respect the neck

“Mornin’ sleepy head.”
“Y'want coffee?”
“mmm this i’ fiinne”

Happy Birthday Lars!! May the year ahead be an awesome adventure for you filled with lots of laughter and wonder <3



[I apologize for the terrible quality but this post is so helpful]

Let me break down the visual for you and the steps. 

First you’re gunna wanna draw eight circles, roughly the size of the head because this is going to dictate the general shape and size of the character and the picture. It gives you a good layout for how much space you’ll need too!


Once you’ve done that break it down!

1st Circle: For the head and neck respectively. Mild tweaking can be done afterwards.

2nd Circle: The pecks and shoulders! Don’t worry about the arms, we’ll do those later.

3rd Circle: The mid section of the torso! This is where the rib cage is and, roughly, where you’ll want to draw the start of the arms!

4th Circle: The pelvis and hips (gotta wiggle ‘em a bit).

5th and 6th Circles: For your thick, watermelon crunching thighs. The wrists typically align themselves at the lower half of this circle and the hands come after with some fiddling.

7th and 8th Circles: For calves and feet!



[Also cheat: If you’re doing this and use a digital program I highly recommend outlining the better half and copy/paste/flipping the lines to help things align better. It’ll look a lot nicer/smoother too and cuts down the work load by half!]

That charming smile (Charles Xavier)

A/N: Note that you are a telepath too, but you can also block yourself mind to prevent someone read your mind. If you are too sad or angry, things around you may being destroyed by your power.

It had been 5 years since you lived in X-Mansion. The memory of your family abandoned you was still appearing in your head, but you let it go since you accepted the fact they abandoned you. Charles had been keeping eyes on you, due to the fact you didn’t have a good control on your own power.

Raven, Erik, Charles, Hank and you were currently in the dining room, having dinner and chatting. “What? I thought that was Tom.” You were talking about Raven’s admirer. “No. It was Tony actually.” You just stared at her and said, “But why? Tom was a good man too.”

Raven just chuckled and told you he was cheating with your best friend. “Correction, ex best friend. And that son of a bitch, I am so going to kick his ass.” Raven just smiled at you, “Y/N thank you and I’m okay with it.”

You suddenly smirked, “Oh I forget that Hank is here.” No wonder Hank was so quiet when you and Raven was talking about Tom and Tony. “I’m so sorry Hank, I didn’t mean-” You got cut off by Hank, “No Y/N, it’s okay. I’m fine with that.” Then five of you continued your dinner and chatting.

Erik stood up and walked to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, probably finding German beer. “Guys, no more beer. I am going to buy them.” Charles nodded and told him buy some snacks too. So only four of you were in the dining room. When you and Charles were laughing at the film that you both watched last night, there was a knock.

“Wow. I don’t know Erik is that fast.” Then you went to answer the door with a smile. “Hey Erik, you’re…” Once you opened the door, the person in front of you was your mother, your smile faded away. Raven slightly frowned, it had been 5 minutes and she was going to find you. Soon you found yourself staring at your mother in shock and you automatically slammed the door on her face.

The day your family told you to leave home and told you to live with Charles, everything that happened on that day was appearing in your mind and it was tearing you apart. You were running up to your bedroom and once you were there, you were lying facedown on your bed and started crying. You were afraid that your mother appeared here, she may going to insult you or told you to die, like the old time. And your fear triggered your power, the mansion started shaking.

Charles knew something was wrong and went into your bedroom, saw you crying and shaking. He slowly made his way to your bed and sat down, put a hand on your back, tried to comfort you. “Love, what happened when you opened the door? Mind to tell me?” You just shook your head, clearly not willing to tell him.

Charles put two fingers to his temple, he looked deeply into your eyes. He saw your memories, the day your family told you to live with Charles, your family insulted you, especially your mother. Also the memory that everyone saw you as a freak. But Charles suddenly smiled charmingly. “What? What do you see in my mind?” Seeing his smile, you smiled too as you thought he was so handsome when he smiled, his smile also could calm you down.

