respect other people's space

Something that really grosses me out is when men use the “I’m a hormonal boy” thing to excuse inappropriate sexual behavior as if their sex drive is so strong that it supersedes rationality and baseline manners. There literally isn’t any biological or psychological backing to this – it’s a purely socialized concept that works to prioritize male pleasure over e v e r y t h i n g  e l s e.

like when entering other peoples spaces yeah im all about respecting limits

when posting on my blog nah i will talk about nutting in my wife all i want


But seriously.

Idea came to me when markiplier and jacksepticeye play The Forest.

I don’t think I have to explane what is this all about….

I just gone say:

Just respect there homes and personal space. Other people have explaned that bette than I can do. So read those if you don’t get it. 

You know, moving is one of the most stressful situations someone can be in. So Mark, hang in there and good luck whit moving. Go and find you castle or palace. 

Okay you know what? Its 3am and im pissed off cause theres actually people in the markiplier fandom (and people in general) who think its okay to go around grabbing other peoples butts cause they find them attractive

Its not okay. Its disgusting. Grabbing a strangers ass without asking them for their consent is sexual harrasment, straight up. It makes me sick that some of yall find it okay or funny cause you find mark attractive and yall think it gives you a free pass to touch mark innapropriately without his consent

Like mark said himself, if he was a girl and random people were grabbing his ass then yall would be freaking out but since hes a guy you think its acceptable to sexualise him and sexually harrass him cause ‘hes attractive’ or ‘he has a nice ass’

Some of you need to grow the fuck up and learn to respect other peoples boundaries/personal space.