of the players’ surnames, but googling for cute foxes should make up for it. XD

Plus, some bonus images of Miya~ I really hope this gets animated someday. I totally want to hear him speak Kansai-ben.

anonymous asked:

im just imagining the squad growing more and more concerned as rich keeps lifting things nobody should be able to lift. christine bets him he cant lift that watermelon crate at walmart. he does it, no problem. michael bets him he cant lift a pile of bricks laying in front of a house. he does it with one and and only drops two. chloe bets he cant lift an 18-wheeler. he bench presses it and only works up a light sweat. jeremy bets he cant lift a gotdamn tree out of the ground. rich refuses out of

respect for the trees life**

rich goranski is a fucking beast

Help a blind man cross the road

I’m a day late with this but here we go:

For  SpiritAssassin Week 2017. Day one.
Prompt is: first impressions

There is a blind uncle at the edge of Vatta Street. Not ten paces from where Baze is sitting on the footpath, chewing on melon seeds.

The man is old and hunched, a warped staff in his hand. He’s wearing dark-tinted optic lenses and black robes, his face hidden by a large hood. Either a holy man or a beggar, and there are plenty of both here on Vatta Street.

Baze looks away, disinterested. They all flock to this part of the city: the blind, the deaf, the ones who’ve lost limbs, or the ones afflicted with episodes of holy paroxysms. Nothing to do with him.

“Hey, you!”

Baze’s head snaps up in attention. The blind man hasn’t moved, or turned his head to face him. Nearby, there is a small group of chattering devotees in veils, coming from the nearby Temple, having finished their midday prayers. A protocol droid with the ends of loose wiring peeping out from behind the plates of its external covering. None of them look like they had just addressed him.

“Yes, you! The good-for-nothing taking up the whole footpath! Do they not teach you manners at school?”

It’s definitely the blind man.

“You talking to me, uncle?” Baze says.

“Slow-witted as well as ill-mannered!” The blind man taps his crooked staff on the ground impatiently. His voice is croaky and strained, as though he’s speaking from the depths of his throat. “I asked you, what did they teach you at school?”

Baze curses inwardly. Just his luck to have some grumpy blind condescending uncle strike up convo with him.

“I don’t go to school anymore,” he growls. He lights a clove cigarette, the last of his stash.

The blind man has now turned his head slightly toward him. Most of his face is hidden by the shadowy cowl of his robes, but his optic lenses are round black holes eyeballing Baze. “But you used to. Didn’t you learn any basic Moral Studies at school? Or has the Jedhan education system gone down the drain? That most certainly explains why the youth of today are such a worthless lot.”

The old aphorisms of long-forgotten Moral Studies classes seep back into Baze’s thoughts. Some generic, some ridiculously specific.

Be considerate.
Be responsible.
Be hardworking.
Respect your elders.
Plant trees in barren spaces.
When you see a blind man, offer him help to cross the street.

“You can cross the street by yourself, uncle,” says Baze. “There’s no traffic.”

“Insolent!” cries the blind man in outrage. He strikes the ground harder with his staff. “You will not help an old man who is in need?”

“Vehicles are not allowed on Vatta Street! It’s pedestrian-only!” Baze yells back. “You’re not going to get run over by anything!”

The blind man purses his mouth into a thin angry line. He raises his staff and begins to shout. “Thus I have heard that this world will be ended not because of any cosmic disaster, but from the collapse of modern society. And a most disturbing symptom of this impending collapse is how apathetic and uncharitable and discourteous our youth have grown!”

The uncle has started preaching. Passers-by have begun to stop and listen to the blind man’s street sermon.

“Have none of you heard of the fable of the blind man and the arrogant wealthy son of the bantha farmer?” He lifts an accusing finger at points it straight at Baze.

This is far more attention than Baze likes.

“Okay, okay!” He jumps to his feet, upending his pouch and scattering melon seeds. He grinds his unfinished cigarette with his heel. “I’ll help you cross!”

An old woman hisses at him as he passes. “No shame! Won’t even help that poor blind man.”

“After I help that uncle, I’m going to come back and carry you on my back, grandma,” Baze says threateningly.

He takes the blind uncle’s elbow.

“At last,” says the blind man, and Baze starts.

The blind uncle is not an uncle at all. In fact, he looks younger than Baze. And he’s smiling. It’s a nice smile, dimpled at the edges, and there’s a genuine pleasance to it.

He would appreciate this smile a bit more, if he weren’t feeling so aggrieved.

“You–!” Baze splutters.

In response, the other boy raps his instep with his staff and Baze curses in pain. “Come on, come on. I want to get to the other side. What’s the hold-up?”

People are still watching from the footpaths, so Baze takes a deep breath and guides the blind boy across Vatta Street. Which is completely empty of any vehicle, speeder, or cart, by the way.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” says the blind boy. His optic lenses glint enigmatically at Baze.

“Why are you pretending to be some old uncle? Spouting shit about the ‘youth of today?’”

“The soul needs to be constantly nourished by acts of compassion and goodness. I am helping you fulfil your spiritual quota for the sake of your soul.”

“My soul was getting along fine without you,” snaps Baze.

“Then yours is but a pitiful and undernourished soul,” says the blind boy. He straightens the false hunch out of his shoulders and pushes the hood off. Then he thrusts his staff into Baze’s hands. “Hold this.”