“Well I should smile often then as you love my smile. You think I am so handsome because of my smile.” You gasped as you knew he knew your secret, “God Charles. I can’t believe you saw that.” He still smiled at you charmingly, you blushed. “Hey quit that.” You slapped his shoulder. “Look Charles. I didn’t mean to think that as I let you read my mind was for you to know my childhood. I didn’t mean to…” You paused for a moment, “You are still reading my mind, Charles. Seriously quit that!”

He just chuckled and hugged you, “So you are in love with me?”

You blushed even more and he told you, “Y/N, I am in love with you too. Since the day I told you to live with me. And I promise I love you till the day I die and I will never leave you no matter what.” You smiled faintly and he smiled charmingly, “Would you be my girlfriend, love?” You nodded and he slowly leaned in for a kiss, he was about to kiss you, you suddenly ran away, “You have to catch me if you want to kiss me.” Then he chased after you, but soon you found yourself being pinned by Charles in the couch.

“Love, gotcha.” Again he smiled charmingly and kissed you passionately. The kiss was so sweet that enough to make you melt. Soon the kiss became a hot make out session, he went down kissing and sucking your neck. He found your sweet spot and made you moan softly. You felt him grin against your skin. You legs and hands went around his waist and neck respectively. And Hank, Raven and Erik cleared their throat, you two pulled away, “Get a room you two.” Raven and Hank said dryly. 

They were going back to their bedrooms but Erik stopped in his track, “Charles I see Y/N as my little sister, if you broke her heart, I swear I am going to kick your ass.” Charles chuckled at his friend and walked upstairs with you wrapped around his waist and neck, “Y/N, I love you.” You giggled and said, “Charles I love you too.” He again smiled at you charmingly and let’s say you two had a long night.

A/N: X-Men imagine! Hope you guys love it and you know it’s a bit boring if you keep writing imagines about kpop. I am a huge fan of the Avengers & X-Men too! luv every single one of you x 

tttram  asked:

Hi! Your drawings are so amazing and I really love your art style!! How did you get so well at full body drawings? (e.g d&p nsfw lol) What do you use as a reference? This year I want to get better at anatomy (I suck at drawing anything below the shoulders) because I only draw portraits and you really inspired me :) (I feel a bit awkward asking you cause I'm new on tumblr and I hope this question isn't too long)

no don’t worry! :D I usually go on google or deviantart to find stock photos to use as a reference! I really go basic, like googling “feet stock photos” or “legs stock photos” and google provides a lot. Or I type in the deviantart search bar things like “male nude” to see how i should draw a certain human figure, where muscles go and so on.

If I lack inspiration and I don’t know which pose I should use, I sometimes look for gay porn videos. Idk how you feel about that but it’s surprisingly helpful with dynamics, though it’s not essential to go watch it…

I think that drawing muscles while doing full body figures is particularly important, because they help you to get an idea on how “thick” and “3D” human are. These are the most common “mistakes” that I’ve done and I’ve seen people do when they’ve always been drawing faces and begin to do full figures:

1. Usually people’s hands are big enough to cover their faces (like the first one). The second one, with hands smaller than face, is more common in kids or people that have a very small frame. The third one has got yaoi hands hahahah it’s too exaggerated.

2. The elbows are commonly misplaced. Elbows are usually on the waistline, and when your arm is flexed, if you trace a horizontal line, you’ll notice that the elbow is just above this line and the belly button is just below that line. If you draw elbows that are too high, you’ll get arms that are too short.

3. some people have got very thin waist, but no one’s torso is naturally shaped like a nacho! Whenever you draw just bear in mind that inside our bodies there are bones and organs and you can’t squeeze chests and waists too much.

4. When you draw a full body figure, half of the lentgh is occupied by head/bust, and half by legs/feet. Anime character often have longer legs, but if you’re going for realism you should respect these proportions.

5. neck circumference and shoulders’ breadth are usually well proportioned. A well-built neck and medium-broad shoulders are usually for male/female bodies that are tall or quite tall, a thin neck + narrow shoulders are for kids or short people, and thick neck + broad shoulders are for sport people or very tall/very large people. Anyway it’s weird to see a veeery thin neck with broad shoulders or a veeery thick neck with narrow shoulders.

