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Because my dashboard is taking fancy to discussing racist sports teams, I may as well defend my pride and joy.

“Your favorite team is the Blackhawks”

Yes, yes it is.


Nah Fam. That organization is the furthest from racist. There’s a reason nobody bitches about them.

First off, what’s in a name?

The Chicago Blackhawks, formally styled as Black Hawks, weren’t named directly after Chief Black Hawk. Rather, the original owner of the franchise, Frederic McLaughlin, was a commander in the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion of the 86th Infantry during WW1, which was nicknamed the Blackhawk Battalion. This was nicknamed off the Chief for mentioned above, however, not directly. Yet, it was still styled as Black Hawk, until documentation showed that the Battalion spelling of the nickname was one word.

“It’s still racist. Look at the logo!”

Okay. Let’s look at the logo. Actually, why not an evolution of the logo? The wife of the owner, Irene, drew out the logo in black and white, in 1927, styling how the Saux tribe chiefs, where Chief Black Hawk was from, would have it. No exaggerated features, nothing mocking. Just a strong drawing. Now, 1936-1937, was absolutely racist. However, as seen, that logo lasted a year at most, and even for the time, where that kind of depiction was seen as okay, it was still removed, out of respect for the tribe and the namesake.

So, in the next generation of logo, we start seeing a more modern feel of the logo we know and love. The skin was given a more realistic color, as well as the hair and feather stylization. From there, extra additions were removed, the style was cleaned up a bit, bolded, and by 1965, the logo we are quite familiar with, was born.

No red skin, no goofy face, nothing obnoxious. Just a respectable and serious logo.


At many sports games, when there is a Native American named team, you often hear drums beating, a warrior cry, perhaps a native mascot dancing around with a tomahawk, maybe fighting against the other mascot.

Go to a Hawks game. We play Chelsea Dagger. We have our signature air horn. Our players even have signature goal songs. There is nothing remotely taken from any Native American culture in our games.


-is treated with the utmost respect. On the floor of the locker room, our lovely logo lays on the floor. If you step on it, you pay a fine of $10,000, donated directly to Native American charities. Try us. Not even Bieber was immune to this. Speaking of charities, the Wirtz family, the current owners of the franchise, is the largest donor to the American Indian Center of Chicago, which helps those of native and aboriginal decent in the state. That’s just one charity. Plus, as a bonus, for every game in the regular season and every round of the playoffs, there will always be a native veteran in watching, often standing for the national anthem on ice. It is because of everything mentioned above, the Blackhawks have nothing but respect in the eyes of those who grant them the moniker.

So, now that this was taken care of, when one of you guys inevitably tries to hop on a bandwagon to shit on the Chicago Blackhawks, you cannot claim ignorance in claiming that you don’t know the history of this logo and team. Take down teams that regularly diminish culture and history. Leave this team out of it.

Justice League Movie Action Figures, Batmobile Revealed

Mattel’s Multiverse Justice League action figures and transforming Batmobile toy.

The comic company revealed the new figures on their site earlier today, highlighting each figure individually with their respective logos standing tall beside them. 

failure-artist  asked:

Did Kurloz give Mituna brain-damage or not? I'm pissed we never got the answer to that and all the other Kurloz questions.

I think the most important question we should answer here is not whether Kurloz gave Mituna brain damage or not, but is there an actual brain damage at all. Considering what we know about the most important characters of their respective sessions

there’s several things that link them up that throw a big shade at Mituna and his “incident”.

1. They all have been under influence of mind control.

Both Jane and Jade has been controlled by Condesce. Jane has been literally hacked and controlled as stand in puppet and Jade has let go of her inner instinct of agression that comes from Bec.

Gamzee has been controlled by Lil Cal and Aranea and (presumably) either Caliborn or Lord English. In case of Aranea, he has been cut off from reality (he didn’t feel any pain when Terezi stabbed him and noticed his wounds only when Aranea’s mind control broke, didn’t notice Aranea in front of him until she temporarily removed the mind control). In case of Lord English or Caliborn, he seems to become a stand in puppet that channels pure rage and need to damage his opponent on sight. Lil Cal’s manipulation seems to leave his ability to talk intact, but it alters his way of speaking and refocuses his priorities mainly to servitude of Lord English and his creation.

2. When they started corresponding with their respective SBURB/SGRUB logo colors, they’ve been serving the bad guys.

I’ve already mentioned them, but just to illustrate the point further.

And this all together makes it more than suspicious when it comes to Mituna. Mituna in general is wearing all black-yellow, but seems to be especially holding onto an item that keeps him being:

a) even more yellow;

b) covers his eyes, making it impossible to see in what state are they in;

“H17H H4ML37″.

