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butterflies-summertime  asked:

Can you try to explain from a PR perspective why NT would want to go so extra making it seem more real? Why would Louis' family be so supportive in this stunt? Surely It is by choice.


As anyone else, I have no idea of what they’re really doing here. What I’m sure of, from a PR perspective, as you say, is that they’re not doing anything to make it actually look real. Either this is NT or OT (I think it’s NT because they’re being very carefully on the fence, which is their typical strategy), they know what the classic, accepted ways to show a final, regular baby situation are. And we haven’t gotten them here. I think NT is aware of what lines not to cross before they have all of us finally leaving due to accepting this is a definitive situation and that we’ve been fooled for months and those lines, the canoninc, very simple lines, haven’t been crossed, and to make up for that we’ve been flooded with embarassing, inappropriate, over the top and unusual tricks. Such as impersonal pics or always sad Louis or that absurd papwalk in the rain with the baby crying or Louis’ reply to the pap, which? 

This is a very important point to me. They have been very careful not to sell this as definitive and not shady to the fandom for a reason. And considering their current situation, I still think that reason should be only a denial and the end of the stunt. That said, observing the general mood, I don’t think they have much time left, unless they really count on a big boom, beside wrapping babygate up, that would bring everyone back, but I don’t know.