This is all I can think of now! Sorry for not being thorough enough :P I’m putting some pictures that show how I did one of my last drawing so you can see a bit of the progress

I hope that was useful!!! And remember, if you got any doubt, it’s always better to copy from reality :) soz b ut you’ll have to stick with having naked people on your monitor forever xD
have a good drawing time ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

7 Deadly Sins

anonymous asked:


10:Want any piercings?


11:Best friend?

Xi’an, I think

12:Relationship status

Happy together

13:Biggest turn ons

Mutual respect and love, also neck kisses

14:Biggest turn offs

Dirty sheets

15:Favorite movie

rease or Once upon a time in the West

16:I’ll love you if

You respect me, accept me, and are kind to me

17:Someone you miss

My circus-family

fic: dragon waltz

pairing: Masamune/Yukimura

notes: (breathes deep) finally mustered up the strength. this is old. by old, i mean that i wrote this back in july. please bear with me? i’ve written a lot of SenBasa stuff that’s never been posted on here. as for the fic itself, i only have one thing to say: where’s the fanart of Masamune and Yukimura being drift compatible been?

(crawls back under rock)

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The Anniversary(:  A Lynn Gunn Imagine<3

*Just a PSA, this is a girlxgirl imagine and I regret nothing.*

I had been watching my girlfriend blow dry her long brown hair for about ten minutes.  I really should have been getting ready, but I couldn’t focus. Especially when there was the most beautiful girl in the world standing in front of me, and she was all mine.  We were about to go out to dinner to celebrate our one year anniversary. I honestly never thought that we would have made it this far, I had never been in a relationship that lasted.  One where I felt loved and appreciated, it was like Lynn had been sent from the heavens and was created specifically for me. I leaned back on my hands and just looked her over, she was perfect in nearly every way.  I had been lost in my thoughts when I felt two lips on my cheek.

“Well with all that you could have taken a picture it would have lasted longer, and saved the drool for another day.” I felt her sit down beside me.

“Well maybe I did.” I stuck my tongue out at her, pulling her hands into mine.

“You need to get dressed.” She was whining at me.

“Alright, alright.  I’ll get dressed.” I rolled my eyes playfully, getting up from the bed.  

We weren’t really going anywhere fancy, wasn’t our deal.  Probably just a quiet evening at our favorite greasy spoon in town.  The diner wasn’t anything special at all, just a nice maybe 30 seater at best and it was open 24 hours.  It was nice unless you wanted breakfast on a sunday morning. There was no chance of getting a table.  I started smiling at the thought of it being pretty deserted besides Lynn and I.  I sighed contently pulling my leggings up over my legs, wiggling into them.

“Boy is that a great view” Lynn was whistling as she walked past me.

“Why don’t you take a picture it would last longer” I mocked making a face as I buttoned up my shirt.

“As a matter of fact I will” I heard a camera click and Looked back to see her winking at me. “I’ll save that for later” She laughed and started kissing my face.

“Get off of me.” I pushed her off, blowing a kiss in her direction.

“Lets go, That turkey club is calling my name!” Lynn was jumping around by the door.

“Okay okay, lets go.” I laced my fingers through Lynn’s and we walked off down the street.

I stuffed my face with the last bite I was capable of taking of my sandwich, and turned to Lynn who finished hers nearly 20 minutes ago.

“God could you take any longer?” Lynn leaned back in her seat stretching her arms out.

“Probably, but you know I’m trying.” I shrugged slightly and pushed the plate away.

“Waitress can we get a box?” Lynn batted her eyelashes at the older lady in front of us.

“For heaven’s sake Lynn you’re here twice a week, yet you still call me waitress when you want something.” Shirley shook her head and brought back a box for me.

“Thank you mama.” I smiled taking it from her. Packing up my box Lynn yanked me out of my seat.

“Dance with me baby.” In the background I could hear Boyz II Men playing.  I took a low slow gulp, I was a terrible dancer and she wants me to dance with her.

“Yeah” I wrapped my arms respectively around Lynn’s neck and she found her way to my waist.