There’s even more evidence in the text that states there’s something wrong with Mituna’s state of mind altogether.

It’s such an act.

You’re actually lucid when you talk to him.

And, as we know, Kurloz can manipulate others (or at least his ex-quadrants) through his chucklevoodoos.

This would fit just right as we know that Kurloz is working directly for the case of One True Messiah alias Lord English and it wouldn’t be above his morals to use Mituna the same way he uses Meulin to further his case on. The problem is, Kurloz’s chucklevoodoos don’t “clear” anyones mind - if anything, they muddle it up more, making the recipent feel hazy-woozy-confused and not remember what have they been doing.

If there’s one thing that Kurloz might be doing is getting Mituna’s mood under control - in a way commanding his “rage” bouts as a Prince of Rage. This would mean that the one, constantly flipping out part of Mituna is either under constant distress and trying to break free from mind control or is actually under mind control of an angry individual. In the end, Captors can never be mindcontrolled fully

and if we consider parallels between mind controls between main characters linked to logos, it’s quite possible Mituna is mindcontrolled by more than one person.

Suspect no. 1: Lord English or alternate version of it like Caliborn or Lil Cal.

“Some looming threat” as we know it might’ve been Lord English trying to enter and damage Alpha Session. We never know or hear about Cherubs in Alpha Session as literate threats and Mituna could’ve been the one to prevent it; during the extertion he could also had been taken over and this would explain his extremelly offensive rage bouts, making it so that the Cherub has entered the session after all (even if not physically).

Suspect no. 2: Kurloz.

He was (as quoted from above) “the only eye witness”, so he might’ve as well taken over him (despite his mindcontrol not fitting the image) to help Lord English. In the end we don’t know the main motive of his and it might be just as good as bad as it might be.

Suspect no. 3: Aranea.

Aranea for some reason shows complete lack of interest when it comes to healing members of her own party when it’s obvious she can do it without problems (like with Terezi’s eyesight). More, when she mentions Mituna’s incident, she suddenly stops being nosey and all-interested in “what’s happened” and sweeps it under a rug by (quote): “I guess we may never know, sadly”. Even more,

Aranea has been shown to have psychic abilities to move planets in Game Over flash, just as Condesce, who has clearly stolen this ability from Psiioniic.

We haven’t seen what’s happened to Mituna once she has been killed and thrown into ocean of flames - it’s quite possible that her part of mind control (or thievery or however you want to name it) has broken free and Mituna thinks and acts completely different right now.

So yeah, I think in the end this might not be Kurloz’s fault at all. As for other Kurloz related questions, I think you need to be more specific.

Photos of Me

You probably read about my amazing friend Chip’s amazing relationship with an amazing Applebee’s.  If not, do so.  It is amazing; that is the word that I think applies to it, if I had to choose one.

Last week my friends and I were talking about this incredibly-awful “how to go viral” article someone wrote about the story (first line: “Going Viral is the number one aspiration of everyone and their next door neighbor”).  "This is how the world ends,“ I said.   

Around the same time I got an email from a friend, Andrew Pickles, who wanted to take some photos of me as a new subject, rather than the ones he normally uses.  I said sure!  One of the photos we took was this one:

I made it my Facebook profile picture and David Malki (comics creator, FORMER FRIEND) somehow got a hold of it and turned it into this:

SO UNKIND!!  While I respect the logo design (seriously it incorporates a play button and an upvote; this is solid design) it turns me into a mockery!!  So I uploaded a new Facebook profile photo from the same shoot, one that was entirely beyond such hurtful shenanigans:

a few hours later:

WHAT A COMPLETE OUTRAGE!!  Though, again, I must respect the design.  Anyway today I’ve decided to upload a NEW picture, one that is entirely beyond former-friend David Malki’s abilities to Photoshop into something embarrassing:

check and mate, David


Initial Playlist notebook covers for gracehelbiggysmalls amazing fan project. Opinons? Yay or Nay? I can easily edit them so feel free to put your opinions in. Major thanks to McKinna and Brendan for the Mamrie and Grace main logos respectively. 

Please let me know.


January 12th 1895: National Trust founded

On this day in 1895 the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, a conservation society, was founded in the United Kingdom. It operates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They own many historic houses and gardens, industrial monuments and social history sites. The Trust was founded on 12th January 1894 by Octavia Hill, Robert Hunter, and Hardwicke Rawnsley. They were originally concerned with protecting open spaces and a variety of threatened buildings. The National Trust continues to operate today to preserve Britain’s past, and its sites attract thousands of visitors. Its sites include Sutton Hoo (two 6th and early 7th century burial sites in Suffolk), St. Michael’s Mount off the coast of Cornwall, and 251 Menlove Avenue & 20 Forthlin Road in Liverpool (childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney respectively).