The staff is smooth and polished. Heavy. Good for breaking bones, Baze thinks, vaguely.

This stranger is in the garb of the Guardians. Not a beggar after all.

He takes a handkerchief out and blows his nose, loud and trumpeting. Baze winces. He’d always thought of the Guardians as a dignified, intimidating lot with graceful but brutal fighting skills. He’d seen them take out robbers and armed gangs preying on pilgrims with ease.

“I’m allergic to sand,” says the boy. He balls up the handkerchief. Gestures to Baze to move aside.

Perplexed, Baze steps to his left. The blind boy tosses the snotty balled-up handkerchief forwards and it lands in a discarded basket by a rubbish heap, a good distance away.

“How did you do that?” Baze says. His eyes narrow. “Are you even blind?”

He starts forward and pulls off the boy’s optic lenses.


Pale, milky eyes stare back at him. The blind boy smiles and holds his hand out for his staff.

“So, where’s the nearest cantina?” he says.

What? Aren’t you a Guardian of the Whills?”

He lifts his staff and uses it to point at Baze’s pockets. “You’ve got credits in there. And I’m thirsty.”

Baze is speechless for a moment. Then: “You want me to buy you a drink? I don’t even know who you are!”

The blind boy begins walking away. “Don’t you want to find out, then? Come on, humour a blind person, will you?”

Baze looks around. Vatta Street is quiet, the crowds dispersed, and his melon seeds are all gone, trampled into the dirt by the passers-by. Hell, even his last cigarette is gone. Nothing to do. Oh, well. He runs after the blind boy.

Buy a blind kid a drink. Huh.

He definitely did not learn this at any Moral Studies class.

So many things, Anon

I am spilling partially ☕️ from The Source and not vouching for 100% truth, because this hadn’t been confirmed from another source.

1. Paula created the “boycrazy Tay” to hide The gayness. She herself as homophobic manipulative bitch even tried to use Andrea to manipulate fetus Tay into all these bearding bs… Thank god Tay didn’t jump on last two beardings that Paula proposed.
2. Tree is Tay’s employee, her “prime directive” is to fix all the previous damages and obv. the new ones, because nothing plays as it was planned neither Cow, neither Tom. Her second goal obv. is to protect Kaylor on any cost (or maybe this is her prime one, I hope I can ask her one day)
3. Very telling about their qualities as profecionals is how they both reacted in a crisis. The break up drama with Harry and Cow (and even Tom) respectively.
4. Sure Tree is not unmistaken, but she does her best to fix things, always. Paula not only used to leave her mistakes, but often deepened them.
5. You can blame Paula for the choice of the early beards, but you can’t blame Tree for the last ones.

So Yes, there is a big difference between these two.

ps There are other things, but they are even more personal and I won’t go there openly.

Astral Adventures!

Blueberry Dragon Drawn by @eisoptrophobia 

@eisoptrophobia and I decided to go adventure into the astral to go find weird species! I recalled seeing a Cherry Dragon in a spirit companion shop and decided we should find some fruit dragons. Using that connection we met in a blank astral space I formed as a sort of halfway point and focused on finding the fruit dragons. From that thought a white door with a golden knob appeared. We were a bit cautious at first but it felt safe enough. Plus on my end I was pretty decent at astral self-defense. When we stepped through the door we appeared in what seemed like an empty forest. 

A large fruit tree towered over us, but the rest of the beginning area seemed very open with several bushes spread about. Approaching the closest bush, we see what appears to be a berry dragon. Upon closer inspection I see the berries that are on the bush which happen to be blackberries. The bush rustles and I am prepared to defend myself. Instead a small dragon crawls out, not even a foot tall. This small dragon had shiny dark purple, nearly black scales, and the membrane of their wings are a lighter purple. The dragon edges ever closer curious about me. I offer a palm up hand, in hopes that the dragon will come and realize I am not a threat. They do and sniff my hand before allowing me to pet it. 

Nikita announces that we should look for another type of dragon. I pat the blackberry dragon on the head and they whimper as I announce my goodbye. We delve deeper into the forest and see an abundance of fruit trees and bushes. The bush closest to us rustles and we look worriedly at each other. Our anticipation was relieved as this small, pitbull like dragon waddles out of the bush. It’s snout is akin to that of an english pitbull, it has a very round body, and small stubby legs and wings. The dragon is a very pale blue with a darker midnight blue accentuating certain features ( like its nose). As we are fascinated by this little creature, a small red wyvern waddles by. The best way I can describe it’s mannerisms is that of a duckling. 

The scales of this beast are red at the base and tipped will yellow spots on the end. It’s head has a green frill. We see it waddle off to the general direction of a strawberry plant. From what we have seen, there is one dragon per respective bush/tree/plant. There does not seem to be any pairs in the bushes. We can only deduce that they lay eggs in their home bush and move to another. ( this is not certain at this point) 

Nikita invites her companion L. Who after we look around a bit, has three blueberry dragons cradled in his arms like puppies. L loves the blueberry dragons and appears that he wants to take one home. After much back and forth, Nikita tells L to leave them there. After L puts them down and they scuttle off to their respective bush, we promptly leave the realm through the same white door.