We moved slowly and in sync, not to the song but to each other.  We had our own rhythm that we moved to.  We had gone through a handful of songs, when I found myself twisted in her arms.  My back was against her tall body, my head against her shoulder and my hands laying on top of hers on my waist. She had been singing along to the song on the radio, swaying us ever so slightly. I took a deep breath inhaling happinesses sweet aroma.  I closed my eyes as I felt her soft lips on my burning skin.  Lynn had left a stinging trail of kisses from the base of my ear to my shoulder.  She had kissed my neck before but this was so much different than any other time. I could feel my breathing start to become uneven under her touch.

“L…Lynn we should go home yeah?” I started to slip out of her arms before she caught me.

“Should we? Why?” I could feel her smirk against my skin.

“Its a little hot in here.” My knees began to fall out from underneath me, thankfully Lynn never let go otherwise I’m sure I would look like melted ice cream on the floor.

“Easy there, wouldn’t want you to melt.” Her hands dropped from around me and her long fingers slinked into mine. “Lets go home, I have a surprise for you.”

Our walk home was silent…neither of us had much to say, but words weren’t needed for the vibes we had going on. Approaching Lynn’s front door she hurried inside, pulling me behind her. I took off for the stairs, straight into her room. I almost fell over myself as I felt her knock into me, she was clearly just as excited as I was about whatever was going to happen tonight.

“Y/N….I love you…You know that right?” She backed me up against the edge of the bed. I sat down feeling a pit growing in the bottom of my stomach.

“I love you too, you know that” I watched her closely, examining her every move. She walked slowly along the bedside until she came up beside me. “Is everything okay?” I raised an eyebrow peering down at her.

“Y/N…I never really knew what love was before…But you showed me the way.  You’ve made me a better person and lover….You inspire me everyday to be better than I was the day before.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what I have recieved the moment you walked into my life. You were created for me just as I was created for you….Marry me.” I seen her pull out a gumball machine little holder. She popped it open to a beautiful lace printed rose gold band.  I could feel my eyes welling up…this was really happening.  She was proposing to me.  

“Of course!” I squealed softly and wrapped my arms around her neck placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

Lynn slipped the ring on my finger and pushed her lips into mine.  I felt desperate in that moment, to get closer to her.  I craved her…every part of her. She leaned me back crashing her lips into mine harder, yet more passionate than ever before. Our tongues wrestled for dominance, her easily winning. She pulled away smiling at me, I let out a soft whine as I felt her knee grinding between my legs.

“You ready?”

The Con Job Part 3

This part ended up being A LOT longer than I expected due to the appearance of a certain metal-armed somebody. I really hope everyone enjoys this part as much as they’ve enjoyed the rest.

Part 1 can be found HERE

Part 2 can be found HERE

Leverage/Captain America Crossover

Summary: Eliot jumps at the chance to meet his idol even if it means spending the day at a geek convention. But HYDRA thinks the con is the perfect place to take Captain America down once and for all. Now the Leverage crew must team up with Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon to prevent a lot of innocent people from being murdered.

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(in the midst of a conversation about new DLC for Batman: Arkham City)

  • DERRICK: “I want the Commissioner Gordon game to be, like… Crazy Taxi…”
  • ERIC: “[starts giggling and extends an arm to Derrick] Just stop. Don’t even… don’t even keep going. Do NOT even keep going. That’s it. The end. The end… [laughter increases] ‘I want it to be, Commissioner Gordon game that’s like Crazy Taxi!’… [Crazy Taxi voice] 'WOOOW! Commissioner Gordon!’”
  • DERRICK: “[also in Crazy Taxi voice] You gotta get to the Bat-Signal in five minutes!!”
  • ERIC: “[to tune of "All I Want” by the Offspring] ♪ YA-YA-YA-YA-YAHHHH!!! ♪"

Podcast 223 Aftershow

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Push it down
sound advice from a respected pastor
but this bottle neck would have twisted off at a very young age
if I didn’t get the guidance of one who followed
not fear.
Don’t fret dear pastor, please,
your intentions weren’t cruel,
but your fear-inspired flame-fanning god certainly is—
I suppose Jesus could have
said more
you are a perfect creation— why would you ever
push it down?