Q: What is one thing Josh Gorges taught you that you will always carry with you throughout your career? 

BG: “I honestly think the biggest thing Josh taught me was accountability. No matter who you are or the situation in the game you’re playing, whether it was Game 1 or 82, you just have to show up and leave everything on the ice for your teammates. You have to respect the sweater and the logo and represent it the best you can every single day.”   

anonymous asked:

i understand the blackhawks are a popular team, but how can you support them when their logo and team name is so blatantly racist?

Just because I support this team doesn’t mean that I don’t find the logo and name problematic. These two are not in any way mutually exclusive. I can love and support the team while not supporting the logo. More on that later. First, some background. (If it reads as formal that’s because it is - I wrote this article (adapted from a tumblr post I wrote) for my college newspaper. Now we’re full circle.)

Cultural appropriation, the process in which a dominant group — usually an oppressive one — uses and trivializes the culture of an oppressed minority group, isn’t always a clear-cut issue, particularly when it is done under the claim of honoring the appropriated culture.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ logo, while not as controversial as that of the Washington Redskins, has been a topic of debate for decades, particularly among fans like myself. The logo, the first version of which was designed by a non-Native woman, Irene Castle, is an “Indian head” — it is meant to depict Sauk chief Black Hawk, who fought against the United States government in the 1832 Black Hawk War. While the team’s name is not a slur and its logo does not rely on many racist caricatures found in other native-inspired mascots, the team still uses a Native American face as a logo and not that of Black Hawk himself. This is borrowing a culture’s imagery, not honoring it. 

And we can’t forget that making people mascots, especially when what they represent is a team of white men, inherently dehumanizes that people and doesn’t really make all that much sense - what exactly are you honoring?

The Blackhawks organization has made efforts to avoid the use of Native American culture for entertainment purposes — officials do not use mascots or “Indian chants” and do not condone racist catchphrases or costumes. The organization has reached out to the local Native American community to raise broader awareness of Native issues and worked closely with the American Indian Center of Chicago. The organization’s attempts to honor Native Americans, however, does not mean that its logo aligns with those goals. Their official stance may forbid costumes, but fans often show up to games in headdresses regardless.

For all their attempts to honor the Sauk people, goalie Corey Crawford received a new mask for the playoffs, one that features the design of a Plains Indian war bonnet. Even if Crawford were a Plains Indian — and he is not — a headdress is a symbol of great honor reserved for those who have earned it on the battlefield. The wearing of such an important cultural piece as decoration does not work towards cultural education and awareness — it is unquestionably appropriation, and unquestionably racist.

Though some may assert that the war bonnet is intended to honor Native Americans, it does not. The Blackhawks are named for the Sauk tribe, who are not part of Plains Indian culture. The mask is not just appropriation — it is a misleading misrepresentation of Native American tribes. To undermine the cultural distinctions between Native American peoples and merge them into one stereotype is culturally insensitive.

We should not overlook the Blackhawks logo just because it is buried under a pile of worse offenses from other teams, and the lack of a national outcry akin to the Washington Redskins debate does not prove that it is anyway respectful or acceptable. When Blackhawks officials claim that they are respecting Native Americans with their logo, it seems to be an attempt to justify and preempt criticism of their co-opting of Native American culture.

So yes, I do have a problem with the logo, but it’s a complicated issue.

I would suggest reading this article on the controversy surrounding the logo. A majority of the local Native American community supports the team and the logo, but many others do not. It’s not a clear-cut issue at all.

If I had my way, we’d get rid of the logo and replace it with the four feathers. I don’t think fans are particularly attached to the Indian Head, or at least I hope they aren’t. I don’t wear the shirsey and hat I have (both gifts from lovely people) because they both bear the logo.  

As for the name, if we really are trying to honor a historical figure, fine. If change is really going to happen, it’ll happen in pieces and I’d rather address the truly problematic piece - the logo - then a name that is, ostensibly, a nod to local history.

I love the team, I love the players, but I really don’t love the logo. The logo has lead to some positive outreach on part of the organization, but it’s time to get rid of it. Even if some members of the local community have accepted as the lesser of many evils, it still is just that - an evil. And because I love this team, I really believe it needs to go.

How do you make that happen? Contact the team, the front office, the owners - if the fans demand change, they’ll be forced to change.